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               FADE IN:

               EXT. BAR - NIGHT

               A large white building sits at the corner of a quiet
               stretch of road. The sign, swaying in the wind on the side
               of the building proclaims that this is THE VICTORIA PUB.

               MUFFLED JAZZ MUSIC can be heard from inside the pub
               followed by the sound of LAUGHTER.

               A silver SEAT IBIZA pulls up off the road and onto the
               pavement. The passenger door opens and out steps LAURA
               GOLDEN, a twenty-something attractive blonde dressed, all
               in black, for work.

                             (to driver)
                         Thanks Dad.

               Sitting at the driver's seat is DAN GOLDEN, a portly
               looking man in his late forties. He leans over to talk to
               Laura through the passenger door.

                         Are you sure you don't need
                         picked up tonight? 

                         No. I'll be fine. I'm going to
                         Andrew's after work.

                         Well, you be careful.

               He fishes into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. He
               hands her a ten pound note.

                         Since your finishing late why
                         don't you get a taxi across
                         instead of the bus. Just don't
                         tell your mother that I gave you

               He winks at her. 

                         I'll be okay, Dad. The bus stop
                         is just down there and...

                         Please, Laura. Do it for me. For
                         my piece of mind.

               Laura reluctantly sighs and takes the money.

                         Okay. See you tomorrow.

               Laura closes the car door and waves as he drives off. She
               stuffs the money into her pocket and heads into the pub.

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. BAR - NIGHT

               The pub is fairly busy. The old world decor gives it a
               warm, friendly feeling as soon as you walk through the

               Sitting in the far corner of the bar are a group of ROWDY
               DRUNKS. They are all dressed in suits and are drinking

               Laura is now behind the bar serving drinks. Serving with
               her is DEAN TRUSS, early twenties, with messy blonde hair.
               He is busy serving a thirty-something couple.

               Sitting at the bar are two men. One is mid-twenties with
               brown greasy hair, glasses, and seems very nervous and
               aware of his surroundings. He is wearing a white shirt and
               a loose tie hangs around his neck. We'll call him VICTOR.

               Sitting next to him on the bar stool is a swaying drunk
               man, KEN, forty-five, looking dirt faced and in need of a
               shave but otherwise well kept. He dangles an empty pint
               glass in front of his face.

                         Laura. When you ready.

               Laura looks over an sighs. She reaches under the counter,
               pulls out a clean, empty glass and begins to pour him a
               fresh beer.

               Dean passes behind her, whispering:

                         You think he'd know when he's had

               Laura laughs and continues to pour. She finishes and puts
               the pint down in front of Ken. 

                         You know. When I was your age I
                         had a string of women on my arm.
                         All kinds too, I had blacks,
                         yellows, at one time I had a
                         whole fucking rainbow on my arm.

                         I'm sure you did. 

                         Those were the days.

               Ken looks over to Victor, who has his head down, trying to
               avoid eye contact.

                         The days when woman knew there

               Ken continues to go on. Laura turns ignoring the rant.

                         So. You got tickets to see Panic

                         Hm. Sort of. Andrew has two but I
                         can't get the night off work and
                         I was going to...

               Dean rolls his eyes.

                         ...ask if I would cover your
                         shift for you?

               Laura gives him the puppy dogs and a begging smile.

                         Please. I'd be your best friend.

               Dean gives her a sarcastic look of thought.

                         Hmmm. Work another shift here. Or
                         stay at home and watch QVC? Well
                         It's a tough one.
                         Yeah. I'll work for you.

                         Oh thank you. Your the best.

               She gives him a hug. We see on his face that he cares for
               her a little more than a friend. 

                         Don't mention it. Just remember.
                         You owe me one.

               Laura moves to the end of the bar and picks up an empty
               waitress tray.

                         Don't worry. I won't.

               Dean watches as she collects glasses and wipes down tables.


               Collects a couple of glasses off a table near the group of
               DRUNK GUYS. One of the guys notices Laura.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Hey! Hey sweetheart. Why don't
                         you come over here and sit with

               Laura glances over and then gets back to her work.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Hey. I was fucking talking to

               Laura walks past, ignoring the comment.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Fucking bitch.

               He turns back to his friends and continues drinking.

               THE BAR

               Laura puts the tray, now full of glasses, down and moves
               behind the bar. Dean approaches.

                         You okay? I saw that guy...

                         It takes a lot more than some
                         drunk asshole calling me a
                         fucking bitch to get to me. 

               Dean places a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

                         Well if they give you anymore
                         trouble let me know. Okay.

                         I'll be fine. Stop worrying. 

               Laura picks up the glasses and begins to wash them.

               THE GROUP OF GUYS

               The drunk guy gets to his feet and staggers across to the
               bar. Dean goes to serve him but Laura steps in front of

                             (to Dean)
                         I've got it.

               Laura puts on a big fake smile and goes to serve the guy. 

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Well if it isn't the girl of my

                         What can I get you?

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Your phone number would be a good

               Laura laughs, embarrassed.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Well are you going to give me
                         your number or what?

                         I'm sorry I can't. I have a

               The drunk guy leans across the bar. 

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         I bet that's never stopped a girl
                         like you before.

               Laura gives him a polite smile.

                         Do you want a drink or are you
                         just a full time creep?***

               The drunk guy laughs.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         You know you want some.

               And with that he turns and staggers back to the group.

                         What a tool.

               She turns to walk to the other side of the bar. Dean is
               waiting, with a look of concern on his face. Before he can
               open his mouth Laura says--

                         I'm okay Dean. Will you stop

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. BAR - LATER

               Time has passed. Laura is wiping down the front of the bar.
               Ken has gone and Victor still sits supping his drink. A
               young couple get up and leave the bar.

                                   YOUNG FEMALE
                             (to Laura)
                         See you later, Laura. Thanks.

                         No problem. Bye.

               The drunk guy stands up.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Laura. Laura.

               Laura turns.


                                   DRUNK GUY
                         That's a really pretty name,
                         Laura. Just like you.

                         Thank you, but...

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         I'm still waiting for your number
                         Laura. You don't want to
                         disappoint me, do you?

               Laura turns and heads back to the bar.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                             (calling after her)
                         Don't fight it baby. All women
                         give in. One way or another.

               The group laugh and he sits down joining in.

               Laura walks behind the bar.

                             (to Dean)
                         That guy is a total asshole. 

                         What's he said now?

                         Oh the usual. You know, "no girl
                         can resist", "all women give in
                         one way or another". Nothing I
                         haven't heard before.

               Dean shakes his head in frustration. 

                         You want me to say something?

                         No. I'm probably making a bigger
                         deal out of it than it is.

               Dean considers this for a moment.

                         Well why don't you knock off now?
                         It's nearly ten and your only on
                         till ten-thirty. I'm sure I can
                         handle half an hour longer
                         without you.

                         Are you sure?


                         Thank you.

               She gives him another hug.

                         Now go on before I change my

               And off she goes into the back. Dean glances over at the
               guys who are busy downing their drinks. The main Drunk Guy
               leans over to one of his associates, points at Dean and
               then WHISPERS something.

               The group burst into LAUGHTER. Dean shakes his head and

               turns to see Laura coming out from the back. She now has
               her coat on and is carrying a rucksack.

               She puts her bag down and sits at the bar. She pulls out a
               cigarette and lights it. Dean hands her a bottle of Bacardi

               Laura looks as though she is about to say something when he
               stops her.

                         It's on me. Okay?

               She nods.


               She takes a drink.

                         So. You want me to call you a

               Laura glances at her watch.

                         Nah. Think I might catch the bus.

                         I can spot you a couple of quid
                         if your short.

               Laura pulls out the ten pound note, waving it in the air.

                         I have plenty of money. Papa
                         didn't want me to get the bus so
                         late to Andrew's so he gave me
                         what he calls taxi money and what
                         I call Laura's shoe money.

               Dean laughs, shaking his head in disbelief.

                         Shoe money? 

               She nods.


               And takes another drink.

               THE DRUNK GUY

               Finishes talking to his friend and takes a drink from the
               bottle of champagne. He puts the bottle down, spotting
               Laura sitting at the bar.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         Well look who it is.
                             (calling over)
                         Hey babe. Why don't you come sit
                         with me. Promise I won't bite.

               Laura ignores the comment continuing to drink her drink.
               She finishes the bottle and picks up her bag.

                             (to Dean)
                         Okay. I'm off. See you on Friday.


               Who is busy serving leans back through the bar.

                         Okay. See you then. Be care--

               But she's already gone out of the door.


               DRUNK GUY 

               Stands up, wobbles on his feet for a moment and then makes
               his way towards the door.

               One of his friends grabs the back of his jacket. He turns.

                                   DRUNK FRIEND
                         Where do you think your going?

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         You think I'm going to let a
                         piece of ass that good get away. 

               He sways on his feet.

                                   DRUNK GUY
                         I'll be back in a bit, Okay?

               The drunk friend signals for him to go, leaning back into
               the chair barely able to keep his eyes open.

               Drunk guy makes his way out of the door, passing the bar,
               where Victor's seat is now empty.

                                                              CUT TO:

               EXT. STREET - NIGHT

               Laura is walking along a dark street, she crosses the road
               and heads down into a smaller, alley.

               She suddenly feels like someone's watching. She stops, and
               scans the alley behind her.


               No answer. She reaches into her bag and searches for her
               phone as she picks up pace. She looks around again. No one.

               She pulls out her phone, then hears a INHUMAN WHISPER.


               Another SOUND. Closer.

               She fumbles with her phone and it falls to the ground.

               Laura, now really scared, crouches down to pick up her
               phone. She picks it up and turns bumping into...WAPP!!!

               Everything goes to black...

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. BATHROOM - NIGHT

               We see Laura's bruised and bloody face. She's out cold. Her
               face begins to twitch and she sits up, snapping awake.

               We see that's she's in a tiny bathroom. Lying in the bath.
               The bath is pushed up against the wall. The tiles on the
               wall are broken or covered in green mould. 

               Laura pulls herself out of the filthy bath and falls onto
               the floor, wincing in pain. Her shoes and socks have been
               removed. Her face has been clawed at and her t-shirt is
               torn in places.

               Laura picks herself up off the floor and looks into the
               broken mirror on the wall. A spider-web crack runs from the
               middle of it causing her reflection to be distorted and

               Laura edges toward the door and carefully pushes it open.

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. HALLWAY - NIGHT

               Laura makes her way along the darkened hallway being
               careful not to make a single noise. She turns into a larger
               room, the:

                                                              CUT TO:

               INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT

               There are lights on in this room. Lamps with dusty shades.
               A couch in the middle of the room covered in what were once
               white now yellow pillows. It faces a small TV. 

               Laura makes her way towards another doorway at the back of
               the living room. 

               From inside the room she hears a NOISE. She stops suddenly.
               Takes a deep breath and then steps forward into a POOL of

               She looks down at the blood, confused and then follows the
               trail with her eyes. She suddenly GASPS. A look of horror
               covers her face.

               SARAH'S POV

               Sitting behind the couch is Victor, his eyes putrid yellow,
               his teeth broken and sharp. His mouth stained red with

               He is crouched over a body, the DRUNK GUY from the bar,
               whose chest has been torn open from top to bottom. 

               Victor reaches into the wound and tears out an organ, the
               liver. He brings the liver up close to his face and SNIFFS
               it first before taking a big bite out of it. Blood spurts
               from the liver and runs down Victor's mouth and neck line.

               His head suddenly whips up to look at Laura. He looks
               almost animalistic, like a small bird or Dinosaur. She
               takes a step back and is about to make a run for it but
               Victor is too fast. He suddenly LEAPS at her, his body
               blacking out the FRAME.

               In darkness all we hear is the horrifying ROAR of Victor as
               he attacks.
                                        THE END

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