Untitled Captive Drama
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                                  Untitled Captive Drama

                                Screenplay by Chris Rhives

               1st Draft.

               FADE IN:

               INT. SQUAD CAR - DAY

               Darkness.  We hear voices.  A male and female carrying out a 

                                     MALE (O.S.)
                         A five dollar meal, you're kidding 
                         me, right?

               POV - Inside a Glove Compartment

               The compartment is opened to reveal two officers sitting in 
               a squad car.

               They are a man of fortysomething, OFFICER COOLIDGE and a 
               woman of forty  OFFICE CASSIDY.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         I kidd you not, five dollars.
                         It's a steal if you ask me.

               He glances towards you.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE
                         Bet you it's those illegals they got 
                         working the dishwasher.
                         Save's the company a shitload.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         Sure, sure.

               She laughs.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY (CONT'D)
                         Illegals or not, it's good food.

               A pause. 

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY (CONT'D)
                         So you hear the news?  Mayor might 
                         be running again.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY (CONT'D)
                         Old news Charles.
                         We're on the right street, right?


               Officer Coolidge shoots a glance out the window.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE
                         Yeah I'm sure.

               They continue to drive.  A moment passes

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         You know we're just messengers?

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         We have to break the news to this 
                         poor woman.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE
                         It's our job.

               She nods.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         Yeah, I know but still.  Neither of 
                         use are really working the case.
                         You know this will be passed to the 
                         higher ups.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE
                         I wouldn't stress it.  Let's just 
                         get this thing over with.

               He stops the car.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE (CONT'D)
                         Well, we're here.


               The officers walk up the walkway.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         So you talking of am I.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE
                         Depends on who answers.

               Officer Cassidy knocks on the door.  She turns to Coolidge.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         Fair enough.

               They wait for a moment.  The door is opened.  A woman around 
               thirtysomething answers.  We cannot see her face.


                                     OFFICER CASSIDY (CONT'D)
                         Mrs. Carr.  I'm Officer Cassidy.  Is 
                         you're husband home?


                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         Will he be back soon, I think both 
                         of you will want to be here for this.

                         Sorry, Evan died last year.  Car 

               Officer Coolidge speaks up.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE
                         I'm sorry for your loss, ma'am.

                         It's alright, Amanda and I get by.

               An uneasy pause.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         May we step in?

                         Yes, what's this about?

               The Officers continue to walk through the house.  They sit 
               at a table.

               Officer Cassidy rest a hand gently on Linda's shoulder. 

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         Amanda was found last night.


                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         I'm so sorry.  They found her body 
                         in the woods near Renn Creek.

               Linda begins to cry.

                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE
                         Our best guess is she wandered out 
                         at night and someone must of picked 
                         her up.

               A pause.  Officer Cassidy attempts to console her.


                                     OFFICER COOLIDGE (CONT'D)
                         We had one lead.  The hiker who found 
                         her.  A David Graves.  We couldn't 
                         find enough to arrest him and his 
                         alibi seems to check out.
                         I'm so sorry for your loss.

               Officer Cassidy attempts to console her.

                                     OFFICER CASSIDY
                         Ma'am, everything will be alright.  
                         We'll solve this.
                         Just keep faith, just keep faith.

               The scene fades out on the scene.  The officers trying to 
               console Linda.  Her face yet to be scene.

               INT. DARKENED ROOM - DAY

               Rain pours down.  The room is only lit lightning which flashes 
               through the black blinds.

               Linda sits on a bed.  We now see her face - welled with tears.  
               She holds a picture.  It is of her family, her, Evan, and 
               Amanda.  A loving family.

               We slowly...

                                                                  FADE TO: 


               Linda drives her car.  Specks of blood stain her face and 
               the shoulders of her blouse.

               She drives without speaking.  She only looks ahead - 

               A faint pounding can be heard from somewhere within the car.  
               It soon stops. 

               INT. WAREHOUSE - NIGHT

               Outside rain pours down in sheets.  We can see only darkness.  
               Lighting flashes.  A man sits, confused.  He looks down to 
               find his hands bound crudely to a metallic chair by rope.

               Duct tape is bound wrapped around his mouth.  A small camera, 
               a consumer brand miniDV, is poised on a tripod.  A red dot 
               floating in darkness is all he can see until the lightning 
               flashes again.

               He struggles to free himself.  Scared, he tries to free 
               himself.  Exhausted, he lowers his head


               He begins to close his eyes.

                         Get up, David.

               A flashlight is shone into his face.  He squints.  Dave 
               mumbles, his terrified protest are muffled by the duct tape.

               She rips off the duct tape.  He spits and heaves two heavy 

                         Fuck you!  You goddamn cunt!  You 
                         fucking bitch!

               SMACK!  She brings the blunt end of the flashlight across 
               his face - hard.

                         Don't you ever talk to me like that!

               She takes out an unopened switchblade and puts it to his 
               neck.  She switches out the blade.  The flat end slides 
               against his neck.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         I won't even hesitate, David.

               He quiets down.  A moment passes.  David speaks up - softly 
               this time.


               Linda laughs.


               She pulls out a picture.  It is of her daughter, Amanda.

               She shoves it towards his face.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         You know who this is, right?

                         Oh, Jesus.

               She smiles.

                         How did it feel?

               David remains silent - confused.  She leans over and whispers 
               in his ear.


                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         How did it feel fucking her?

                         I never touched he.

               Slowly she sits up.  Without a word she takes the flashlight 
               and SMACK!  She brings it across David's face.

                         Oh of course you never touched her.
                         I'm terribly sorry, David.

               He sighs.  David looks up at her.  His face now bloodied.

                         Linda, right?

               She nods.

                                     DAVID (CONT'D)
                         Please, why are you doing this?

               Linda sighs.  She pulls out a cigarette and frantically lights 
               it.  She is noticeably upset.

                                     DAVID (CONT'D)

               She puts a finger up.

               A pause.

                                     DAVID (CONT'D)
                         I know what you think.  I've been 
                         cleared.  I'm an innocent man.

               A pause.  Linda speaks, her voice steadily rising.

                         You're a fucking liar.  You lucked 
                         out.  They never found the knife.
                         Don't spoon-feed me that "cops cleared 
                         me" shit.

                         I swear I never touched her!  

               Linda spits out a laugh.


                         You never touched her?

               She leans in close, her voice almost a whisper.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         They found your blood on her panties.
                         Never touched her?  Don't fucking 
                         lie to me.

               David gasp.  He shakes his head.  Lightning flashes.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         I bet she made you hard.  You like 
                         em' young, don't you.

               She pulls out the blade.  She switches it open.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         It probably felt just that good.  
                         You loved it.

               She stabs the top of his knee, near his crotch.

               David screams in pain.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         You heard her scream.  That's it, 
                         David.  Bet it sounded sweet.  Is 
                         that it?  Is fucking ten year olds' 
                         how you get off?

               She stabs him again.  Closer this time to his crotch.

               He screams again in pain.

                         Stop it, please, fucking stop it!

                         You took everything from me.  You 
                         fucking piece of shit.

                         I was only trying to help 


                         Don't you dare talk!

               David pleads with her.


                         Linda, please.
                         I'm a father.


                         Shut up!  Shut the fuck up!  You 
                         lying shit!

               She brings the opened knife up - raised above his crotch.  
               She starts to bring it down but then stops.

               She slumps down on the floor.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         What am I doing?

               She looks over at David.  Tears run down his bloodied face.  
               She looks at the knife that rest in her hand.

               A pause.

               She takes a breathe.

                         I'm a..

               He starts but then stops.  Cautious of Linda.

               Linda, for the moment, is distant.

                         Go ahead, talk.

               David sighs.  Trying to compose himself.

                         I'm a father.  A little boy.  Name's 

               Linda looks up.

                         Lovely name.

               David nods.

                         If you want to see a picture it's in 
                         my wallet.  The right pocket.

               She shakes her head, to show she is not interested. 


                                     DAVID (CONT'D)
                         No matter what I say.  I'm guilty.  
                         To you I've already been judge and 
                         condemned.  Please, you don't have 
                         to do this.
                         Don't take a father away from his 

               She shakes her head.

                         No, David, I have to.

               Tears start again, they stream down David's face.

                         ...Just let me go.

                              (to self)
                         Be strong, be strong.

                         What are you saying?!

               Linda continues to persuade herself.

                              (to self)
                         This is right.  Stay strong.
                         You can do this.

               She sits back up.


               No response.  Without a word she takes out the duct tape.  
               David struggles, jerking his head around.

               With an effort she wraps it violently around his face.

               She holds the knife up to his eye.  She then glances down at 
               his crotch.

               She leans her mouth close to his ear.

                         I'm going to cut it off, David.

               His eyes go wide - horrified.


                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         You'll never hurt anyone with that 
                         disgusting thing.  Not again.

               Tears run down his face.  He begins to hyperventilate.  She 
               brings the knife above her head.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         This is for Amanda.

               She brings it down.  As she does David throws himself and 
               the chair backwards.

               He crashes on the flood.  The knife slices his leg.

               He screams, it is muffled by the duct tape.   His arms 
               presumably snapped by the weight of his own body.

               A pause.  David tries to keep consciousness.

               Linda starts to talk.  Her voice calmed and motherly. 

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         That was very stupid, David.

               He winces in pain.  She walks over.  Looming over him.

               Angered, she kicks him hard in the side.  He curls up as 
               much as his bound hands and feet will let him.

               She kicks him again and again.

               She says nothing, it is only a spew of profanity and mumbled 
               angered rants.  It is almost inaudible.  It is pure rage.

               She stops.

               POV - DAVE

               We can see her foot, but it is blurry.  Unfocused.  She paces 
               around.  We fade to...



               Linda leans against her car.  She burst into tears - an 
               emotional wreck.

               Rain drenches her, running off in sheets.  She pounds side 
               door.  Hard, but indirect.

                         Why?  Fuck, why?

               Her face is red.


                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         Goddammit Amanda.  Why'd you do this 
                         to me?

               She opens the picture.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         I can't do it!  I can't fucking do 

               She looks down at the picture.  Tears continue to stream 
               down her face.

               She steadies her breathing but it to no avail.  The tears 
               keep coming.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         I have to.  I need to do this.
                         A mother is always right.

               With considerable effort she jerks open the passenger side 
               door.  She ruffles through the glove compartment and pulls 
               out a hand gun.

               A pause.  She rolls the gun over in her hand.

               She takes a breathe and walks back towards the warehouse.


               She continues to walk into the warehouse.  To where David is 
               lying, unconscious on the floor.

               Blood runs down from behind the duct tape on his mouth.  She 
               sits down on the floor next to him.

               Carefully, she pulls the duct tape from his mouth.  Blood 
               gushes down his mouth, covering her hand.

               FADE TO

               Some time has passed.  David stirs.  He opens his eyes to 
               see Linda still sitting on the floor.

               She is composed.  Mechanical in her posture.  A gun is aimed 
               at his hand.  She does not waver.

               David, looks at her.  He is too shell-shocked to speak

                         David, I want you to confess.
                         It's alright.  Just tell the truth.


               She sets down the gun, stands up, and walks behind him.  
               With an effort she picks up the chair and sets it back up.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         That must of hurt.  It did, didn't 

               Still confused David nods.  She brushes him off.

               She leans close to David.  She stares at him, face to face.

                                     LINDA (CONT'D)
                         Did you kill my little girl?

               A pause.  David nods.  He doesn't talk, he just nods.  A 
               detached, shell shocked, motion.

               She closes her eyes.  Accepting the "fact" of his guilt.

               Without speaking she picks up the gun.  Mechanical.  She 
               takes aim and fires.

               The shot hits David dead-smash in the chest.  The sound echoes 
               in the vast warehouse.

               A pause.  Within that moment, all the emotion of the situation 
               comes rushing back to her.  In a fit of sorrowed rage she 
               fires.  Shot after shot.

               The hit David, who, for the first few shot writhes in pain.

               Soon she is only pulling the trigger.  The gun now empty.  
               CLICK.  CLICK.  CLICK.

               She falls to the floor.  Justice has been served.  She opens 
               her eyes.  Stoic.  She gets up and turns off the tape.  She 
               takes the camera.  She leaves the body where it lays.

                                                                   FADE TO:


               Linda drives in the car.  Her face is a blank slate.  Composed 

               The gun rest on the passenger seat beside her. 

               Outside rain continues to pour down.  She reaches down to 
               turn the radio dial.  Searching for music.

               The static skips until she lands on voices.  A news report.

                                     REPORTER (V.O.)
                         A new lead in the Amanda Carr case 
                         seems to indicate certain guilt for 
                         an Richard Beck.


                                     REPORTER (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Police reports confirm that the knife 
                         used to murder young Amanda was found 
                         in the back of his car.  A laptop 
                         containing numerous files of 

               She turns it off before it can finish the report.  She stops 
               the car.

               A chuckle.  It soon becomes hysterical laughter.  

               She breaks down to tears.

                         A father... a father... father.

               She continues to mutter the word under her breathe: father.  
               Over and over again between fits of tears.


               The car rest there for a moment.  Not moving.  A gun flashes 
               from inside.

               We linger for a moment as we...

                                                                  FADE OUT:
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