The Hilton Diaries - Episode Three
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               EXT. HILTON HOTEL - DAY

               The dust from the explosion is still settling. Sections of
               the floors and walls are still breaking off and tumbling down
               to the street below. Cops, Firefighters and Paramedics are
               scattered around on the street, helping survivors of the
               explosion. A few seconds later they are joined by an angry
               mob of Hilton employees, among them, servers, housekeepers
               and such, all armed to the teeth.

               The cops see the armed employees but don't stop them.
               Instead, one of the deputies waves them through the
               checkpoint. He assigns another officer to them, who leads the
               mob to a makeshift tent that reads "Ammo and Weapons Supply",
               on the empty parking lot across the street from the Hotel.
               The cars that were parked there have been piled up in a
               corner with a nearby Construction crane.


               A man runs into the restrooms. Water splashing all around him
               from broken and twisted pipes. He runs into the middle stall
               and slams the door shut.

               EXT. STREET

               A housekeeper, Connie, hears the slam of the door. She loads
               her AK-47 and nods to her mob, who have restocked on ammo.
               She leaves the tent, they follow her.

               EXT. BATHROOM STALL

               He's sitting on the Toilet Bowl, sweating heavily. He's
               thinking about his next step, murmuring to himself. It's
               Jerry. The sweat runs down his body as if he were under a

               He hears commotion down below. He kneels and peeks underneath
               the stall door.

               Someone shouts "Alli" in spanish.

               EXT. STREET

               Connie levels her AK-47 and shoots.

               EXT. BATHROOM STALL

               The bullets hit the stall door, but all miss Jerry, who feels
               around the back of the bowl. He finds something. It's an M
               16. He checks the clip, and cocks it.

                         Come on out, you Son of a Bitch!
                         Come on out!

               Jerry opens up a brand new Gin bottle. He downs a big gulp.
               Breathing very heavily, Jerry clutches his arm to his chest,
               in very big pain.


               More shots ring out. They hit the stall. Jerry blind-shoots
               under the stall door.

               EXT. STREET

               It's Pimentel, with his Colt 45. And he grabs the Director of
               Engineering, John, and presses his colt to John's temple.
               Somebody yells towards Jerry.

               It's Colleen, the Room Service lady.

                         This bastard is finished....if You
                         don't come out now...we just want
                         to talk to you. We're not mad.

               Pimentel drops John, who runs away. From the back, a molotov
               bottle comes flying over their heads and towards the stall.

               INT. BATHROOM STALL

               The molotov bottle hits the stall door, but the fire
               dissipates fast. Some of the fire spills into the stall.
               Jerry extinguishes it with some rubble. A shooting pain jolts
               up and down his injured arm. Jerry clutches his arm tightly.
               It's all dark where the wires shocked him.

               EXT. STREET

               The Molotov launcher is Uniform manager Rita. She is sitting
               in some sort of homemade giant sling. A label on the bottom
               of the sling reads "Property of Engineering Dept".

               Rita loads another Molotov. She fires. She keeps doing so
               many times. Employees are bringing in backhoes, some of which
               have begun digging trenches.

               EXT. BATHROOM STALL

               The bottles keep hitting everywhere in the bathroom. Somehow
               they are avoiding Jerry, who is firing back at the attackers.
               This is now turning into a full blown battle.

               Jerry keeps firing until he hits one of the people in the
               mob. The mob then opens fire. They exchange fire.

               He regroups. Looking around, he spots something taped
               underneath the Toilet paper rolls. It's a hand grenade. He
               rips it off the tape, pulls the pin. 

               He takes a second to think this through, but decides and lobs
               the grenade down the rubble. The grenade rolls downhill -- 

               EXT. STREET

               -- until it stops next to Rita.

               It explodes and throws Rita off the chair, who was protected
               from the blast by a large piece of wall.

                         Shit...he ain't gon' do nothin'. We
                         got the advantage. He scared.

               More employees arrive. Eager to join in. They quickly seek
               out Connie.

               The new arrivals are quickly armed. Connie yells out some
               commands, the groups split into two. One group heads towards
               the main entrance, the other around back.


               Kenny is working at his desk. He's got tons of papers on it,
               shuffling them around. He's filing many of them.

               Clint comes into the office. He throws his staff down, then
               slumps into his chair.

                         Hey, Kenny. I got a call from
                         Lighting Electric, and they were
                         asking if we got our new projectors
                         working right.

               Kenny pretends not to know anything about it.

                         We couldn't cover the cost. We sent
                         them back three weeks ago.

                         Yeah, i know. I told her. She's all
                         like, we never got them. She
                         checked three times. They're not

                         That's weird. Scott said they were
                         shipped out. He made sure of it.

               Clint gets closer to Kenny, suspecting something.

                         Nobody but you and Maggie and Edgar
                         knows about them being shipped
                         back. Did you sell them?

               Kenny, shocked and confused, stops his work. His face turning

                         Where did you get an idea like

                         I'm just saying. If you did, i want
                         forty percent, only my share to my
                         silence. Cause, remember nobody

                         They're weapons.

                         We got a whole arsenal here. Give
                         it to them too.

               INT. LOBBY

               There is a huge line of guests waiting, all who are eager to
               get out of the pouring rain and full city, right into the
               Hotel's vacant rooms.

               The line moves slowly. Guests are chatting amongst
               themselves, the Front Desk managers doing all they can to
               help the guests.

               Red and blue lights start flashing outside. A few seconds
               later, paramedics burst in. The front desk manager, Justin,
               directs them to the second floor.

               The paramedics leave. He runs after them. A kid drops his toy
               and Justin trips over it, and spills on the floor. When he
               recovers, he kicks the toy away and slaps the kid. The kid
               lays out on the floor, motionless.

               Justin fixes his tie, then runs off.


               Banquets employees are huddled around the punch clock. They
               are smoking, talking and drinking. Boris and a few guys are
               drunk. They start rough housing.

               Edgar steps in and warns them. Joe comes from the Banquets
               office. He wades through the group of employees. One of them
               steps on Joe's foot. Joe head butts him, and keeps going.

               Some servers push him away. Joe approaches a houseman named

                         Ronson! Come here buddy!

               Ronson comes closer.

                         I need you to set Salon 2. It's a
                         theater for fifty people. A water
                         station in the back, podium in the
                         front. Nothing else.

               Ronson doesn't answer immediately. He seems to think on it.
               Then exhales.


                         What's that supposed to mean?

                         Means no. I don't wanna do it. I
                         wanna sit here a while. Tell
                         someone else.

               Joe thinks for a second. His face expressionless.

                         Ok. I'll find someone else then.

               Joe calls James from all the way down the hall. Suddenly
               James starts to sprint towards Joe.

               He super kicks Joe straight into his Jaw, just like WWF's
               Shawn Michaels with his Sweet Chin Music. Joe spills like a
               rag doll.

               INT. POOL AREA

               Guests are occupying the pool area. Many of them are in the
               pool and the hot tub, but many more are outside in the patio
               area. A kid is running besides the pool, on the slippery

               He rounds a corner, and spills flat on his back with a loud
               smack. The other kids laugh. The kid's mom gets up from her
               place, walks over to the two laughing kids, and dunks their
               heads into the pool.

               Through the entrance comes in Russell. He is a night shift
               house keeper. He talks to himself. Loudly at times. Most of
               the time people hear him laugh when he leaves.

               He moves through the pool area, picking up dirty towels and
               guest's belongings. He takes phones and wallets mostly.

               He enters the locker room.

               INT. LOCKER ROOM

               In the locker room, towels have been tossed all around
               carelessly. Most have absorbed the water from the floor.

               Russell comes in, talking to himself.

               There is a sound from the stalls, people taking dumps.
               Russell doesn't mind.

               He moves to the lockers. He opens Locker #1, rifles through
               the stuff. He finds a phone and wallet and an antique pocket
               watch. He takes the things and slams the locker shut.

               He takes out some kind of device. Like a modified remote
               control. He points it at the rest of the locker locks. One by
               one, they click open.

               He continues rummaging through the lockers.

               INT. 7TH FLOOR - ROOM 720

               A house keeper is cleaning the guest room. She throws out a
               huge bag of cash.

               On one of the carts there is a box with all of the lost and
               found stuff. All of the things have tags, with the employee
               names who will take them, on them.

               INT. 7TH - ROOM 718

               An arabic house keeper comes out of the guest bathroom,
               toilet flushing and overflowing behind him.

               He goes to the side of the bed, where the occupants are
               having sex. He grabs a garbage bag, then heads out the door.

               INT. 7TH  FLOOR HALLWAY

               The hallway has been filled to the brink with furniture and
               appliances from the rooms along with guest's luggage. All of
               them have name tags of the employees on them.

               The security guard, Josh, is standing in the middle of the
               fracas. Some employees approach him. They point to the
               furniture. He shakes his head in a yes way.

               The other employee doesn't like it. They start arguing. Josh
               shows them a big dresser and a large flat screen tv. The
               employees nod in compliance and point to a king size bed.

               They take out money and pay Josh. Josh pockets the money. The
               employees drag the dresser and TV away, towards the guest

               A housekeeper brings Josh an iPhone 3gs. He takes it. She
               takes out a huge wad of cash, hands it to him. Josh gives her
               the 3gs.

               INT. LOADING DOCK

               The Loading dock is filled with boxes and supplies for the
               hotel. The dishwashers are emptying their garbage cans into
               the dumpster.

               Two trailers have been crammed into the small loading dock.
               From one trailer, people are unloading all the stuff the
               hotel needs.

               From the other trailer, people are loading up furniture,
               televisions, kitchen ware etc, into the trailer. Maggie, the
               shipping/receiving clerk comes out on the dock. She's got
               some forms in her hands.

                         Hey, Jimbo! I got the loading
                         confirmations. Looks like you are
                         all set to go.

               Jimbo, who appears to be the Truck driver, jumps down from
               the Trailer.

                         Took long enough. These cheap asses
                         think I got all day?

                         They got their work figured out.

               Jimbo laughs. He waves "bye" to Maggie and disappears behind
               the Trailer. The dishwashers have started opening up boxes
               and taking what's valuable.

                         Egdar! Come here!

               Egdar appears out of nowhere, like a ghost. She gives him
               some Loading form. Edgar scans it, the forms reflecting off
               of his pitch black sun glasses.

               After a moment, he signs the form and hands it to the driver.
               The driver yells something in Spanish and the rest hurry.
               They close the trailer. A second later the trailer pulls out.

               Jimbo pulls out slowly with his truck. He stops suddenly,
               almost running someone over. He pulls his air horn.

                         Son of a Bitch.

               From the outside comes Matthesson with some co-workers.

                         Was that really necessary? That
                         giving away of our property?

                         Go screw yourself, Matthesson.

               Matthesson disregards the comment. He turns his attention to
               Edgar, who doesn't even flinch.

                         What do you say?

                         We don't give anything out.

                         So that makes it alright to
                         disguise giving away property? I
                         will have you animals straightened
                         out once we are in power here.

               Maggie laughs.

                         You can eat shit, Matthesson. You
                         ain't ever gonna be in power here.
                         You or your Union.

                         Yeah, we'll see.

               Edgar says something into the Radio. He tries to leave.
               Matthesson puts his hand on Edgar's shoulder.

                         (To Matthesson)
                         Leave now.

                         Or what. You gonna arrest me?

               A long beat on Edgar. He stares a hole through Matthesson.

               INT. P5 CELLAR - HOLDING CELLS

               Matthesson's face pressed against the cell bars. He is
               screaming angrily at Edgar, who is locking the door.

               The cells are full of thieves and other scum. Matthesson
               starts pounding on the bars with his head until he starts
               bleeding and stops from blood loss.

               The prisoners in his cell, are roasting rats over a small
               fire. One prisoner runs around the cell. He catches a rat,
               breaks it's neck and skins it. He prods the rat on a small
               twig and sets it over the fire.

               One of the prisoners starts playing the Harmonica, while
               another passes out moldy bread and bagels to everyone.

               EXT. HOTEL FRONT

               The area is busy with Employees, Firemen, Cops and many more.
               Smoke is billowing from the huge gaping hole made by Jerry's

               The employees have begun their Siege on the hotel. Occasional
               gunfire erupts between the besiegers and the Unionists in the
               Hotel. Matthesson's superiors walk through walk through the
               encampment of people.

               They get to the General Manager and Shawn, who are watching
               the spectacle.

               One of them, Brad Vicks, head of the Union, taps Shawn on the
               shoulder. Shawn turns around.

                         Gentlemen. Brad Vicks. Chairman of
                         the Union. This here with me, is
                         President John Cham.

               They shake hands with Shawn and the General Manager.

                         How can we be of service? Anything
                         you need.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         There is nothing that we need from
                         you guys.

               Vicks looks at the Hotel and around. They really don't need
               anything. They got food, ammo and stuff. Employees are
               running all over, moving ammo, food and making defenses.

                         We have all that we need.

                         We really don't think you do.

                         We've got trucks, loaded and ready,
                         with food and other supplies you
                         need. You just say when and where.

               Someone runs up to the General Manager. They are what appears
               to be a messenger.

                         Sir, the Housekeeping department
                         has requested more ammunition.

               The General Manager thinks.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Alright. Give it to them.
                         (Back to Vicks)
                         We don't need your help. Thanks.
                         You gentlemen know your way out,
                         i'm sure.

               Vicks and Cham don't look too happy. They walk off towards
               the front of the Hotel.

               At the front of the Hotel, very heavy fighting is going on.
               The besiegers are trying to gain access to the boarded up
               Hotel. Lots of injured are brought back on stretchers, but
               none are killed.


               Four people sit in the Office, having a meeting. Sanita,
               Mirsada and two girls from the Human resources. They all are
               smoking and drinking.

                         Times are tough. I mean, you've
                         seen for yourself what has been
                         going on these last few weeks. How
                         can we work like that?

                         How do you mean?

                         Whatever are they doing outside, is
                         costing us in here. We are running
                         low on stuff. Our performance and
                         Guest obligation suffers because of
                         that Siege.

                         We don't change sheets on the beds.
                         We don't get new sheets. Customers
                         complain. But they come back every
                         time, for some reason. I don't

               Mindy gets up and goes to a Vending Machine. She stops. It's
               empty. She punches the machine, then sits back down.

                         There is nothing. All the machines
                         are empty. I hear Banquets served
                         the last Coke three days ago and
                         now only have Water from the tap to

                         Circumstances have hit us hard,
                         yes. But we can't let that (points
                         to outside) break us. We're
                         stronger than that.

                         What if talk with Union? Maybe they
                         can help. I hear is very good.

               Jenny suddenly becomes aggravated and angry. She slams her
               Corona down.

                         Please don't say that. You can not
                         know how much we hate that word.

                         We don't support or acknowledge
                         their efforts to get us to join

               Mirsada shows them some forms from the Housekeeping
               department. Jenny and Mindy look through them. They jot
               something down on their notebooks.

                         I think if we talk with Union, they
                         will help. See this, everything on
                         the charts fall seventy percent.

                         This is the last warning about that
                         word. The next time it's
                         Termination and deportation.
                         About the numbers, we'll get them
                         high up again.

               INT. ROOM SERVICE

               Martha is taking an order from a guest on the phone. Lita is
               preparing service carts. Martha starts arguing with the guest
               about something, and slams the phone down.

                         What was that about?

                         Oh, they just want shit that we are
                         out of, again. They refuse to
                         accept that we are out of Beer and

                         I heard the the Hookers ran off to
                         the Grand America and the Mariott.
                         They're becoming such tight asses

               Martha dumps all the food on the cart, not caring. She dumps
               Sodas, Ketchup, Mayonaise and other condiments on the cart.
               She doesn't care.

                         Oh, this morning, i tried to steal
                         some stuff from Banquets, they got
                         defensive and started shooting.
                         Very scary. They don't like us.

               INT. ALPINE BALLROOM

               The room is in session. It is full of rounds of ten and
               servers are walking around the room, serving them.

               A server walks around his tables, checking up on them. He
               sits down at one of the tables. Nobody pays him attention.

               He removes the metal plate cover and starts eating. He calls
               two more servers to come eat. They come to the table, sit
               down and start eating.

               They talk with the guests as if they were friends.

                         So, Arafat. Are you guys busy

               The server, Arafat, has three plates in front of him. He's
               finished two, and is getting started on the third.

                         Very busy. No sit down. Nothing.

                         And what about your Citizenship?
                         What with this recent firing of all
                         those illegals at the Grand

                                   GUEST 2
                         Are you legal?

                         November 2, 1961. I get them. Very
                         proud. I love this country.

               The guests all murmur and talk to each other. Arafat notices.
               He doesn't like it.

                         You talk about me? You talk shit?

               The guests are surprised. Some start murmuring apologetic
               phrases. Others, stunned and scared, don't say anything.

                         No. We're just saying it's good you
                         got your papers sorted out. 

                         So you think I'm Terrorist, because
                         i maybe look too dark? Or no

               He gets up and overturns the table. He takes out an UZI. The
               guests arm themselves too, and a gun fight breaks out, right
               in the middle of the dinner.

               A guest flags down a server.

                         Excuse me. Are we going to have
                         something else to drink?

                         Sorry, no. All we have is water. We
                         are out of all else.

                         Oh, no problem. Thanks.

               All the tables in the room have, in fact, water serviced on
               them. Usually there would be sodas, wines, beers and more on
               them. But since the Siege is in effect, and supplies are
               slowly running out...

               Boris is walking away from a table with an empty water
               pitcher in his hand. Approaching a tray jack, he begins to
               feel sick and throws up into the water pitcher.

               He sets the pitcher on the tray jack and runs out of the
               room, through the back entrance. A guest calls the server
               that is standing next to the tray jack.

                         Can we have some water over here,

               The server picks up the pitcher Boris left.

               INT. SEMINAR THEATER

               A Banquets meeting is going on. There are some employees
               playing Wii Tennis. Most of the employees aren't drinking or
               smoking this time.

                         From now all Coffee breaks and
                         buffets have to have some sort of

                         What are we to do? There is not

                         I know our decoration lineup is
                         dismal. But make it work. If we
                         don't have enough decoration, you
                         lie, cheat and steal until we have
                         enough. If money is the problem,
                         get the guests to cover the
                         charges. They don't give a shit.

               Joe calls someone to the front. The woman gets up, and comes
               down. Someone shouts an obscenity to her, she throws a Beer
               bottle their way.

                         This, as you know is Aimee, the
                         Human Resource director. She has
                         come here to discuss some important

               Joe sits down. He starts a game of poker. Employees suddenly
               hurry to join the table. A scuffle breaks out.

                         Let me start off by asking who
                         lifted the new furniture we got
                         from IKEA two weeks ago.

               Nobody says a word. Someone clears their throat for a long
               time, then spits out a huge, disgusting loogie right in front
               of Joe.

                         If you animals don't talk, all of
                         you in this room will be
                         terminated. You realize that was a
                         serious crime.

                         Shit, what you gon' do? Even if we
                         don't talk, you can't do a god damn
                         thing. Someone took it, good for

                         You know, Clarence, that is a very
                         bad attitude to have at this job.

               Clarence leans back in his chair, inhaling a joint. Next to
               him, is a Hunting Sniper Rifle. Locked and Loaded.

                         You better have a good reason to
                         incriminate us.

                         I do. Mina said the Housemen did

                         Typical. She always incriminates
                         everybody else to get her fat ass
                         out of the picture.

               An Engineer walks through, to the Projector. He props a
               ladder and climbs it. He takes a screwdriver and does
               something on the projector.

                         We will find out who it was soon
                         enough. Also, the gym is for
                         employees only. Not family.
                         That also means that you can only
                         go work out when you are OFF the
                         clock. If a guest comes to work
                         out, and all the machines are busy,
                         and you are using one of them, you
                         have to get off your fat ass and
                         let them use it.

                         Shit, that's the god damn reason i
                         came to the Gym. To EXCERCISE, not
                         to be a door mat. Gon' drown them
                         in the god damn pool.

               Joe pockets a large wad of money. Aimee goes back. The poker
               game continues.

                         So, any Coffee break or Buffet, has
                         to have decorations on it. And
                         please try to make them match. I
                         know you guys don't know two god
                         damn shits about it, try to make it
                         look good.

               Joe takes off his shoes, the nhis socks. He starts massaging
               his feet.

                         What if people make mistakes?

                         Mistakes are a hundred dollar fine,
                         payable to me in cash or money
                         order only.

               Somebody comes in, with a tub full of salt water and sets it
               in front of Joe, who dumps his feet into it. He calls a
               server to come.

               The server, reluctantly approaches Joe, who is holding out
               soap and brush. The server takes them, kneels and very
               reluctantly starts scrubbing Joe's corned up feet.

                         This is what i think we should do.
                         If either Servers or Housemen are
                         doing something wrong, we shouldn't
                         tell them. We should deliver ten
                         lashes to the back, how we do it in
                         Sudan. They will learn then.


                         I said this so many times before,
                         whereby you can do something else
                         that somebody doesn't want to do.
                         That person thinks he or she is
                         entitled to do what he or she
                         thinks is supposed to do.

               The Engineer taps something with the screwdriver. Nothing
               happens. He taps another thing and suddenly gets shocked with
               a huge jolt. The projector goes up in smoke.

                         You brought up a good point, James.
                         We said this in the last meeting.
                         If you see someone do something
                         that is not correct, then you have
                         to "Police" them and punish them.

                         The people in power don't care.

                         At the end of the day, you animals
                         are all adults. I have no problem
                         doing corrective action. You guys
                         know that. Corrective action in the
                         form of hitting your wallet.

               The Engineer can barely get up. He does so, barely. Kenny
               comes in. He takes a look at the projector. It's beyond

                         Because it's getting to the point
                         of coaching, where we talk to you
                         animals and tell you hot to do god
                         damn shit. 

                         If we see shit like that dirty ass
                         cup or eating in front of the
                         guests again, we are going to find
                         out who did it and the appropriate
                         amount of money will change hands.

               Kenny helps the Ninety-Two year old Maintenance guy up. He
               points to the projector. They talk. The engineer waves Kenny
               away. They start arguing.

                         I don't think you guys get it. This
                         morning we had nine hundred and
                         eighty guests sitting in the grand
                         and alpine foyer sitting on the
                         ground. The set was not set. Their
                         contact was screaming in my face
                         for fifteen minutes until Edgar was
                         able to detain her.

               People are walking around. Some are playing Video games,
               others are watching movies. Most are complaining that the
               meeting is going on for so long.

                         I love the fact that i can boast of
                         having the best banquet team in
                         this city. But right now, that shit
                         is going down the toilet.

                         I see this all the time. Action of
                         the few. That's why this is

               Joe completely disregards James.

                         The reason why we're having this
                         meeting is not to yell at you.
                         That's half the reason. You guys
                         are here for us to take out our
                         life frustrations on you.

                         What's up with that shit? Anybody?


                         Can't you see what those guys are
                         doing outside? For us? They are
                         fighting for our right to say HELL
                         NO to those union dogs that are
                         waiting like zombies to get to us.

                         Those people out there, they have
                         had their spirit broken. They have
                         no will to fight anymore. We'd be
                         better off letting the Union just
                         march through.

               Joe throws his beer bottle to the ground. It shatters. He
               moves his feet in the water. It splashes the server in the
               face with dirty, bitter water.

                         I don't like your point of view,
                         Kenneth. I don't give two shits
                         about it. This is the first and
                         last warning about that word.

                         This guy, Pavitr Prabhakar, he join
                         Union yesterday. He say is very
                         good. Money too much. Maybe me go.

                         Kamaresh, go down to HR and hand in
                         your Passport and green card.

               Kamaresh gets up reluctantly. He walks slowly between the
               rows, his head held down in shame. He stops in front of Joe.

                         I only maybe better
                         go. Union better. My country no
                         good. No money, no eat.

                         It's over and done, Kamaresh. Once
                         you give them the documents, go up
                         to the Bellmen. There is a bus
                         waiting there for cases like yours.

               Kamaresh exits the room.

                         Aimee, tell Edgar that he has to
                         send some escorts with Kamaresh. We
                         can't risk him running away.

               INT. FOOD STORE ROOM

               Maggie and Tony, the food store room attendant, are going
               over shipments. They don't seem too happy. The store room is
               still full, but it's looking sparse.

                we are running out of rice
                         and pasta. Soft drinks are still

                         We just managed to get one truck in
                         today. And he charged right into
                         the damn dock. He crashed the
                         truck. So now he's not going
                         anywhere. He got us the fruit and

                         The bread is ok. We'll just have to
                         ration it out to the departments,
                         on a as-needed basis.

                         Spencers jacked up their prices

                         I heard. Charging people abysmal
                         amounts for food.

                         It's nuts over there.

               Edgar suddenly appears. They both startle. They didn't see or
               hear him come in.


               Tony gives Edgar a shipping form. Edgar scans it.

                         For the delivery of the "Product".

               Edgar signs it, gives the form back.

                         That's fine. Maggie, the shipment
                         will go down to P8. Have someone
                         bring it down, please.

               Maggie nods. Edgar says something in his ear piece.

                         There were a couple of guys here
                         earlier. Guys in suits. From the
                         Union. They asked about the

                         That's all they wanted?

                         They asked if we were finally ready
                         to talk about joining. Many in the
                         Hotel have already joined. Now
                         they're trying to break the siege.

                         Don't mention anything to them. We
                         don't want them in here.

               He takes out a picture and shows it to them.

                         Have you seen Jerry? I'm looking
                         for him.

                         Jerry? Why the hell you lookin' for

                         It's possible he had done the

                         Did he join those Union dogs, or

               A long beat on Edgar. Tony and Maggie reflect off of Edgar's
               dark glasses.

                         So, have you seen him?

                         Not since last week. Came in to get
                         some stuff for Engineering, then

                         Sounds about right.

               Edgar folds the picture neatly, then pockets it. He
               disappears like a ghost again. Same way he came. Tony and
               Maggie stare, scared and confused.

               INT. TROFI ENTRANCE

               The General Manager is at the Entrance. He is on his Phone.
               Jasminka approaches him.

                         Everything is done. They are happy
                         with the service, and start eating.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Good. Good. How are the Halloween
                         preps coming along?

                         Almost done. We are waiting for the
                         Pumpkin props. And we need to buy
                         more candles.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         I'll get on that.

               He jots it down on his Notebook.

                         The guys drop off the food for the
                         games in two days. We need to find
                         refs and the nets.

               The General Manager wanders off. He has lit a Joint, and is
               smoking it.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER

                         For the Soccer tournament. We are
                         hosting this year.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Ah, shit. I forgot about that god
                         damned shit. I'll do it today. What
                         about the IKEA furniture.

                         Edgar closed the book on that

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         I suppose he knows what he's doing.
                         I'm gonna head up and take care of
                         that stuff. Keep me updated.


               Ilyas, Luis, James and Ronson are waiting around. Ilyas is
               smoking. James and Luis are arguing. Ronson is on his Cell

                         No..Ronson is supposed to set Salon

                         Yeah, of course. Rifet says we need
                         to set Granite Conference.

               They leave. Ronson stays a few seconds longer. He then leaves
               towards the Loading Dock.


               Jerry is still in the stall. He is sleeping. Around him spent
               shells, ammo, opened food and drinks. Occasional voices are
               heard from down below.

               From down below, someone shoots. The bullet hits a few inched
               above Jerry's head. He jolts awake, totally alert, cocking
               his rifle. He's down to a single shot WW 2 rifle. He cocks
               his rifle.

                         (Snickering excitedly) You sons of

               He shoots back, not hitting anyone, but a car window.
               Laughter is heard from down there. They make fun of him.

               Jerry peeks under the door. One of the employees has put a
               hat on their rifle barrel and is waving it in the air,
               laughing at Jerry.

               EXT. ANTI UNION DUG WORKS

               The employees have dug themselves trenches all around the
               hotel. Inside the trenches are hundred  of employees, armed
               to the teeth. On the side, a cook is grilling on seven
               different grills. Employees are lining up for the food.

               Connie comes, butting in front of them. They don't mind, as
               she is their leader.

                         You got them Steaks and Ribs ready?

                         Yes, Connie. Here they are.

               He hands her a plate full of meat and another one full of

                         God damn. They good. Last were a
                         little raw.

                         Yeah, we haven't used lots of fire
                         last time. Now they are just

               Connie sits down. The occasional cannon goes off.

               INT. SALON II

               Djordje, Mina and Joe are in the room. They are going over
               the BEOs for Salon II. The room hasn't been set by Ronson,
               who was supposed to set it.

                         Is not set. I can not find him.

                         Well, you know what's coming. I'm
                         getting richer and richer by the

                         I think that's a little too much.

                         Well, i gotta make them learn
                         somehow. When you find Ronson, tell
                         him to set the room, then take his
                         pay check that's ocming up, and
                         transfer it to my account.

                         He will be angry.

                         Let him. I don't care. If they
                         don't want to give 100%, and to the
                         shit they're supposed to do, then i
                         will hit them where it hurts. Now,
                         Ronson, is the first to find out
                         the hard way.


               The GM is having, what looks like a secret meeting, with the
               Union representatives. Nobody else is in the restaurant.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Eddy brought us your proposal and
                         I'll be honest. We're very
                         impressed. A bit skeptical, I must
                         admit, but impressed.


                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         We find the concept brilliant, but
                         the Union membership is difficult
                         for hotels and restaurants. How can
                         we be certain that our money will
                         be returned in the long run?

               Vicks looks at Eddy and smiles confidently.

                         It's simple gentlemen, design
                         versatility. A Hotel that can
                         change with taste without losing
                         the overall aesthetic. Our
                         atmosphere won't be painted on the
                         walls. It will be your atmosphere.
                         We collect our dues, you get all
                         you need.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         This was the part of the proposal
                         that intrigued us, but I'm sure we
                         will be able to come to some sort
                         of agreement.

               The Union guys look really happy. Their ear-to-ear grins
               getting bigger.

               INT. 16TH FLOOR - ROOM 1625

               A dozen flashlights land on one man. He lies in bed. He
               squints at the flood of blinding white light. He nearly
               laughs at the sound of countless guns cocking.

                                   VOICE (O.S.)
                         Mr. Manus? Stanley Manus?

                         Yeah, that's me.

                                   VOICE (O.S.)
                         Police. We have a warrant for your

                         What for?

               Two dozen black gloved hands grab him and yank him out of
               bed. They don't say anything, but just drag manus out of the
               bed, and room.

               INT. AUTO BODY SHOP

               An old paint mixer vibrates furiously. Brent Mills, a man in
               his thirties is working on an old 1989 Camaro. A kid mixes
               paint a few feet away. Suddenly, the garage door opens.

               A row of five men silhouetted by the bright sun. Mills

                         Can I help you?

               Mills's voice is gruff.

                         Brent Mills?

               Mills reaches for something just inside the door of the

                         Who are you?

               All six men instantly raise their guns and aim them at Mills.


               Mills withdraws a filthy towel and wipes grease and sweat
               from his forehead.

                         We don't service guns here. That's
                         the room next door.

               INT. LOCK-UP HALLWAY

               A Hotel security officer steps into the frame and opens the
               steel door. Follow as they shuffle across the cement floor.
               The shoes are shabby and worn, as are the wrinkled pants that
               hang too low and loose at the cuffs.

               The sound of a steel door opening. The bottom corner of a
               steel cage comes into view.
               Another set of feet falls into step with the first. Another
               steel door and another set of feet. Another door, another and
               another. Five pairs of feet walk single file down the hall.

               The lame feet are in the front of the line. They come to
               another steel door, this one solid and covered with dents and
               rivets. We hear moans coming from all around the cells. All
               of them belonging to bums, current and former guests, walk
               ins from the street and employees. Some have been locked up
               for a long time.

               Mills, Manus and the other three step uneasily through the

                         It doesn't make sense that I be
                         here. I mean these guys are hard
                         core thieves and criminals, but not

               The guard doesn't listen. He slams the door shut. On the
               desk, he signs something.

               He takes a look at his watch, then signs something else.

                         Can you at least say why we are in

               The guard leaves silently. He closes the door behind him,
               which has got large locks on it, like a bank vault.

               INT. CELL

               Koulds, the Hotel Gardner, is brought in to the cell where he
               joins Mills, Manus, Hockney and about twenty more prisoners.
               He sits in a corner and keeps to himself.

               INT. BANQUETS OFFICE

               A flurry of voices banter off screen. Edgar is on the phone
               with someone.

                                   VOICE #1 (O.S.)
                         My client offers his full
                         cooperation in these proceedings.
                         In exchange, his testimony is to be
                         sealed and all matters
                         incriminating to himself are to be
                         rendered inadmissible.
                         No provisions, nothing. My clients
                         testimony for his immunity.

                         Counselor? I don't know why Jerry
                         has so many allies in City Hall,
                         and I don't care. The embarrassment
                         he helped cause this Hotel will not
                         happen again.


                         Counselor, I will lock up your
                         client for the next eighty years.
                         The only way he will see daylight
                         is through his little window.

                         I realize that what he may have
                         done, carries such a high penalty.
                         I would think a man with your job
                         would agree with these alleged
                         "allies" in City Hall. They want to
                         cooperate. What about you?

                         I think the counsel is veiling a

                         Counsel isn't veiling anything. You
                         are in too far over your head i
                         nthis. My advice, let it go.

                         I'll feel safer with a man like
                         Jerry is behind bars. What he did
                         is low, even by your standards,

                         Jerry will plead guilty to weapons
                         possession on the job. That's it.
                         Everything else, i don't want to
                         speak for, because there is no
                         proof for it.

                         Are you going to speak for your
                         moles, Mills and Manus? They are
                         down with Matthesson, waiting.

                         Weapons. Misdemeanor. Nothing else.
                         About them...another day.

                         As for the rest of the charges
                         grand larceny, arson... secession -
                         the district attorney will accept
                         the subject's testimony in
                         connection with the above mentioned
                         events and in exchange will offer
                         complete immunity. Those only go so
                         far as Arson and Larceny. The
                         transcript of said testimony will
                         be sealed and all matters
                         incriminating to Jerry will be
                         rendered inadmissible. I will keep
                         the records in my office. The
                         secession charge, will however,
                         stick on all those who seceeded.

               He hangs up the phone, writes something on some papers. He
               slides the papers into an envelope, seals it. He then gets up
               and leaves.

                                   END OF EPISODE THREE

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