The Hilton Diary Return to

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               INT. PARKING GARAGE

               It's the P3 parking level underneath the Hotel, half empty,
               as on most days, as only employees park there. Guests, only
               on extremely busy days.

               By the entrance to the elevators, there is a group of
               Employees. Smoking, chatting, laughing. There is an Engineer
               working on the light inside the elevator lobby. His name is
               Jerry. Old, disgruntled, he's got nowhere else to go now.
               He's stuck at this job for a long time.

               A housekeeper is changing garbage bags by the door. His name
               is Alija. Someone offers him a smoke, he refuses.

               Jerry is fiddling with wires leading from the ceiling. Their
               ends are over exposed and hanging dangerously close to Jerry,
               who has no clue.

               Alija puts the lid on the garbage can, and goes back inside
               with the full one. The employees, from the smoker's area,
               enter just as an elevator opens. They board the elevator and
               go up. Alija throws the garbage bag on his cart and calls the
               elevator. Jerry stops him.

                         Hey Alija. Can i get you to help me
                         with this?

                         What is it?

                         Just hold these two wires. I got to
                         ground this wire. This is the
                         biggest pain in the ass.

               Alija grabs the wires and holds them, separated, away from
               Jerry. Another employee walks in. His name is Tim, and he's
               also an engineer. He just came to work. He's drinking from a
               malt liquor bottle.

               Tim looks very pale in the face. His walk is a little off.

                         Hey guys, what's up?

                         Fixing this light here. It threw a
                         goddamn fuse.

               Tim strikes a funny pose to Alija. Alija looks at him.

                         What Tim. What? What?

               Tim starts holding his stomach in pain. It starts growling
               badly and loud. He holds on to the ladder and almost knocks
               Jerry off. Jerry startles.

                         God damn Tim, you alright?

                         Yeah...yeah. Just ate too much.
                         God, i hope i just ate too much.

                         Well...what did you eat?

                         Oh, me and a bunch of guys went to
                         the El Rancho Buffet yesterday. We
                         ate like crazy. They had this soup,
                         with peppers, eggs, beans and lots
                         of other stuff mixed in it. Man...

               The elevator door opens. Tim starts clutching his stomach
               harder now. The pain throws him off balance and he falls
               backwards --

               --right onto Alija, who's holding the power lines. Alija
               touches Jerry with the power lines. A huge power spike
               occurs. Jerry is launched from the aluminum ladder against
               the wall behind him. There is a loud pop, and tons of black
               smoke appear. Then, a second later, the power goes out.
               Instantly, the backup lights kick in.

               Jerry and Alija are lying on the ground, moaning in pain.
               They are clutching one arm each. The spots where the wires
               touched them, charred black. Tim gets up, slowly. He gets
               into the elevator. Alija and Jerry yell after him.

                         Call for help...

                         I'm going right now...

               INT. LOBBY - FRONT DESK

               The front desk has a long line of guests waiting. The power
               goes out here. Guests scream, scuffles break out in the pitch
               black, until the backup lights kick in.
               The manager, Justin, walks the floor. He seems to apologize
               to guests, as he walks to a security guard, Brian.

               They briefly stand, looking at the guests.

                         So, what's the deal with the

                         No clue. I called
                         engineering...Franjo's not here.
                         Nobody answered the phone. I don't
                         know what's going on.

                         I'll go check it out.

                         I'll join you, if you don't mind.

               They start walking, and the Engineering manager, John, joins

                         Gentlemen. I called one of my guys.
                         Looks like there was a short on one
                         of the parking garage floors.

                         What kind of short?

                         Don't know. I'm on my way down

                         We'll come with.

               INT. THE SALT CELLAR - (P1 BREAK ROOM)

               Employees are having lunch in the break room. It's moderately
               full. The cook, Zack, has his grill full of burgers and beef.
               He slaps a Hamburger patty on a bun that's waiting on a plate
               full of salad and fries. He calls out.

                         Older brother!!!!

               Ilyas, a banquet houseman, comes running. He sticks a pack of
               cigarettes in his pocket. He takes the plate and jokes with

                         Come on Zack. What is this brother.
                         Give me more fries.

                         Nope. That's all you get.

                         Come on brother. Just a little.

                         I thought you had enough?

                         Come on man, i'm hungry....

                         Oh alright. I'll give you some

               James, a very skinny african houseman comes in. He taps Ilyas
               on the shoulder.

                you have a meal ticket?

                         Yeah. Why?

                         Cause i wanna buy one. I'm hungry,

               Ilyas reaches into his pocket, takes out his wallet and gives
               James a ticket.

                         For this, three bucks. Remember,
                         you have to pay me for the other
                         three, or clean my car.

               James gives him three dollars.

                         You know, in Alpine. You were
                         supposed to move the tables Rifet
                         told you to move. I had to do it
                         for you. What do you think about

                         Nothing. What can i think?

               Before Ilyas can leave, James dunks his hand in Ilyas's salad
               and takes some tomatoes. Ilyas is disgusted.

                         Come on Jimmy...really. No cry.

               James doesn't listen. He gives Zack the ticket and orders.

               Tim comes through the door. He looks at Ilyas and James and
               does some funny stuff.

                         (Joking, in a woman's voice) Hi

               James fills his cup with coke. Tim looks at all the food on
               display. He tries to decide.

                         Ahhh...give me a burger and just
                         some fries. That's it. And some of
                         that soup there.

               Zack slaps another burger on a plate, with some fries and
               gives it to Tim. Tim's stomach starts to groan very loudly
               again. He's having a really bad bowel movement.

               Tim suddenly seizes up, motionless. His burger is done and
               Zack looks at him.

                         There's your burger.
                         (Starts coughing hard and

               Tim doesn't hear him. His stomach groans and moans even
               louder now.

                         What? Oh yeah.

               He stands there like a statue, leaning against the counter
               top. Zack looks at him. He inches slowly to the Soda Machine.

                         Tim, are you alright? You don't
                         look too good.

               If Tim moves, he'll drop a load or let one go. Whichever
               comes first. He doesn't answer.

               Ilyas slaps Tim on the back, clenches him on his shoulders
               and shakes him. That moves Tim and more stomach groans come.
               He holds his stomach, but the bowel movements are too
               overpowering and --

               -- a huge, long fart comes out. Ilyas pulls his shirt over
               his nose.

                         Wow, shit. What the hell Tim? What
                         did you eat?

                         (Flipping around) Aw hell no. Not
                         in my goddamn kitchen.

               Zack jams his knife into the cutting board.

               Zack stares at Tim, mad. Tim, whose face has gained some
               color now, suddenly starts to move around more freely. He
               takes his burger and leaves. PBX calls Engineering on the
               radio. Tim responds.

                         10/4, I'm on lunch right now. I'll
                         do it later.

               Once the gas oxidizes, it hits Ilyas and Zack. Immediately
               they start to throw up. The smell seems to expand, and moves
               to the rest of the cafeteria. People start throwing up all
               over the cafeteria.

               Ilyas and Zack have already thrown up all they had, but it
               keeps going. Their faces are blood red, their eyes need just
               a hair's width to pop out of their heads.

               A pair of foot long Rats zip out from the kitchen area. It's
               a whole family. They frantically run around, as if to search
               for something. They run a bit more then -- drop dead.


               All the Washing machines are working on full power. Workers
               are scattered across the whole floor. Washing, drying,
               folding, etc. Music from the radio fills the air. Three
               workers are singing by a dryer, drunk as bums.

               One of the workers is operating the newest type of Industrial
               Dryer, the "Lariat PN8C". He boasts about it to his

                         Say hello to the Lariat PN8C. The
                         world's first unmanned drier that
                         does all the work by it self.
                         Never gets stuck, never breaks
                         down...and it absolutely never,
                         ever, stops.

               He demonstrates on one of the bed sheets. The bedsheet is
               sucked inside the machine on a conveyor belt. Some quick
               movements and sounds later, the bedsheet plops onto another
               station, folded, and ready to go.

                         She is the first of her kind. The
                         fastest dryer ever. Even the
                         Germans are behind.

               Dane, Shamir's coworker, sips from his beer. He looks around
               the dryer, admiring it. On the side of the dryer he sees a


               Shamir is busy talking about the dryer to his coworkers.

                         Not now Soltenberg...
                         (Back to the coworkers) As i was

                         Call me crazy, but the label here
                         says this machine was made, and
                         assembled, in Germany.

               Shamir is shocked. The look on his face like he just had a
               massive coronary. He bolts to Dane and the label. Kneels down
               and reads.

               He clenches his fist and punches the ground.

                         Shamir? It's ok, you know. So what,
                         if it's made in germany.

                         (Threatening voice)
                         I would like to be alone for a

               Dane glimpses at the others. In sync, they back a few feet

               Another worker wants to try it. He throws a blanket onto the
               belt. The belt picks it up, but jams.
               The worker pulls on the blanket, but the dryer is too
               powerful, and slowly pulls more and more.

                         (Panics) Aaaahh, my machine!

               Shamir and the other workers around him, jump in. They grab a
               piece of the blanket and pull. They struggle with the
               blanket, until it rips in half. The other piece goes through.

               Suddenly, the dryer sputters. Almost like it is going to
               explode. It slows down, red lights start flashing on top of
               it. It starts to vibrate badly.

                         Nooo. She hasn't even had her first
                         load yet.

               The piece of the blanket is thrown out the other side, folded
               and dried. The dryer resumes normal function.

               INT. P3 PARKING ELEVATORS

               The bell dings. The elevator opens. Brian, Justin and John
               step out. Right into the carnage. They look around the
               smoking room. Huge sparks fly from the shorted line. Justin
               steps on something and face plants. John helps him up.

                         How did this happen?

                         Looks like there was a short

                         I don't know. It'll take us a week
                         to find out.

               Justin opens the door to the parking, to let some smoke out.

               Briand lights a cigarette. John and Justin head to the Beer
               Vending Machine and get a couple of beers.

               INT. SEMINAR THEATER

               The room is bustling with Hotel Employees from every
               department. The tables are full of Beers and ashtrays. The
               room is thick with a fog of cigarette smoke. The tables are
               hosts to lines of various weapons, all carried by the staff.
               It's like an NRA meeting. Servers are handing out drinks,
               cigarettes, food etc.

               Employees are chatting amongst themselves. A huge brown gavel
               pounds on the podium three times. Everybody listens up.

               The hotel General Manager, Steve, steps up to the podium.
               He's heavy-set, bald, and usually very nice and polite with

               His assistant announces him.

                         Ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Steve
                         Lindburg is going to address you.
                         Please hold all comments until he
                         is finished with his summation.

                                   GM STEVE
                         Thank you, Angela.

               Angela sits down. She pops open a wine bottle and downs it.

                                   GM STEVE
                         I'd like to thank you all for
                         coming. Looks like everyone's
                         helped themselves to drinks and
                         food. Alright. As you all know,
                         we've been extremely busy these
                         last few weeks. No complaints, just
                         lots of work. I want to thank all
                         of you for a job well done.

               Steve goes on ranting about work. A few banquet housemen and
               AV guys are talking amongst themselves.

                         What did that guy talk about today?

                         Shift workers. The ones you guys
                         have got for a few weeks to help

                         Shift workers are crazy man - no
                         question. Whether it's getting up
                         in the middle of the night, working
                         through to the hours of the
                         morning, or having to work when the
                         majority of the population is
                         enjoying time off. Shit! Hell no!

                         It can be tough and I'm not going
                         to tell you otherwise.
                         So did you get the short straw this
                         Easter, and have to work along with
                         the Easter bunny?

                         I can't take this. 15 hour days.
                         This is crazy.

               More employees come into the room. They take seats, open
               beers and light cigarettes.

                         ....and There will from now be
                         monthly departmental meetings,
                         where our goal is to focus on what
                         each specific department needs. All
                         staff must attend. Failure to do so
                         will result in termination, but
                         most likely in severe punishment.

                                   GM STEVE
                         For that reason, we have elected
                         someone who is willing to enforce
                         these new rules and pound them into
                         each of your team members. His name
                         is Edgar. He is the Banquet
                         captain, but will also double as
                         the Security Director.

               He invites edgar to the podium. Edgar is short, but sharply
               dressed in a Banquet Captain's uniform. He's got dark
               Sunglasses on, along with an earpiece. He speaks with a heavy
               Colombian Accent.

                         Yes. Hello...(Adjusts Mic) I have
                         been placed in charge of the
                         Security and Banquets departments
                         here. The former Security director
                         has been placed on leave. From now
                         on, everybody will be wearing
                         security anklets. Breaks and
                         lunches will be no more than 15
                         minutes x 2, and half hour,
                         respectively. Another...

               One of the servers, Fanny, jumps in.

                         Pero, pipo panch for lanch, y sin
                         dau fori minits. Nex taki card i
                         panch for mor pipo. Wat? Puta
                         madre! No gud!

               Edgar interjects swiftly.

                         Yes...we know!

               A water pitcher flies past Edgar and just barely misses the
               GM. The GM ducks it by an inch.

                         (Background) You shit man!

               The attacker, Izet, a housekeeper, runs from his chair
               towards them and tries to vault through the entrance door. He
               bounces off of it with a thunderous thud and lays flat on the
               floor. The door is apparently locked.

               Two armed guards enter. They each grab Izet's legs and drag
               him out. Another two guards come in, and stand guard on the
               sides of the door.

                                   GM STEVE
                         Alright. Can we continue?

               The guards nod. The GM drinks beer. He lets out a loud burp.
               Shawn lights a huge blount, takes a few puffs.

                                   GM STEVE
                         Hey, hey, easy. Pass that shit

               Shawn passes the blount to him.

                                   GM STEVE
                         God damn. (Takes a hit)
                         Holy shit. Pass it along everybody.

               The blount is passed along the employees.

                                   GM STEVE
                         God damn. Some beer. Yeah...on
                         account of the recent arrival of
                         the Chinese Orchestral Company, we
                         will be very busy for some weeks to
                         come. Ask for your tip. Fight for
                         it. Basically, we got to give them
                         the best care possible.

                         Some of you might have heard that
                         the president is coming here.
                matter how silly of stupid
                         it may seem that we have a
                         president, we must make sure to
                         always serve them well.

               The engineer, Gene, an 80 something old, is holding the
               ladder for Tim, who is wiring something in a hole in the wall
               when --

               A huge short occurs. Tim is hit by the current. He lets out a
               huge yelp, and comes crashing down from the ladder. His leg
               hits Gene, who falls unconscious.

                         Another interesting thing that i
                         learned is that people have been
                         helping themselves to our beds,
                         sheets, pillows and so forth. We
                         are not a Red Cross. This will have
                         to stop immediately.

                         We have finally made enough money
                         to upgrade to Grade D meat, up from
                         the previous Grade F. So...happy
                         day at work and have a wonderful


               The elevator dings. The door opens up, Tim walks out. The now
               familiar barely visible greenish smoke trailing behind him.

               He exits the linen room. Not far behind him come Brooks, the
               event manager and a few co-workers.

               They walk down the small hallway, then stop. They start
               barfing there on the ground.

               They throw up all they have in their stomachs, their eyes
               almost popping out of their head.

               They can't stop throwing up. It keeps on coming. Brooks
               somehow takes out his phone, dials 9...1...drops the phone as
               more barf comes.

               INT. 3RD FLOOR STORAGE

               The storage area is a mess. Tables on carts lie everywhere,
               risers are strewn across the walk path, stacked chairs block
               the area where bars are being stored.

               In a little cage, blocked off by fencing, is the AV Cage. The
               light is on. Rustling is heard from inside.

               INT. AV CAGE

               Clint, the AV guy, is rummaging through a plastic container
               filled with cables. He's already got a huge pile of cables on
               his cart. He's listening to his IPod. He plunks down even
               more cords, takes his Ipod and changes songs. 

               He wheels the carts out, next to the Freight Elevator, and
               starts imitating drums on the Elevator door. On one of the
               carts is a police issue Heckler & Koch MP-5, with a few clips
               and a hand grenade.

               INT. 3RD FLOOR STORAGE

               The elevator opens. The Housemen start cleaning out the
               elevator. Ilyas comes, takes a table and drags it away. He
               stops and screws with Pimentel, who gets angry.  As Pimentel
               walks past him with a table Ilyas starts patting him on the
               shoulders. He knocks Pimentel against a bar. A glass falls
               from it and breaks.

               Pimentel looks at the glass, then at Ilyas.

                         Oooh, pimentel, pimentel...

                         Haste la verga, cavron.

               Ilyas picks up the table and hurls it onto a cart. Pimentel
               sees that. he takes a gulp from his coke and lets out a huge

                         Yu put good cavron, no chinges
                         vato. Y next, ese pinche puto vjeho
                no no no.

               He walks away, to the elevator. The audio visual guys are
               still in their cage. They are preparing cables and stuff. 

               From the floor below, someone pounds on the door. Ilyas yells
               down. They pound again. Ilyas pounds on the wall. He and
               Pimentel grab a couple of tallboys and exit the elevator.

               The pounding continues. Nobody hears it. One of the AV Guys,
               Clint, wheels out two AV carts full of cables and such. In
               the background, the Housemen start arguing.

               The pounding continues. Clint closes the elevator door, and
               the elevator is called to the floor below.

               INT. GRAND BALLROOM A/B

               Jerry, now with a full cast on his injured arm, is working on
               the Audio Visual Screen, high atop the Man lift. The screen
               has fallen all the way down to the ground. Another engineer,
               Dominic, is on the ground, by the switch that raises and
               lowers the screen.

                try to raise it....

               Dominic flips the switch. The motor runs, but the screen
               doesn't budge.

                         God Damn. This is a real mess....

                         Try and check the carrier flange.
                         Maybe it got loose or something.

               's one of the locking pins
                         that got separated. It snapped
                         right in half.

               Jerry makes a makeshift pin from one of the nails at the
               bottom of the man lift. He jams it into the socket of the old
               pin. The nail is too thin, he has to hold it from sliding

                         Ok, do it now.

               Dominic flips the switch. The screen begins to wind up.

               Jerry holds the nail, until his watch gets caught on
               something. It's stuck. His arm starts to twist, small cracks
               coming from his joints. His face turns red from pain.


               Dominic doesn't hear him. He's texting on his phone.

                         Stop the screen, you dumb son of a

               Dominic stops the screen. Jerry's arm comes free, and he
               slumps into the man lift cabin. He picks up the broken pieces
               of his watch and looks at the back. It's apparently a gift
               from his wife.

                         Jerry...what the hell man? That was
                         unnecessary. You wanna die?

               Jerry peeks out of the cabin opening. His eyes bloodshot.

                         You son of a arm could
                         have been torn off...

               Dominic runs to the kitchen.

               Jerry leans back in the cabin, holding his arm tight.

               Dominic comes back, with an automatic pallet jack. He wheels
               it towards the man lift. Jerry, slowly and with excruciating
               pain, starts reaching for the control switch.

               As Dominic nears the lift, it begins to come down. 

                         Tuck and roll, Jerry.

               When the lift is about halfway down, Dominic has the jack in
               place under the lift and begins raising it.

               The man lift tilts over and it comes crashing down to the
               ground with a ground shaking thud. Jerry falls out of the
               lift and rolls a few feet away. Dominic runs to the
               "Emergency Box" on the wall and takes an M-16.

               Jerry, coming to and crawling towards the man lift, reaches
               under the cabin and brings out another M-16.

                         Jerry? you wan' do this?

                         I'm gon' put a few in your head,
                         stupid son of a....

               Dominic shoots at the lift. He launches himself at the tables
               in the room. He flips some 6x30 tables and takes cover behind
               them. Gunfire breaks out from both sides.

               Orchestral music fills all of the Grand Ballroom, even though
               it's only coming from the Grand ballroom C.
               Mina, Semso, Edgar and Fanny pass through Grand Ballroom A/B,
               wheeling in two Rolling Break tables. Mina and Fanny are
               carrying trays full of glasses and plates.

               Grenades fly from lift to tables, and vice versa. They don't

               INT. 3RD FLOOR STORAGE

               Engineers are working on the Air Conditioning. It's Tim, Jose
               and Dane. Tim is in the Air conditioning duct. He's banging
               against something. Dane is on the ladder, his upper body is
               inside as well.

                         Yeah. There are some holes all the
                         way down here.

                         There's nothing we can do with this
                         now. We gotta get all the gunk out

                         That's a big waste of time. If we
                         leave it, it will still seep out
                         through the ceiling in the Grand

               Jose is preparing some plates and lines the edges with bondo

                         How big are the holes?

                         I don't know how else to do it.

                         Hey big are the holes?

                         They are about as big as a quarter.

                         Then we have to just use the bondo
                         glue. It's easier. Just apply it on
                         the hole. Then, when it gets dry,
                         put some more on it, two or three
                         times like that.

               All of a sudden, a deep, loud rumble comes from the duct.

               Jose is startled. He looks at Dane, who is standing on the
               ladder. Dane starts saying something, when, his body suddenly
               goes limp. He slumps down, over the ladder.

                         Dane? Are you ok?...Tim?

               A familiar green mist comes out of the vent. Jose panics. He
               drops the plates and his tools and runs towards the freight

               Tim is moving inside the duct. His hand comes out the duct,
               shaking Dane. Trying to wake him up.

                         Hey dane? Dane?.....Jose?

               Jose closes the elevator. It descends to the 2nd floor.

               The mist is sucked through the air conditioning vent, towards
               the floors below.

               INT. LOBBY

               Izet is mopping the lobby floor, where next to him, a heating
               pipe has burst and is spewing water all over. Tim and Franjo
               are trying to fix the pipe, but it looks like a slow process.
               The water is drenching them wet.

               INT. BANQUET KITCHEN

               The Freight Elevator opens. Clint is in it. A dark, blank,
               emotionless face. He steps out, doesn't even bother closing
               it. He throws a few wmpty Mountain Dew cans. They all fall to
               the floor.

               On his way through the kitchen, Patricia stops him.

                         Hey man. Waj ju no clin de car by

               Clint goes crazy. He grabs her by the shoulders and starts
               shaking her around. He's yelling at her. She almost passes
               out. His yelling is unintelligible.

               He suddenly hears a meaow. The cat is running away from them.
               Clint takes the MP-5 from his cart, and goes after the cat.

               Patricia comes to. She's shaken, but ok. She reaches down,
               under the Rolling Break table and takes out a fully
               customized AK47. She runs after Clint.


               Two guests walk into the business center. The man sits down
               by the computer and wiggles the mouse. The woman looks around
               the Business center.

               It's a small, shabby business center, with a printer, four
               computers and a paper shredder.

               The older man takes out his camera.

                                   OLDER MAN
                         Did we bring the hard drive with

                                   OLD WOMAN
                         I think I put it...

               The old woman sits down next to the old man. She places her
               bad on her lap and starts rummaging through it.

               The old man connects the Camera to the computer. The screen
               saver disappears. A payment screen appears. The old man looks

                                   OLDER MAN
                         Look at this...they want us to

               The older woman stops her rummaging. She looks at the old

                                   OLD WOMAN
                         Oh...that's ridiculous. How can
                         they? This is supposed to be free,
                         like at the other Hotels.

                                   OLDER MAN
                         Well, who knows. Probably got their
                         reason. We'll have to ask them at
                         the front desk.

               They pack up their things and walk out of the Business

               Just as them come into the Foyer, Ilyas and James come their
               way. They are pushing a cart full of 6' round tables. The old
               lady stops them.

                                   OLD WOMAN
                         Excuse me? Can you tell me where
                         there are other computers we can
                         use, just to transfer pictures to
                         our Hard drive?

                                   OLDER MAN
                         These here you have to pay to use.

               James jumps at the opportunity.

                         I think you may have to go talk to
                         the front desk people. We don't
                         work here in the center.

                                   OLD WOMAN
                         Why do we have to pay for them? In
                         all the other hotels it is free.

                         I'm sorry ma'am. Just what we can

                         Yeah...this hotel is cheap. These
                         executives act like everything is
                         alright, but it's not.

                                   OLDER MAN
                         I wouldn't say cheap. Good business
                         practice, maybe.

               The older man and woman silently walk away. The old woman
               flashes a Gang sign to James and Ilyas.

               James and Ilyas try to chase them but the old couple is
               faster and pull out a pair of Desert Eagles, two each.

                                   OLD WOMAN
                         Freeze! Shit Heads!

               James and Ilyas stop dead in their tracks. The old couple
               yell at  them like a couple of cops.

                                   OLD WOMAN
                         Hands up! Don't try anything or the
                         fat guy gets it...get it!

               At that moment, like a savior sent from god, Patricia and
               Clint show up. Shooting at each other, from close range.

               The old woman shoots at them. Clint and Patricia turn their
               focus on the old couple. From the men's rest room, Kenny
               peeks out. He vaults from the door at Patricia. 

               Patricia sees him. Right when Kenny is about to get her, she
               slams the butt of her AK into his cheek bone. He falls down,

               James and Ilyas have started shooting too. They empty their
               clips, reload and shoot, while continuing to push the table

                         Man, I can really get into trouble,
                         huh. If I say this hotel is cheap
                         and somebody hears me. (Laughs)

                         No jimmy. Why? Das not yur problem.

                         Yeah, you're right. It's these
                         executives that are....

               They push the cart away, into Grand Ballroom A/B, where Jerry
               and Dominic are still in their shoot out.

               INT. 3RD FLOOR STORAGE

               Clint is the only one on the floor. He's looking for
               something. He ducks under the risers and carts, calling out
               as he goes.

                         Here, here, here, here....

               A meaow comes from behind the risers. A cat jumps up on top
               of the risers. It's got his keys in it's mouth. They jingle
               as the cat moves.

               Clint attempts to bait it. 

               When he's close to it, he tries to snatch it, but it slips
               away. It jumps across more risers and up a cable. It comes to
               rest on the ceiling pipe.

               Clint looks around for something to throw. There is nothing
               small enough. So, he starts to climb on one riser. He slowly
               walks over the risers, careful not to fall in between them

               The cat, observing him, inches slowly away from him. Clint
               comes to a stop.
               In front of him, there is a space where four risers would be,
               but instead there are tallboy and cocktail tables crudely
               thrown in the hole.

               On the other side of that hole are more risers and lots of
               linen thrown on top of them. If he can snatch the cat and
               land on the linen he'll be good.

               He grabs hold of the pipe and starts to shimmy across it.
               Barely a few feet across, he starts struggling and losing
               grip. His face turning red from the stress. His eyes never
               losing sight of the cat.

               He pulls himself up with the last bit of strength and hooks
               his elbow around the pipe. He hangs there until he regains
               some strength, then he starts to swing back and forth.

               He wings and gains a big arc. At the height of the arc he
               tries to grab the cat. As his hand comes closer to the cat,
               it gets scared and jumps off, and scratches Clint across the
               face. Clint grabs his face. He is too heavy for his other
               hand alone and it loses its grip. He plummets down on top of
               the cocktail tables.

               The cat slips away, towards the back of the 3rd floor.

               INT. GRANDBALLROOM C

               The lights have been slightly dimmed. There is a buffet table
               and guests are taking food from it. A server is adding more
               food to the chafers.

               The Chinese Orchestra is practicing their daily routine for
               their upcoming concert tour. The bullets from jerry and
               Dominic's shoot out pass through the airwall that's dividing
               the ballroom. The music syncs the passing bullets in tune.

               Thick smoke is in the air, revealed by the low house light
               levels. Most of the orchestra members are smoking. The
               servers are having a hard time just emptying the ash trays.

               The orchestra is being directed by a short, balding man. He
               motions wildly with his stick in the air. Balancing it with a
               cigarette, and holding another cigarette in his other hand.
               There are three pianists sitting behind him behind three
               pianos. One piano is pierced by a bullet, striking a false

               Housemen bring in tables and set them up on the north wall.
               Servers bring in plates, silverware and all the stuff
               required for a dinner. Edgar is in the middle of it all,
               directing everyone on what to do, sharply contrasting the
               musical dirigent.

               The guest in charge approaches Edgar.

                         Hello sir. I just want to confirm
                         that our dinner is starting at 7

               Edgar takes out his BEO (Banquet Event Order) and flips
               through the pages. He finds it.

                         Yes. That is the dinner for 743
                         people. You have the full dinner,
                         desserts and four cash bars. Two
                         are inside, and two outside.

                         And also, i would like to move hose
                         two from the outside into the
                         ballroom, and put two hosted bars
                         into their places.

                         We can do that. Do you still want
                         the votives on the tables?

                         Yes, please. We have a change of
                         plans. We'll be extending our stay
                         at your hotel for another two
                         weeks. Normally we would have moved
                         to the grand America, but your
                         hospitality is excellent.

                         We are happy to do all we can for
                         you. Please let us know of anything
                         else we can do for you.

                         I will do so. Thank you so much

               Kowang joins an older lady who happens to walk by. Edgar
               pushes his earpiece and changes the channel. He talks to

               One by one, the execs enter the hotle. The bellman gets into
               the Limo. The Limo burns rubber as the bellman drifts through
               the drive way into the garage.

                         Mrs. are you?

               They walk out of the Ballroom. From the Ballroom A/B, shots
               can still be heard and Jerry's and Dominic's muffled
               arguments. Edgar goes back to directing the servers.

               EXT. HOTEL FRONT - BELL STAND - DAY

               Guest cars take up much of the drive through space. Bellmen
               are helping guests. They are frantically running around,
               moving luggage and cars.

               Two Bellmen are arguing. They play a coin toss game. They are
               plaing who's gonna get the tip. The giving guest in question,
               stands between them, observing, with a huge wad of Hundred
               dollar bills.

               A long, black 1998 Lincoln Towncar Limo pulls up. It's got
               five windows inbetween the wheels. All the car's trim has
               been upgraded to twenty-four carat gold. A bellman runs up to
               the door. He opens it.

               Hotel Super Executives start piling out of the limo. One of
               the executives snaps his fingers. The driver brings him a
               briefcase. The exec opens it and hands it to the bellman,
               who's jaw drops. In the case there is a hundred grand. Tips
               for the bellman.

                         Thank you sir.

                         Yes. Yes. Keep up the good work.


               Guests are walking about the foyer. One man tries to buy
               cigarettes from the vending machine. It swallows his quarter.
               The man starts kicking the machine.

               He goes berzerk. Until Edgar and two security guards come
               running. Edgar tackles and takes down the man with a swift
               Neck choke. The security guards handcuff the man, and drag
               him away.

               Edgar scribbles something in a little notebook, then leaves
               as if nothing happened.

               INT. BANQUET KITCHEN

               The kitchen is busy as hell. Housemen, servers, dishwashers
               and the like are crawling about like ants. Steam rises from
               the dish washing mashine and collects on the ceiling.

               Two servers are working by the Ice Machine. One stacks crates
               full of overturned glasses. The other fills them with ice and

               Mina is going to the Grand C back hallway. She is pushing
               stacked crates of glasses and pulling a huge bowl of salad.

               A dishwasher runs up to her and takes over pushing the salad
               bowl. He takes out a fork and starts eating the salad. Mina
               stops. She parks the crates next to a Hotbox, and the salad
               next to the crates. She stops the dish washer.

                         Will you go downstairs and get one
                         of the guys to mop the kitchen

                         I'll get Vasil on it. He's coming
                         from lunch in ten minutes.

               Mina continues towards the Banquet office.

                         Somebody is going to slip and fall
                         there. I would not mind. We have
                         too many idiots here.

               At the end of the hallway the main chef brings in one more

                         Coming through. Good stuff here.

               A server opens the box. Looks inside.

                         Good stuff?

                         The best. If anything ends up
                         missing, the punishment is fifty
                         lashes across the back and, let's
                         say...ten face dumps in the toilet.

               INT. ALPINE BALLROOM

               The buffet line is long. Servers are changing the food pans
               in the chafers. Some are serving the guests on the tables.
               Mina walks into the Ballroom, with some plates. She catches
               Boris going out.

                         Boris. Please, would you bring more
                         bread. They don't have anymore.

               Boris blows her off.

                         What is this my big gosh? Fanny
                         takin boris bring more glasses,
                         Semso takin bring more napkin.
                         (goes on ranting in russian)

               Boris tries to leave. Mina grabs his arm. She lifts up her
               shirt and reveals a gold plated beretta, tucked in her belt.

                         Boris...don't talk back to me. You
                         do the shit i tell you to do.

               She grabs hold of the beretta, but doesn't take it out. Boris
               shows her a Colt Python, hidden in a holster beneath his
               server vest. Mina backs off a little, keeping her hand on the

               Behind her, on the table, the guests suddenly get up. They
               take out guns, cock them and point them at Boris.

               Behind boris, some servers pour in, also armed, and point
               their guns at mina. Nobody relents. It's a tense moment. They
               stare at each other. Mina is chewing something.

                         A couple steps back please.

               Mina moves a couple of steps back, keeping her eyes on boris.
               She picks up a water pitcher from the guest table and spits
               the dark tobacco juice into it, then puts the pitcher back. 

                         Are you going to do something?

               Boris doesn't say anything. He sizes them up. The event
               around them keeps on going, despite their mexican standoff.

                         Yeah...i think you were. Weren't

                         Mina, wot is it? Waj ju takin shit
                         everibodi? No only Boris work. Tis
                         pipo work everytin hir.

                         What everybody work? Hehe...only i
                         work here. Everybody else is
                         sitting down. I have to run

                         And boris no work? (Laughs) Pliz.
                         You no toking.

                         Boris, i'm not playing around.

                         Tis is no my problem. Hir servers,
                         der servers. No only Boris.

               Mina looks around the room, and sure enough, there are
               servers sitting at the guest tables: eating, drinking,
               smoking, laughing with the guests, etc.

               She motions to the guests behind her. They put down their
               guns, sit back down and go back to their conversations like
               nothing happened.

               Mina hides her beretta again. The servers behind boris also
               put theirs away, and help boris do what mina told him to do.

               INT. BANQUET KITCHEN

               Semso and Silvina are working on two Rolling Buffets. Silvina
               is organizing the Coffee, Tea and such. Semso is checking the
               glasses and the Coffee Cups.

               Mina, Djordje and Jasminka, the Banquet manager, come in.
               They are talking about something, but Jasminka sounds like
               she is arguing, with her high and loud voice. She sounds like
               that all the time.

                         Hey Djordje. They want food on the

                         Yes. The food is just veggies and
                         fruit. It goes at 10 am. So don't
                         worry about it. I'll get someone to
                         do it.

                         Are you guys going to smoke?

                         Yes. Are you coming? (To Silvina)
                         On the break that we have in
                         Alpine, you can just refresh it.
                         Don't worry about the rest.

                         Ok Djordje. Wat putin in Salon 3 de

               Mina jumps in at the opportune moment.

                         They have double side buffet.

               Meanwhile, Jasminka is keeping the elevator door open. She
               gets impatient, and yells at them from the top of her lungs.

                         Let's go. Leave them. They know
                         what to do. Everything is ready.

               INT. SECURITY OFFICE

               Brendan, the security director is sitting behind his desk.
               There are two EMTs, two cops and two of his security guards.

               The Housekeeping manager walks into the room. She hands some
               forms to Brendan.

               He takes them, scans them over, then signs them, passing them
               to the Cops and EMTs.

                         Well, everything's done. The papers
                         are signed. (Looks at the EMTs) You
                         guys can take them to the hospital.

                                   EMT #1
                         Ok. I assume you guys have taken
                         care of all the necessary forms for
                         their leaves of absences?

                         Yeah. We'll keep them on paid leave
                         until you guys clear them to work
                         again. The Director of Engineering
                         could not make it, but i talked
                         with him, and i'm talking on behalf
                         of him.

               The EMT takes the forms, he and his co-worker leave. The cops
               sign some papers with brandon.

                         Alright gentlemen. We'll take care
                         of the rest.

               The cops leave. Brandon takes the papers and leaves his

                                   END OF EPISODE ONE

               Copyright and Trademark by Bojan Letic.

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