The Hilton Diaries - Episode Four
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               The Hotel overlooks the crowded, all out of control, Anti
               Union encampments down below.

               A Full moon illuminates the Hotel and the Employee Army down
               below, who are ferociously attacking the Hotel...

               Gunfire flashes from the darkness on both sides. Bonfires
               have been set up all across the camp, illuminating pathways,
               and employees frantically running through them,
               reinforcements, supplies, etc.

               At the center of it all, Connie is shouting orders to whoever
               she sees. She is the Anti-Union leader. The way everyone
               listens to her commands makes her a natural.

               EXT. 7TH FLOOR - ROOMS - NIGHT

               The gaping hole has left Floors Five to Eleven open. The
               Union defenders of the Hotel fight back, but they are out
               numbered ten-to-one.


               The Anti Union employees have brought in a big ram rod, like
               a medieval siege machine. They carry it through the drive
               through. Gunfire all around them.

               They approach the barricaded doors and windows. The lead
               yells out commands. They start pounding the door.

                                   RAMROD CREWMAN
                         Here comes Johnny!!!

               INT. P1 CELLAR

               A Union commander, barely visible with his team, covered in
               dirt and sweat, makes his way through the torch-lit shadows
               of the tunnel. It's low roof was hastily propped with steel
               beams and posts. Occasional rubble falls off.

               The team is moving fast, leaving the gaping hole they came
               from behind them faster and faster.

               INT. FAR END OF THE CELLAR

               Half-a-dozen Union Soldiers line the walls of the mine. They
               are all armed to the teeth. They carry explosives with them.
               None of them look happy --

                                   UNION SOLDIER
                         I came to liberate the two
                         brothers...not to try and take the
                         whole place.

               The soldier is slapped on the shoulder.

                                   UNION SOLDIER 2
                         I know. Shut up. At least we're
                         getting paid.

               Somebody approaches them. It's the other team.

                                   UNION LEADER
                         We got the intel. They've been
                         moved down to P5. Thread

               He nods to the soldiers.

                         Yes, sir.

               One of the guys opens the door. Before the Union soldiers can
               react, the Anti-Union employees are attacking them, with
               assault rifles.

               The Unionists retreat back to the way they came. The Anti
               Unionists give chase.

               From the end of the tunnel where the Unionists came, more
               Anti-Unionists pour in through the hole. They surround the
               Unionists, who quickly drop their weapons.

               Edgar watches on as his team Zip-Ties all the Unionists and
               log them into their records. They are then taken away.

               INT. SALT CELLAR

               James and a few other employees are watching politics on the

               Someone takes out the remote control and turns the Television
               off. He hides the Remote.

               James gets up and turns it back on. Now their argument has
               escalated even more. They are now yelling. Christie, the Cook
               who works in the Salt Cellar, comes in carrying a huge pot of

               She disappears into the Kitchen. James sits down, spilling
               his drink. The TV volume turns up.

               He gets up again, lowers it. It turns up again. James lowers
               it, sits down. The TV turns off. James jumps up.


               He throws his drink into the kitchen. The drink hits a Front
               Desk guy, who lets out a big yelp.

               The guy comes running at James. James super kicks him, and
               the guy drops. James throws another drink, this time into the
               dish washer area.

               Christie comes out of the kitchen, still with the pot. She
               comes all the way to James.

                         The hell you want, Boy?

                         Are you crazy?

               Christie coughs up a gigantic snot, clearing her sinuses and
               throat. She spits the thing into the soup. It's so huge, a
               big splat is heard.

                         That depends...

                         You know, you have been doing this
                         shit for a while now. I don't like
                         it. You have been turning up the
                         volume and turning the tv off for
                         too long. 

                         If you're done yaking, the soup is
                         getting cold. I got more shit to do
                         anyway. So, if you wanna eat this
                         gruel...i gots to go.

               James waves his hand in her face. Christie's face turns cold
               and sour. Her anger is boiling, just like the soup was.

                         No..No..let me finish. It's not
                         about you. It's about me. I watch
                         politics here, and sports, whenever
                         i want. Whenever i am here, nobody
                         else matters.

                         Yeah, whatever Spit Shit. You don't
                         even know how to turn the damn TV
                         on. What shit splat country did you
                         crawl out of?

               James throws his food tray down. He stomps on the food and
               kicks the Tray away.

                         I don't care. Apologize. Apologize
                         now. You think you're important?
                         No, you're not! I am. That
                         guy(Points to desk agent) thought
                         so, until i corrected him.

                         I ain't done shit, you slim jim.
                         You're just a suckass low life.
                         Don't even know what cream cheese
                         tastes like. 'kinda shit is that?

                         You want to die?

               Christie drops the pot, splattering the employees. 

               One of the employees gets up with a fork and wants to attack
               Christie. Christie head butts her and the girl sprawls over
               her table.

               She grabs James by his neck and starts strangling him. She
               shakes him violently back and forth.

               James tries to pry her off, but she's too strong. His hundred
               and twenty pounds versus her hundred and seventy.

               Behind them, the Employees have laid down bets on who's going
               to win. They are cheering them on. One of the Night Auditors
               is going back and forth with a Housekeeper. They are relaying
               their play by play comments.

                         (To James) I'm gonna put you into
                         this soup you ruined, you Spit

               Christie yells at James, unintelligibly. James's eyes have
               turned Blood red. They are about to pop out of his head.

               She shakes him around like a Candy Basket, at times his feel
               lifting off of the floor.
               Christie, who is at least fifty pounds heavier than James,
               but the same Height, slips on the wet carpet.

               James takes the chance. Her hands loosening up on his neck.
               He delivers a powerful super kick to her chin. Christie
               reels, but unaffected.

               James delivers another one. Nothing. One more, she is knocked
               back into a chair. Gathering all her strength, Christie,
               clutching a big spoon, rises up. James is ready, and delivers
               another one, which sends Christie down.

               One of the bellmen, who is recording the fracas on his
               iphone, collects the bets. He pats James on the shoulder.
               James looks at him.


                         I lost two hundred bucks, cause of
                         your skinny ass.

               The bellman keeps recording. James super kicks him in the
               chin too. The bellman drops like a bag of potatoes.

               James gets down, looks at the iphone. He throws it away, then
               collects the betting money.

               INT. GOURMET KITCHEN P1

               The doors are open. Employees are taking out the kitchen
               stuff. Others are bringing in big boxes.

               Cauestau and the security guard are overseeing the moving.

                         We got everything.

                         Alright. Sounds good. All the small
                         decorations should be coming in a
                         few days.

                         We got about twelve hundred people
                         coming into the Grand and Alpine
                         ballrooms. All dinners. As soon as
                         they are done for the day, have
                         some people go to prepare for the

               INT. P3 PARKING GARAGE

               Someone gets out of a Dark Green Pontiac Grand AM. It's
               Clint. He slams his car door shut, but it doesn't hold. He
               slams it again and again, and it still doesn't.

               He sits his stuff down, reaches into his bag and rifles
               through it, taking out a huge roll of Duct Tape. He rips off
               a few long strips and tapes along the closing edges of the

               He gets his stuff and continues on. At the Elevator hallway
               entrance, where the Smoking area is, there are a few
               employees smoking and chatting. A few are gambling on a small
               table, and two are cleaning the guns on the "Emergency Kit".

                         Hey, how are you guys doing?

               They don't say anything. Except for one, who is in a very bad
               mood. His tone is very gruff. He is Andy, a Front Desk Agent.
               He's been Unionized and he's wearing the Union Patch on his

                         Keep on walking. This is our floor
                         now....don't look back. Just keep

               Clint, surprised, doesn't say anything. He enters the
               hallway. He starts scraping his shoes on the blacktop.

               Inside, the wires and light still hang from Jerry's accident.
               His ladder is still leaning against the wall. Everything is
               still how it was left.

               Meanwhile, Tim walks past Clint, just as Clint kicks his foot
               up from the Blacktop. A huge blob of, what looks like shit,
               splats on Tim's back.

               Tim whirls around, staring at a shocked Clint who just
               realized what he did.

                         Did you just throw something?

               Clint, now embarrassed, is trying to look innocent. He checks
               his phone, trying to shake Tim off.

                         Oh, sorry. Must have been a rock or

                         Thought i felt something. Isn't
                         that naughty?

               Tim turns, enters the elevator. He farts as he gets into the

                         You coming?

                         Um...yeah, ok!

                         Do you smell that? I think some dog
                         shit behind that plant. Smells
                         kinda ripe.

               Clint stands there, trying to figure out his next move. He
               doesn't have much time before Tim realizes.

                         You coming?

                         I just remembered...i forgot
                         something. I'll just catch the next
                         one. Don't worry.

               Tim leans back against the elevator wall, but his shirt
               sticks to it. He reaches back with his hand and pulls it
               back, looking at his hand.


               He starts to dry heave as the door closes. When it's shut, we
               hear Tim puking his guts out.

               Clint bolts for the stairs, afraid that Tim might come for
               him. Guests are exiting through the Entrance Clint is heading
               for. He pushes them down and tramples them as he runs up the

               INT. HOTEL LOBBY - DAY

               A man walks across the lobby. He approaches the Receptionist
               behind the desk. It's Brad Vicks, the Head of the Union.

                         Hello, i've got an appointment with
                         your General Manager. My name is
                         Brad Vicks.

               The receptionist is up to her head with papers. All kinds of
               forms have been piled up on her desk.

                         He is expecting you in his office.
                         It's on the 3rd floor. Just take
                         the elevators up, head left and
                         it's at the end of the hall.

                         Thank you so much. You have a good

               He leaves her a Hundred Dollar tip. The receptionist grabs
               her tip. She waves with her hand, as if to want more.

                         Gimme some more....

               Vicks throws down what looks like twenty more crisp hundreds.

                         Thanks, you too.
                         (Off Vicks's look)

               Vicks moves away.

               INT. BANQUETS OFFICE

               The Housemen and the Servers are huddled inside the small
               banquets office. Joe sits at Djordje's desk. He's massaging
               his feet and eating a Ham sandwich with the same hand. He's
               not giving a shit.

               People are smoking and drinking. Some are cleaning their

                         You guys remember, a couple of
                         months ago, we had a meeting inside
                         the ballroom, and it was with Amy
                         and JP and they talked to you guys
                         about the Union stuff.

               Some of the employees murmur and shake their heads.

                         You guys remember that?

               Most shake their heads as "Yes".

                         Who can tell me, trying to remember
                         back, based on that meeting what we
                         all talked about?...Any Of you
                         animals?...Don't All talk at one

               Nobody looks like they have much to say.

                         Let me ask you a question. What is
                         the Hilton as a company...what is
                         our view and stance on the Union?

                         Is bad! We don't like!

                         This shit Union! No good, Bljad!

                         Why don't we like it?

                         Because it is very disruptive to
                         the company.

                         Disruptive in the sense that
                         instead of you guys having direct
                         access to Managers and Supervisors
                         and the GM, or any kinds of
                         activities, you would have to go
                         through those dogs first, then they
                         would come to us.

               Joe puts his feet on the table.

                         Are Unions free?

                         Hell no, they're not!

                         They cost money, right? Can those
                         dogs guarantee you anything? Can
                         they make a promise to you?

               People murmur.

                         Well, with the company.
                         Individually, no.

                         Shit no! They can't do shit now!
                         They done been finished off.

                         The Union can only guarantee you
                         what the Hotel is willing to give.
                         Now, this of course, is info that
                         we think is true, based on our own
                         spies within those dog's

                         What about if they force us to go
                         strike? I heard they do that.

                         You're not guaranteed to get one
                         shit. You stand on the god damn
                         street, and do not get shit.

                         Do they require you to go and
                         strike at another Hotel?

                         Si! No gut. Puta madre! Pura

                         This is just a quick little recap
                         of previous events. This is the
                         time if you guys have any
                         questions. Now is the time to
                         choose a side. Us...or Them.

               They murmur some more.

                         Also, if...if that dredful day
                         should ever come...and let's all
                         hope it doesn't, this conversation
                         we are having right now, would be
                         considered secessionist in their
                         eyes, and we would all be either
                         converted, fired or deported.
                         Which means, never again will there
                         be an open door policy at any of
                         their Hotels again. Thanks guys.
                         We're good to back to work.

               People start leaving the office. Joe opens a beer lights a
               joint for Clarence.

               INT. ALPINE BALLROOM

               Ilyas and Pimentel are setting a U-Shape set in the Alpine

               Pimentel is putting down Pads on the tables, Ilyas behind him
               with the pens. Luis is trying to get ahead of Ilyas, who
               catches up to him everytime.

               Ilyas comes out of the U-Shape, and we see why Pimentel is
               trying to get away. Ilyas has taken his shoes off. The Horrid
               Foot Odor is making Pimentel gag.

               The smell has spread throughout the whole room, cause
               wherever Pimentel goes to escape the Odor, he spits and gags.

                         No play cavron. Put shoes. No play.

               Pimentel is having trouble breathing. It's like the Foot Odor
               has induces Forced/Laboured breathing. He spits on the carpet
               and covers his mouth with his hand.

                         Chinga su madre. Que puto animal.

                         Come on, Come on, Pimentel. I
                         porque play. No problem.

                         Como no stink? Same como un animal
                         que dier. Puto perro stink.

               Pimentel grabs his .45 Colt, but Ilyas is faster and wrestles
               him to the ground.

               INT. 3RD FLOOR

               Vicks knocks on Shawn's door. Shawn's secretary opens. She
               lets him in. Vicks steps in, like he already owns the Hotel,
               full of pride and joy.

               INT. SHAWN'S OFFICE

               His office is lavishly decorated. Pictures of family hang
               everywhere. He has a huge, wooden , antique desk sitting at
               the back of his office.

               Shawn gets up, and greets Vicks. He offers Vicks a seat, who

                         Hello Mr. Vicks, how can i be of
                         service today?

                can start by signing
                         over all responsibility to the

                         I can't do that, Vicks.

                         I think you want to.
                         Because by now, your spirit has
                         been broken and you're looking for
                         any excuse not to do it.

                         Even if i could, i wouldn't want
                         to. It's a wiser decision not to
                         accept you.

                         That's what you think. We offer you
                         financial and overall freedom. No
                         one can mess with you. Simply put,
                         there is no reason not to hand over
                         control and for you to protect
                         these animals. Let us do it.

                         They are our employees. Animals
                         indeed, but still our employees. We
                         use and value them more than you.
                         What kind of standard would we be
                         setting if we gave up just like

                         There is no standard like a double
                         Whichever road you may take, we
                         will be at the end of all of them.

                         Our employees do not want to pay
                         for any kind of membership. That's
                         just one of your downsides.

                         That is a small perk to trade for
                         all of your wishes to come true.
                         Imagine to have everything you ever
                         wanted. At our cost.

               Shawn mulls it over for a second.

                         Sounds good, but i have to pass.

                         Then there is no need not to hand
                         over control.

                         I'm telling you. You will never be
                         in charge here.

               Vicks throws down a five-hundred page contract on Shawn's
               desk. It slams with a big thud.

                         For your reading pleasure. The next
                         time i come here...that better be

               Vicks lets himself out of Shawn's office.


               The door bursts open. Clint lifts his leg. At the bottom of
               his shoe is a big piece of shit, sticking through the thread
               designs. It Already has hardened quite a bit, by the looks of
               it, as it's darkened.

                         How the crap...

               He looks around the room for something to scrape it off with.
               He spots Kenny's gold plated pen. He takes it and motions
               trying to scrape the crap, but the end is too thick to fit in
               between the thread.

               He sees Michael's keys, lying on his desk. He is in a pool of
               sweat. His face blood red, he drops his bags and Jacket, and
               grabs Michael's keys.

               He sticks a key in between the thread and starts scraping.
               Someone inserts a key into the lock from the outside. The
               door starts to open.

               In a panic, Clint drops the keys back on Kenny's desk, a bit
               of shit stuck to them.

               It's Michael. He isn't in a very good mood. He hears the keys
               hit the table and eyes Clint, suspiciously. He reaches for
               his keys, grabs them and pockets them, his eyes still on
               Clint, like a Hawk on a Snake.

                         What's that all about?

               Clint gestures towards Michael's keys. Michael doesn't catch
               the gesture. He is busy cleaning his glasses.


               He doesn't have the heart to tell him. Michael would go on a

                         Thought those were my keys.

               The radio crackles.

                         Banquets to AV...

               Michael grabs his radio.

                         This is AV, go ahead!

                         ...the guest for "Germ Free" is in
                         the Grand Ballroom and would like
                         to speak with you.

               Michael mimics a stabbing motion to his chest.

                         Ten-Four. I'll be right there.

               He turns towards Clint.

                         You coming?

                         No, i got to clock in. Ten more
                         minutes. I'll meet you down there.

               Michael goes to the door. He grabs his Glock 18, checks the
               clip, and puts it behind his back. He puts on his coat.

                         Alright, but from now on, what you
                         may have done with my keys, or
                         whatever, i will have start to
                         punish, punish and punish.

               He continues to murmur to himself. He leaves the office. The
               door closes. Clint rifles in his bag and pulls out some body
               spray and sprays the shit out of his shoe.

               He gets up, clocks in and leaves the office, after Michael.

               INT. P3 GOURMET KITCHEN

               What used to be the Gourmet Kitchen, is now a complete mess.
               Stuff lies strewn across the whole floor. Tiles, wood panels,
               decorations and more.

               Employees are lifting a huge wall cabinet, line it up, while
               another screws it in. One employee is assembling what looks
               like a bar.

               A very expensive, four thousand dollar marble tile falls and
               breaks. Two employees start arguing over it. One throws
               something behind him and hits James, who is looking through
               the day's news papers.

               James whirls around. He misses the first guy, but catches the
               other with a super kick.

               Wilma pops in, wielding an AK47. She starts firing around the
               room. The other employees get to arms, and fire back.

               After a while of shooting, someone shouts something to Wilma.

                         Parada! Parada!

               Wilma suddenly stops. She lowers her AK. The other employees,
               the same. All are still cautious.

               The security guard approaches her.

                         Wilma, you alright? What happened?

               Wilma starts talking in spanish wildly and rapidly. The guard
               doesn't understand shit. He calls someone over.

                         Pedro, can you translate, please?

               Pedro comes closer.

                         Translate, What is this shit? We
                         are fighting the Unionists, not
                         each other.

               Pedro translates. Wilma talks back harshly.

                         She says that guy (points to cook)
                         over there, served lunch today and
                         she found a rat tail in her soup.
                         So now, he has to pay with his

                         I will take care of it. Tell her to
                         go to HR and they will write her a
                         big check for this mess up.

               Pedro translates. Wilma suddenly wiggles "NO" with her
               finger. She starts yelling at Pedro.

                         She says that is not good enough.
                         Either its his head, or this hotel
                         is coming down.

                         Look, i will tell Edgar. She can go
                         talk to edgar. He will take care of

               At the mention of Edgar's name Wilma lowers her AK and
               leaves. Everybody exhales.

               EXT. HOTEL ROOF - DAY

               It's a dark, moody night. No birds. Nothing. The gravel on
               the roof trembles and bounces occasionally.

               Over the edge of the Hotel Parapet, down below, the siege
               continues. Rifle and Cannon fire barrage the hotel. The
               Unionists are returning fire to those down below.

               From the Parapet, there is a set of hands leaning on top of
               it. Someone is watching the Siege down below. The suit looks
               vaguely familiar.


               On the intersection, three large, Dark Green Army Trucks
               appear. They drive up to the Barricade check point. The
               driver from the first truck climbs out and approaches two

                         Heyya fellas. What's going on?

               One raises his Rifle at the driver. The other takes the
               forms. The driver raises his arms, in a defenseless position.

                         Hey there. No need for that. I'm
                         here on a supply run. For you guys.

               The guard checks the forms, then checks his log. He flips
               page after page.

                         There is nothing here showing an
                         kind of delivery today. Not from
                         the Union, anyway.

                         I don't know. We drove Four Hundred
                         miles with this stuff. They said
                         you need it bad. That's why we got
                         here early.

                         Still. We can't let you get in.
                         You're more than welcome to leave
                         the trailers here. We will have
                         them shipped back.

                         I think there may be a mistake

                         No mistake.

                         No, please. Check with your
                         superior. Please. We can't go back
                         with this stuff. They will get rid
                         of us. They do not like failure.

               The guard looks at the pleading Driver. He thinks it over.
               Takes his radio and calls. The other guard still has his
               rifle raised.

                         One-Seventeen over.

                         Come on in, One-Seventeen.

                         We got a Delivery driver here, from
                         the Union. Says he is here to drop
                         off supplies and such.

               Someone else comes on the radio. The familiar voice booming
               through the speaker.

                         You tell him ,then, we don't need
                         no shit from them. No deliveries,
                         no deals. They go back, this
                         second. If they don't, they done.

               The radio goes silent. The guard takes a red marker and
               writes "Declined" on the forms. He hands the forms back to
               the driver.

                         You heard the boss.

               The driver goes back to his truck.

               EXT. HOTEL ROOF

               The driver climbs back into his Truck. The truck is rerouted
               to the street leading away from the hotel. The other two
               trucks follow.

               Someone is walking on the Gravel behind the standing figure.
               The footsteps  stop close.

               The figure turns around. It's Edgar. The other is the General

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Edgar...we gotta talk.

               Edgar leans back on the parapet.

                         You mean what is going on down

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         That is another separate
                         discussion, which we will have to
                         have soon enough.

                         You want to talk about the Union

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         They came to preach their business,
                         didn't they? I know they did. You
                         can't lie to me.

                         They came.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Did you say anything?

                         I didn't. One of them is still
                         locked up, remember. So they don't
                         have anything to go on. The area
                         where they breached has been
                         contained, just barely in time.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         We can't let this thing spiral out
                         of total control. It would be too

               Edgar says something into his ear piece. The General Manager
               leans on the Parapet, looking out into the sky.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         I fear with this one, my ass is
                         fried. I'm liable to be out of the
                         Hotel business all together.

                         How do you mean?

               The General Manager spits out Tobacco juice. He adds more
               Tobacco into his mouth.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         If i let those dogs get this hotel,
                         i'm fired. If we somehow hold out
                         and they give up, i'm still fired
                         for letting this get to this point.

                         If they are able to get Jerry,
                         Matthesson, and those guys we
                         arrested earlier, they will have
                         their victory.

               Helicopters fly overhead, drowning out a few seconds.

                         You are afraid of him?

                         He is a snake, a looter and a
                         pillager. I heard that they do that
                         once they get a hold of a hotel.

                         Nobody knows. My people are working
                         around the clock to find out
                         everything about the Union.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         Vicks came to see me today. I
                         pretended i wasn't there. I
                         couldn't face him. Shawn was. He
                         made it clear. He also left us
                         their terms, laid out nice and neat
                         in a five hundred page contract.

               He starts to weep, slightly, off of Edgar's look. He gets
               himself under control, by sucking down on a Whiskey bottle he
               took out of his pocket.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         What am i to say? We dropped the
                         ball. It doesn't matter what we do
                         now. Jerry did his damage. The
                         others are coming to finish it.

                         I am trying to locate Jerry.

                                   GENERAL MANAGER
                         There is a man, who i recently
                         spoke to. He will be a big help to
                         us. He's coming here today. Go down
                         to P1, to the Gourmet Kitchen
                         Office and meet with him.

               INT. BANQUETS OFFICE

               Mina, Djordje and Joe are sitting in the office. They are

               Mina is playing on the computer. Djordje and Joe are talking.
               Edgar comes into the office.

                         This morning, the contact for the
                         Canyons Room came to my god damn
                         office. She said that someone came
                         into the room, after it had been
                         set, and was eating. Shit strewn
                         all across the room. Like some god
                         damn pigs. She won't pay now. We
                         had to give her all that shit for

               Joe lights up a Joint. He offers to Edgar, who refuses
               professionally. Djordje refuses. Mina takes it and takes huge

                         I told her i don't give a god damn
                         shit. I mean, as far as i'm
                         concerned, the very minute that set
                         was done, we're out. No more
                         bitching, no more fighting, no more

               Mina starts laughing uncontrollably. She gets up on her desk,
               and starts dancing on it.

                         This morning, the people in Topaz
                         wanted more tables. We told them
                         they are on the third floor. They
                         went up and got them, and they set
                         they own room.

                         Oh my god. We can not do that. We
                         have to help the guests, no matter
                         how much we hate them. You told us

               Joe takes off his shoes.

                         You know, i don't give a shit. We
                         set the god damn room. They take
                         advantage of us. Up until now,
                         since i have been here, not a
                         single shit was given when the
                         guest was in question.

               He takes off his socks, and sticks his feet into a massage
               machine. He instantly relaxes and moans.

                         You let the god damn guest think,
                         they screw you. We haven't made one
                         single Dollar since this whole
                         'Siege" started four months ago.
                         We've been setting rooms for free.

               Kenny comes in. He drops off the AV checks. He takes a puff
               of the Joint. He relaxes. He gives the joint back and leaves.

                         Thanks Kenny. Anyway, speaking of
                         Screwing...Edgar. How is that whole
                         thing outside going?

               Edgar drops what he is doing. He turns round in his swiveling
               chair, like the girl from the Exorcist in her bed. The three
               people reflect in his dark glasses.

                         That i can not talk about. It is
                         classified. I am looking for the
                         guy responsible, Jerry.

               All of a sudden, the Fire alarm comes on.

                         What is that? Is there a fire?

                         No idea. We have to get outside.

               Edgar says something into his earpiece.

                         (into Earpiece)
                         (To everybody)
                         It's coming from Alpine.

               He checks his gun, the clip, and holsters it. He leaves, Joe,
               Mina and Djordje following.


               The Foyer is full of Guests exiting the Grand Ballroom.

               Edgar and the others push through the crowd, when Edgar
               stops. In front of him, a Bum comes out from under the Buffet
               Table. He grabs a Woman's purse and tries to run.

               Edgar takes him down, zip-ties him, then continues.

               INT. ALPINE FOYER

               Edgar tries to open the doors, but they are locked. Mina
               takes out her Key, swipes it, and the doors unlock.

                         Why are the doors locked?

                         I lock. They want privacy. They
                         talk about secret company
                         stuff.....(Ibreaks out in laughter)

               Edgar draws his gun. He opens the door. A body. Sitting on
               the ground and leaning on the door, falls over, into the

               Guests start screaming. Mina pukes, then faints. She falls
               forward and face plants hard.

                         They are all dead!

                                   GUEST 2
                         Terrorists!!! Damn this hotel.

               INT. ALPINE BALLROOM

               The guests who are in the room, have all passed out. Some are
               still falling off chairs, some are lying across tables or on
               the floor. The presentation slides keep changing.

               The guest who pulled the Alarm, still has his hand on the
               alarm handle. Motionless.

               The presenter is lying on the table, slide controller in her
               hand. She has the "Next" button depressed, and every time a
               slide comes on, the audio associated with that slide says a
               word or two and is cut off by the next slide.

               Nobody comes into the room. Nobody goes out. Guests are
               strewn all across the room, various clothes off of their
               bodies, in a desperate attempt to find air.

               INT. BLIND PIG

               The Gourmet Kitchen has finished it's transformation, and is
               now a Blind Pig, or Speak Easy.

               It is busy with employees from all around the Hotel. From
               dish washers to executives. They all are dining, drinking,
               dancing and more. There are pool tables, ping pong and even
               bowling alleys.

               On the far left, there is a stage and a live band is playing.
               Alija and his people are bringing in a huge Elk  on a tray,
               to a whole group, waiting to eat it.

               Edgar comes into the Blind Pig. All of the employees having
               fun at the Blind Pig are still clocked in.

               Edgar finds Alija, who is the Owner and Operator. He is
               serving drinks to people.


                         Hi, Alija.

               Alija grabs a beer, offers it to Edgar. Edgar declines with a
               wiggle of his finger, like the T-1000 from Terminator 2. His
               professional attitude always alert and on the ready.

               Alija moves him to the back door, where a guard stands. He
               blocks the door from Edgar.

                         What do you want?

               Alija glances over, at them.

                         Is ok. He work here.

               The guard doesn't move.

                         I'm sorry. Procedure.

               He puts his hand on Edgar's shoulder, as if to put him
               against the wall.

               With swift speed, Edgar wrangles the Guard's arm in an
               unnatural angle, cracking his bones. He chops the guard in
               the throat, who goes down as fast as he grabbed Edgar.

               Without saying anything, Edgar enters the back office,
               stepping over the gagging, and in serious pain, guard.

                                   ALIJA (O.S.)
                         What i tell you, man?

               INT. BLIND PIG - BACK OFFICE

               The office is lavishly decorated. The wall decorations came
               from one of the rooms off of the Titanic, that were either
               professionally restored or left over at the dry dock. Big
               plants and huge paintings of all the Hotel Managers and
               Directors line the walls.

               The blinds are shut, darkening the room significantly. Edgar
               looks around the room. No one is inside.

               He goes over to the desk, rifles through the papers and
               folders. He opens various folders with information and
               pictures on various hotel personell.

               He takes out a small, James Bond-like camera, and snaps
               pictures. All of a sudden, somebody shows up from a hidden
               wall entrance.

                         Agent! How may i help you?

               Edgar whirls around. Hand in his gun, but he doesn't draw it.

                         Who are you?

                         My name is Tim Robson. The man in
                         charge after Matthesson.

                         The man i was sent to meet?


                         Why are you here? Is this your
                         Office? Give me your I.D.

               Robson gives Edgar his I.D. Edgar scans it with a device and
               takes a picture of it.

                         No, this is one of yours. I'm just
                         getting used to this place.

                         So you are here to help me?

                         Yes. I've been told there is a
                         particular problem.

                         There is.

                         Shit, i don't know. Will that be a

               Edgar says something into his earpiece.

                         Maybe. You pose a security threat.
                         Stay low and out of the way until i
                         have all the background checks on

                         On the contrary, Edgar. Your boss
                         brought me here, to help, of
                         course. As far as i'm concerned,
                         i'm legit and spoken for.

               Robson takes out a Fax, from his Fax machine, and hands it to
               Edgar, who scans it.

                         Are you sure about this?

                         Got the intel this morning. Do you
                         want to proceed to go get him?

                         He was here the whole time. How did
                         i miss him?

               Edgar hands the fax back to Robson.

                         I don't know that. I do know that
                         he found a secret way in after your
                         meeting with him two months ago.

                         I'll go get him.

                         I'll join you if you don't mind.

                         It is dangerous.

               Robson takes out his gun. He checks it, then holsters it.

                         I like dangerous.

               INT. GRAND BALLROOM

               Michael walks up to the guest who is eating a muffin. He
               startles the guest.

               He outstretches his hand that was holding his keys, and
               shakes hands with the guest.

                         Hi, i'm Michael, with Presentation
                         Services. How are you?

                         Oh, you startled me. I was just
                         enjoying my muffin.

               He reaches, with the hand that shook Michael's, and grabs
               another one.

                         (Handing it to Michael)
                         Here. You must have one of these.
                         This is the best shit ever.

               The muffin is dropped during the exchange. The guest bends
               down to pick it up, extremely close to Michael's pocket where
               his keys are. He gets a whiff, and throws himself backwards.

                         What the hell is that shit...

               Clint walks into the Ballroom.

                         Hey michael. Is everything going

                         The hell it is. You in charge?

               Clint, hesitant, starts to sweat.

                         ...depends...what can i do?

                         I want a word with you...

               He looks at Michael, who is enjoying his muffin. His mouth is
               all smeared from the chocolate.

                         This shit is good. What kind of
                         topping is it? Must be some kind of
                         secret topping.

                private please.

               Suddenly, the Grand A doors open. EMT's rush through and
               around Clint, Michael and the guest. They are loaded with the
               guests from the Alpine Ballroom. Some guests have come to and
               moan and groan loudly, while some are still knocked out. Some
               of them throw up on the way.


               The foyer is full with guests, watching what's happening in
               the Alpine Ballroom.

               The guest looks like he is searching for what to say. Clint
               is playing a game on his iTouch, not paying attention to the

                         He, (points to Michael) shit his
                         god damn pants. And you send him in
                         here to mock our phobias. What kind
                         of shit is that?

               Clint doesn't pay even the slightest amount of attention. He
               shows the guest the game.

                         How do you beat's
                         frustrating...i swear i've been on
                         this level for the last three
                         weeks. Damn Angry Birds.

                         Our company, Germs Free, helps
                         those very Phobic people get over
                         their fears. If they smell him,
                         shit will be out of control.

                         What, you have trigger happy

                         I didn't say we don't. But if they
                         see him, shit ain't gonna go down
                         too smoothly.

               Tim walks into Clint's line of sight. His shirt is stained
               with puke. There are imprints of when Tim wiped his hand off.

                         I'm very sorry. He's got his
                         issues. I will take care of it.

               Tim starts sprinting towards Clint, clearly very pissed off.


               Clint pushes the guest aside who falls on his face and runs
               to the Alpine Ballroom. He tries the door, it's locked. Tim
               is wielding a huge pipe wrench. He's a few feet away from
               Clint, when --

               -- he disappears completely from view. In a snap second.

               James has super kicked him. As Tim lies on the ground, James
               searches his Pockets. He takes a huge wad of cash.

                         It's MY Money. Son of a bitch...
                         (to everyone in the foyer)
                         You all don't matter.

               Clint and the guest do nothing but watch idly by. The guest
               jumps in.

                         What are you doing. He is your

                         He owes me Five Thousand. I had to
                         warn him too many times.

                         But, still...

               James turns to the guest.


               The guest spits in front of James and takes up a stance as if
               he won't get out of the way.

               James super kicks the guest, who drops like a wet shirt.
               James leaves. He searches the guest's body for money, then

               Clint is left standing there. Quiet. Scared. Among all the

                         Thanks James.


               Edgar and Robson enter the Grand Foyer. They approach the

                         The guy is claiming that you
                         arrested two of his staff. Is that
                         gonna be a problem?

                         It should not be. Unless the guy
                         who is claiming, is working with

                         Apparently they are taking this
                         very seriously.

                         Those guys are Union members. The
                         problem is solved. Whoever supports
                         the Union, will be arrested.

                         No, the problem is in the manner in
                         which you arrested them. No fair
                         trial, much less any kind of trial.

                         I don't bargain with them. I don't
                         give out trials. I have more than
                         enough evidence for everyone who is
                         down there.

                         Maybe. They are very sneaky. In any
                         case, they want their staff back.
                         If they don't get them back, they
                         will escalate the takeover.

               Edgar peeks through the open door, which is blocked off by
               Police Tape.

               INT. BATHROOM

               The interior is ruined. Cracked mirrors. Cracked sinks. Water
               spews from pipes. There are huge gaps in the walls. Electric
               sparks fly everywhere.

               Edgar can hear shooting.


               The shooting continues.

                         Jerry! We are coming in.

               The shooting stops. There is a long moment of silence, broken
               only with the Anti-Unionists bullets hitting the bathroom. A
               grenade comes rolling across the floor, and stops by the
               entrance. Edgar and Robson take cover.

               The grenade blows.

                         We are coming in, Jerry!

               Edgar and Robson burst into the room. Carefully, step by

               They round the corner. Jerry is still shooting. He's standing
               on the edge of the wall, out of his stall. Yelling Is heard
               from down below. Jerry hides behind a small piece of wall.

                                   CONNIE (O.S.)
                         Come on back, you Son of a Bitch.
                         Come on back.

                                   JOHN (O.S.)
                         There ain't gon' be no second time.

               Jerry shoots. The employees laugh.

               Jerry whirls around, having heard Robson and Edgar. He is
               sweating heavily, and bleeding from various minor flesh

                         You sons of bitches. How did you
                         find me? Who told you where i am?

                         That is confidential.

               Jerry spits out a huge spit of tobacco juice.

                         That's bullshit.  You know it. It
                         was Shawn. Wasn't it? he didn't
                         like me from day one.

                         You're coming with us, Jerry.

                         I'm not coming with you. Only with
                         my Brothers and Sisters, who will
                         take over soon enough. You better
                         scram while you got the chance.

               He turns around and shoots down below.

                         Going up against us, will make them

                         I will be graciously rewarded. My
                         own hotel, paid off house, car,
                         free everything i want and all
                         debts forgiven. Really good
                         retirement plan.

               Edgar says something into his earpiece. A few seconds later,
               Eight security guards come in. They surround Jerry.

                         Don't spread out. Why are they
                         spreading out?

                         With you gone, the Union will lose
                         all hope of Victory.

                         I will never surrender.

               The team disarm Jerry. They zip-tie him and lead him out of
               the Bathroom.

                                   END OF EPISODE FOUR

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