Ancient Souls - Episode 5
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                                      ANCIENT SOULS
                                        EPISODE 5
                                      "COP KILLERS"
                                 WRITTEN BY: BOJAN LETIC
                                  STORY BY: BOJAN LETIC

               EXT. SAN FRANCISCO - DAY

               A Dark-Grey, Impenetrable thick wall of Fog appeared on the
               Upper Air over the Streets of San Francisco. From somewhere
               around, Sirens are heard. Gunshots erupt and then Dissipate.

               EXT. SANCHEZ AND 18TH - DAY

               A dozen Cop Cars are surrounding a newly built building --
               The SF Museum District. Cops are running around along with
               Emergency Personnel, and Private Detectives.

               EXT. SF MUSEUM - WEST WALL - DAY

               An Emergency Driver climbs out of a van. He runs towards 2
               others who need help with an injured man.

               The gas pipe has been ruptured and is leaking gas through a
               Quarter Inch hole. The hole is obscured from view, so nobody
               notices it. Then -- a gunshot -- and a wall of fire erupts
               from the Gas pipe, taking the Running Personnel with it. He
               lands on a Cop Car Windshield -- still alive -- but badly
               burned. The cops slowly take him off and place him on a
               Stretcher. His name is Roy Perkins.

                             (deep breathing) (To Cop)
                         What in God's name did to

               The Cop kneels down -- it's Dumann. He takes the Man's hand
               into his.

                         You Saved lives. That's what you

                             (Deep Breathing)
                         You really think so?

                         I know so. If anything, then the
                         People who's lives you just saved,
                         are thanking you.

                             (Deep Breathing)
                         God Bless you, Officer.

                         You the Same.

               He stands up and Looks at the Wall of Fire coming out of the
               Gas Pipe. The man is taken away.


                         For God's Sake, can we get this
                         damn Gas Turned off.

               Barton approaches Dumann. He is wearing his usual Office

                         Fire Department's doing all it can,
                         Dumann. And you know that.

                         Sir, I can't talk right now. I've
                         got a lot of injured people, not to
                         mention Dead Officers inside.

               're not cut out for this
                         kind of field work. Maybe you need
                         some less dangerous job.

                         If you're suggesting that I become
                         a Private Investigator, then you're
                         on the wrong side of the River,

                         Not at All. All I'm saying is that
                         you should consider letting
                         somebody with more experience
                         handle cases like these.

                         I'm Really not in the Mood to talk
                         right now sir. So if you could come
                         back some other time, then that
                         would be great.

               Suddenly, a massive black Chevy Van(Modified) crashes out of
               the Burning Building and takes a hard left. The mobsters are
               wearing Ski masks and are firing Uzi's. Most of the bullets
               find their mark, but the Cops return fire.

               EXT. SANCHEZ AND 18TH - DAY

               The chase turns out onto the Regular streets. The van
               relentlessly side swipes cars and causes them to lose control
               and crash into the Cop Cars, while the guys in the back
               continue to pepper the front of the Cars.

               EXT. HIGHWAY - DAY

               More and More Cop Cars turn up and join the High speed chase.
               One of the Gang Members takes out a RPG and aims at a Cop
               Car. The Rocket launches and destroys the Car's Front,
               causing it to flip and turn all over the Road.

               EXT. HIGHWAY - DAY

               One Cop Shoots but misses the Van and hits another Car's
               tire. The car spins out of Control and makes a Half Doughnut.
               The Cop Car strikes it, lunges into the Air, crashes through
               a Billboard and gets stuck.

               EXT. HIGHWAY OFF RAMP - DAY

               Angle Shot as the Cars and the Van get off on the Off and
               Continue down the Street. More cars are flipped over and

               EXT. SF PARK - DAY

               The van's Front tire bursts and it goes out of control,
               crashing into Poles and small trees. People jump out of the
               Way in fear. The van crashes into a Garbage Can and it is
               sent flying.

               EXT. SF PARK - DAY

               The Van and the Cops are going in Circles, as the
               Entrance/Exit has been blocked off. The Mobsters aren't
               tiring any bit from all the Shooting. The Cops shoot back
               whenever they can, which isn't frequent. Angle shot as
               something suddenly drops onto the hood of the Van. They look
               like some sort of Creatures -- which look familiar. They
               start tearing up the van on all sides.

               INT. VAN - DAY

                         What the Hell are they?

                         I don't know! Get Rid of them.

               The Driver shoots a few bullets into one, but that only
               provokes and further maddens the already mad, monster named
               Mountsain. He punches through the Windshield and grabs the
               Man next to the Driver.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         AAAAHHHHH! GET IT OFFFFFFFFF!

               A crack is heard and the man falls back. His neck obviously
               broken, he leans onto the Driver, who freaks out.

                         Oh, shit. What the Hell?

               More monsters arrive and enter the back of the van.

               INT. BACK OF VAN - DAY

               The mobster on the Left shoots a Monster and it falls down.

                             (To other Man)
                         They're not so tough Now. Are they?

               The Monster looks up. The men realize what's about to happen.
               They start shooting, as the Door gets torn off and Monsters
               seep inside. The men are heard screaming in Pain and Agony.
               The Van crashes into a Huge Tree. The Driver goes through the
               Windshield. He gets up and Runs away, before the Cops can get
               there. The Monsters seep into the Shadows.

               INT. OFFICES - DESK - DAY

               A file folder falls onto the Desk's top. A cigar is still
               burning in the Ashtray. A gun is laid out on the table.

                         Cops Killed yesterday. Each had a
                         bullet to the head. But, one of
                         them was alive long enough to show
                         us a description of one of the gang

               Camera moves to the Left side and reveals mugshots of a Man
               named Rick Eddie.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         Identified Person is Rick Eddie. 24
                         years old, he dropped out of school
                         in 9th grade and joined the local

               Cut to Slides on the Screen as they switch between each

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         His parents, Jake Eddie and Melanie
                         Roberts, both own a home in
                         Louisiana. Intelligence shows that
                         they have not talked to him ever
                         since the School problem.

               The slide switches to Eddie's personal Information.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         Years after dropping out, he lived
                         on the Streets. He then joined a
                         small group calling themselves "The
                         Sonic Acidic", and had 3 theft

               The slide switches to Murder Slides.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         After that failed Group, he was
                         again Homeless for about 3 months,
                         when out of the blue he joined the
                         "Red Armed Assaults District", and
                         killed his first Victim, one Kellie
                         Walkman. He was found not guilty,
                         due to an insufficient amount of

               Another slide pops up showing Personal Property Damage.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         After that, for about 4 years, he
                         was mostly picked up for Property
                         Damage and Littering. Nothing
                         serious, except that his old gang,
                         the "RAAD" wanted him back in. He
                         refused and the whole deal went out
                         of control. He left a bloody mess
                         that the Disposal Unit was cleaning
                         for a whole month. 

               The last slide pops out, and shows the arrest records.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         His arrest record isn't that long,
                         I mean he's only been arrested 12
                         times, compared to the other's 20
                         50 times.
                         Let the record show that the last
                         Arrest made on his Name was on Sept
                         12, 1986 by Det. Jason Buthor.

               The Projector stops and the Camera pans out. Dumann is
               standing across the head of the Internal Affairs.

                                   AGENT MARTIN
                         And...what else do you have on him? 

               Dumann picks up the Gun from the Desk.

                         This here is his Gun. It was left
                         on the Crime Scene, obviously
                         Forgotten in the rush. It is a
                         Customized Beretta. It was
                         originally Designed by a man in
                         Nebraska for it's intended use in
                         Hunting Buffalo, Elephants, Rhinos,
                         among other, Endangered, animals.
                         Banned by the US in 1984, due to
                         it's High cost Parts and Fatality.

               He looks at the Top of the barrel.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         Somehow, it found the Love of
                         Criminals and Gangsters, for their
                         use in the Hunt of Civilians and
                         other Gangs. I myself carry one,
                         but standard, Beretta.

               He slides the Bolt back and an empty shell falls out.

                         It's parts were generally taken
                         from other guns. The Barrel was
                         sawed off of a .44 Magnum and
                         Welded, perfectly, onto this Gun.
                         The Clip and the Grip, were taken
                         from a .357 Magnum, with the Clip
                         being slightly Modified to
                         accommodate the more Powerful .44

               He puts the Gun down, and shifts his View to the Folder.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         The damage afflicted by this gun is
                         Dangerously high. It can Decapitate
                         a man from almost any distance and
                         weather condition doesn't play a
                         We still don't know how a Fragile
                         Frame as that of a Beretta, can
                         hold the Power of two magnums. It's
                         relatively light, but it's barrel,
                         causes a slight imbalance, leaning
                         the gun forward. 

               Agent martin sits up.

                                   AGENT MARTIN
                         Well, thank you on such a precise
                         and well documented Profile, Det.
                         Dumann. Our department will assist
                         you in any way we can on the
                         capture of this Criminal.

                         Thank you, Agent Martin. We will
                         keep you updated on the progress of
                         this case.

                                   AGENT MARTIN
                         I certainly hope so. Now, if you'll
                         excuse me, I have another meeting
                         to attend to.

                         Oh, no problem. Let me show you the
                         way out.

               Dumann opens the office door and Agent martin walks out.
               Dumann closes the door.


               The fog is still heavy. A car pulls onto the Main Road and
               stops at the Stop Light. It's rear stoplights are not

               The driver's eyes looking at the Mirror, intensely. His face
               is not revealed, but we can tell it's tense. Then -- Red and
               Blue lights flash, as a Cop stops behind Him, signaling him
               to pull over.

               EXT. BACK ALLEY - DAY

               The Car comes to a stop, and the Cop behind him does too. The
               Cop gets out of his car and starts walking towards the car,
               gun ready, he grabs a pen and his Tickets.

               He knocks on the Window. The Driver opens it.

                         What did I Do?

                         Do you know that your Tail Lights
                         are Out?

                         Yeah. But I was going to Fix them.

                         Why hasn't that Happened?

                         Because, I was too lazy. I had the
                         whole Winter and Summer. But to no

                         I'm still going to have to Write
                         you a Ticket.

               He scribbles something on the Paper.

                         Write Away.

                         May I see your Driver's Licence and

                         Sure. Just a Sec.

               He leans down to Look for it.

                                   DRIVER (CONT'D)
                         Here.....I got it right here. 

               He pulls out the Same Modified Beretta.

                         OH SHI......

               The Cop takes his gun out but -- too late. He falls over with
               a 3 inch hole in his Chest. Passersby look on. The Driver
               kills Six of the Passersby, who saw his face. Others look on
               as the Cream colored Car speeds off.

               INT. SHOOTING RANGE - DAY

               Close Up on a Target paper, as a loud BOOM echoes and the
               Slug finds it's target -- The Heart. Zoom Out as the Second
               and Third bullets find their marks easily -- One at the head,
               the other at the Abdomen. Laura unloads the empty clip, and
               loads a new one. Gardner approaches her.

                         Very Well Done, Inspector.

                             (Turns towards Gardner)
                         Well Thank you.

               He hands a Folder to Her.

                         Hey, I got what you asked for. It
                         was risky, cause you know how they
                         hate it if you mess with Current

                         Yeah Yeah, I know. But I changed
                         cases just recently, because they
                         feared that some cop was going to
                         mess his case up.

                took his?

                         I didn't take it. They gave it to

                         Yeah Right. With you it's purely
                         based on Terror if you get
                         something just like that.

                         Back off, cause I need to go.

                         Where to?

                             (Turns around)
                         Nowhere in particular should
                         anybody need to ask or Demand to

                         No Problem....just asking.

                         Hahaha, see ya later.

                         Alright...take it easy, you hear.

               EXT. LAURA'S CAR - DAY

               Laura throws her bad into the back of her car. She gets
               behind the wheel and starts the car. Music automatically
               starts and the song "Metro" by Berlin roars from the

               EXT. STREET - DAY

               Laura gets onto the Main Road and drives off.

               INT. CITY CENTER - OFFICE - DAY

               A man is sitting in a Leather chair, his back to the camera,
               as he talks into the Phone.

                         Don't worry about it. Nobody saw a
                         thing, if you did it right.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         What are you so worried about?

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         About her? You're worried about
                         some wanna be Cop, who just
                         happened to have a few good words
                         in her record.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         How could she have seen Anything?
                         She wasn't even there.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         What do you mean, maybe she was?
                         She could not have been there. I
                         swear on it.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         I don't know how I know. But the
                         fact of the matter is.....a person
                         can't be at two locations at the
                         same time.
                             (Puts out Cigar)
                         So don't worry about it, and I'll
                         call you when we have some more.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         All right, you take care.

               He slams the Phone down and Looks at a man. The man is
               standing besides the desk, his face not revealed.

                                   MAN (CONT'D)
                         God damn Professionals.


               Laura pulls up onto the Parking Space. She gets out and, with
               a happy smile on her face, opens the Silver door of the Ice
               Cream Shop.

               INT. WAITING AREA - DAY

               She slowly moves through the Waiting Area. Kids are screaming
               and Crying as a Mother refuses to buy them an Ice Cream. She
               gives them a "Na na na na na: look, and proceeds towards the
               Cashier. The Kids start to cry even harder.

               INT. CASHIER - DAY

               She puts her keys on the counter and waits for somebody to
               come. But--nobody shows up. She starts to get Impatient and
               turns around in annoyance and Boredom.

               Just then, a Black Lincoln, drives up to the Shop. Laura sees
               their Weapons being taken out and reaches for her own gun,
               but -- it's gone. She left it in her bag in the Car.


               She dives for cover just as everyone else does and the guns
               start firing. The large Window shatters first, into a
               thousand Pieces. The Ice cream machines burst Ice Cream
               through several holes. The Cash Register is blown into
               oblivion, but yet, nobody is Killed.

               INT. COUNTER - DAY

               Unfazed by the sudden attack, Laura, scans the decimated
               Environment. She looks to her left, and spots the cashier,
               cowering on the Floor. She crawls out from behind the Counter
               and moves towards an overturned table.

               EXT. SIDE WALK - DAY

               The Assailants stop firing, to reload.

               INT. SHOP - FLOOR - DAY

               Laura has reached the table and looks to her Left. She sees a
               lady and a man shivering from fear on the ground. She
               continues to move Further towards the Door and reaches it.

               EXT. SIDE WALK - DAY

               The Assailants stop firing and slowly drive away.

               INT. SHOP - FLOOR - DAY

               Laura stops, looks around on the outside.

               EXT. SIDEWALK - DAY

               She then gets up and jumps into her Car. She can't find her
               car keys so she grabs her gun and starts firing. She unloads
               the whole clip into the car and hits one of them. He falls
               out, but the others don't have time to save him. They speed

               EXT. STREET - DAY

               She walks towards him. When she gets there she looks at him.
               He's bleeding badly. She takes his mask off and looks at his
               face, trying to recognize it. After failing to recognize it,
               she calls the Ambulance on her Phone.


               A Screaming suspect is being dragged through the 2nd floor
               doors. He's desperately trying to get away, when he spots
               Laura, getting a soda.

               Laura deposits 2 Quarters but the Machine eats them. It only
               enrages her and she reaches for her Gun.

               The Felon lunges towards her and grabs her gun out of her
               hand. He positions her in front of him and puts the gun to
               her neck. He shakes slightly. Dumann appears, with a few

                         What the hell you doin'?

               The suspect is David Foley. He's just been picked up for
               Aggravated Assault. But he's not happy about it.

                         Shut up..Bastard!

                         Calm down.
                             (Looks at officer)
                         And put the Guns down.

                         Listen to Her, Foley. Put the Gun

                         Hell No I won't. So you can arrest

                you can turn yourself in.
                         It's a better option than running
                         out of here.

                         SHUT UP! You're not helping. And
                         you...stay the hell back.

                         Put the God Damn gun down.

                         For your own sake....put it down.

                goin' ta arrest me?

                         Well you've got two Options: One,
                         is you turn yourself in and we
                         forget this happened. Two, is you
                         run outta here and I get this case,
                         then I'm gonna run you down like a
                         dog and bring you in....

                         SHUT UP!

                         ...but you don't know what it's
                         like when I run people down like
                         dogs, do you? Just ask Johnny
                         Parcas. He's the one who lost all
                         that money and got himself arrested
                         with two broken arms. Or how about
                         Jackie Brown, who fell from the 2nd
                         floor and broke both his feet. I
                         tell you, it wasn't pretty.

                         WHAT? That's Bullshit. You can't
                         mistreat suspects like that.

                         I can when they do stupid stuff
                         like you just did. It's called Self
                         Defense and Assault on a Police

                             (Realizes what about to
                         Oh, shit.....

               With a quick hand, Dumann, knocks the gun out of his hand.
               Foley tries to punch him but -- it's a miss. Laura gives him
               a Hook into the Chin and he is a bloody mess. Dumann grabs
               his Left arm, whirls him around and slams him against the
               Soda machine. The Soda machine humms and a Soda falls out.
               Laura takes it.

                         You ok?

                             (Disregarding the Felon)

               The Officers jump on Foley and cuff him.

               INT. OFFICES - DAY

               Laura casually walks back to the back of the Offices and
               opens the Soda. Dumann is at her Desk.

                         So.....tell me! Have you gotten
                         used to these Assaults yet?

                         What do you care?

                         Oh's just that it happens
                         every week, and I was wondering if
                         you feel anything about it.

                         What am I supposed to feel?

                         I don't know....guilt, fear,
                         anger....anything really.

                         Why is this matter so important to
                         you? I mean is this your way of
                         expressing yourself?

                         No...No...I'm just really and

                         Well, I don't need you to be
                         concerned for go away.

                         Alright, I'll go. But remember, if
                         you need anything....I'm here.

                             (Writing in her folder)
                         Don't press the matter anymore.

               Dumann doesn't see the thrash can and stumbles over it. He
               falls down and the can makes a loud noise. Laura stares at


               She shakes her head in Disbelief and continues writing.

               EXT. WEST DISTRICT - DAY

               The Fog is still relentlessly sweeping through the air.
               Traffic is limited by it, and the people stay inside. There's
               only a few people walking the streets.

               A cop is coming out of a building. His car is parked across
               the street. He doesn't see a dark figure run away from his
               car into an alleyway. He opens the door, but is stopped by an
               old lady.

                         Excuse Me. You dropped this.

                         What....oh thank you. I wouldn't
                         have known that I dropped it.

                         Well, it's good luck that I was
                         passing through.

                indeed was. But thank you


               The old lady moves on, and the Cop unlocks his Car door. He
               gets in and slams the door shut.

               INT. POLICE CRUISER - DAY

               The cop puts the key into the ignition and turns it halfway
               to give power to the Radio and everything else. Music plays
               on the radio and he turns his Computer on.


               He types in a name, John Rogger, and his record pops up. No
               previous or Current crimes only 3 paid parking tickets.
               Satisfied, the cop returns to the main screen and turns his
               car on.

               EXT. CAR UNDERBODY - DAY

               As he turns the car on, he dials a number on his phone, and
               the signal waves activate a bomb underneath his car. The
               counter reads in Red: 22 kHz. The cop's radio waves that the
               phone is currently picking up are: 20KHZ. He drives out onto
               the road.

               EXT. MAIN STREET - DAY

               The car cruises at 45 mp/h and turns right.

               EXT. CAR UNDERBODY - DAY

               The radio waves are now at 22 and the car turns another
               corner. It goes up to 23.

               EXT. MAIN STREET - DAY

               An Enormous BOOM echoes as the Car detonates and flies into
               the Air. It falls down onto another approaching car and
               crushes it's Roof. Then it starts rolling downhill and stops
               underneath the shade of a tree.

               EXT. CAR WINDSHIELD - DAY

               The Cop's body is hanging by the Seat belt. He's still barely
               alive and Moans quietly.

               INT. SAN FRANCISCO POST - DAY

               The camera is zoomed in on a Newspaper that reads: COP CAR
               The President of the Post is sitting behind his desk,
               reading the Newspaper. He's happy to cash in on the 
               bad news every week. Although sometimes clumsy, he
               is always stuck-up and loves to wear Business Suits.
               His name is Clancy Tompson.

                         Well...Well...Well.....look at this
                         Charlie. The bastards have managed
                         to do it again. This time a
                         seasoned cop. Who would have

               His assistant, Herressy, a professional, is standing next to
               the Desk.

                         Yes sir...i know. Nobody could have
                         predicted this one, although i must
                         say that the idiots at the
                         Government really started to get
                         their act together after the
                         killings started.

                         How would you Know? We need people
                         like these.....people who go out of
                         their way to kill and steal for the
                         benefit of my Company.

                         But sir....what About that Cop...
                         what's her name.....ah, Laura
                         Hunter? She's the one who wrecks
                         your personal gain on each story.

                         And that's why I'm glad to have an
                         assistant such as
                         who would do...anything...for one
                         other. We had a meeting with Hunter
                         and Dumann. I think they are going
                         to be quiet.

               Herressy starts to Laugh and Tompson joins in.

               EXT. CRASH SITE - COP CAR - DAY

               Laura has arrived at the site and inspects the Cop's car.
               Dumann is next to her and fills her in on the Details.


                         Found Anything?

                         Nothing useful...except traces
                         of explosive, that's all.

                         Our department closed this site off
                         so we can inspect everything.

                         Well...thank you to the Department,
                         but, we can work with all of them
                         running around here just the same.

                         (Looks at Laura)
                         That was where the initial blast
                         (Points to street)
                you can see...the blast
                         forced the car into the air...i
                         would say about 10 - 15 feet.

               Laura stops next to the Road, observing.

                                   DUMANN (CONT'D)
                         When it came crushed the
                         Roof of this car. At which point it
                         started to roll down the hill.....
                         (Points to intersection)....and
                         stopped short of the Intersection,
                         under that tree.

               She looks up and down the road, for possible clues.

                         So....who Could have done this in
                         such a perfect way? 
                         (Looks at Dumann)
                         Did the bomb fragments come back
                         from the Lab yet?

                         Yes....they're Right over here.

               He leads her to a Tent that's set up by the tree. Under it
               are Police and Research things. Dumann picks up a bag tagged
               as Case Evidence #63.

               INT. TENT - DAY

               Laura picks up an Evidence Bag.

                         Where's this one from?

                         This one is from the Bomb
                         underneath the Police Cruiser.

                         Wait a minute. This one is 
                         identical to these other pieces.


                         But how....these Are from the other 
                         crime scenes....look It says
                         Sanchez Street on that one.

                         Which must mean....that The guy who
                         did this and those other crimes
                         must work somewhere around here.

                         How do you know?

                         The crimes were all carried out
                         in a 15 mile radius. This kind of
                         metal is very hard to get, except
                         one part of And not
                         just anybody is welcome to come
                         here and buy this stuff.

                         Do you think that maybe...Pimentel,
                         could have access to it?

                you even know where
                         Pimentel is? Because you told me he
                         vanished at that hotel.

                         Yes..Yes...but something is fishy
                         here. I mean why kill cops?

                         Maybe that person has a personal
                         grudge against them. You
                         know...maybe they mistreated him
                         once or something.

                         That....could Be it, but you
                         wouldn't Kill a cop for that, maybe
                         call him names but not kill him.

                         I suppose you're right. Maybe it
                         could be one of the higher
                         companies. Maybe a cop got in their
                         way and in danger of uncovering a

               Laura thinks about it hard, but can't seem to come up with a
               conclusion. She walks around the crime scene and crosses her

                         But what...if...the media got hold
                         of ...something...and didn't want
                         it to spill out onto the street.

                         Like a Cover Up?

                         Exactly. Somebody has got to be
                         working with some Company Giant.
                         Maybe somebody who has a grudge
                         against the Police.

                         Wow. That's a hell of a long list.

               Laura stares at him. Dumann is an idiot. There's now two ways
               about it.

                         Who did you say was the man we went
                         to the meeting to?

                         Clancy Tompson. He's the President
                         of the San Francisco Post Office.

                         For some reason, i think he's

                         Would seem like a prefect partner.

                         Wasn't he the one who got caught
                         smuggling illegal metal a few
                         months ago?

                         Yeah. He was let off. But got back
                         into illegal smuggle. No cold hard
                         proof to put him behind bars.

               Laura goes to the car.

                         Come on. Let's go to him. Call

               Dumann gets in. The car drives off.

               INT. CAR

               Dumann is driving.

                         We can't go there. Barton called.
                         He wants us at the Station.

               INT. SAN FRANCISCO POST

               The Loading Bay is open. Three Large Semis are backed up on
               it. Men are working rapidly. Loading the semis with boxes.
               Larger boxes and crates are speed loaded with Fork Lifts.

               Tompson enters the Bay. He calls the Dock Foreman over.

                         How are we standing?

                         We should be ready in about Twenty
                         Minutes. The Crates are being

                         Good. Truck Number one goes out to
                         South San Francisco. It delivers
                         specifically to "Cargo Freight
                         Partnerships". Nobody Else! You

                         Yeah. I heard you.

                         Truck Number Two goes to the Marina
                         District. It's got the biggest
                         load. That will be exported to our
                         International Partners. Truck
                         Number Three will go out to Private
                         Parties. It will remain here until
                         i give further Notice. Understood?



               As usual, Chaos and Madness dominates the Department.
               Officers are hurrying all over the floor. Carrying papers,
               folders and cups of Coffee.

               The door to Barton's Office is open. Laura and Dumann walk

                         (Sees them)
                         Sit down.

               They do.

                                   BARTON (CONT'D)
                         You know. I really don't know what
                         you must think, Hunter? Two minor
                         charges, and you break the guy's

                         Well, the guy was making a move on

                         I'm thinking not. You're trying to
                         get yourself out of this. I don't
                         want to run a circus anymore,

               Laura takes Barton's Newspaper.

                                   BARTON (CONT'D)
                         Are you listening?

                         Talk to Dumann now. I've heard this
                         babble a thousand times.


                         Wait. (Reads Newspaper)
                         Since a few months ago, Media Mogul
                         and President of the San Francisco
                         Post, Clancy Tompson has gotten
                         back in his trade organization. He
                         currently plans to distribute
                         merchandise, deemed "Culturally
                         Important to the World's Survival",

                                   LAURA (CONT'D)
                         Sir, we need a Search Warrant.

                         You don't expect me to believe that
                         Clancy's involved in this?

                         We know you are friends, but

                         Don't turn into a woman now,
                         Dumann. I'll get it. But you two
                         better know what you're doing.

               EXT. POST OFFICE - DAY

               Laura and Dumann park the car. They observe the area. Clear.
               They get out and sneak in the back way.

                         If we have a warrant, why do we
                         sneak like cats around he back?

                         There are more than twenty thugs
                         here. They don't exactly let people
                         in who will disrupt their business.

                         So, what's the point of the

                         So Barton will believe we're going

               Dumann breaks a glass on the door. They enter.

               INT. POST OFFICE

               They turn in a hallway. There's nobody here. Both of them
               sneak along, occasionally peeking through the Door Glass,
               into a room.

                         And now we're breaking and
                         entering. Two cops. Protecting and
                         Breaking the Law.

                         Shut up. Let's go this way.

               They come to a giant door. It's open a little. Dumann pushes
               it open. Stepping out into the Loading Bay, they discover the
               Remaining Semi. Trailer door open. Loaded with boxes.

               INT. LOADING BAY

               Dumann rifles through the large open crates. He removes
               something wrapped in paper, unfolds it and -- a gun falls
               out. A Beretta, customized like the one he had on the


               Laura, who is rifling through papers, turns her look towards
               Dumann. She walks over.

                         What is it?

                         This is the gun, the same one, that
                         kid was picked up with.
                         This is some high powered stuff.
                         Worse that a magnum.

                         What are they doing with it?

                         Exporting it, maybe? But to who?
                         This stuff is worth Billions.

                         I don't know.

               Somebody is coming. They hear chatter from the hallway.
               Without thinking Dumann takes the Gun, Laura takes one too
               and they take cover behind the Semi.

               A group of Asian Men enter. Among them are different Buyers,
               from all around the world. The lead man motions them to the
               center. Tompson enters.

                         Gentlemen. Welcome to my
                         establishment. I hope we can do
                         good business today.

                                   MAN 2
                         We hope so too.

                         Good. You already know all the
                         facts and properties of the
                         weapons. So i'm not gonna waste
                         your time.

               Herressy interrupts him. He hands Tompson a phone. Tompson
               listens, hands back the phone. He picks up one of he
               Berettas, cocks it.

               The buyers stare at him. Tompson shoots through the Trailer.
               The bullet exits on the other side, three inches from
               Dumann's head. Tompson calls out to them.

                                   TOMPSON (CONT'D)
                         You can come out now, Detectives.

               The buyers panic.

                                   TOMPSON (CONT'D)
                         (To buyers)
                         Don't worry. They will be taken
                         care of.

               Laura comes out, followed directly by Dumann.

                                   TOMPSON (CONT'D)
                         Detecetives. How did i know you
                         were here, you wonder? Well, i have
                         cameras too. Just like any other
                         large establishment.

                         Why did you kill all these innocent

                         They were a bonus. Wasn't supposed
                         to happen. You see, Five months
                         ago, i was brought up on charges.
                         My empire crumbled, i had nowhere
                         to go. Then i met a man. He helped
                         me get back up.

                         And the guns.

                         The guns were his idea. We
                         capitalized on them. The discovery
                         came from some guy. We took it, and
                         made money. The mayor was involved
                         in some way too, after you pressure
                         him enough with his family. Then,
                         he started blowing it. One cop dies
                         for every one of his mistakes.

                         And the civilians your guy killed?

                         They were small time. I'll let you
                         in on a secret. This deal will
                         bring me Two Hundred and Sixty
                         Million Dollars, in the east alone.
                         Imagine wars being fought when you
                         have the weapons i supply.

                         It's easy to imagine you in a cell.

                         I don't have time for this.
                         (To Herressy)
                         Kill them.

               Herressy nods to some men, who cock their guns. Dumann then,
               shoots from the customized Beretta.
               The slug hits a Thug in the chest. Not only does it blow his
               back open, it knocks him off his feet and backwards of Five

               Laura takes cover, as the men take out guns and fire. Some of
               the buyers run away. Others stay. More men storm in. Lots of
               the lights are shot out.

               Dumann downs two guys. Laura shoots a few herself. Then, a
               sound is heard. From the dark, the Soul's Monsters overrun
               the Loading Bay. They grip the thugs, who frantically shoot
               them. More come out. Screams from the Thugs drown the
               gunshots to some point. 

               Herressy and Tompson run out. Laura follows them. Dumann
               stays behind, covering behind a crate.

               INT. STAIRWAY

               Laura is running up the stairs. Covering herself on every

               INT. TOP FLOOR

               She bursts out into the Top Floor Hallway. On the corner, an
               open door gives her a clue. She goes through the door.

               EXT. ROOF TOP

               Laura spots Herressy and Tompson. They looks at her. Off
               their look, comes a chopper in the distance.

                         This is where things end,

                         I wouldn't be so sure.

                         Drop the gun. We'll let you live.

                         I can't. You know that.

                         Then die.

               Tompson pushes Herressy at Laura. Herressy, as he falls over,
               pulls his gun at Laura. She drills him with a few bullets.
               Herressy falls, dead. Tompson stares.

                                   TOMPSON (CONT'D)
                         We'll see each other again,

                         I wouldn't be so sure. Take a look.

               The oncoming chopper, now close, is in fact a Police Chopper.
               Tompson, tries to kill Laura. Laura shoots him in the arm. A
               vine shoots out of the Necklace and binds Tompson's arms,
               mouth and legs.

               A short while later, the chopper has landed. Tompson is being
               loaded into it. Barton exits from the copper.

                         You know, you two have done good.


                         But you still have a lot to
                         explain. You know what to do.
                         Report by tomorrow morning, on my
                         desk. Both of you. And both of you
                         in my office, to go over what just

                         Yes, sir!

               Barton gets in the chopper. He angrily calls the driver, who
               is talking with somebody on his phone. The man gets in and
               the blades start.

               Laura looks on as the chopper flies off. Coroners zip
               Herressy's body up, as Laura heads for the Stairs.

                                         THE END

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