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               FADE IN:

               INT. MIDDLE SCHOOL -- DAY

               Edmonton, Canada: 2007; A middle school is sitting in a 
               semicircle with the teacher standing in the center.  They 
               are discussing the book: "21st Century Kids".

                         Class, what did you think of your 
                         homework assignment?  Did you read 
                         the book?

               PATRICE holds her hand up.

                                     TEACHER (CONT'D)

                              (stands up)
                         I liked the book.  It is about 
                         transhumans living in the future and 
                         some kids who were...

               There is a strange noise as aliens come into the classroom.  
               Everyone is scared.  The aliens put everyone asleep and remove 
               their memory of the book.  Other aliens enter the room and 
               remove the books.

               INT. HOUSE -- NIGHT

               Sydney, Australia: 2007; A white girl is sitting on her bed 
               reading the book, "21st Century Kids", when she hears a 
               strange noise.  Her bedroom door opens and an alien appears.  
               She screams!  Then she falls asleep.  The alien takes the 
               book from her hands.

               INT. BOOKSTORE -- DAY

               Austin, Texas: 2008; MOM, a very pretty small frame woman, 
               thirty-something with long blonde hair, and AVIANNA, a twelve 
               year-old skinny, with long, dark, copper-red hair and blue 
               eyes, are walking in a book store.  Mom goes to the magazine 
               rack and looks around.  Avianna starts to move to the 
               children's books area.

                         Stay here...I will be only a minute.
                              (she picks up a 

                              (points to the 
                              children's area)
                         But mom, I want to see the books.

                         Not this time...I found it.


               Mom and Avianna start to leave walking by the children's 
               area.  They don't notice a book on the rack named: "21st 
               Century Kids".

               EXT. CLOUDS -- EVENING

               Avianna's point of view.  As the sun sets, Avianna tells her 

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         It's hard to remember your own death.  
                         It hurts to just think about it, but 
                         I'm glad that you got my story, the 
                         future depends on you.  I'll tell 
                         you my story...but first I must share 
                         my memory of how it all started...
                              (voice fades out)

               INT. THE VAN -- NIGHT

               Mom gets in the van and starts the engine.  The radio starts 
               to play

                                     RADIO ANNOUNCER (V.O.)
                         Crop circles were discovered on a 
                         Wales farm.  No one knows how it got 
                         there.  Dead cattle drained of blood 
                         are found nearby a barn...

               Mom turns the radio off.

                         C'mon kids we're going to be late 
                         for church!

               EXT. THE VAN -- CONTINUOUS

               The children; two girls, one 12 and the other one is 8, and 
               a boy 10, are skinny with red hair and blue eyes run out of 
               the house and get into the second row of the van.  The boy 
               is next to the window.  The eight year-old girl climbs to 
               the middle of the third row.  

               INT. THE VAN -- CONTINUOUS

               The children are playing and laughing, while the city rushes 
               by.  It is Christmas time and there are toys and gift-wrapped 
               packages in the back of the van.

               EXT. THE VAN -- LATER

               A van is traveling on a busy street coming up to a traffic 

               INT. THE VAN -- MOMENTS LATER

               A car traveling at high speed runs the light.


                         Go limp!  We're going to...

               EXT. THE VAN -- MOMENTS LATER

               The sounds of screeching tires, clashing, crushing, air bags 
               deploying in the front of the van and a deep thud as the van 
               stops in the middle of the street.  The van is lying sideways.

               INT. THE VAN -- LATER

                              (scared, turns to 
                              face Avianna)
                         Hang on!  Just hang on, please.  
                         Avi, you can do it!  Stay with us!  
                         I love you, sweetie.

               Mom unhooks herself and twists through the van to be by 
               AVRYN's side.  He is bloody with broken glass. 

                                     MOM (CONT'D)
                         AVRYN, Oh sweetie, Avryn, Please 
                         open your eyes...Avryyyn!

               Show Avianna dying, in distress, gasping for air, red face, 
               the machines flat line. 

               INT. HOSPITAL -- LATER

               Sound of hospital noises in the background.  E.M.T.'s are in 
               the emergency room.  They are working on Avryn on a gurney 
               on the other side of the room.  Cryonics E.M.T.'s are standing 
               behind Mom setting up equipment.

                              (weakly to Avianna)
                         Avianna, are you there?  Hang on, 
                         stay with us...You can do it.  I 
                         love you.
                              (starting to cry)
                         You have to do this...Come on baby, 
                         you can.

                         I love you Avi, You'll be all right.  
                         You have to do this.  We need you.  
                         Your little sister needs you.  Your 
                         brother is...

               FADE TO BLACK:

               Play soft piano music to show the passage of time. 


               FADE IN: 


               Avianna's body is lying in a medical bed with computers and 
               medical equipment near by.  The room is white, with a 
               technician, beautiful teeth; long, red, curly hair; piercing 
               blue eyes; tall, with elegantly draped white clothing that 
               seems to be glowing like the rest of the room.  She is sitting 
               in a round chair.  Avianna starts thinking using telepathy.  
               Aurora answers in telepathy.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                I?  I remember...was I in 
                         a collision?  Then I remember she 
                         said to "go limp".  I remember 
                         now...she'd said before there'd be 
                         less damage in an accident if we 
                         didn't brace...then I was in the 
                         hospital.  People were visiting me.  
                         My mom had called the cryonics team 
                         to the hospital.  They talked to me 
                         and had been by my bed, too...Where 
                         am I now?  I "feel" a smile...

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Avianna, the accident damaged your 
                         body.  You were cryo-suspended.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         What???  Mom had signed our family 
                         up for cryonics.  We had always talked 
                         about what could happen.  Is this 
                         it?  No way!

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Yes, you were vitrified in excellent 
                         condition.  The cryonics E.M.T.'s 
                         were on hand to give you mixed oxygen 
                         until you were taken to the cryonics 
                         facility, so there was no damage to 
                         your memories.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         I was going to be in the Christmas 
                         play at our church.  I was going to 
                         perform "Silent Night" on the piano.  
                         We were acting out the beliefs of 
                         the major religions of Earth.  What 
                         year is it?  Am I still twelve?

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Yes, you are still twelve.  The year 
                         is now 2188.  Nano-bots, which are 
                         tiny machines, are repairing your 
                         cells DNA.  It will be but a minute, 
                         your time.


                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         My time? 

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Today peoples' brains think faster, 
                         so we think a lot more things in a 
                         minute.  A minute for us is something 
                         like an hour for you.  We have ended 
                         aging and have new concepts of time.  
                         Your body is ready!  Would you like 
                         to be in control now?

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                              (starts to move around 
                              in bed and opens 
                         This room is so white...Where is the 
                         clock, a window, a T.V.?
                         Can you turn the lights up?  I can't 
                         see the outlines of furniture or 

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Please just rest for a moment.  You 
                         have neuronal chip implants that you 
                         will learn to use so that you can 
                         manipulate your new environment.  

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Who are you?  Are you saying that I 
                         have implanted chips in my brain?  
                         ...That is freaky!

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         I'm a reanimation doctor.  My name 
                         is AURORA.  You were lucky, a new 
                         process that had been started in 
                         2002, called "vitrification" was 
                         used in your suspension.  In your 
                         time, vitrification was used to 
                         transport donor organs to critically 
                         ill patients.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         I'm sure glad people kept working on 

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         The technique was tested and perfected 
                         on human brains.  Your brain suffered 
                         no cellular damage due to the 
                         procedure.  It was easy to warm you 
                         and flush out the vitrification 


                                     AURORA (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                              (pauses, tilts head)
                         Physical therapy programs have been 
                         working with your muscles, 
                         electrically contracting them and 
                         testing for full strength.  You'll 
                         find you have more strength than you 
                         did, as the nano-bots enhance your 

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         More strength?  Awesome!  I do want 
                         to get up!  This is a just...oh...Wow!  
                         I can't even describe what I'm 

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         All right, we will go out soon enough, 
                         but the nano-bots are still in final 
                         recombination at this time.  

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         How old are you?

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         My age is thirty-two.  For here, I 
                         am quite young.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         But, couldn't I...?  Wait!...I didn't 
                         even notice at first that I have not 
                         been using my mouth.  Why do I hear 
                         your voice in my head and, when I 
                         just think of what to say, you hear 

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         There are neuronal chips in your 
                         brain that enables you to be 
                         telepathic and have some wireless 
                         control of your surroundings.  Much 
                         like some paralyzed patients of your 
                         time could control lights in their 
                         room, or a cursor on a computer via 
                         thoughts sent from an implanted chip 
                         in their head. 
                              (tilts head forward)
                         You can also sense direction.  There 
                         is a "compass" in your nose.  

                         Hmm...There's a compass in my nose.  
                         So that way is "North"
                              (points toward a wall)

                         Magnetic North.


                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         It changes a little year by year so 
                         you can only get the general 
                         direction.  Some people were able to 
                         "feel" magnetic lines even back in 
                         your day. 

               Avianna is wearing a hospital robe and is bare foot.  She 
               stretches and fills her lungs with air.  She sits on the 
               edge of bed and pushes up, feeling disoriented.  She stands 
               up.  Aurora stands up and moves toward Avianna, reaching out 
               to steady her. 

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)

                         I thought you said that you were 
                         thirty-two.  You don't look a day 
                         over sixteen.  

               Aurora reaches out and hugs Avianna.  An oval gold-framed 
               mirror appears out of the wall.  Avianna moves toward the 

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Wow, look at me!
                         I'm beautiful, my skin is so clear! 

                         Yes, you are!  Our apparent age is 
                         much less then our actual age.   
                         Now your brain is a thousand times 
                              (pauses, takes 
                              Avianna's hand)
                         Come with me.  I'll show you around!

               As they walk down the hall, the lights come on ahead of them.  
               They walk toward a transparent wall and doors.  Trees are 
               showing though the walls. 

               EXT. HOSPITAL -- MORNING

               They are in a garden area of the hospital.  There are oak, 
               ash, elm, and cherry trees.  It is spring and the trees are 
               in full bloom.  The foliage and flowers are all around the 

                         I'm really here!

               Avianna smiles at Aurora and runs over to look in a stream.  
               The flow of water over small waterfalls and rapids remind 
               her of the passage of time.  She touches the water.


               She can see multicolor goldfish and koi in the Japanese pond 
               next to the stream.  A Japanese bright red bridge crosses 
               the steam and leads to a formal rock garden.  They walk along 
               this path to a large open field as they talk.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         What about my mom...and 
                         little sister and brother?  Are any 
                         of them still alive?

                         Your mom died in her seventies from 
                         an infection contracted after a hip 
                         replacement.  Your dad had a stroke 
                         and has serious brain damage.  His 
                         reanimation may take longer.


                              (shows pride)
                         You are the first of our family!

                         Tell me about Avalyse.  The 
                         accident...what happen to her?

                         She survived the accident.  After 
                         she grew up, Avalyse raised much 
                         awareness and money for the field of 
                         cryonics.  Then the field really 
                         gained momentum, when a small mammal 
                         was preserved and then reanimated.  
                         Avalyse was ninety-three, when she 
                         became ill.  She transferred her 
                         consciousness into robot form before 
                         she died.

                         How about Avryn?  Is he alive? 

                         Your brother is still in cryo-
                         suspension.  He died en route to the 
                         hospital and suffered from lack of 
                         oxygen before being vitrified.  I'm 
                         hoping that you will be able to 
                         provide memories from your shared 
                         history to help fill in his.  So 
                         your memories are important to us!

               Avianna skips, then runs to an open field and stretches her 
               arms out to feel the sun.  She dances with joy.


               EXT. PARKING AREA -- DAY

               Avianna and Aurora enter a long curved vehicle that looks 
               like a stretched bubble.  It glides effortlessly into the 

               EXT. THE CITY -- MOMENTS LATER

               There are many buildings, large and long, with smaller 
               globular rooms attached.  There are long hallways leading to 
               silver spheres, surrounded by trees, flowers and bushes.  A 
               lot of round architecturally designed buildings.  


               The vehicle flies though the nano-shield.  The air is brownish 
               and smoggy.  

               INT. AIR CAR -- CONTINUOUS

               Avianna looks out the window and looks disgusted.

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Yes.  It is sad.  We are protected 
                         here by a filtering nano-shield.  
                         Humans have contaminated the Earth 
                         and made it uninhabitable in some 
                         areas.  Global warming melted the 
                         methane ice, destroyed the ozone and 
                         altered Earth's atmosphere.  Through 
                         several generations, creatures evolved 
                         methods to survive.  You must wear a 
                         suit or take robotic form in certain 
                         areas of unprotected wilderness.

                         Animals adapted to the pollution and 
                         global warming?  Like in what ways?

                         You'll learn more in school...

               EXT. L'ANGELES -- AFTERNOON

               There is a very large light blue glowing nano-shield as far 
               as the eye can see.  In it is the skyline of a major city.  
               Near the center is a very tall building that almost reaches 
               to the top of the nano-shield dome.

                         This is L'angeles.  In the region, 
                         that Los Angeles was in your time.  
                         It was rebuilt only thirty years ago 
                         after a massive earthquake destroyed 
                         the entire city.  It was moved inland 
                         from the ocean barrier.  Do you see 
                         that tall building over there?


                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         That is the school complex, where 
                         you will be living.

                         Earthquake?  Why rebuild if it is 
                         not safe?

                         It's safe because of our building 
                         methods.  There is a land shortage, 
                         in your time the ocean was seven-
                         tenths of the Earth.  Now with global 
                         warming, the ocean is eight-tenths 
                         of the Earth and rising.  
                              (looks at Avianna)
                         The new buildings use nano-bots to 
                         adapt to any of Earth's movements.

               The vehicle moves closer to the city.  The school is a tall 
               skyscraper.  It looks like a ear of corn standing up on its 
               end.  The kernels are different changing colors and room 
               styles.  Some rooms are tie-dye, forested, deep space, new 
               age, mountains and beaches.  These are the student rooms.  
               Avianna stares at the school with a surprised look on her 

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         When I attended school, I changed my 
                         scene every couple of days to fit 
                         what I was interested in at the time.  
                         You'll have a lot of fun with that.  
                         You soon learn where your friends 
                         are and you can watch their room 
                         change to.  Of course, you'll have 
                         to learn to use your eyes' telescopic 
                         function to see some from the ground!


               The vehicle lands in a green circle in the middle of the 
               campus with trees and gardens.  Paths lead from the landing 
               circle toward the main building.  One building off to the 
               side looks like a giant stadium with ocean waves inside.

                         Is that a swimming pool?

                         Kinda of like that... 

                         I was on a competitive synchronized 
                         swimming team before.  There probably 
                         isn't anything like that here...


                         I think you would not be surprised 
                         to hear that we can't compete by 
                         physical attributes alone anymore.  
                         Now creativity is highly valued.  
                         Some teams that compete even here in 
                         the Ocean Dome.

               They disembark the vehicle.  Aurora stands near the vehicle 
               on the driver's side and Avianna walks around the front of 
               the vehicle to meet up with Aurora.  They are looking at the 
               Ocean Dome as they wait for the school staff.

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         The Ocean Dome is a wonderful place 
                         for play and research.  It is accurate 
                         down to the warm temperature, fish 
                         and dolphins of the topical waters.  
                         Dolphins have their own society here.  

                         Wow!  I can't believe it!  I always 
                         loved dolphins and thought they were 
                         smart.  And today they have their 
                         own society?

                         They have a history of their own 
                         culture.  Some of them have even 
                         chosen to enter robotic bodies and 
                         live with humans.  Several live on 
                         the planet called Aques.  It was the 
                         second planet colonized after Mars, 
                         and is completely covered by oceans.

               A woman, blonde with green eyes wearing green robes and a 
               large man with dark-black skinned wearing white robes, move 
               to the circle where Avianna and Aurora are standing.  They 
               are smiling warmly. 

                         Welcome to L'angeles School.  You 
                         are very well known.  You'll find 
                         that you are a little bit famous 
                         here.  My name is GLOREENIA.  I am 
                         the school's Head Master.

                         Yes, indeed, welcome.  My name is 
                         JEZRA and I am the school's Earth 
                         Government Representative.  I will 
                         be going over the school rules with 
                         you.  Let's give you a quick tour 
                         and get to your room so that you can 
                         rest.  How are you feeling?


                         Oh, I'm feeling great!  So when do I 
                         get to read what was written about 

                         Well, we don't do much reading around 
                         here; much too slow, but in time 
                         you'll learn more about your history.  
                         I'd like to come on the tour and see 
                         your room, if you would like me to.

                         Of course!


               The hallways are a bright white and it is difficult to make 
               out lines, edges and shapes.

                         How do you know where you are going?

                              (laughs again)
                         When you were reanimated, you were 
                         given many special neuro implants 
                         that we utilize in our society.  
                         Some tap into your familiar human 
                         traits such as hearing, or centers 
                         of learning, speaking, and thinking.  
                         Some tap into your brain in unfamiliar 
                              (pauses, looks at 
                         For instance, snakes in your time 
                         could see in infrared, that is, in 
                         hot or cold.  Snakes would use this 
                         ability to zero in on their warm 
                         prey on a cold night.  Humans, with 
                         their technology, developed ways to 
                         see in infrared as well.  This is 
                         similar to the night-vision tools of 
                         the military in your time.  Honeybees 
                         can see in ultraviolet.  Birds, like 
                         eagles, can see clearly by removing 
                         glare.  They can see fish underwater, 
                         even high in the sky.  In your day, 
                         you had to wear sunglasses to cut 
                         the glare, now you don't need them.  
                         You also have telescopic and 
                         microscopic vision.  You can use 
                         this to see your friends far away, 
                         or to zoom in on a small object while 
                         studying its fine details. 


                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                              (pauses, looks up)
                         Nature provides these tools for us 
                         to use.  Transhumans can see infrared 
                         and ultraviolet just like some 
                         animals.  You not yet familiar with 
                         it, but it is easy; just look for 
                         "warmth".  For ultraviolet, think 

               Avianna thinks about "warmth".  The humans' bodies glow and 
               the doorways and words are glowing.  Floors are labeled by 
               age, the youngest on the lower floors, and girls are separated 
               from boys on different floors. 

               Avianna notices the other kids stare at her, for a moment.  
               Some wave "hi".  The adults are gesturing with their hands, 
               but Avianna can't hear what they are saying.

                         Are you talking about me?  Why can't 
                         we use the elevator?

                              (smiles and says with 
                              a wink)
                         Yes we are talking about you and 
                         adults still have privacies from 
                         children.  There are what you'd call 
                         an elevator, but while walking we 
                         are letting you get acquainted with 
                         the school.  You are on the 67th 
                              (pause then loud)
                         Ah-ha!  We are at your room.

               Avianna walks to the door, does not see a handle, and just 
               keeps walking looking very worried that the door may not 
               open, but it opens at the last minute.  She walks in, turns 
               around and looks at the others in the hall. 

                         May we come in? 



               The room is a transparent bubble.  The sun is streaming in.  
               There is a view of the city.  All the adults are now in the 

                         The rules and standards for each age 
                         level change, giving students more 
                         freedoms as they advance.


                                     JEZRA (CONT'D)
                         You may eat in your room or the 
                         commons with other children on your 
                         floor.  Right now, it is just after 
                         study time and is free time until 
                         bedtime.  You experience your first 
                         downloads of knowledge while you 
                         "sleep".  At 08:00, you will be 
                         expected in classroom Echo 63 to 
                         discuss your new knowledge.  After 
                         lunch, you will be assigned a lab, 
                         simulation, or fieldwork, where you 
                         will be given questions and problems 
                         as schoolwork.

               Jezra stands by the door. 

                         This room was programmed to respond 
                         only to you.  You will move up a new 
                         floor for each age until you're twenty-
                              (move over to a wall)
                         This is the nano-minting box to make 
                         whatever kind of food you want.  
                         Also, here are nano-pants you can 
                         wear to break down body waste into 
                         usable components.  Over there is 
                         your chair that morphs into a body-
                         waste disposal collection unit if 
                         you'd prefer to use it rather than 
                         the pants.

               Aurora smiles at Avianna

                         This is so...Cool!...but weird too...  
                         I just can't get over it!

                         The cool part is learning how to use 
                         the morph the nano-particle fog in 
                         the room into any furniture and design 
                         that you desire.  All you have to do 
                         is "think" into the room's decorating 
                         channel or tell the computer and the 
                         nano-fog will make it.  Try it!

               Avianna stands next to the door.  She thinks about a trip 
               she had to Florida.  The walls look like water, and sunlight 
               is broken up in a shimmering pattern and reflects off the 
               walls of water.  The bed and chair blend into the scene.

               Jezra and Gloreenia who appear to be mentally talking with 
               each other, turn to clap and murmur their approval.


                         Thank you.  We'll check in on you 

                         Yes, thank you.  We have a business 
                         meeting to attend.

                         Thanks for taking the time to show 
                         us Avianna's room.  I can stay just 
                         a bit longer.
                              (smiles and says 
                         That's great for a first try.  You'll 
                         get the hang of it.  Just "think" of 
                         the bed and chairs as purple so 
                         they'll stand out.  You'll have fun 
                         visiting peoples' rooms and seeing 
                         all the different ways they decorate.  
                         You may notice Transhuman themes 
                         from your time are very popular!

                         What is a "transhuman"? 
                              (turns head, wondering)

                         We are transhumans.  That means that 
                         our bodies are enhanced.  It's just 
                         like some of the things scientists 
                         of your time predicted would some 
                         day happen.  We appropriate some DNA 
                         from other animals, insects and even 
                         emulate new DNA patterns to enhanced 
                         our bodies.  We also use neuronal 
                         chip implants to achieve some things. 
                              (pauses, smiles)
                         Your bones use the same fibers as 
                         some spider webs; they are a thousand 
                         times stronger than steel.  Your 
                         muscles can store more oxygen for 
                         energy and has multilayered elastic 
                         strands, like bungee cords, to prevent 
                         injury by ripping or tearing.  You're 
                         very strong now.
                              (makes a muscle)

               Avianna makes a muscle, acting like a strongman.

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         We don't have human fat anymore, we 
                         use the same type of blubber that 
                         the dolphins use.  The blubber helps 
                         protect your organs from injury if 
                         you tumble or get wallop by something.


                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         It holds more energy and is limited 
                         in size so that you can't get huge 
                         like some humans did in your time.
                              (expands arms to 
                              pretend being fat)

               Avianna pretends to be fat, laughing.

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         There are also a chalazae; ropey 
                         strands that anchor the brain in 
                         place.  It keeps the brain from 
                         hitting the inside of the skull during 
                         rapid acceleration or deceleration.  
                         This prevents concussions or head 
                              (pretends to have a 

               Avianna giggles. 

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         You could hold your breath for hours, 
                         if necessary.  Your red blood cells 
                         store more oxygen.  Your body recycles 
                         nutrients and nano-bots will 
                         constantly monitor vitamins, proteins, 
                         and carbohydrate levels and make 
                         what the body needs. 
                              (smiles, looks at 

                         We haven't eaten all day since I was 
                         re-animated, so our bodies now don't 
                         even need food?  

                         Well, kind of - things are pretty 
                         different than in your time.  We eat 
                         for companionship and fun daily still 
                         like the old ways, but we don't really 
                         need to eat for fuel daily.  Our 
                         bodies do need new nutrients within 
                         a week's time however, if you go 
                         that long without eating then you'll 
                         feel hungry and your body will 
                         literally "tell" you...
                              (make a fake stomach 
                              noise, lower chin 
                              and growl)
                         I'm low on nutrients.  Feed me!
                              (starts to laugh)
                         Your body can tell your brain specific 
                         answers to all sorts of happenings 
                         in your biomedical levels,


                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         hormonal levels, anything even on a 
                         cellular level!  
                              (pauses, looks at the 
                              nano-minting machine.)
                         By the way, eating sounds like a 
                         good idea, Avianna.  I like to make 
                         a special dessert for you before I 
                         go; it's one of my favorites!  

                         Wow!...It's cool to be a transhuman.  

               Aurora focuses momentarily on the nano-minting machine, then 
               two, puffy, white-cloud desserts appear.  They have a rainbow 
               across the top that sparkles and a cookie-crust base under 
               the fluffy clouds.  With a broad grin she brings them to the 
               table between the chairs.

               Aurora dips her finger into the cloud, breaks off a piece of 
               the cookie and puts it in her mouth.  Avianna does the same.  
               Aurora produces a square white cloth to clean up.  Everything 
               sticks to it and is absorbed into it.  Then she throws it 
               into the recycling bin next to the nano-minting machine.

               She walks over to Avianna and puts her arm around her.

                         It is about time for me to go.  One 
                         other thing first though.  Have you 
                         noticed the black bracelet on your 
                         arm yet?  
                              (she picks up Avianna's 
                         This is a personal recorder.  It 
                         registers your surroundings and even 
                         your thoughts.  You can use it to 
                         connect with others and see what 
                         they are doing.  I want you to call 
                         me with it, later tonight, let me 
                         know how you are doing. 

                         Oh, I'd thought that was just some 
                         kind of jewelry from now.  Aurora, 
                         please don't worry about me.  I'm 
                         really happy to be here.  I'll call 
                         you tonight it shouldn't be that 
                         hard to figure out.

                         I'm not worried about you, Avianna.  
                         I'm sure that you'll be fine.  I'd 
                         stay with you if I could, but I have 
                         much work to do back at the 
                         Reanimation Ward.  Follow the rules 
                         and be good!


                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         Just remember that you can call me 
                         if you need anything...Anything at 

               Aurora gives Avianna a hug, stands back and looks at her 
               then gives her another hug for a long time.  She reluctantly 
               walks out the door.

               INT. AVIANNA'S ROOM -- NIGHT

               Avianna watches the lights come on in the city, buildings 
               that make patterns of art viewed from above, and the stars 
               come out.  There is a knock on the door.  Avianna looks 
               surprised and opens it.  A boy with sandy blond hair, blue 
               eyes, round face, and a big smile.  Avianna thinks he's very 

                         Hi, I'm EORON.  I noticed you in the 
                         hallway.  May I come in?


               Eoron walks over and sits down in one of the chairs.  He is 
               staring at Avianna in disbelief.

                         Wow!  You are much older than I am, 
                         but we are the same age!  
                         Everyone here knows about you.  We 
                         were excited from the minute we heard 
                         you'd be coming to our floor.  Did 
                         they tell you about "Avianna"?  Do 
                         you even know?

                         I'm not sure what you mean.

               They start using telepathy. 

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         You know, Avianna is very famous.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         After you and your brother were 
                         suspended, your mother was devastated.  
                         She cloned you and your brother and 
                         carried them herself as twins.


                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         No!  She had us again?  But it wasn't 

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         You are right!  These children were 
                         different.  She utilized genetic 
                         manipulation, to increase the output 
                         of the genes controlling the neuron 
                         growth in the brain.  She did 
                         everything she could to make them 
                         smart.  Just like with you, she 
                         breastfed them for several years.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Mom always told us that the 
                         archaeological record, observance of 
                         other mammals, and brain scans that 
                         showed thicker neuron development, 
                         all pointed to nursing for years as 
                         the best way to raise a baby.  I 
                         know that breast milk is biologically 
                         more complex than blood, and complete 
                         with all the immunities and special 
                         fats used for brain growth.  I'm 
                         sure you can make something as good 

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         Yes, But it is something uniquely 
                         human moms today give their children.  
                         Your mom did more than that to make 
                         them smart...In your mother's quest 
                         to make the clones more aware at an 
                         early age; she raised them with the 
                         unique story of how they came into 
                         the world.
                              (looks at Avianna)

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Just keep going!  I want to know how 
                         they turned out as adults.

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         OK, just a sec.  Lets attend a 
                         simulation of "you" as an adult- 
                         then I'll tell you more about how 
                         they grew up. 


               Adult Avianna giving a speech and the crowd stands in 

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         What?  No way?  Is that the?...


                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         United Nations of Earth?  Yes!

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         Avianna was drawn towards public 
                         service and politics, Avryn towards 
                         robotics and engineering.  While 
                         they grew up they loved hearing 
                         stories about you and your brother 
                         before you died.  When they were 
                         grown they wanted to help change the 
                         world, they always hoped you'd come 
                         back and be proud of them.

               INT. ROBOTICS FACILITY -- DAY

               Avryn is working on a robot with wires from a computer 
               attached to it.

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         Avryn went to work with the space 
                         program, and Avianna went into 
                         politics.  She became quite famous 
                         when she was elected Earth 
                         Government's president.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Now I'm jealous!  How could I possibly 
                         do better myself as an adult?

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         This is why I had to come explain 
                         all this to you.  I didn't think the 
                         adults would tell you everything.  
                         You can set your room's computer to 
                         download this so you can get the 
                         historical record.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Wow!  That is so amazing!

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         Yeah it is, but there is more. 

               EXT. PLANETS

               Show the images of humans terraforming Mars, the purple oceans 
               of Aques with dolphins swimming, and the green hills and 
               snowcapped mountains of Ikaria.  Then show the jungles of 
               Eurestra with adult Avianna, adult Avryn and robot Avalyse 
               talking together and making plans. 


                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         Avryn helped in terraforming Mars, 
                         and colonizing Aques, and Ikaria.  
                         He finally moved to Euresta.  That 
                         is where he, Avianna, and your sister, 
                         Avalyse disappeared.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         They disappeared?

               EXT. PLANET EURESTA

               Show a military ship in Euresta's orbit.  The ship enters 
               the planet's atmosphere, decending to the surface and is 
               lost in the mist.

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         We lost contact with Euresta six 
                         years ago.  We would send and receive 
                         messages every three months, but 
                         then the messages stopped.  Over 
                         12,000 human, robots and a few 
                         dolphins had moved there.  After a 
                         military ship disappeared there has 
                         been no further efforts to find any 
                         survivors on the planet.


                         People gave up looking for them?  
                         They couldn't!

                         Too many lives were lost, so Earth's 
                         Government voted that they would 
                         send no more ships to the planet.  
                         That was years ago.  Many here still 
                         wonder, and want to know what happened- 
                         if there are any survivors.  
                         My older sister is part of privately 
                         funded group that is planning a trip 
                         to the lost colony.  It is being 
                         kept a secret.  My sister asked me 
                         to join.  I'm known for my flying 
                         skills.  It's mainly people with 
                         relatives are going.  She wanted to 
                         know if you'd like to join us.

                              (looking hesitant)
                         I...I need a minute.  I don't know 
                         what to say.


                              (looks out the window 
                              at the stars)
                         Yeah, sure.  The mission doesn't 
                         leave for a few months anyway.  You 
                         better be getting ready for downtime, 
                         I'm going to my room now...We have 
                         to do the downloads for tomorrow.

                         Thanks for visiting.

               INT. AVIANNA'S ROOM -- LATER

               Avianna looks at the black bracelet then looks like she is 
               concentrating, and a holographic image of Aurora appears 

                         How are you doing?  You don't look 
                         so well.  Is something wrong?

                         Yes, I'm fine...Thank you.  I'm just 

                         Well, you had a busy day.  I'm glad 
                         that you doing fine.  Get some rest.  
                         I will visit you later.

                         I need to start my downloads now, 
                         I'll talk to you tomorrow.  Goodnight.

                              (image fades to 

               INT. COMMONS AREA -- MORNING

               Avianna walks into the commons.  There are many students 
               sitting around eating variously colored and moving foods.  
               All the students stop talking and turn to look at Avianna.  
               AMBER, like her namesake; has deep golden hair, and aquamarine 
               eyes.  She motions for Avianna to sit next to her.  Avianna 
               smiles and moves towards Amber and sits next to her.

                         Hi, I'm AMBER.  It's nice to meet 
                         you...Glad you're here.  Never mind 
                         everyone.  It's just that we are 
                         curious about what you have just 
                         gone through!

                         Uh, yeah.


                         You are in my discussion group this 
                         morning.  I thought that download 
                         for class about the biology of the 
                         exterior plants was amazing.  Did 
                         you like it?  I bet it means we'll 
                         get to go on a field trip to the 
                         outside soon!
                         So, what do you think of our time so 
                         far?  Here, want to try the chocolate 
                         soufflé that my mom created?

               Amber extends her hand with the chocolate sauce dripping 
               from her fingers.  Avianna reaches across the table, takes 
               some of the brown mess from Amber's fingers, and moves it to 
               her mouth.

                         Thanks for sharing!  It's delicious!  
                         I'd like you to send me the recipe 
                         and then you could come have it with 
                         me in my room sometime.  Really 
                         everything here is amazing to me, 
                         there is so much that I want to do.  
                         It just that I guess I always thought 
                         there would be more freedom for kids 
                         in the future, but I see there are 
                         still laws and regulations "For our 
                         own good".

               Amber laughs again, nodding her head in agreement.  Then 
               Amber finishes eating, she uses her cloth, wipes the table 
               clean and places the cloth into the recycling bin next to 
               the nano-minting machine.  Avianna mimics her actions.

                         Hey, after class a few of us are 
                         going to go swimming in the Ocean 
                         Dome.  Wanna come?

                              (big grin)
                         Sure, I'm there already!

               EXT. OCEAN DOME -- AFTERNOON

               Avianna walks from the school across the park.  It starts to 
               rain.  Avianna pulls a rod out of her robe and it expands 
               into a pink umbrella.  She runs to the Ocean Dome and enters.  
               She closes the umbrella back into a tiny rod.

               INT. OCEAN DOME -- CONTINUOUS

               Avianna kicks off her clogs and runs along the beach.  She 
               meets Amber on the shore.


                         Think "Dolphins" and you will tune 
                         in to their frequency so that you 
                         can talk to them.


               They walk into the waves and away from the shore.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Don't we need goggles?

               Amber laughs at this and dives underwater.  They use 

                                     AMBER (V.O.)
                         Nope, we even have lungills.  See 
                         the four tiny slits on your neck?  
                         They move the water in and out to 
                         extract oxygen when we need it.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)

                                     AMBER (V.O.)
                         Like fish, the lungills have 
                         electrolyte cells to produce oxygen.  
                         The leftover hydrogen combines with 
                         nitrogen and becomes ammonia that is 
                         used by the nano-bots.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         You just know all that? 

                                     AMBER (V.O.)
                              (shrugs it off)
                         Nah, I just downloaded transhuman 
                         physiology of the respiratory system.  
                         Anyone can do it.  
                         Can you see them down there? 

               Amber points to a group of children.  There are dolphins 
               circling them. 

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         What is that?  Are they ok?

               They swim down toward the group.

                                     AMBER (V.O.)
                         Why of course!  Those are dolphins!  
                         Come on, I see one of them that I 
                         know.  I'll introduce you

               A dolphin comes up to them and appears to be talking. 


                                     AMBER (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Avianna, you have to tune into the 
                         channel to understand.  This is IOE, 
                         and she is trying to say hi to you.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Can you see down there?  I think I 
                         found the right frequency, now.  Hi 

                                     IOE (V.O.)
                         Hi Avianna!  Nice to meet you.  I 
                         heard some interesting stories about 
                         you.  You were suspended using 
                         cryonics?  EEEi!  What's it like to 
                         die and then be alive again?  Can 
                         you share the memory of the accident?

               A scene from the accident plays, Avianna sees her brother 
               Avryn convulsing with blood coming out of his mouth.  Avianna 
               moves away from Ioe and starts to become sick.  She swims 
               toward the other dolphins.

                         Ioe, Avianna doesn't want to talk 
                         about that yet.  Give her time.  OK?

                         Sure, I was curious.  I just wanted 
                         to see her die!  Eeei!

               Ioe swims off to meet her other dolphin friend, LEXA.  Lexa 
               and Amber start to swim together.  Avianna rejoins with Ioe 
               and they swim together.  

                         I want to show you a dance I was 
                         working on with my synchronized 
                         swimming team.  Hold on, let me 
                         download the music.

               The dolphins join in the dance to Irish music.

                         Thanks, you are really creative.  
                         See if you can come visit my house 
                         next weekend, I want to meet my mom... 

               INT. AMBER'S HOUSE -- AFTERNOON

               The house is a retro style of the nineteen-fifties, with 
               lots of light green and light blue.  The kitchen looks 
               resembles a 1950's roadside dinner with a jukebox and red 
               and white tiles on the walls and floor.  Amber's mother brings 
               over a plate of fancy snacks.  Amber and Avianna begin to 
               eat the food some is ice cream that is first hot.


                         These are amazing!  I'll have to try 
                         making candies sometime!

                         Thanks, mom

                                     AMBER'S MOTHER
                         You're welcome dear.
                              (turns to look at 
                         Avianna thank you for coming to visit 
                         us.  I know you have family here, 
                         but you must miss your own mother.  
                         You just come and visit us whenever 
                         you want dear.

               She leaves the room. 

                         Avianna, so much of this time is 
                         still new to you.  How are you doing 
                         with it all?

                              (looks down)
                         I do feel out of place sometimes, 
                         you know, but mainly it's very 

                         I've had fun meeting you and learning 
                         from you.  I can't really imagine 
                         what you've been through.  Sometimes 
                         I've noticed that you are distracted 
                         from what we are doing.  Is there 
                         something that has been worrying 

                              (looking down and sad)
                         You know, the biggest difference 
                         that is hard for me to overcome is 
                         that kids here have never experienced 
                         death.  It's like they don't 
                         understand a sadness that I have.  
                         They could never understand all that 
                         I've lost.

                         Oh, Avianna...We do feel deeply and 
                         empathize with others.  I guess we 
                         just value focusing on positive things 
                         and trying to be happy.  Hey, I know, 
                         your birthday is coming up.  And 
                         you've never seen a modern birthday 
                         party!  Let me show you a few of 


               Amber shows Avianna a virtual princess party on a holographic 

                              (looks up and smiles)
                         That sounds great.

                         For your party, I was thinking of 

               Amber shows a virtual beach party.

                         That is cool!  It's a beach party 
                         with dolphins!

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- DAY

               Avianna is setting in a semicircle during discussion class.  
               MZ SVENSSON, Swedish, blonde, is teaching the class molecular 
               biology.  Behind the teacher, is a holographic display of 
               DNA and nano-bots repairing it.

                                     MZ SVENSSON
                         Avianna, what are the four amino 
                         acids that makeup DNA?

                              (stands up to answer 
                         Mz Svensson; The DNA is composed of 
                         four nucleotides.  Adenine, Thymine, 
                         Guanine and Cytosine are the base 
                         pairs.  These base pairs join together 
                         to form the double helix. 
                              (sits down)

                                     MZ SVENSSON
                         Very good, Avianna.  

               INT. AVIANNA'S ROOM -- DAY

               Avianna is in her room playing with the nano-minting machine.  
               She is trying to make new deserts.  She comes up with a 
               dolphin shaped banana split sundae.  Aurora calls her.

                         Hi, is going great.  
                         I really like it here.  I having a 
                         birthday party.  Can you come?

                         Well, Yes I'll be there.  I can't 
                         wait to see what type of party you 
                         have planed...Happy Birthday!  I'll 
                         see you next weekend!  


               EXT. OCEAN DOME -- DAY

                         So this is it?  I'm turning 13, life 
                         goes on...

                         Yeah, I'm glad you are here-- lets 
                         have some fun.

               Avianna and Aurora walk into the Ocean Dome building.  A 
               group of kids is on the beach. 

                              (cheering and yelling)
                         Happy Birthday!

               Then everyone throws handfuls of exploding confetti in the 
               air.  There is a full-sized dolphin shaped cake.  The dolphins 
               leap into the air and a sign slowly rotates around the little 
               sun in the corner of the dome saying: Happy 13 conscious 
               trips around our Sun.  [Happy 193 :)], in light blue letters.  
               Aurora gives Avianna a large black box filled with a magic 

                         Aurora, thank you!  How did you know 
                         I'd love this?

                         Oh, it was easy.  I saw that you 
                         liked magic shows when I was 
                         rebuilding your memories.  So I wanted 
                         to give you the best magic set ever.  
                         I'm sure you'll be creating your own 
                         tricks to add to it!

               Avianna stands toward the center of the group; she lifts her 
               hands and announces:

                              (deep, stage voice)
                         Ladies and Gentleman!  Come one; 
                         come all!  Now presenting Avi the 
                         Magnificent!  I would like to do a 
                         bit of magic to celebrate this 
                         momentous occasion!

               Avianna twirls a black and red cape around her shoulders and 
               puts the top hat on.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Please, may I have a volunteer for 
                         my first trick?

               A Hispanic girl steps up to Avianna as she fans a deck of 
               cards into a wide arc through the air.  Each card stays in 
               place in the air, with the backs toward the crowd.


               Avianna puts her hand up and stops the girl in front of the 

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Hello, what is your name?

                         Rebecca Vasquez

                         Well, Rebecca, will you be as kind 
                         as to pick a card...Any card...And 
                         verify that this is, in fact, a normal 
                         pack of cards?


               She reaches up and picks one.  It is the queen of hearts; 
               she flexes it, and runs her finger over it.  Then she shows 
               it to the audience.

                         Thank you

               Avianna moves her hand along the arc, collecting the cards 
               into a pile in her left hand.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Please add your card to this pile, 
                         face down.

               Rebecca does this and Avianna hands her the entire deck.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Now, you may shuffle the cards in 
                         any manner that you please, and, 
                         audience, if you would like to verify 
                         that this is indeed an ordinary 
                         glossed-paper set of cards, please 
                         do so at this time.

               A few people reach and touch the cards.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Rebecca, please concentrate on the 
                         card that you picked

               Avianna fans the cards out so that they are facing her.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Now, do you know which card it was?

                         No, I can't tell.


                         You can't determine which card you 
                         were holding?  You can't see your 
                         fingerprints?  You didn't fold a 
                         corner of the card?

                         No, I don't know which one it was.  
                         Am I supposed to know?

                         Well, you were, but this time...  
                         And this time only, I'll let you 
                         choose another card

               Rebecca smiles and steps forward and randomly pick a card.  
               The audience gasps and some murmuring and clapping, when 
               Rebecca smiles and shows them the queen of hearts.  Avianna 
               throws the deck into the air and twirls around; fanning out 
               her cape; the cards disappear.  She smiles and tips her hat 
               to the applause.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Now, thank you for your participation.  
                         I have one final act to perform, one 
                         that I've wanted to do ever since I 
                         was a little child.  You see, I had 
                         a hat just like this in the magic 
                         set I kept under my bed, for special 
                         occasions such as this!
                              (smiles and give a 
                         I had a special friend who lived 
                         inside my hat.  I told my friends 
                         and family about him, but I'm not 
                         sure if they ever believed me.  I'd 
                         like you to meet my friend tonight.

               Avianna takes off her hat and tosses it into the air, catches 
               it in with both hands, and shows the audience that the hat 
               is empty.  Then she reaches into the hat and pulls out a 

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         His name is Jimmy.
                              (takes the rabbit and 
                              lets the audience 
                              pet it)
                         Thank you!  Thank you!  It was a 
                         delight performing for you tonight.

               The audience cheers.  Avianna bows and then removes her 
               costume.  The crowd breaks up into a smaller group of friends 
               again.  Ioe is there in a blue and white human robot form. 


                         This is a gold necklace with an orb.  
                         I designed it myself!  The orb glows 
                         in the dark so that you can see.  

                         Thanks, Ioe, I will put it on now.
                              (puts on the necklace)
                         This so...Pretty.  Thanks!

               She gets other presents.  A pocket roll out full sized 
               keyboard.  She plays a beautiful dancing song on.  People 
               give her hugs when it is time to go.  She leaves with Aurora 
               and enters her flying vehicle. 

               INT. AIR CAR -- NIGHT

               Flying above the city Avianna looks out the window at the 
               city, it is aglow with bright colors.  She looks lonely and 
               sad.  Aurora smiles at her and rubs her hand on Avianna's 

                         Happy Birthday sweetie.  I know you 
                         are going to like meeting Joycee and 
                         Mack, I think they'll remind you of 
                         your time. 


               Avianna meets two of Aurora's friends in the living room.  
               JOYCEE has platinum hair and gray eyes with high checks and 
               a beautiful smile.  MACK is a tall man with blond hair, hazel 
               eyes and very cute.

                         Avianna these are my friends Joycee 
                         and Mack.  We graduated the same 
                         class together, they are married now 
                         and work in the same facility as I 

               Avianna smiles and does the formal wave.

                         Hi, nice to meet ya.

                         Mack and I were wondering if you'd 
                         like to come to church with us next 

                         Yeah, that sounds fun.  I'd love to.  
                         What do they do in church these days?


                         Same and different from your time.  
                         The minister has more resources at 
                         hand for the weekly sermon.  Points 
                         can be made through simulated 
                         environments.  I think you'll like 

                         It's the Unitarian Universalist 

                         I watch it on the 

                         Really, the UU's are still around?  
                         I went to that church in my time!  
                         I'll go next Sunday.

               INT. AIR CAR -- NIGHT

               Avianna is looking out the widow.

                         Uh, I was wondering, why didn't you 
                         tell me about my "fame" and the fate 
                         of my clone Avianna?

                         I was waiting until you asked
                              (pauses, turns to 
                              look at Avianna)
                         You see, I knew it would be very 
                         upsetting to you.  I wanted you to 
                         see the importance of what you have 
                         to learn, to do, and to help humanity 
                         here.  Then you earned the right to 
                         travel into space.  I don't want to 
                         lose you.
                         I'm sure that someone has contacted 
                         you with an offer to travel to the 
                         lost colony.  
                              (looks at Avianna)
                         Avianna, you look distressed and I'm 
                         sure I know why.  
                              (tearful voice)
                         Please don't tell me who, as I'd 
                         have to report them.  I can tell 
                         from your face that you've been asked.  
                              (pauses, concerned)
                         You must think about your brother!  
                         I want you here for his reanimation.

               Avianna can see that Aurora looks afraid.



               Avianna is sitting in a pew next to Joycee.  She notices the 
               galaxy levitating above her.  

               The minister, a Hindu from Kathmandu, Nepal; tall and thin, 
               is giving a sermon about the ecology of Earth.  There is a 
               holographic display showing the damage of the Earth.  As she 
               speaks, the map shows details of the damage.  

               The land shapes look different, as eight-tenths of the Earth 
               is underwater.  Avianna notices that Florida is gone.  There 
               is a sound between the California Island and the mainland 
               U.S.  Avianna notices that "Death Valley" is underwater and 
               Phoenix is an ocean side city.  On the Mediterranean Sea: 
               Israel, Lebanon and Jordan are underwater.  Saudi Arabia is 
               an island between Africa and Asia.  Antarctica and Greenland 
               have no glaciers.  Scandinavia is an island with a sound 
               covering the southern half of Finland and parts of Russia 
               from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Ocean.  Holland, Denmark 
               and half of Sweden are underwater.  Great Britain and Ireland 
               are smaller.  Around the world the major cities have ocean 
               barrier walls around them and appear to be like islands.

               There is a dark brown band floating above the equator that 
               fades near the poles.  It is the methane, and pollution in 
               the air.

               This display fades, music plays and the main sermon begins.  
               A beautiful woman, with dark eyes, and long dark curly hair 
               walks out onto the stage, extending her arms to the audience 
               as she begins. 

                                     DR LEORA
                         Welcome to our service today.  A 
                         large part of the ecology of the 
                         Earth has been devastated.  Earth 
                         cannot support human life in its 
                         natural form anymore.  Some animals 
                         have adjusted to the change.  We are 
                         already working on ways to help them 
                         improve our planet.
                              (pauses and points to 
                              the holographic 
                         This is our "Mother Earth".  Earth's 
                         Government is doing all that it can 
                         to help but it needs your support. 
                              (points up at the 
                              holographic galaxy)
                         Nevertheless, some say we need to 
                         explore the galaxy and find new homes.  
                         Some of us have left Earth already.  
                         We now know of three planets that 
                         can sustain life: Aques, Ikaria, and 
                         Euresta.  We are terraforming Mars.


                                     DR LEORA (CONT'D)
                         However, its core is solid and cannot 
                         generate a magnetic field to protect 
                         the planet from the radiation of the 

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- DAY

               Avianna is giving an oration of what she learned last 
               semester.  There is a holographic display of the string theory 
               next to the stand.  In the audience are teachers, adults and 

                         In conclusion, time is the movement 
                         of the super strings as they transpose 
                         from one dimension to another 
                         dimension.  They have ten different 
                         dimensions to change position in and 
                         out of and when they shift, "time" 
                         is formed.

               After she finishes, she walks down the stage and over to 
               where Aurora is sitting.

                         Avianna, I really enjoyed the end of 
                         your oration.  I'm proud of how far 
                         along you've progressed since you 
                         came here.  I was worried about you.  
                         I knew you'd be behind the other 
                         children, but you've done very well.

                         Thanks.  At times, it has been hard.  
                         I think that I'll understand all the 
                         multidimensional implications of 
                         string theory, in time.

                         That is pushing our limits of 
                         knowledge, even today!  
                              (nudging Avianna 
                         I think you are doing just great.  
                         Are you ready for a trip?  You'll 
                         get to meet my dad soon.  We are 
                         going to our family's annual gathering 
                         over the holiday break.  He has been 
                         looking forward to meeting you for 
                         quite some time, but has been very 
                         busy with his work.

                         What does he do?


                         He is the Assistant Director of a 
                         robotics facility.  We'll be meeting 
                         up with him in Oulu, where our 
                         Christmas gathering is being held 
                         this year.

                         To the top of the world, we come!

               EXT. FLOATING WALKWAY -- DAY

               At the L'angeles main transport station, Avianna and Aurora 
               walk to a floating air vehicle just under the walkway.  They 
               are very high in the open on a platform leading to the 

                         Does anyone ever fall off this thing?

                         No, but it is safe if you do.  When 
                         the sensors detect something falling, 
                         one of those retrieval vehicles will 
                         instantly catch them.  See them 
                         floating just under the walkway?

               Avianna walks over to the edge and looks down.  Avianna grabs 
               Aurora's shoulder as they step across the platform into the 


                         Our seats are right over here
                              (they sit in their 
                         Don't get too comfortable though.  
                         Our trip to the Finnish exit station 
                         will only be twenty minutes.


               Avianna and Aurora walk across another platform into the 
               Oulu Station.  It resembles an ancient stone castle.  In a 
               crowd of people, walking back and forth is a woman nursing 
               her child while sitting on a bench.  Most of the people are 
               Middle-eastern or mixed.  Avianna hears a family excitedly 
               talking about their Eid al-Fitr preparations for the Holiday 


               Avianna and Aurora walk to a holographic display in the middle 
               of the room showing the transport schedule.  A large man 
               with red hair and blue eyes walks up to them, causing Avianna 
               to jump back a little.


                              (throws arms around 

                         Aurora, it has been too long, my 
                         dear, and this is the newest member 
                         of our family and the oldest.
                              (he winks at Avianna, 
                              wraps his arm around 
                              her shoulder)
                         Nice to meet you.  I've seen you as 
                         a child in the memories of my great-
                         grandma from when she was small.  
                         You don't look a bit different!

               Avianna smiles.

                         Dad, we should get moving.  I saw on 
                         the display that there is a major 
                         storm moving into our arrival area.  
                         Did you secure a transport for us 

                         Yes.  We're waiting for your sister 
                         to arrive.  I'll try to contact her; 
                         just a moment.
                              (sit down and goes in 
                              a trance for a moment)

                              (talking to Aurora)
                         He looks just like a great uncle 
                         from my time, Neils.

                         I talked with AVRIEL, and her 
                         transport will arrive in fifty-six 
                              (pat Avianna on the 
                         We all like to use names from our 
                         family's history for our children.  
                         This is especially true when a baby 
                         looks like a long ago relative.  It 
                         is a way to honor their memory.

               Avianna looks at him.

                         So you are probably named for my 
                         real great uncle?


                              (eyes twinkle)
                         Yes, I certainly am.  We have thirty-
                         five seconds until Avriel arrives.  
                         Lets head out to the platform.


               They are standing on the platform as people walk by.  Then 
               Avriel, a tall, lanky girl with long blonde hair and bright 
               blue eyes, walks up to meet them.  She looks strikingly like 
               Avianna's mother, in her teens.

                         Hey, It's nice to see you all in 
                         person for a change.  So, this is 
                         the little Avianna?

               She turns to Avianna and extends her hand, the exchange the 
               formal wave and shake.

               INT. AIR CAR -- LATER

                         Things may be a little rough if the 
                         storm winds are still raging.  You 
                         all should put on your safety 
                         harnesses before we enter.  We'll be 
                         in Rovaniemi in a minute.  
                              (pauses, looks back 
                              at Avianna)
                         Avianna did you know that Rovaniemi 
                         is the traditional home of Santa 

                         Cool!  I can see Santa Claus and 
                         play with his reindeer!  

                              (high pitched voice)
                         Dad!  Did you hear what Avriel said?

                              (raised voice)
                         Now is not the time, you two.

                         But, Dad...She wants to get married!  
                         She has a sweetheart!  His name is 
                         Yuri.  She's in love and she didn't 
                         tell any of us!


                              (turns to look at 
                         What?  Avriel, why did you?...
                              (turns back to fly 
                              the vehicle)
                         You have some explaining to do as 
                         soon as we land: now I must 
                         concentrate.  Everyone be silent!

               The storm rocks the vehicle.  The nano-sphere comes into 
               view in the cockpit window.  The vehicle lands at the Lapland 
               Arctic Center.


               All around the center are Christmas trees.  Some stand out 
               more than others do.  In front is a red-theme tree with Santas 
               and elves.  Another tree is golden-theme with angels, bells 
               and sparkling crystals.  Avianna stares at this tree, thinking 
               of her mother.  Another tree has little Earth balls that 
               were spinning around it and blue ornaments with a light-blue, 
               glowing "Peace on Earth" sign over the top.  

               A distinguished white, silver haired man, with broad shoulders 
               and a v-shaped torso, steps toward Avianna as the others are 

                         I am Randall, Avalyse is my mother, 
                         and I'm the one hosting this affair!  
                         I am on the board of directors of 
                         the reanimation foundation that has 
                         funded your reintroduction to society.  
                         I am your oldest living relative on 
                         Earth, even though you, of course, 
                         were born before me. 
                              (extend hand for a 
                              formal shake)
                         Mitä kuuluu?

                         Siinähan se menee.  
                              (pauses, surprised at 
                         That was cool!  Wow, you look like 
                         my grandpa when he was younger.  I 
                         remember pictures of him in his youth.  
                         You''re my little sister's 
                              (almost in tears)

                         Yes, and that's Finnish.  You have 
                         multilingual skills downloaded into 
                         your brain.  I know a lot about your 


                                     RANDALL (CONT'D)
                         I was raised with stories of him and 
                         seen his pictures.  When I was born, 
                         mom named me after him.

                         You have no idea what a good man he 
                         was and such a gifted piano player.

                         I have many memories of him.  I would 
                         be grateful if you might share some 
                         of yours with me.

                         I can share with you.  I'm not sure 
                         how to do that, though.

                         It is easier to access older memories 
                         in my lab at Oulu University.  Aurora 
                         had discussed with me the need for 
                         your memories to be used for Avryn.

                         That would be great!  I hope it's 
                         soon.  I can't wait for my brother 
                         to be here!

                         Work has been started to re-animate 
                         his body at the California cryonics 
                         facility.  I can get your memories 
                         here and we can transfer them to 
                         Aurora when she is ready for them.
                              (pauses, and smiles)
                         But this is Christmas!  And I want 
                         to introduce you to the guest of 
                         honor for our party!
                              (walks to a door.)
                         Santa Claus!
                              (opens a door)

                                     SANTA CLAUS
                         Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  Welcome to Rovaniemi!  
                         I'm Santa Claus!  Have you been a 
                         good girl, Avianna?
                              (looks down and smiles 
                              at her)

                              (turns nose up at 
                         I've been good, but you're not real.  
                         You're a simulation.


                                     SANTA CLAUS
                         I'm as real as a simulation can get!

                         Oh, all right, then I bet you know 
                         what I want for Christmas.
                              (smiles and laughs)


               Avianna's room is a snow-theme with ice block looking material 
               that was warm with a light that is shining through.  She 
               walks over to the nano-minting machine.

                         Computer: I need a cross-country 
                         skiing outfit, blue and yellow, with 
                         skis, poles and boots.

               Avianna puts the clothes on a table to wear tomorrow. 


               Avianna and Randall walk into the lab with two couches next 
               to the wall and a computer terminal in the center. 

                         Avianna lay on that couch on the 
                         right.  I will set up the equipment.  
                         I need to turn off your consciousness 
                         for the deep downloads.

               Avianna lays on the couch and smiles at Randall.


                         Computer, access program codes: A: 
                         avryn 2008, C: avianna 2036 and D: 
                         neils 1952.  For a memory transfer 
                              (smiles at Avianna)
                         Begin programs, now.

               EXT. SNOW SKIING -- AFTERNOON

               Avianna is wearing her blue and yellow outfit.  Aurora is in 
               a white and blue outfit.  Neils is in a red and white outfit.  
               Avreil is in a pink and silver outfit.  Randall is in a red 
               and gold outfit.  They are skiing cross-country in the tundra.  
               Randall is the fastest skier.  Everyone laughs when Neils 
               falls down in the snow.  He makes a snow angel.  Everyone 
               else does the same.



               They come across some indigenous Sami people wearing the 
               traditional gakti outfits and herding reindeer.  There are 
               people of all ages.  Avianna pets a reindeer and feeds it.  


               Avianna is sitting next to the window looking out at the 
               aurora borealis, she is crying.  Next to her are holographic 
               portraits of her grandfather, her mom, dad, sister and 
               brother.  Soft classical piano music is playing as she is 
               deciding about her future.  It is her grandfather's favorite 
               piece.  She stands up and makes her resolution.  She takes a 
               deep breath and then lets it out slowly.  There is calm on 
               her face.  She learns that courage is overcoming her fear.

               INT. COMMONS AREA -- DAY

               Earth Day: All the kids are in the commons room singing a 
               song.  A large earth shape cake with candles floating in the 
               air around the equator is revolving in the middle of the 
               commons room.  Avianna is sitting at a table and mopes around.

                         Thanks to your ancient rocks and 
                         their radioactive decay, Earth, we 
                         come together to celebrate your 
                         birthday today!  Life here has evolved 
                         four and a half billion years.  Sixty 
                         million years ago, primates did 
                         appear.  Then, just 200,000 years 
                         ago, we Homo sapiens made our premier.  
                         Our gratitude is long overdue.  On 
                         this day, we promise to help you 
                         renew.  Earth, Thank You!  Today we 
                         celebrate.  Please let your wind 
                         blow out the candles on this cake!

               The windows to the commons room are open, and a breeze blows 
               out the candles as the earth cake floats toward the windows.  
               The children start to cheer and dig into the chocolate and 
               popfizz lava cake.  Avianna slowly moves away looking sad 
               but smiling at anyone who looks at her.  She walks to Eoron's 


               Avianna walks into Eoron's room.  It is a deep space theme, 
               with pulsating silver bed and chairs.

                         Hi, can I come in?  I need to talk 
                         to you.  How is it goin'?


                         Great!  I'm glad you came to visit 
                         me.  I've been working on a robotics 
                         project.  Our group has a robot ship 
                         in space that we can interface and 
                         program.  That's how we're getting 
                         these pictures of an unexplored area 
                         of the universe displayed on my walls 
                         right now.

                         Wow, Eoron!  Your room is impressive!

               Eoron is sitting on his bed, leans toward Avianna, sits back, 
               and smiles.

                         Thanks.  I think it's exciting to 
                         add to Earth's knowledge in some 
                         way, and I love my room because it 
                         makes me feel at home in the vastness, 
                         the darkness, the brilliance of the 
                         universe beyond our little solar 
                         system and galaxy.  I know that I'll 
                         soon be there in real time, traveling.  
                         So I like to "get ready", so to 

                         Well, you know, on that exact subject 
                         that is why I'm here.  I've been 
                         thinking a lot about what you said, 
                         for a long time.
                         So, you have your room recorder off, 
                         I'm sure.

                         Of course.

                         I have decided to go with you.

               Eoron smiles but says nothing. 

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         I'm afraid.  I'm scared.  We don't 
                         know what we will encounter.

                         Yes, I know how you feel.  I've stayed 
                         up late at night going over all the 
                         scenarios myself.


                         I want to know.  That's just it, I 
                         can't stand not knowing...I want to 
                         know what happened to her.   
                              (pauses looks up)
                         Avianna is fascinating to me.  She 
                         is like my sister and like me.  I 
                         have plenty of worries about what 
                         will happen if I go.  
                              (pauses looks down)

                         Well, then, come home with me next 
                         weekend and meet my family!

                         That would be good, I'd like that, 


               Eoron's parents come to pick up Avianna and Eoron in a smoky-
               gray vehicle.  His mom has on clothes that change colors and 
               are very distracting.  They get into the vehicle, and it 
               floats upwards into the city traffic.


               They are in the dining room eating sushi.  BILL, German, is 
               Eoron's dad, white with blond hair and grey eyes.  LAURA, 
               Polish, with cotton white hair and blue eyes.  Bill is eating 
               something that looks like a still alive mini-octopus.

                         It's really great that you came to 
                         spend the weekend with us.

                         We have something important to tell 
                         you, but we want to wait until Mandy 
                         is here, so we can have a family 
                         meeting on this subject.

                              (eating a piece of 
                         Your sister!  Then I know what this 
                         is about Bill, we can't let them...

                         My dear, it's ok. We'll let them 
                         tell us on their own.

                              (shakes head)
                         Well, I'll try not to worry about 
                         it.  You know how I feel about this.


                                     LAURA (CONT'D)
                         I just want you kids to have fun 
                         being kids this weekend, ok?

                                     EORON / AVIANNA
                              (raise eyebrows and 
                              talk at the same 
                              (both start to laugh)

               INT. FAMILY ROOM -- AFTERNOON

               Avianna and Eoron are watching a horror movie in the simulated 
               environment.  Avianna looks upset, and stops watching.

                         Oh, come on, Avianna, You know it's 
                         not real!

                         Yes, I know that logically, but my 
                         brain and yours are as pearls with 
                         different layers evolved over the 
                         past 240 million years, the oldest, 
                         deepest part in the middle being our 
                         reptilian complex that evolved during 
                         the Permian and drives our ancient 
                         instinct to acquire territory.  Then 
                         the next layer of our brain developed 
                         180 million years ago during the 
                         transition from reptile to mammal 
                         the development of emotions, our 
                         limbic system.  It is the second 
                         largest part of our brain today, 
                         causing us to feel and act out our 
                         emotions before we even have conscious 

                         OK, but what is your point?

                              (still mad)
                         Well now we have prefrontal cortex 
                         what has given us all this science 
                         and technology.  It showed up only 
                         about 50,000 years ago.  With it, we 
                         developed the ability to have 
                         knowledge of the past and future.  
                         That is, in fact, what we enhance in 
                         other species to give them full 


                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         My point is that here we are, acting 
                         on impulses from the deepest parts 
                         of our brain and our cerebellum.  
                         The newest strip a thin layer on the 
                         outside of the pearl is simply there 
                         to makes excuses or "rationalizations" 
                         for instinctually stimulated behavior.  
                         It sure caused many problems in my 

                         Whoa, Avianna, hold on there!  Stop 
                         for a sec.  I didn't mean to upset 
                         you!  I'm sorry.  I know all that, 
                         too, though.  It's still just make 
                         believe violence!

                         Yeah, but it caused a lot of real 
                         violence in my time, people being 
                         driven by their instincts.  Now, 
                         since my brain will release the 
                         chemicals of fear if I watch something 
                         like that.  I just don't need it to 
                         do that.  I don't like feeling that 
                         way.  It makes me scared for what we 
                         might encounter on our trip.

                         Oh, so you're scared?  You don't 
                         really want to go?  You are having 
                         second thoughts?

                         It's not that.  I mean, yes, I'm 
                         scared, but I do want to go.  Girls 
                         do have an eleven percent larger 
                         part of the brain devoted to worrying 
                         and emotion, you know.
                              (winks and smiles)
                         I just ignore my emotions and be 
                         rational, and watching a horror movie 
                         doesn't help me do that!

                         Oh, ok, but I think you take things 
                         way too seriously.  You need to have 
                         some more fun!  The sun creeps over 
                         the horizon in five minutes, twenty-
                         one seconds.  Come outside with me.  
                         I want to show you one of my favorite 
                         things to do since I was a little 



               Eoron walks into a small shed and comes out with a robot 

                         When I was little, my dad bought me 
                         my first mechanical flying bird and 
                         helped me build it.  Over the years, 
                         we learned how to integrate artificial 
                         senses into the bird.  I figured out 
                         how to link up to the bird while I 
                         was flying it and use it as a robot 
                         body.  You wanna try?
                         It's fun.  I think you'll like it.

                         I don't have much experience with 
                         flying, none really, unless swimming 
                         underwater counts as flying in a 
                         different environment.  Oh, all right, 
                         it sounds like fun!  I'll try it.

               Eoron looks happy as he runs to get another bird.  He comes 
               back with green bird.  He throws it up in the air along with 
               the brown bird.  They walk over to lawn chairs and sit in 

                         Ok, I'm going to count to three.  
                         We'll keep our conscious minds on 
                         and connected so we can talk.  Are 
                         you ready?

                              (weakly smiles)
                         Uh, yeah.

                         Ok, here we go...One, two, three...

               Their consciousness is transfer to the birds.  They use 
               telepathy to communicate.

                                     EORON (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Flap your wings.  Feel the muscles 
                         pull them up and down.

               The birds are soaring up, diving down, going in circles

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         It is beautiful up here, this is 
                         amazing!  Uh, Eoron?  What happens 
                         if we crash?


                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         Well nothing really.  The robot may 
                         be damaged, but you are still in 
                         your body unharmed.  You don't feel 
                         anything, just the rush of the fall.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Oh well, thanks, I'll try to avoid 

               They fly for a few minutes more, then head back home.  Eoron's 
               sister, MANDY, has ash color hair and grey eyes, walks in to 
               the house right after Avianna and Eoron enter.

                         Hello, Mom, Dad, Eoron, Avianna!  
                         How nice to see all of you.

               Mandy walks into the house.

               INT. FAMILY ROOM -- EVENING

               The family gathers into the family room and sits in different 

                              (hugs Mandy and sits 
                              in one of the chairs)
                         How's work goin'

               Mandy is standing next to the doorway. 

                         Very well, father.  The ship has 
                         been completed and is being outfitted 
                         with supplies.

                         Yes, but I think you know more 
                         specifically what your dad is asking 

                         In the cargo area with all the 
                         supplies, we have altered the form 
                         of two smaller spaceships to look 
                         like water traversing vehicles.  
                         They're hidden very well with their 
                         camouflaged nano-shields and are 
                         being stocked adequately for the 
                         separate mission.  It has been hard 
                         deciding who will actually be filling 
                         in the stowaway positions, there are 
                         only eight and, of course, Eoron, 
                         Avianna and I take up three.

                                     BILL / LAURA


                         Oh, I thought you knew she had decided 
                         to go on the mission.  I guess we 
                         are doing a very good job keeping 
                         things secret.

               Mandy moves over and sits in one of the chairs.  They all 
               relax and sit back.

                                     MANDY (CONT'D)
                         I was pleased to hear that you want 
                         to go Avianna.  You are very mature 
                         to leave personal messages for your 
                         brother.  Have you any second 

                         No, I'm sure that I want to go.

                         The mission planners know about 
                         Eoron's flying skills.  I agree that 
                         he is uniquely suited to go.  They 
                         need gifted pilots.  But...

                         After seeing his skills flying today, 
                         I'd want him piloting my ship!

               Everyone smiles at this.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         I know the risks, yes, but I feel 
                         that my sister, myself, Avianna needs 
                         my help.

                         For what it is worth, Avianna, it 
                         may not be my place, but I am proud 
                         of you and I support your decision 
                         to go.

               Laura stands up and walks over to give Avianna a hug.

                         Avianna, you are a brave little girl.  
                         I wish you the best!  I want to see 
                         you both come back home.


               Neils walks into the hospital's Reanimation Ward.  On the 
               door is a sign: Reanimation Lab: Aurora Sandberg PhD.  Neils 
               knocks on the door.


                         It's open!

                         It's me!  I just stopped by to see 
                         how thing are going with Avryn.

                         We got the downloads from Finland 
                         that Randall sent and I'm using them 
                         now to fill in some missing elements 
                         of Avryn's memories.  It will take 
                         time to piece it back together.  
                         These downloads are helpful.  I will 
                         try to get Avianna to do some more 
                         downloads here next weekend.

                         How is Avryn's reanimation going?

                         We can't go too fast or it could 
                         collapse the cellular structure.  
                         The nano-bots can cause heat damage 
                         if run at full speed.

               Neils walks over to a closed tank and starts to open it.

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         Don't open it!  
                              (calms down)
                         The oxygen in the air could cause 

                         Sorry, I just wanted to look.

                         So, do you have the supplies ready 
                         for the supply ship to Aques? 

                         Yeah, the plans for the new robotics 
                         plant on Aques are going well.  More 
                         dolphins will be able to take robotic 
                         form.  It's important for them to 
                         help build the new city: Aqueous  
                              (pauses, raises left 
                              hand and stokes chin)
                         I was thinking you and I could go 
                         along to Aques to help with the 
                         building?  What do you think?  


                         Dad!  I'm working on 64 cryonics 
                         patients, repairing their bodies and 
                         their brains.  There are over 8,000 
                         cryonics patients just in this 
                         facility.  Some are in excellent 
                         condition and we are working on them 
                         as fast as we can.  Several from the 
                         "early" days, however, are a problem.  
                         Their brains weren't vitrified and 
                         it will take longer to restore them.
                              (pauses, shakes head 
                              back and forth)
                         I can't go.  
                         My work is here.  What about Avriel?

                         No, she is still planning to get 
                         married to her boyfriend.  They are 
                         planning a Viking wedding on a 
                         longboat adjacent to the Norwegian 
                         fjords.  There is a solar eclipse on 
                         the day they choose.  They hope to 
                         end the ceremony just as the eclipse 
                         shows the "wedding bands".  It will 
                         signify their love for each other.  
                         They are filling out forms now.  
                         They will be living in Novosibirsk, 
                         Russia.  Her fiancé is the chancellor 
                         of the Novosibirsk Government 

                         Great, that is only 30 minutes from 
                         here.  Are you going to the wedding?

                         Yes, I'm goin', wouldn't miss it for 
                         the world.  If I did go to help on 
                         Aques, it would be a short trip.  We 
                         can collaborate on something in the 
                         future, it looks like this time I'll 
                         be staying.

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- DAY

               Avianna is in the commons room.  Eoron walks to where she is 

                         Hi, Can I join you?

                         Sure, I'm just thinking about today's 


                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         I downloaded all the information I 
                         could find on the planet Euresta.
                              (looks down)
                         I'm going to miss it here.  I like 
                         going to school and learning as much 
                         as I can.  I will really miss the 

                         Yeah, me too.  I will miss school, I 
                         hope it goes well.

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- NIGHT

               Eoron walks to Avianna's room.  Avianna comes out and they 
               walk toward the commons area.  There is a car sitting in the 
               parking area.  They walk up to the vehicle and get inside.  
               The vehicle flies off into the night sky.

               INT. SPACESHIP -- MORNING

               The colony ship is ready to launch.  Avianna is nervous as 
               she sits in a chair in the commons area of the small ships.  
               There are six passengers in the room, JERMANE, MEGEN, DR. 
               LOHAN, JOLENE, Eoron and Avianna.  

                                     LAUNCH CONTROL (V.O.)
                              (woman's voice 

                              (very fearful to Eoron)
                         Shouldn't we be getting hooked in or 

                              (very calm and cool 
                              looking, laughing)
                         You won't feel a thing.

                                     LAUNCH CONTROL (V.O.)
                              (continuing the count 

               There is a slight vibration.  Avianna nervously reaches to 
               grasp Eoron's arm.  Eoron is laughing.

                              (under her voice)
                         You won't feel a thing!
                              (looking at Eoron)
                         What's that?


                         That was us as we left Earth.  We 
                         should be almost past the moon by 
                         this moment.

                              (still nervous)
                         What?!  We are in space already?  
                         Can we go look out a window?

               A large dark skinned, female from the Caribbean speaks.

                         Honey, calm down.  You can't be going 
                         anywhere until we land on Aques in a 
                         month.  Then we will not be under 
                         the jurisdiction of Earth laws.  If 
                         we are found on this ship, we will 
                         be put into holding cells and returned 
                         to Earth.  Look around sugar...We've 
                         got fine digs.  We're gonna be havin' 
                         ourselves a party!  My name is MEGEN.  
                         Let's all introduce ourselves and 
                         say why we are here.

                              (calms down)
                         That's a great idea.  It's not so 
                         much that I'm worried.  It's just 
                         that I never dreamed I'd actually be 
                         in space someday, and here I am.  
                         It's just so amazing.

               JOLENE, grandma, with white hair sitting in the back comes 
               over to where Avianna is sitting.

                              (very sad)
                         I have to go.  My daughter and son-
                         in-law had been planning on having a 
                         baby and I don't know what happened 
                         to them.  I need to know.  That child 
                         deserves a future.  I just...

               JERMANE is an Australian with brown eyes and sandy blond 
               hair.  He is very good at computer simulation games.

                              (young man, speaks up)
                         My mother is there.  I tried to go 
                         on one of the official missions that 
                         are now missing as well.  They 
                         wouldn't let me go because of my 
                         age.  I've been training for this 
                         chance fighting in simulated 
                         environments for years.  I'm ready.

               Dr. Lohan is from India.


                                     DR. LOHAN
                         I was a doctor on Earth.  I was going 
                         to join my wife on Euresta after I 
                         finished a project on bone 
                         strengthening.  I too was not allowed 
                         on a previous mission, they in fact 
                         let no one join who had a relative 
                         missing on Euresta due to their 
                         possible emotional problems that 
                         could hamper the mission.

               Everyone is uncomfortably silent.


                              (looking at Avianna)
                         Can you believe we are actually flying 
                         through space?  I hope Mandy comes 
                         by soon.  She said she'd be down as 
                         soon as she got a chance to come 
                         unnoticed.  We've already been flying 
                         for several hours.  We must be out 
                         of the solar system by now.  Wow, 
                         what did you think of Jermane?  I 
                         thought he was a little strange, so 
                         quiet and having spent all that time 
                         in simulated fighting environments...I 
                         mean come on.

                         Yeah, I don't know about him.  He's 
                         probably just not spent much "real 
                         time" with humans before.  I thought 
                         he was kinda cute.

                              (rolls eyes)

               There is a knock on the door.

                         Come in.

                              (worried looking, 
                              hush voice)
                         We have done our best to camouflage 
                         this area and block all sound, but 
                         let's not take any chances.  We don't 
                         want the ship's sensors detecting 
                         you.  I'll be reminding all of the 
                         stowaways to stay very quiet.  I 
                         thought you two might want to have a 
                         look out the ship's exterior windows 
                         into space.
                              (wink and smile)


                                     EORON / AVIANNA
                              (enthusiastic whispers 

                         Ok, then you two follow me.  But do 
                         not talk!  We will be going out of 
                         the camouflaged shield making these 
                         spacecraft look like "aquatic 
                         vehicles".  The colony supply ship 
                         is designed with windows all around, 
                         even here in the cargo area.  We 
                         will walk over to the window and 
                         stay for just five minutes.  Follow 
                         me closely and quietly.  You may 
                         discuss when you get back into the 
                         camouflaged area.  Got it?

                                     EORON /AVIANNA

               They put on soft pullover shoes and follow Mandy.

               INT. CARGO HOLD -- CONTINUOUS

               They slowly walk out of the camouflage into the cargo hold 
               area.  Following Mandy, they walk pass other vehicles, 
               machines and containers until that walk to a very large 
               window.  Avianna reaches out and touches the transparent 
               nano-shield.  Stars are zipping by in a rainbow of colors.  
               Mandy looks at them and smiles.  

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                              (thinking to herself)
                         Wow...If only kids of my time could 
                         see this.  If time travel is ever 
                         possible, like even Einstein and 
                         others have shown is theoretically 
                         possible.  I have to send my story 
                         to kids of my time.  They have to 
                         know how the future can be.

               Avianna keeps looking with awe out the window.  After a time, 
               Mandy silently motions them to walk back to the camouflaged 


               As the door seals behind them, Eoron looks at Avianna and 
               then to Mandy.

                         Thanks, Mandy, for all that you've 
                         done.  I'm so proud to have you as 
                         my big sis!
                              (hugs her)


               Avianna walks over to Mandy and hugs her also.

                         Thank you.  I don't know how to tell 
                         you how much this means to me.  I 
                         really appreciate you inviting me on 
                         this mission.  This is awesome, to 
                         be here in space.  I'm not afraid of 
                         what may come.  I know what I have 
                         to do now...Mandy, you just have to 
                         let everyone else go to have a look!

                         Yes, of course.  I will come back, 
                         but I do not want to be gone from my 
                         post or my quarters too long.  I 
                         don't want it to be noticed that I'm 
                         gone.  Someone may discover that 
                         I've programmed my room to appear 
                         that I'm there for the ship's 
                         monitoring system, when I'm actually 

               Mandy opens the door and walks out.

                              (very happy)
                         Eoron, when we were out there, I had 
                         the most brilliant idea!  I want to 
                         write a book about my adventure all 
                         of what is happened, what will happen-- 
                         and send it to 21st Century Kids, so 
                         that they can learn about the future.

                         Cool idea!  Doesn't that break some 
                         time travel laws...
                              (he stops laughing, 
                              and becomes serious)
                         You know, what if we don't make it?  
                         If we make it and you write the book 
                         and send it back in time, then 
                         shouldn't we be famous and know about 

                         I guess your right.  I never saw or 
                         heard of any books about us in school.  
                         Maybe that means we won't survive 
                         this trip.

               They both look scared. 


               EXT. PLANET AQUES -- LATER

               The colony ship lands on a small artificial island on the 
               planet Aques.  The crew disembarks from the ship and meets 
               with a group of people and robots.  The camouflaged ships 
               are being transferred to the surface.


                         You ready for a real view?  I'm going 
                         to disengage our camouflage now!

               A bright blue light streams through the windows.  Everyone 
               has to block the light for a moment as their eyes adjust.

               EXT. PLANET AQUES -- DAY

               A group of people is standing on the surface.  The robots 
               are dressed in blue robes.  They have the official seal of 
               the Planet Aques hanging on their chests.  Mandy is in the 
               group with the Official Earth Representatives.  They are 
               talking rapidly and gesturing.  Dr. Lohan, Mandy, and HAMELEN 
               walk quickly toward the spaceships.


               Dr. Lohan walks into the commons room and looks at everyone 

                                     DR. LOHAN
                         We'll have to leave the planet 
                         immediately.  I'm sorry that there 
                         will be no sightseeing on Aques.  
                         The Earth representatives want us to 
                         return with them under their law.  
                         They are threatening to cut off 
                         certain supplies to Aques, if Aques 
                         grants us any amnesty.  I'm afraid 
                         that, if we do not leave soon, they 
                         may try to take us by force.  If any 
                         of you wish to leave the mission and 
                         return to Earth, you may now do so.

               Everyone looks around and remains silent.

                         Fortunately, our ships are fully 
                         prepared.  We will lift off in five 
                         minutes.  We do not have much time 
                         for explanations.  We'll have plenty 
                         of time for all of that on our three 
                         months to Euresta.  I'd like to 
                         introduce you to Hamelen, the man 
                         who funded a lot of this private 
                         mission and has helped me with all 
                         of the planning.  He is a very good 
                         friend of mine.


               Mandy gestures to Hamelen.  He smiles and puts his arm around 
               Mandy.  Dr. Hamelen is a tall, dark haired European.

                         Yes, we are very good friends
                              (he winks at Mandy, 
                              then is serious)
                         I was an official in the Earth Space 
                         Program and highly respected, but 
                         now I fear that I have lost that.  I 
                         don't know if I could ever earn that 
                         back.  It is up to us now to go to 
                         Euresta and see if we can't redeem 
                         ourselves.  I'm glad to see that no 
                         one has wanted to leave the mission.  
                         At this time, I will be making ship 
                         assignments, so this is your last 

               No one speaks up.  The room is silent.

                                     HAMELEN (CONT'D)
                              (faster tone)
                         Ok, then, let's get going.  I have 
                         given much thought to where our 
                         members will be most useful on the 
                         mission.  Avianna, Eoron, Jermane 
                         and Megen will be on ship "one".  
                         Mandy, Jolene, Dr. Lohan and I will 
                         be on ship "two".  Avianna and Mandy 
                         will be in charge of monitoring their 
                         ship's environmental levels.  Eoron 
                         and I will both be navigators and 
                         pilots for our ships.  Megen and 
                         Jolene will both be in charge of 
                         repairing their ship's systems as we 
                         travel.  Finally, Jermane and Dr. 
                         Lohan will be in charge of our defense 
                         mechanisms and preparing appropriate 
                         weaponry when we reach Euresta.  
                         Please go to the ship that you are 
                         assigned to.  We are leaving in two 
                         minutes.  If you have any questions, 
                         save them for after we have taken 
                         off.  We must hurry!

               Everyone scatters toward the doors of their respective ships.

               EXT. SPACESHIP -- AFTERNOON

               The commons room splits in two and retracts, melting into 
               each ship.



               The crews climb a short five-rung ladders into their cockpit 
               areas and climb into their seats.  The engines are warming 
               up.  Avianna looks out a window and sees the U-shaped bed 
               forms on the beach for the dolphins to use while in robotic 


                                     LAUNCH CONTROL (V.O.)
                              (female voice of the 
                              ship's computer)

               Liftoff!  The ships rise quickly into the sky.  The island 
               becomes a small dot and then the planet becomes a small dot.


               Eoron with his headset on, linking him to the ship, turns to 
               look at Avianna, grinning. 

                         Pretty Cool, Huh?  How'd I do?  The 
                         ship is in automatic mode now and is 
                         linked with the other ship.  Dr. 
                         Hamelen and I will take turns checking 
                         that we are on course, comparing our 
                         surrounding with our galaxy map.  We 
                         should be fine and at Euresta in two 
                         months and three weeks, a wee bit 
                         ahead of schedule.

                         Oh my gosh...Eoron, thank you, thank 
                         you for inviting me.

               Avianna walks over to Eoron and gives him a hug.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Thanks, Eoron, for everything your 
                         family has done for me.  I'm really 
                         lucky to be here.  You've done an 
                         awesome job.

                              (smiles and blushes)
                         Well, I don't know what we'll find 
                         on Euresta.  I hope we made the right 
                         decision...No matter what; it was 
                         worth it just to see all this for 
                         real, to be here in space, in real 
                         time, not just a simulation.  And 
                         I'm glad you came.

               Avianna starts to blush.


                              (nods his head)
                         Come on now, you two lovebirds.

                         Hey!  That's not very nice.  We're 
                         just friends.  Aren't you just in 
                         total awe of being here?

                         For me this is the boring, real space, 
                         compared to what I'm used to being 
                         in.  One of my favorite games is to 
                         battle aliens in space.  All this 
                         traveling is so mellow.  I'm glad 
                         that I can play games in my room.  I 
                         am excited to learn more about what 
                         weapons we'll be preparing, though.  
                         Now, that will be fun.

                         Oh, Jermane, real-time can't be that 
                         boring for you, now can it?  I need 
                         this time of our trip to do further 
                         studying.  I've been learning 
                         mechanics.  This ship is self-
                         repairing, but I must still study 
                         how it works, and how to fix things 
                         if the ship is unable to.  When we 
                         land, there may be no power source 
                         but our ship.  I'm looking into 
                         primitive techniques of making things.  

                         That's great!  I think we have a 
                         wonderful team.  Hopefully things 
                         won't be that primitive on the 
                         surface, but, in the mean time until 
                         we get there, I have a lot of studying 
                         as well.  I need to learn ASAP how 
                         to keep this ship's environmental 
                         levels safe for humans.

                              (with exasperation)
                         I hope they have full simulation of 
                         my favorite games in my room here.  
                         I had looked into one of the doors 
                         when I got on, and all our rooms 
                         were converted to their natural state 
                         when the camouflaging was removed.  
                         I know that we will not be able to 
                         manipulate them as mush, since so 
                         much power is needed for our 
                         acceleration through space.


                         Yeah, let's go check our rooms.  
                         Hey, I bet we'll each have our own 
                         window into space now!  That will be 
                         so cool!  We can just look out in 
                         real-time to where we are in the 
                         universe, any time!

               INT. SPACESHIP -- LATER

               Avianna is looking at a three dimensional map of the galaxy 
               on a table in her room.  It shows a little silver dot for 
               the ship near a larger green dot for the planet Euresta.  
               Eoron comes into the room and sits next to Avianna.  He 
               reaches over to the control on the map and zooms in on the 
               Euresta's solar system.  There is a red giant in the center 
               and the planet Euresta's orbit in green.  A moon in orange 
               is also visible.

                              (pointing at the moon)
                         That is where we are going first, it 
                         is Agras, Euresta's moon.  We'll 
                         land there, on the dark side, first-- 
                         so that we can be hidden and watch 
                         Euresta for life forms, but it won't 
                         be easy!  The moon is volcanic and 
                         always lit up with eruptions.

                         How have you done in the simulations?

                         Crash and burn!  All my simulations 
                         of landing on Agras had failed.  I 
                         will just have to "wing it" in real 

                              (holds his hand)
                         I know you can do it.  Just trust in 
                         yourself.  I trust you.

               EXT. SPACESHIP -- LATER

               The spaceships come up behind Agras so they can't seen by 
               the planet.  Ship "one" makes the first approach toward the 
               moon.  It goes down at a steep angle as the volcanoes are 


               Everyone is in their seats in the cockpit area.  The ship 
               shakes and shudders as it twist and turns.  Eoron's face 
               becomes bright red as he concentrates.


               Eoron jerks the ship just in time to avoid being hit by a 
               large spray of lava.  Then he sees a clear landing area, and 
               sets down.  Avianna and Megen go over to Eoron and give him 
               a hug.  Jermane walks over and gives Eoron a hi-five.

               INT. SPACESHIP -- LATER

               Jermane, Megen, Eoron and Avianna attend a meeting on ship 
               "two" in holographic form.

                         That was good work Eoron.  I also 
                         failed in the simulations.  It takes 
                         real skill to make a landing like 

               Eoron smiles.

                                     HAMELEN (CONT'D)
                         Now the hard choices.  How long do 
                         we stay here?  When do we attempt a 
                         landing on the planet?

                         We need to take lasers and nano-
                         shields to the planet.  We don't 
                         know what happened to the colony.

                         Right, defense is always a good idea.

                         We have a month's supply of food.  
                         That should give us time to search 
                         the city.

                              (shows a backpack)
                         I designed this backpack.  It will 
                         give us a larger portable power source 
                         than just our suits would.  The white 
                         color reflects sunlight and can turn 
                         to camouflage if needed.  On the 
                         planet we will be wearing these nano-
                         armor suits.

                         Good...I think that we are ready.

                         Umm...It might be best not to land 
                         in the city, but just outside of it.  
                         So that we won't be seen if anything 
                         hostile is there.  We can hike into 
                         the city while keeping watch for 
                         anything suspicious.


                         Very good, Avianna.  I like your 

               EXT. PLANET EURESTA -- DAY

               The two ships land in a clearing just outside the city.  
               After landing, the ships use nano-shields to camouflage 

               INT. SPACESHIP -- LATER

               Inside the cockpit area Avianna unstraps herself and walks 
               over to Eoron.

                         Great landing, Eoron

               Eoron smiles back to Avianna.

               EXT. SPACESHIP -- MORNING

               The ship lands in a clearing next to a waterfall.  Jermane 
               ventures beyond the camouflage nano-shield onto the surface 
               of the planet.  He slips into the jungle, crouches, with a 
               weapon drawn towards the direction of the city, then quickly 

                                     JERMANE (V.O.)
                         I found a path that we can follow.  
                         It is overgrown, but heads toward 
                         the city.

                                     HAMELEN (V.O.)
                         Everyone listen.  We will go in this 
                         order:  I will lead, then Jermane, 
                         Megen, Mandy, Jolene, Avianna; Eoron 
                         and Dr. Lohan would take up the rear.  
                         Is this clear?

               The line heads toward the jungle along the path.  Giant bugs 
               fly by and one almost knocks over Avianna.

               EXT. CITY OF ARMISTON -- DAY

               The jungle is creeping into the city.  Vines are covering 
               over the buildings around the edge of the city.  Jermane has 
               his hand on his laser belt.  The group stops in a plaza near 
               a playground.

                                     HAMELEN (V.O.)
                         Dr. Lohan, you have consulted the 
                         map, haven't you?  Do you think the 
                         space station is beyond that 
                         government building?  I think we can 
                         get clues there.


                                     HAMELEN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         The people would have gone there if 
                         they needed military defense, or if 
                         they were trying to get off the 
                         planet.  Please keep all conversations 
                         telepathic, as we are to maintain 
                         utmost silence.

                                     DR. LOHAN (V.O.)
                              (shaking head up and 
                         Yes, I agree.  I studied the city 
                         map while we hiked.  I think we should 
                         split up into two groups: one to 
                         visit the space station and the 
                         government building that you will 
                         lead, Hamelen, with Megen, Mandy and 
                         Jolene; the other I will head to 
                         search the hospital for signs of 
                         what happened in case we are dealing 
                         with a disease.  We will take proper 
                         precautions.  The hospital is at the 
                         other end of the city.  We can meet 
                         up after four hours here at the plaza 
                         to report on what we've found.  How 
                         does that sound?
                              (looking solemn)

               Hamelen is standing still, with his right hand stroking his 
               chin.  Then he moves toward Dr. Lohan.

                                     HAMELEN (V.O.)
                         All right.  That sounds good.  We 
                         will implement it, effective 

               Dr. Lohan starts walking out of the plaza.

                                     DR. LOHAN (V.O.)
                         Ok, then, Eoron, Jermane and Avianna, 
                         come with me.  I don't think we should 
                         contact each other from across the 
                         city, and we should speak as little 
                         as possible, even telepathically.  
                         We need to keep all electrical signals 
                         to a minimum.  Let's all stay quiet 
                         and safe.  Good luck to both parties!
                              (turns to smile and 

               One party walks to the right and the other to the left.  Dr. 
               Lohan's group walks along the city streets where they see 
               art museums, office buildings, and the school that is the 
               tallest building in the city.  There is no power, and bits 
               of plants and leaves are scattered about.  They can see 
               through the clear walls of the buildings as they walk to the 
               hospital.  This is a dead city.


               INT. HOSPITAL -- AFTERNOON

               The party walks in the entrance area of the hospital. 

                                     DR. LOHAN (V.O.)
                              (turns and smiles at 
                              the party)
                         This is similar to the facility I 
                         was working in on Earth just four 
                         months ago; it just hasn't been 
                         updated for six years.  We'll go 
                         inside and see if they had implemented 
                         the technology that should have been 
                         brought in on the last colony supply 
                         ship that disappeared.  Everyone don 
                         your nano-shield air-filtration masks.

               Dr. Lohan walks around the main room, glancing into the side 
               rooms.  He motions the party to go down the main hallway.

                                     DR. LOHAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         The supply ship did not update their 
                         technology.  They have the older 
                         style medical replication machines.  
                         This facility appears not to have 
                         been used for six years, the dust is 
                         thick.  I want to check the main 
                         power source for the building, to 
                         see if it looks operational.

               Dr. Lohan stops short after glancing into a side room.  There 
               is a human skeleton lying crooked on the bed.  He looks it 

                                     DR. LOHAN (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         This is a woman's skeleton.  I wish 
                         I knew what she died from, but I 
                         would need to use computer-assisted 
                         analysis.  She must have died after 
                         all of the other humans left, as her 
                         remains were not cared for.

               The party moves on down the hallway to some downward steps 
               to the power source room.

               INT. POWER ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

               The power generators are completely dismantled, all torn 
               apart, several pieces scattered around in heaps on the floor.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Who or what could have done this?

                                     JERMANE (V.O.)
                              (grave tone)
                         It certainly was not human friendly.  
                         It's probably what did that woman 


               Jermane is holding the laser up as he moves quickly towards 
               the wall next to the entrance.  He gestures for the rest of 
               the party to walk over to the wall for protection as well.  
               He takes the lead with his laser ready.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Well, maybe you're right, but at 
                         least it looked like the woman had 
                         not been eaten, I mean her skeleton 
                         was intact and had not been gnawed 

               Jermane turns to look at Avianna, and rolls his eyes.

                                     JERMANE (V.O.)
                         Whatever killed her probably sucked 
                         out all of her blood.

                                     EORON (V.O.)
                         Hey now, we just don't know.  She 
                         probably died as Dr. Lohan suggested, 
                         while waiting for treatment.  Then 
                         the bugs around here eat her flesh 
                         and organs.

                                     DR. LOHAN (V.O.)
                              (interrupting the 
                              argument, loudly)
                         Apparently, something dismantled the 
                         power systems of this city and must 
                         have caused the disappearance of 
                         every inhabitant.  It would take the 
                         full power of both our ships to repair 
                         this and even that would still take 
                         several hours; hours that no doubt 
                         would alert whatever caused this 
                         destruction in the first place that 
                         we are here.  I wonder if the other 
                         group has found out about this.  I 
                         think we should head over to them 
                         immediately and tell them what we 
                         have found.

                                     JERMANE (V.O.)
                         Yes, exactly.  Just stick closely 
                         together.  I will walk ahead to check 
                         our route, and then signal for you 
                         to come.  Eoron, you lead them, OK?

               Eoron is surprised; he raises his eyebrows and nods in 
               agreement.  Dr. Lohan also nods in agreement.


               Jermane walks down the hall towards the lobby while the party 
               waits in partial concealment.


                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         It's too bad that paper hasn't been 
                         in use for a long time.  If it was 
                         the time I'm from, we might have 
                         found written records on paper, and 
                         perhaps notes from colonists.  They 
                         could at least have left notes about 
                         what they saw, what was happening to 
                         them.  Then we'd know what to watch 
                         out for.  This is creepy.

                                     JERMANE (V.O.)
                         Bugs would have eaten any paper in 
                         this place anyway.  Now, just be 
                         quiet, so I can focus on getting us 
                         out of here.

               Jermane has his weapon to his chest ready to fire.  Everyone 
               pulls out their weapons as they walk toward the entrance.


               The party walks pass the plaza and moves in the direction of 
               the other party to the space station.  They hear Hamelen's 
               voice in the distance.  

                                     HAMELEN (O.S.)
                              (in a loud forced 
                         There are only four of us.  Our ship 
                         left us here.  It is orbiting the 
                         planet and will be looking for us.

               Jermane instantly motions the party to be quiet and to follow 
               him.  He leads them into a passageway between two buildings.  
               They sit down quietly in the cramped space.  Eoron grabs 
               Avianna's arm.  They hear Hamelen again.

                                     HAMELEN (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                              (strained and weak)
                         Please...get out of...our heads.  
               !...Stop the 
                         pain!...Please stop...We will 
                              (noises of intense 
                our ship peacefully...without 
                         harming you.

               Eoron tightens his grip on Avianna as he appears to see 
               something, then he tugs on her shoulder.

                                     HAMELEN (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                              (intense pain)


               There are noises from the other party as if they are in pain.  
               Jermane motions his party to stay silent and stay sitting.  
               He gets up and walks silently around the corner of the 
               building.  He comes back and motions the party to follow.  
               They walk around the corner and see what he is pointing at, 
               the entrance to the Euresta Space Station.  There is a tunnel 
               leading to a subterranean passageway.  Signs of struggling 
               are left on the ground.

               Jermane walks to the edge of the tunnel and peers down the 
               hole while turning his head to listen.  Then he turns to 
               look at the party and shakes his head back and forth to say 
               "no".  He then walks back to them and they rapidly walk back 
               to the jungle path they first came from.


               The party runs though the jungle as the noises of the wildlife 
               cover their noises.

                         Jermane, Dr. Lohan, Avianna, please 
                         stop for a moment.  I have something 
                         to tell you.

               The party stops for a rest near a moss covered log that had 
               fallen across the path.  There are little red bugs crawling 
               on the log.

                                     EORON (CONT'D)
                         Mandy, my sister, set her personal 
                         recorder to direct feed into my brain.  
                         I...I...I saw what she saw.  I saw 
                              (choking back tears 
                              and regaining 
                         I saw them!
                              (looks at Avianna)
                         Avianna, it's from your time, the 
                         stories of the little gray aliens 
                         with big black eye and pointed chins?  
                         They weren't just stories they were 


                         It looked like them, but these 
                         creatures were a little taller and 
                         had a bit of long, wispy, human hair, 
                         as they had some human in them.


                                     EORON (CONT'D)
                         As if those stories from your time 
                         about aliens abducting humans and 
                         extracting eggs for their own breeding 
                         purposes were real.  I will transmit 
                         the image over to you.

                              (shocked, sees image 
                              in her mind)
                         No way!  It couldn't be.

                         Yes, Avianna.  My sister set her 
                         recorder to feed directly to my brain.  
                         I saw them controlling the humans as 
                         if they were mere puppets.

                              (panic rising)
                         Oh, my gosh.  If it is true, what 
                         are we going to do?

                         Let's get moving back to our ships.  
                         That's our only hope.

                                     DR. LOHAN
                              (nods in agreement)
                         Absolutely no noise or telepathy.  
                         They may suspect that Hamelen was 
                         lying, or they simply may have been 
                         able to read his mind.  We don't 
                         know.  We'll proceed with caution.

                              (calms down)
                         Come on, Avianna, what are you doing?

               The others in the party were walking away along the path.

                         It's just that...

               Eoron is walking away to catch the others.  Avianna stands 
               up and follows them.  They are going back to the river.

               Jermane activates his nano-shield as he walks into the 
               clearing.  As he walks towards the nano-shield of the ships, 
               a hole opens for him in the camouflage.  At the same moment 
               from behind the waterfall, the aliens rapidly trek out to 

               Jermane sees them and aims his laser, but as the shield comes 
               down so he can fire, the aliens mentally take control of his 
               body.  The weapon fires into the jungle.  Jermane struggles 
               to break free, but the aliens move toward him.


               As one alien controls Jermane, two other aliens go inside 
               the hole in the nano-shield to destroy the ships.  Eoron, 
               Dr. Lohan and Avianna run back into the jungle.

                              (whispers urgently)
                         Go!  Don't stop!  We'll meet at the 
                         city hospital, if we make it.

               As Eoron and Avianna run past Dr. Lohan, Avianna feels a 
               force of pain stopping her.  Avianna and Dr. Lohan freeze 
               and turn to the aliens.  They slowly are moved toward the 
               aliens, fighting to break free.  Then she and Dr. Lohan are 
               floating in the air and being drug behind them.  They enter 
               a cave behind the waterfall.  Eoron gets away.

               INT. CAVE -- MOMENTS LATER

               Avianna, Dr. Lohan, and Jermane are in a dark room in the 

                              (starts to speak)
                              (but the pain is too 

               There is a red glow up ahead as they float further down the 
               cave.  The triangular room has a silver dome top, that red 
               light enters through to illuminate the room.  There are three 
               ornate chairs with the center chair sitting higher then the 
               other two.  They have some mathematical looking script writing 
               on them.

               Five aliens wearing maroon and gold robes stride into the 
               room.  Jermane, Dr. Lohan and Avianna are floated down to 
               the floor.  The alien in the center stares at Dr. Lohan.

                                     DR. LOHAN
                         We are only here to find out what 
                         happened to the humans that built a 
                         city on the surface of the planet.  
                         Can you tell me about them?  Who are 
                         you?  What are your people called?
                              (looking at the leader, 
                              for a long pause)
                         No, there are not any more coming.  
                         This was a private mission not funded 
                         by the government- our planet's 
                         rulers.  Will you not answer my 

               The Eurestan sits up in the chair and makes a slight motion 
               with its hand, and the personal recorders, backpacks and 
               weapons belts are removed and swiftly ripped apart by the 
               other Eurestans.


               Avianna, Jermane, and Dr. Lohan are floated up in the air 
               and moved into one of the tunnels leading from the main room.  
               They stop at a metal door with glowing triangular symbols on 
               it.  The door opens and they are floated to another silver 
               door, the first door shuts behind them.  They are in darkness.  
               Avianna remembers the globe that Ioe gave her, she twists 
               the globe to make it glow brightly.

                                     DR. LOHAN (CONT'D)
                         Is everyone all right?

               Everyone looks around.

                         Wow, that light is great, Avianna!  
                         Maybe we can find a way to get out 
                         of here.

                         Yeah, this place gives me the creeps.  
                         It reminds me of the gas chambers I 
                         saw at Holocaust museum in my time.  
                         It looks like they are just going to 
                         exterminate us.

               Jermane is pushing and feeling around the door and Dr. Lohan 
               is using his fingers to find a edge on the door.

                                     DR. LOHAN
                         Well, we haven't been in here very 
                         long, but I think a gas would have 
                         been released by now.

                         Look, they are!  They are going to 
                         kill us!
                              (pointing up at a 
                              white mist)

                         No!  Help us!  Please don't do this!

               They all panic, are scratching and pounding at the door trying 
               to open it.  They lose consciousness.

               INT. HOLDING CELL -- MORNING

               There is a woman standing over the left side of Avianna's 
               bed.  Avianna opens her eyes and looks around.  The brightest 
               light is coming from her orb, and then there is a faint pink 
               light coming trough a triangular door in the corner that is 
               the size of a human child.  Then she closes her eyes.


                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                              (strong, clear 
                              beautiful voice)
                         Avianna?  Are you awake?  I was 
                         worried you'd have a reaction to 
                         their gas.

               Little Avianna looks at the adult Avianna, she sits up on 
               the side of the moss bed.

                         Avianna?  The famous Avianna of Earth 
                         and Armiston and my...

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                              (hugs Avianna, with 
                         I'm so glad that you were not harmed 
                         by their gas.  Oh, should I call you 
                         my little sis or my big sis?  You 
                         were born before me but I'm older 
                         than you.
                              (she smiles and winks)

                         You should definitely call me your 
                         big sister!

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         Well, actually, since you are smaller 
                         than me, you'll be my little sister 
                         until you grow up, all right?

                              (smiles and nods)
                         Oh, ok. I can't believe that I 
                         actually found you!  That is why I 
                         joined the mission.  I wanted to 
                         help you.  
                              (looks down, sad)
                         I'm sorry I failed.  I was captured, 
                         too.  What are those creatures?

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         The Eurestans evolved in the caverns 
                         of this planet and naturally developed 
                         strong telepathy.  My "friend" ARMENY; 
                         one of the Eurestans, who is...well, 
                         a friend of sorts.  
                              (rolls eyes and smiles)
                         Armeny is more like a human and had 
                         developed what seems like a small 
                         amount of empathy.  They reproduce 
                         asexually, so Armeny is neither male 
                         nor female.    


                                     CLONE AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                              (smiles at little 
                         Armeny even predicted your arrival 
                         from their knowledge of ancient Earth 
                         book written for the children of the 
                         twenty-first century.

                         What?!  A book?  My book idea?  To 
                         send my story back in time?  It really 
                         made it?  But why didn't I know about 
                         it then?

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         Yes, it did, but the Eurestans erased 
                         the knowledge of it in the head of 
                         any person that read it.  They also 
                         actively destroyed the books they 
                         found, so fewer humans would read 
                         it.  They did not want to be 
                         discovered by the human race.  But, 
                         most importantly, they were terrified 
                         by the contents of the book.  In it, 
                         they saw a prophecy showing the 
                         destruction of their race.  They 
                         were determined to change history 
                         and make it not come true.

                         But...They are still here today 
                         keeping us captive!  

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         The Eurestans were once very advanced 
                         technologically.  They were vast in 
                         numbers and they developed space 
                         travel.  They discovered Earth and 
                         we've learned of eleven other 
                         inhabitable planets.  They knew of 
                         seven more than humans did when we'd 
                         last had contact six years ago.
                              (raises eyebrows to 
                              question the facts)

                         Yes, that is still the same, as far 
                         as I know.  I've been gone for about 
                         five months now, and we still only 
                         knew of Earth, Aques, Ikaria, and 
                         Euresta when I left.

               EXT. EARTH -- DAY

               Show crop circles from Earth.  


                                     CLONE AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         One of the planets they discovered 
                         was a warring planet.  These predators 
                         had visited Earth.  In your time, 
                         they left crop circles to guide others 
                         to where the best sources of blood 
                         were.  They usually drained the blood 
                         of cows since they were so large, 
                         plentiful and easy to catch.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         I knew it!  Aliens did those!

               INT. CAVE

               Show "hand to hand" fighting between the two aliens.  The 
               predators are bug looking creatures about the same size as 
               the Eurestans.

                                     CLONE AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         These predators had attacked Euresta.  
                         On Euresta the largest source of 
                         blood are the Eurestans.  A fierce 
                         battle ensued between these planets 
                         Euresta developed a weapon that could 
                         destroy all life on a planet and the 
                         predator planet became inhospitable 
                         to life.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         So that must be when the crop circle 
                         phenomenon ended on Earth.

               INT. FLYING SAUCER

               Show Eurestans on board the flying saucer.  They are in a 
               lab with a blonde girl on a slab.  They are using a long 
               needle like device on her abdomen area. 

                                     CLONE AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         When the Eurestans encountered a new 
                         planet, they would observe and test 
                         its species without empathy.  They 
                         hid their presence and blocked the 
                         memory of their being there.  On 
                         Earth, they abducted some humans, 
                         extracted their eggs, and mixed the 
                         species.  Eurestans became different, 
                         as you see them today, part human.


               Adult Avianna stands up and paces the room.  Then she sits 
               down on the moss bed next to little Avianna.


                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         My brother Avryn and I organized a 
                         colonization ship.  We came initially 
                         with 3,200 people, robots, and a few 
                         dolphins, and built the city of 
                         Armiston.  Our population grew over 
                         the first six years to 12,000.  We 
                         had idyllic, living community!

               Adult Avianna smiles proudly, and then looks down, sad. 

                                     CLONE AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Then people began disappearing.  We 
                         detected a large life source that 
                         seemed to be inside the planet, but 
                         didn't know what it was.  Explorers 
                         that tried to find the source 
                         disappeared.  Even the robots we 

                         So, what happen?

               EXT. PLANET EURESTA -- DAY

               Show Elvine, a blue and white humanoid robot, chasing an 
               alien into a tunnel. 

                                     CLONE AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         A dolphin named Elvine, in humanoid 
                         robot form, came back from an 
                         expedition holding the unconscious 
                         body of a strange creature.  The 
                         sight of it struck fear to all who 
                         saw it...the stuff of long ago legends 
                         and nightmares.  It's part of human 
                         mythos from your time.  They have a 
                         long, thin, grayish-pink body with a 
                         big head, big, black eyes and a 
                         pointed chin.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         I still can't believe it!


               Elvine places the alien into a holding cell in the space 
               station.  The alien wakes up and controls the humans to let 
               it go. 

                                     CLONE AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         Elvine told us that he had detected 
                         movement during the early morning, 
                         while it was still dark.


                                     CLONE AVIANNA (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         He had followed it to a tunnel, 
                         stunned it and brought it to a holding 
                         cell at the space station.  When it 
                         regained consciousness, none of us 
                         knew the extreme telepathic powers 
                         that it had.  It simply controlled 
                         the humans in the building forcing 
                         them to release it.


               The alien runs out of the city staggers when the sunlight 
               hits it, but then regains speed as it slips into the jungle.  
               Robots are following.  It runs back into a tunnel.  The robots 
               lose it. 

                                     CLONE AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         As soon as the sunlight faded, they 
                         attacked.  We didn't even have time 
                         to send messages to Earth for help, 
                         we had to try and survive.  Thousands 
                         of them swarmed into key locations 
                         in our city to dismantle 
                         simultaneously all of our power 
                         sources.  Fighting flared up 
                         throughout Armiston.  Humans and 
                         robots were firing lasers, but they 
                         were simply overpowered with the 
                         Eurestans overwhelming numbers.
                         The creatures would simply focus on 
                         the human brain and literally fry it 
                         inside the skull, using microwave 
                         frequencies to heat the water inside 
                         the brain.  The creatures were able 
                         to dismantle robots by swarming them.  
                         The battle went on for days.

                                     AVIANNA (V.O.)
                         How horrible!


               Return to the girls sitting on the side of the moss bed. 

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                              (puts arm around little 
                         Sadly, Avryn died while saving my 
                         life.  Three robots got away only 
                         five humans were captured.  The rest 
                         were killed in the conflict.
                              (starts crying)


                         I'm so sorry about all of them and 
                         about Avryn.  I wish I could have 
                         met him.  
                              (hugging Clone Avianna)
                         So, that means that Avalyse is still 
                         out there?

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         Yes, she is one of the robots that 
                         got away.  You look just like me as 
                         a child.
                              (petting her head 

                              (points to the red 
                              tinted light)
                         Hey, can't we get out through wherever 
                         that light is coming from?

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         There is a clear dome covering the 
                         top of the city.  The red tint comes 
                         from a tunnel to the surface.  We 
                         cannot penetrate it.

                         If only we had our technology, we 
                         could block the signals or something.  
                         Maybe the robots could, but we can't 
                         even contact them, can we?

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         I have hoped to persuade Armeny to 
                         make contact with the robots on our 
                         behalf, but Armeny is too fearful 
                         the robots will only kill it.

                         I'd like to talk to this creature, 

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         Armeny is more human than any other 
                         Eurestan I've seen, and it even thinks 
                         it is related to our family line.  
                         You in particular are part of their 
                         legends.  If the Eurestans had known 
                         who you were, they would have killed 
                         you.  You were lucky no one said or 
                         thought your name on the way here.  
                         Armeny has always thought that you 
                         were going to meet it, that it is 
                         foretold in the prophecy of the book 
                         they suppressed in your time.  I've 
                         always thought that is the reason it 
                         comes around.


                         Wow!  Really?  Mom said that maybe 
                         she was abducted when she was a girl 

               Avianna looks up thinking and gets an idea. 

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Hum...Maybe...I prophesied that it 
                         help us!  There...I will now: Armeny 
                         will help us!

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         The religious fanatics holding 
                         ideological sway over all the 
                         Eurestans have convinced them that 
                         the humans are dangerous and cannot 
                         be let go.  But, a few of them, like 
                         Armeny, say that we should be let 
                         go...But they have no political 

                         It sounds like political 
                         indecisiveness on their part is 
                         keeping all of us here in limbo: how 
                         human of them!

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         Armeny thinks that, since extremists 
                         were slowly killing off the humans 
                         before we were captured, we are safer 
                         here...we are guarded and contained.

                         Can you show me around here?

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         O.K., after six years we've developed 
                         our own "primitive" ways of doing 
                         things.  We grow our own food and 
                         have children the old natural way.  
                         There are only 212 of us, including 
                         eighteen children under the age of 
                         six all born in captivity.

               Avianna gets out of bed and walks through a short triangular 
               tunnel to a large underground plaza.

               INT. UNDERGROUND CITY -- DAY

               In the underground city, moss grows on the walls.  There are 
               triangular doors of different sizes along the walls and large 
               white flowers scattered about.  There are also benches with 
               moss growing on them in the plaza area.  The large chamber 
               is crowded with adults and a few children playing in the 
               open field.


               A woman nursing her child is sitting on steps in front of 
               her room.  They have a large white flower filled with air 
               and the children are batting it like a balloon.   

               BENJAMEN, a handsome tall Chinese man, is walking up to little 
               Avianna and adult Avianna.

                              (to clone Avianna)
                         Oh, Avianna, my darling.  So this is 
                         the little Avianna I've heard so 
                         much about!
                              (shaking little 
                              Avianna's hand)

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                              (looks down at Avianna)
                         Let me introduce you, BENJAMEN, to 
                         my little sister, Avianna; Avianna, 
                         this is Benjamen, my husband.

                         You're married?

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         Yes, and we have a four-year-old 
                         girl named Valery.  She's in school 
                         right now with all the children over 
                         the age of four.

                              (beaming with 
                         I'm an aunt!  I've been an aunt all 
                         this time!  Wow, I can't wait to 
                         meet her!

                         Oh, what shall we call you then?  
                         How about "little Avianna"?

                         Uh, I did have a nickname in my time: 

                         Well then, we shall call you Avi.
                         Avianna, love, I was just now coming 
                         to give you a report on the others 
                         from Avi's mission: All are doing 
                              (pauses, looking at 
                              little Avianna)
                         I'm the group's doctor.  I have been 
                         able to maintain our health very 
                         well in these primitive conditions.


                                     BENJAMEN (CONT'D)
                         The nano-bots in our bodies have 
                         been self-replicating and repairing, 
                         but we've all become more natural.
                              (pauses, turns to 
                              look at adult Avianna)
                         Dr. Lohan may have some new ideas 
                         for us.  He is on tour with Jolene, 
                         Hamelen, and Mandy, being led by his 
                         wife, Veronica.  They were overjoyed 
                         to see each other.  Jolene was 
                         saddened to find out that her daughter 
                         and son-in-law were killed.  But she 
                         was delighted to find out that she 
                         is a grandmother of a six-year-old 
                         boy named Justin.  Friends of his 
                         parents were raising him, but now 
                         his grandmother will take primary 
                         responsibly.  Unfortunately, Megen 
                         died in the gas chamber.

                         What about Jermane?

                         I'm sorry to say that I think we are 
                         going to have a problem with him.  
                         When he found out all of the members 
                         of the military mission, including 
                         his mother had been killed.  He went 
                         into a rage.  Ripping moss off the 
                         walls of his room, hitting things, 
                         alternating between screaming and 
                              (pauses, looks around 
                              the room)
                         I think it is best to keep him away 
                         from Armeny when it visits.  The boy 
                         is filled with anger.  Avi, you can 
                         join the tour if we get going.

               Benjamen gestures to follow him to the tour.  Little Avianna 
               sees many rooms, ending with getting to play with the 
               children.  Little Avianna scratches out the ABC's in the 
               sand with her finger teaching them.

               INT. REANIMATION WARD -- DAY

               Aurora is smiling, watching a holographic memory of Avianna 
               and Avryn play together as children.  In the background, 
               Avryn's body is lying on a couch, lifelike with the eyes 
               flit open, unconscious.

               FADE TO BLACK:

               Change story to Avryn's point of view.  There are sounds of 
               an auto crash, then an ambulance.  Heartbeat slows and stops.


               FADE IN:

               INT. PATIENT'S ROOM -- DAY

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         Huh...Where am I?  Is this the 

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         You'll all right.

                                     NEILS (V.O.)
                         You are in the Reanimation Ward of 
                         the hospital.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Avryn, you were in a terrible 
                         accident.  You were put into cryo-

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         What?!  You mean I died?

                                     AVRIEL (V.O.)
                         Remember that necklace you used to 
                         wear?  The one about contacting the 
                         cryonics organization in case of 

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                mean, I was...frozen?

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         After the doctor pronounced your 
                         death, the cryonics E.M.T.'s took 
                         your body to their facility where 
                         you were suspended...

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         What?  This is the future?

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         It is 2189, almost two hundred years 
                         has passed...I am Aurora.  I'm the 
                         great, great granddaughter of your 
                         sister Avalyse, who survived the 
                         accident.  We are your family.

                                     NEILS (V.O.)
                         I am your mother's great-grandson, 
                         Neils.  Aurora is my daughter; she 
                         works at this reanimation facility.


                                     NEILS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         And my other daughter, Avriel, 
                         graciously came today to welcome 

                                     AURORA (V.O.)
                         Your older sister, Avianna, was 
                         reanimated just under a year ago.  
                         She could not be here today.  As 
                         soon as you are ready, you can have 
                         the message she left for you.

                         My big sister, Avianna left me a 
                         message?  So, can get up 

                         All right.  It is time.

               Avryn bolts up from the bed.  He stands up and hops a little 
               bit with a grin on his face.  The others laugh at him.  Aurora 
               pulls the cryonics necklace out of a drawer and gives it to 
               Avryn.  He looks at it, then he puts it in his pocket of his 

                         Thanks...I'll keep it as a good luck 
                         charm.  Where's the message? 

               Aurora focuses her attention on a computer in the corner of 
               the room.

               INT. TEXAS HOUSE 200 YEARS AGO -- DAY

               Avryn is in the den of his home, with tan floral couches, a 
               wagon wheel on the wall, horse art, stirrups, and old-
               fashioned spoke looking wooden chairs.  Avianna, walks through 
               the door and across the room and sits down in the tan 
               overstuffed rocking chair.

                         Avryn, I have so much to tell you.  
                         This is very important you must listen 
                         to me.
                              (pauses, looks up 
                         Avryn, my little brother.  I missed 
                         you so much.  I'm glad that you are 
                         alive and able to listen to this.  
                         I'm sorry I could not be there.  
                         About that, This is important: Do 
                         not attempt to follow me.  I mean 
                         it!  You can check out my personal 
                         recorder, everything I experienced 
                         after I was reanimated is there up 
                         until I left Earth.


                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Ask Aurora about downloading my 
                         experiences into your brain.  You 
                         won't have time to relive them in 
                         "live time", but they will be in 
                         your memory.
                              (pauses, looks at 
                         I left the highlights so you could 
                         see some of the things I liked.  
                         Check out my birthday party; it was 
                         the coolest ever!  I wish you could 
                         have been there, little bro. 
                         everything here is amazing! 

               Avianna stands up and begins pacing, gesturing with her hands.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Please remember to contact Joycee.  
                         She will take you to the church I 
                         attended.  If you think church was 
                         fun in our day; you haven't seen 
                         anything yet!
                              (stops pacing)
                         Tell Aurora "hi" for me and that I'm 
                         sorry for going and not discussing 
                         it with her.  I know she knew and 
                         didn't want me to go, but did not 
                         try to stop me.  Please thank her 
                         for me.  She's very sweet and will 
                         help you if you need anything.  At 
                         school Gloreenia is the person to 
                         talk to about any questions.  She is 
                         much nicer than Jezra.  Good luck!
                              (looks sad and lowers 
                         I miss you so much.  I love you.  I 
                         will do everything I can to get a 
                         message back to Earth and try to 
                         find out how you are doing, if I'm 
                         alive and well.
                              (perks up, smiling)
                         Avryn, the cool thing about simulated 
                         environments is that you can feel.  
                         I won't be there to feel giving you 
                         a hug, but you can feel getting one... 
                         Come over here and hug me!

               Avryn pauses.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Oh, come on Avryn

               Avryn laughs.  He walks over to her and gives her a hug.

                                     AVIANNA (CONT'D)
                         Thanks, little bro. Love ya!



               Avryn is back in the patient's room.  The other three people 
               are still standing where they were.

                         Wow!  That was something else!  Hey, 
                         Aurora, Avianna said to say "hi" to 
                         you, and to thank you for not trying 
                         to stop her from leaving.

                         Thanks, Avryn.  I do miss her.  You 
                         have a lot to learn about our society.  
                         We are transhumans now, you're 
                         stronger, smarter, and you have nano-
                         bots to keep you in better shape.

                         Cool!...Sorry that message took so 
                         long, I'm ready to go.   

                         Don't worry...You weren't gone long.  
                         You'll find time perception today is 
                         very different from in your time.  
                         Our brains now are sped up many times 
                         beyond the brains of your day.  We 
                         experience things much faster, 
                         telepathically.  We can even access 
                         the grid.  It is like the internet 
                         of your day, but children are limited 
                         in the amount of time they spend on 
                         the grid.  What was a minute of your 
                         time can feel like an hour here.  
                         What would have been an hour in your 
                         time is only a minute in our time.  
                         That's why you were only gone thirty 
                         seconds in the message, in real time.  
                         You will have perceived it as longer 

                         Only thirty seconds?!  No way!  It 
                         felt a lot longer then that!

                         You'll learn how to monitor time 
                         better.  Each minute now is about an 
                         hour of time as you remember it.  
                         Ok, lets go.

               EXT. PARKING AREA -- MORNING

               The vehicle lands in the center of the parking area.  
               Gloreenia and Jezra walk up to the vehicle as the passengers 


                         Welcome Avryn, to one of the largest 
                         schools on Earth, the L'angeles 
                         School.  I am the teacher coordinator, 
                         and I will be introducing you to the 
                         floor teacher I have chosen for you. 

                         It is an honor to have you at our 
                         school.  I'm Gloreenia the school's 
                         head master.  Your big sister Avianna 
                         was a wonderful addition, and we all 
                         miss her greatly.  I'm sure you'll 
                         find a warm reception from everyone, 
                         but if you ever have any problems, 
                         do not hesitate to contact me for 
                         assistance.  Please, let us proceed 
                         with your introduction to our learning 


               Gloreenia, Jezra, Neils, Avriel, and Aurora are in Avryn's 
               room.  Gloreenia walks over to the nano-minting machine and 
               starts her speech explaining school and societal rules for 
               children of his age.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

                              (standing at the door)
                         We will leave now.  I hope you enjoy 
                         your room as much as the other 
                         children do.

                         Come by my office tonight and I will 
                         introduce you to your new teacher.  
                         Bye for now.

               They turn and walk out the door.

                              (smiles wiping hand 
                              across forehead)
                         Phew...that was a lot to remember.

               Everyone laughs.  Avryn looks at the plain white room.

                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         Computer: make the room look like a 
                         redwood forest.

               The room changes to a forest theme.  The bed, table and chairs 
               look like old logs fresh cut to shape.

                         Not bad... 


               Aurora walks over to the nano-minting machine.

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                         We haven't eaten all day.  Avryn do 
                         you like fish?  I can make us some 
                         red salmon, green beans, and some 
                         candy yams.

                              (turns nose up)
                         Green beans?  You still have to eat 
                         veggies in the future?

                         Sure, green beans, are high in protein 
                         and very good for you.  The nano-
                         bots in your body can't keep you 
                         strong if you don't give them 
                         something to work with.

                         Hey, on the holidays, you can come 
                         to visit us and we'll have all types 
                         of desserts you'll enjoy.

               They start eating.  Avryn notices that they don't use 
               silverware.  They just pick up the fish, dip it into various 
               sauces and then put it in their mouths.  Avryn starts doing 
               the same.

                         This is good!
                              (picks up another 
                              small piece of pink 
                              fish and dips it)
                         No silverware?
                              (puts fish in mouth)

                         Everyone eats with their hands now.

                         If only my mom could see me now... 
                         she was, always telling me not use 
                         my fingers!  I want to start learning 
                         about things.  Neils, how can I bypass 
                         the computer to get on the grid?

                              (almost chokes on 
                              food, then laughs)
                         The grid?  You first need to learn 
                         about history and today's society 
                         before entering simulation worlds.


                              (gives a sour face)

                              (looking at Avryn)
                         You can learn our family history 
                         first.  Did you know that you are 
                         related to Eric the Red of the Viking 

                         We're Vikings!...School's gonna be 
                         way cool!

                         I need to get back to work now.  I 
                         will call on you tomorrow.  You 
                         personal recorder has a holographic 
                         phone built in.  Just think of the 
                         person you want to call and the phone 
                         does the rest.

                         I need to go too.  I will call you 
                         later.  Bye, Enjoy school. 

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- AFTERNOON

               Aurora and Avryn are in the room.

                         Are there any playgrounds near here?

                         Of course.  You want to go to one 
                         now before downtime?

               Avryn starts to nods his head "Yes".  Aurora stands up smiling 
               and starts to walk out the door.

               EXT. PLAYGROUND -- EVENING

               Aurora and Avryn walk over a hill and the playground looks 
               to be a private fantasy city.  An amusement park, a theater, 
               and a playground are next to each other.  There are swings, 
               bridges, ramps, zip-lines and climbing structures.  Aurora 
               finds a bench and sits down.


               Avryn runs over to the three dimensional nano-tech projections 
               of castles, pirate ships, spaceships, trapper forts, and 
               Indian teepees.  He climbs aboard a British ship and the 
               captain's uniform appears over his clothes.  He looks 
               surprised.  He takes the wooden wheel and joins the play of 
               the children as the captain.



               Avryn moves to the five-ring circus.  He climbs the top of a 
               pole, swings on the trapeze, tries jump across to grab the 
               other trapeze but misses, and falls into the giant net.


               Avryn runs over to the rocket ship area.  He sees Aurora and 
               waves as he is running over to the spaceship.  He sees gray 
               aliens with big black eyes.  It scares him so he runs back 
               to Aurora.  Aurora is in a trance like state. 

                         Whata' doin'?

                         I'm looking up information on the 
                         Are you having fun?

                         Yeah!  This is the coolest playground 

                         OK, we have to go on, so we can meet 
                         Jezra in his office before it is 
                         "down time" but you can come here 
                         again with your friends- just make 
                         sure you follow your school rules! 

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- NIGHT

               Aurora and Avryn walk to Jezra's office.  It is on top of 
               the school building.  They knock on his door.

                              (loud and clear)
                         Hello, Please, come, in.

               When the door opens, Avryn cannot walk in, everything is 
               clear, the floor, the walls, the ceiling, even the furniture.  
               All that can be seen is the cityscape far below.

                                     JEZRA (CONT'D)
                         Wonderful view, isn't it?



                         I have a Japanese garden where I 
                         work.  It is serene and useful for 
                         meditation.  This must be distracting 
                         to you with so much to look at.

                         I only get worried if someone's 
                         vehicle seems headed towards our 
                         school, but their computer control 
                         system catches the error and diverts 
                         it at the last minute!  Thank you 
                         for coming!  We need to be introducing 
                         Mr. Avryn to his new teacher.  I 
                         will accompany you to your floor.

               Jezra stands up and walks out the door.  His white robes 
               glow with their own light.  They enter the elevator.


               The door opens to Avryn's floor.  They are in the hallway.  
               Avryn can't believe what he is seeing, an old, pinch-face 
               Jewish woman with thick glasses, with dangling chains.

                                     MZ NEERA
                              (squinting, long flat 
                         My name is MZ NEERA.  Jezra, thank 
                         you for coming.  Avryn will be in 
                         good hands on this floor.

               Everyone looks scared of her.  Jezra nods and turns to enter 
               the elevator a bit too rapidly.

                                     MZ NEERA (CONT'D)
                         You will please be prompt and observe 
                         common eating times, class times, 
                         and down time.  I will be by your 
                         room tonight to make sure you know 
                         how to start nightly downloads.

                         Uh, uh, thanks

                                     MZ NEERA
                         And what kind of manners did they 
                         teach you in your time?  You will 
                         say "Thank you, Mz Neera".

                         Thank you, Mz Neera.


               Mz Neera stands back and nods in agreement, then turns and 
               gestures down the hallway.  Aurora and Avryn walk to his 
               room.  The door closes.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

                              (same manner as Mz 
                         And you will have no fun on my watch.

               Avryn starts to laugh.

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                              (exaggerates, with a 
                         Yes, ma'am, thank you.

                         What's up with her?  I mean...I 
                         thought everyone was a transhuman.

                         Some people are proud of their natural 
                         genes, and keep enhancements to a 
                         minimum.  I bet Mz Neera is just 
                         more of a "natural" than most.
                         Well, sorry, but I've got to go, but 
                         I'm sure you'll be well taken care 

               Aurora makes a face like Mz Neera's as she steps into the 

                                     AURORA (CONT'D)
                              (mimics her again)
                         Oh, and...have fun!

               Avryn walks to the nano-minting machine and asks for a 
               "Wizards Way 8" book.  He picks it up, leafs through and 
               starts reading when he found the place he'd been at.  Then 
               he hears a knock on the door.

                                     MZ NEERA
                         It is download time.  You are to lie 
                         in bed and ask the computer for the 
                         night's download.  You can ask for a 
                         "full brain" where you acquire more 
                         quickly or you can ask for a "half 
                         brain" if you want to be aware.

                         Oh, I'd love that!  I can read all 
                         night then!


                                     MZ NEERA
                              (stares at the book 
                              and sneers)
                         There are much faster ways of getting 
                         information now you can download 
                         that entire book series into your 
                         brain and then you would just know 
                         what happened.  
                              (with emphasis)
                         People don't read books anymore.

                         Uhh, I like to find out slowly.

                                     MZ NEERA
                         You must start your download at twenty-
                         one hundred and for the next three 
                         hours intake the knowledge selected 
                         by the school that you would need 
                         for your discussions.  After that, 
                         at 0-hundred, for the next six hours 
                         you will be given knowledge to catch 
                         you up with the other children your 
                              (pauses, serious)
                         How well you do at school and how 
                         far you advance is up to you.  Good 
                         night, be at our common eating area 
                         6:45 sharp.

               Avryn almost falls asleep during her speech but when she 
               finishes he perks up.

                                     MZ NEERA (CONT'D)
                         Oh, and welcome to the fifty-first 
                         floor.  My floor is known as one of 
                         the most productive floors in the 
                         whole school.  I expect you to help 
                         keep it that way.
                              (She slowly smiles 
                              and exits)

               Avryn picks up his book and lies on the bed.

                         Computer: half brain.

               He starts to read his book.  He sets the book on his bedside 

                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         Computer: play Avianna's recorder.

               Avryn watches some of Avianna's experiences waking and being 
               introduced to school. 


               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- MORNING

               Avryn wakes up refreshed.  He looks at things and can recite 
               in his head the chemical properties of them or their history.  
               He is excited by this.  He walks by the nano-minting machine.

                         Computer: make the room look like 
                         clouds; make the furniture silver. 

               Then Avryn walks over to the nano-minting machine.

                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         Computer: make a cowboy outfit.

               A red shirt and blue jeans appear with a black cowboy hat 
               and brown boots.

                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         Computer: make a medieval pageboy 

               The clothes appear and Avryn picks it up...

               INT. COMMONS AREA -- MORNING

               Avryn is wearing the medieval pageboy costume.  He thinks he 
               must be late, then notices he has only minutes to make it to 
               breakfast in time.  Running down to the breakfast area he 
               stumbles into VERINA, a small green eyed, dark haired girl.

                         Sorry, I...uh...

                         You are getting used to things still, 
                         I see.  Be more careful.

                         My name is Avryn.

                         Yes, I know.  It's on your door and 
                         you are new.

               Verina moves down the hallway.

                         I was trying to be polite.  What's 
                         your name?

                         Oh, well, my name is VERINA.  I'm 
                         your neighbor.  I love geology and 


                         I think everything here is amazing.

                         Well, your outfit sure is.  That is 
               !  You look just like a 
                         medieval pageboy.  How did you think 
                         of that?

                         Oh, I have been having fun with my 
                         nano-minting machine.  I've been 
                         trying on clothes from different 
                         time periods.  I ran out of time, 
                         and this is what I had on.  I'd worn 
                         it for Halloween in my time.  Tomorrow 
                         I'll have to wear a cowboy suite.

                         You're funny.  Come on, you must be 
                         headed to breakfast, too.  I'll show 
                         you the way.  Mz Neera will take 
                         away privileges for being a second 
                         late.  She is known as the strictest 
                         teacher at this school.  All parents 
                         want her for their kids, but all the 
                         kids try to get different floors 
                         when they are ten.

                         Oh, I wish I'd had a choice!

               Verina laughs and they walk into the commons room.  Everyone 
               else is sitting down eating huevos rancheros.  Everyone stops 
               eating.  Mz Neera appears to have been waiting for them.

                                     MZ. NEERA
                         Well, it is nice of you to be on 
                         Avryn, after your morning discussions, 
                         I will see you in my office.  

               Everyone turns to look at Avryn.

                         You're in trouble now!

               Everyone laughs quietly.  Mz Neera turns to see who said 
               that, and there is silence.  Then she walks away to the other 
               side of the commons.



               As Avryn walks to the door and it opens automatically.  He 
               walks in the office and Mz Neera is sitting at a large 
               executive oak desk.  There are eucalyptus arrangements around 
               and Avryn's eyes water.  A computer terminal with a 
               holographic display on the left side and on the right side 
               is a glass art work of an apple.  The holographic display is 
               showing where all the students are in their rooms for her 
               floor.  Avryn notices this but says nothing.

                                     MZ NEERA
                         Thank you for observing proper manners 
                         for your breakfast by being on time 
                         but do be more careful.  
                              (pauses, looks at the 
                              computer holographic 
                         Last night, you spent hours in the 
                         simulated environment of your sister's 
                         personal recorder.  
                              (looks back at Avryn)
                         That is against our rules.  I 
                         understand that this is a big 
                         adjustment for you.  So I've spoken 
                         with Gloreenia about granting you an 
                         exception.  Since your sister is 
                         gone, we decided you can be comforted 
                         seeing how she lived here and adjusted 
                         to this school.
                              (pauses, stares harder 
                              at him)
                         However you are to talk about what 
                         you see with our school counselor, 
                         MR. JENKINS.  I'm sure that soon you 
                         will develop more of your own 
                         interests and not be wanting to live 
                         in simulated environments.

                         Thank you, Mz Neera.  I know that 
                         I'm very fortunate to be here, even 
                         though I miss my family terribly.

               She stands up and walks him to the door.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- EVENING

               Avryn changes his room to a cave behind a waterfall.  The 
               furniture changes into carved rock.  MAX, a large boy with 
               brown eyes and hair, knocks on the door.


                         My name is MAX, I'm your neighbor.  
                         Can I come in?



               Max walks into the room, smiles, flicks his hair and puts 
               his hand up to wave "hi".

                         Hi, I noticed your room changing and 
                         I wanted to come meet you.  That is 
                         so cool!...Forest to clouds to 
                         waterfall!  You must be very creative.  
                         I heard about your past- I think 
                         you'll really like it here.

               Avryn stands up and gestures Max to sit in a rock chair. 

                              (starts to look sad)
                         You know my big sister, Avianna?  
                         She is in deep space right now.  I 
                         wish I could be with her.  It's not 

                         I understand what you mean, but what 
                         she did is very dangerous.  I want 
                         to go to space when I grow up.  Many 
                         in our family have colonized Ikaria.  
                         It is a beautiful planet.  Warm during 
                         the day, then icy cold at night, but 
                         even "natural" humans can live there 
                         in the open.  Hey, maybe you can 
                         come too!

                         Yeah, I hope you make it to Ikaria 
                         and I can visit you someday.  It's 
                         all interesting and so vastly 
                         different from my time.  Some things 
                         are just strange here, and I miss so 
                         many from my time.  I want Aurora, 
                         my great-great niece, to reanimate 
                         my mom.  My dad had a stroke, so he 
                         will take longer.  I heard half of 
                         his brain was missing, and that his 
                         memories will have to be reconstructed 
                         and filled in.

               Max was leaning forward in his chair and listening.

                         Yeah, it's not so easy when the brain 
                         tissue is archaic.  The scientists 
                         at the reanimation ward want the 
                         cryo-suspended to retain their own 
                         memories so they can be themselves.  
                         It's an ethical issue.


                                     MAX (CONT'D)
                         My dad told me all about it, because 
                         I have a great-great-grandpa who is 
                         in suspension.  We are waiting for 
                         him to be reanimated.  He'll be like 
                         one of the oldest alive, for sure!

                         Really?  Wow!  Well...I'm sure they'll 
                         figure it out eventually.  I'm here, 
                         aren't I?

               Avryn pulls out his cryonics necklace from a pocket of his 
               robe and shows it to Max.

                         Cool!  Can I see it?

               Avryn gives it to Max.  He holds it up and looks at it.

                         It is my good luck charm.  It is 
                         almost 200 years old now.

               Max returns it to Avryn.  He puts it back into his pocket.

                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         Hey, anyway...Why do you have a pirate 
                         ship on your exterior room wall?

                         I loved stories of pirates when I 
                         was little.  It is comforting to me 
                         to keep it up, to think I'm protected 
                         from pirates today, or that I can 
                         help out the impoverished when I'm 

                              (leans forward)
                         What do you mean?

                         There are real pirates today, well, 
                         hackers, people who steal nano-minting 
                         programs or newly created simulation 
                         programs for their own profit.  
                              (pauses and smiles)
                         I heard you were in trouble with Mz 
                         Neera.  I have been in trouble with 
                         her...What did she do to you?

                         Nothing actually...I was caught 
                         watching my sister's personal recorder 
                         for six hours.  I like to watch what 
                         she did after she was reanimated.


                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         They said that I could continue to 
                         do it.  But, I have to talk to the 
                         counselor, Mr. Jenkins.

                         Oh, he's totally cool.  You'll love 

                         So what do you do for fun?  I went 
                         to the playground and it was the 
                         coolest ever!  I never even imagined 
                         anything like that before!

                         Yeah, I love the playground, too, 
                         but you haven't seen a movie have 


                         Simulated movies rock!  See if you 
                         can come to my house for the weekend.  
                         We have lots of movies.

                         Sure, I'll check with Aurora this 
                         weekend I get to see the robotics 
                         facility with my great-great-uncle 

                         Sounds good...I have to get back to 
                         my room before lights out...I don't 
                         want Mz Neera catching me!

               They both laugh.  Max smiles again and leaves.

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- DAY

               A silver vehicle lands in the parking area.  Avryn runs to 
               embark the vehicle.  It flies off into the sky.


               The robot facility is out in the open desert.  As a vehicle 
               approaches a door opens in the roof and the vehicle flies 


               The vehicle stops on a platform.  Avryn and Neils disembark 
               the vehicle and walk onto a walkway leading to a professional 
               looking office.


               They walk through a shiny arched doorway into the middle of 
               a long room.  They sit down at the conference table in the 
               middle of the room.

                         Welcome Avryn, this is our reception 
                              (he looks up)
                         Computer: display hologram

               A hologram appears in the center of the table showing all 
               types of robots for use and some robots from history.  He 
               and Avryn walk into a hallway.

                                     NEILS (CONT'D)
                         Avryn, I want you to meet the director 
                         of the robot facility. 

               INT. PRIMO 3M+'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

               Primo 3M+ is a silver humanoid A.I. robot.  His office is 
               overlooking a large bay in the robot facility.

                         Hello, so you're a robot?

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         Yes, and welcome to the U.S. robot 
                         research facility.

                         You're the first robot I've met. 

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         It is unique for me to meet a newly 
                         reanimated human.  I have, in fact, 
                         never met a person who has come so 
                         directly from living in your time 
                         period, and you are so young.  Would 
                         you mind if I did a scan of your 
                         brain to look at some memories of 
                         your time?  We could do it while you 
                         test out one of our newest robotic 
                         forms.  I'm always amazed at the 
                         intensity of emotions in naturally 
                         evolved human brains, compared to 
                         how people regulate their emotions 
                         today.  Feeling them myself helps me 
                         understand them.

                              (smiles, looks at 
                              Neils who nods as if 
                              he can if he wants 
                         Well, I guess so.


                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         I've certainly had a lot of emotions 
                         in my life, some scary and hard times.  
                         Maybe you'll learn something. 
                              (nods enthusiastically)
                         Of course I want to try one of the 
                         newest robot forms created.

               They walk down a spiral staircase that leads to the floor of 
               the testing room.


               Primo 3M+ shows Avryn a humanoid silver robot that is about 
               3 meters (10 feet) tall.  This new design made use of 
               antigravity; named Graviton.  He demonstrates how this robot 
               can levitate in place.

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         Avryn, please lay on that couch so I 
                         can transfer your consciousness into 
                         the robot.


               Primo 3M+ controls Graviton to go outside though an air lock.


               Graviton is out on the desert ground.


                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         Avryn, Graviton is outside.  Are you 


                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         Computer: make transference now.

               EXT. OUTSIDE -- DAY

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         Wow!  This is so cool.  I feel so 
                         much stronger!

               Avryn picks up his right arm and inspects his hand.  Then he 
               raises his other hand.  He grasps them together, and then he 
               reaches down and takes a rock, he crushes into a handful of 
               sand.  He lets the sand drift down between his fingers.  
               When he is down to one grain of sand he pinches it and throws 
               it out into the empty desert.  He can track it visually to 
               where it falls.


               EXT. OUTSIDE -- CONTINUOUS

               Avryn as Graviton levitates in the air and it climbs up into 
               the clouds.  It moves forward to some mountains in the south.  
               It slows down at the mountains and lowers itself to tree 
               level.  Using infrared Avryn finds a prong snake very light 
               in color with growths shielding its eyes, about to attack a 
               white rodent looking rufyair.  The rufyair has tufts of hair 
               over its eyes.  The Prong snake is much larger than the 
               rufyair.  Avryn glides over to a spot just above them.  The 
               rufyair is opening a pinecone.  The snake starts to jump 
               when the robot catches it.  The snake tries to attack the 
               robot.  Avryn senses that the snake is dehydrated and moves 
               the snake over to a creek.  Then the robot flies up into the 


               Avryn as Graviton moves back into the airlock and moves to 
               the same spot it was before.

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         Computer: reverse transference 

               Neils walks over the couch where Avryn is laying.

                         How was your trip?


                         You know, we are not to interfere 
                         with the natural order of the snake 
                         eating the rodent.

                         Yeah, I'm sorry, I just couldn't let 
                         the snake...

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         I would have done the same thing.

               Avryn smiles.

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- DAY

                         Avryn, want to go the Ocean Dome?  
                         I'm planning a group outing supervised  
                         by a teacher.

                         Cool, totally!


                         Ok, I'll count you in.  We'll go 
                         after discussion class tomorrow. 

               INT. OCEAN DOME -- DAY

               Avryn walks over the shoreline.  A dolphin jumps out of the 

                                     LEXA (V.O.)
                         Hello.  Come join us!

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         Hi!  Do you know Ioe?  Avianna's 
                         friend?  Avianna is my sister.

                                     LEXA (V.O.)
                         Sure!  I will be back in a minute.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)

                                     IOE (V.O.)
                         Hi!  Avianna's brother.  Come join 
                         us as a dolphin.  It is fun!

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         Ok. I'm Avryn.  I will ask my teacher 

               Ioe and Lexa disappear in the water.


               A robot dolphin slides into the water.  In the background, 
               Avryn is laying on a couch.  The robot dolphin swims fast to 
               catch up with Lexa and Ioe.

                                     IOE (V.O.)
                         Let us show you our home.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         I've never swam so fast. 

               The robot dolphin swims into a living space.  The dolphins 
               have a lit living area; each one has a U shaped, long, soft 
               couch to lie down on when they go into robotic form or 
               simulated environments.  Young dolphins are playing with a 
               light orb.  The art in the room is blown glass of swirling 
               colors that shine with light.  On the walls are 3-D photos 
               of other dolphins in purple water.

                         Those are our kinsfolk on the planet 
                         Aques.  We want to visit them soon.


                         That is an image of my mom.  Isn't 
                         she great!

                         Yeah, you all have it made being 
                         dolphins- I had no idea they have 
                         their own culture.  Thanks for showing 
                         me around, I'll come visit again.  I 
                         need to get back to school.

               The dolphin robot swims back to its holding pen.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- NIGHT

                         Computer: Make the room look like 
                         the old west.  Make my bed look like 
                         a Conestoga wagon.

               Avryn is in bed watching the memories on Avianna's personal 
               recorder.  Avianna is skiing, with Neils, Randall, Avreil, 
               and Aurora.  Avreil is talking about her relationship with 


               Avryn walks up to Mr. Jenkins door and knocks.  Avryn is 
               wearing his cowboy outfit.  Mr. Jenkins, Welsh, tall, with 
               black hair and brown eyes.  

                         Howdy Stranger!  What brings you to 
                         these parts?

                         Mz Neera says I have to talk to you 
                         about Avianna and all.   

                         Well, then come on in and we'll have 
                         a pow-wow!
                              (waves arm to motion 
                              Avryn in)
                         What's up partner?

                              (finally understands 
                              the joke)
                         Oh!  I'm wearin' cowboy clothes today.  
                         I get it!

                         Tell me, what is going on?  How is 


                         I like school and all, but sometimes 
                         I miss my friends back home.  I've 
                         been watching the simulations big 
                         sis left me.  I miss her terribly 
                         and all that I knew from my time.
                              (starts to look sad)

                         You can make the best of it here, 
                         and now.  You have a life to live.  
                         You have friends, even dolphin 
                         friends, I hear.

                              (smiles a little)
                         Yeah, but I still don't understand 
                         why more people didn't sign up for 
                         cryonics 200 years ago.  I just don't 
                         understand why.
                              (starts to look down, 
                              drops cowboy hat)

                         You're lucky that your mom had the 
                         foresight to understand cryonics 
                         back in your time and you shouldn't 
                         grieve for those who are not here 
                         but honor their memory...I too lost 
                         family members who didn't sign up 
                         for cryonics.  But it is not your 
                         fault, no one knew what would happen 
                         and most didn't even know how easily 
                         they could plan for cryonics- even 
                         while putting much more money into 
                         their church's or organizations 
                         devoted to helping end poverty and 
                         such.  My own grandparents were very 
                         religious and never signed up.  I'm 
                         still doing good in my church and to 
                         honor their memory- and I hope to 
                         meet them again. 
                         What about church Avryn, if you are 
                         not interested in mine--You know, 
                         Avianna went to church with Joycee.  
                         Have you talked to her yet, would 
                         you like to go with them?

                         No, I forgot about that.  I remember 
                         she said to contact her, I guess I 
                         should try that.


                         It could be a good idea, maybe help 
                         you figure out your emotions...Give 
                         you some bearing on all this.  
                         Religions have been doing that for a 
                         long time.  Also we have a mentoring 
                         program where the older boys will be 
                         like big brothers to the younger 
                         ones coming in, I'm going to recommend 
                         you as a big brother.

                         Thanks.  I look forward to that. 

               EXT. AIR CAR -- MORNING

               Joycee and Mack pick up Avryn to go to church.  Avryn looks 
               outside the windows to see the city below.  He sees a medieval-
               looking building, a gothic church with expansive, beautiful 
               stained glass pictures that seem to be moving.  There are 
               the religious symbols from many religions from his time, 
               even some ones he didn't know.  The Unitarian Universalist 
               Church.  The vehicle lands in a parking lot next to the 

                         Wow!  This place looks cool.

                         Wait until you go inside.  There are 
                         historic simulations of most major 
                         religions and myths.


               Avryn walks in the main sanctuary and see all the different 
               simulations running along the walls.  Joycee and Mack walk 
               in the sanctuary and sit in one of the pews.  Avryn notices 
               a scary looking robot watching him.

                              (turns and look at 
                         Hey, it's like a smögåsbord of 
                         religions!  I want to try them all.

                         Sure, but service starts in ten 

                         Ok, I'll have a look-see.


               Avryn sees the robot in the walkway standing still just 
               watching him.  He enters an arch with a sign over it: 
               Religion: Jewish; Daniel and the Lion's Den.


               Avryn is in the lion's den, it is barely light.  He can smell 
               the dust kicked up by the pacing lions, he looks scared.

               Daniel is thrown into the lion's den.  The middle-eastern 
               king and his men are looking down into the den from above. 

                                     KING DARIUS
                         May your God, whom you faithfully 
                         serve, deliver you!

               A large stone is placed at the mouth of the den.  Avryn sees 
               Daniel drop to his knees and pray, and as he does, the lions 
               lay down to sleep.  Avryn looks relieved. 

                                     KING DARIUS (CONT'D)
                              (laughing and says to 
                              his men)
                         O Daniel, servant of the living God, 
                         has your God whom you faithfully 
                         been able to deliver you from the 

                         O King, My God has shut the lions 
                         mouths so that they would not hurt 
                         me, because I was found blameless 
                         before him.  My faith is my shield.

               Avryn smiles and walks out.  He sees the robot in the same 
               place watching him.  He walks over to the next arch.


               The arch sign reads.  Religion: Norse Paganism; Thor

               At a campfire in the Northern woods, two blond men are 
               relaxing as they tell tales.  HAR has a mjolnir in his hand; 
               a hammer-shaped pendant to show his devotion to Thor.

                         I now ask thee, what are the names 
                         of the other gods and what have they 
                         brought to pass?

                         The mightiest of them is Thor.  
                              (he raises his pendant)
                         He possesses three very precious 
                         things.  The first is a hammer called 
                         Mjolnir, which both the Frost and 
                         Mountain Giants know to their cost 
                         when they see it hurled against them 
                         in the air.  The second rare thing 
                         he possesses is called the belt of 
                         strength.  The third, also very 
                         precious, being his iron gauntlets.


               The image of Thor, a large man with a long red beard, runs 
               in the sky behind the two simulated speakers.  He is wearing 
               his battle armor.  Avryn watches them as they speak, and the 
               image of Thor. 

                         But tell me did it ever happen that 
                         Thor in his expeditions was overcome 
                         by force?

                         No one can affirm this...  

                         Cool, I want to be that strong, 

               Avryn peeks out the simulation and sees that the robot is 
               now gone.  He smiles and runs to find Joycee.


               Avryn finds them and sits down.  The lights dim.  Only the 
               galaxy is glowing above.

                         Did you have fun?

                         Yeah, there was a weird robot watching 
                         me though, if I see him, I'll point 
                         him out to you.

               Avryn looks up and sees the Milky Way galaxy on the ceiling 
               twenty-five meters above.  Different color dots show where 
               the known planets are.  It is slowly rotating.  Smoke beings 
               to fill the stage area as the choir begins to sing.  The 
               choir is wearing satin crimson robes a light glows under 
               their faces as they proceed in and fill the choir balcony.  
               Below the stage, Avryn can barely make out the image of the 
               conductor of the orchestra.  Avryn follows the conductor's 
               movements and trys to mimic with his own hands.  As the last 
               note fades, the minister walks out of a door behind the stage.  
               A spot light focuses on as DR LEORA as she walks to the center 
               of the stage.  The crowd applauds for a few seconds, then 
               she stretches out her hands...

                                     DR LEORA
                         Welcome to our worship service.  It 
                         is a pleasure to be with you this 
                         morning.  Today we will discuss 
                         robotic ethics, the topic that has 
                         been raging through Earth's government 
                         the past few months.  Do robots have 
                         any rights or they just servants of 
                         humans?  Is it a matter of respect 
                         and honor?


                                     DR LEORA (CONT'D)
                         A.I. already have some rights under 
                         the law on Earth.  Should we not 
                         respect their consciousness and 
                         autonomy through out the known worlds, 
                         to the same extent as all humans?  
                         We...All of us in the audience, could 
                         empathize with the cruelty of 
                              (pauses, remembers 
                              her past history)
                         It is still a dilemma with the 
                         disadvantaged people in some parts 
                         of known worlds.  Refugees, who lost 
                         their homes due to the flooding of 
                         Earth.  We must reach out to all 
                         sentient beings and A.I., we must 
                         work together for the betterment of 
                         all kind. 

               Avryn notices the same robot still staring at him.  He 
               snuggles up to Joycee, but at the end of the service when he 
               was going to point the robot out, it has disappeared.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- DAY

               Avryn is in his room watching a simulation of Avianna flying 
               as a bird when he hears the phone.  He sees Mr. Jenkins appear 
               within the simulation as a holographic image.

                                     JENKINS (V.O.)
                         Hello...What is this?

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         It is a simulation of Avianna flying.  
                         Isn't it cool?!

                                     JENKINS (V.O.)
                         Yeah!  I just called to let you know 
                         that I'm bringing a six year-old 
                         over to meet you.  His name is JAKE.  
                         He and his parents will be over to 
                         visit you in a few minutes.  Is that 

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         Sure, come on up.

               Avryn looks around at the old west theme and he makes it 
               much more modern looking.  He chose a smoky gray exterior 
               wall that displays a neural net.  The firings of an A.I. 
               saying "How are you?"...are streaking by in red.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

               There is a knock on the door.  Mr. Jenkins; JESSICA is a 
               thin woman with bright red hair and emerald eyes with 


               SCOTT is a large man with brown hair and blue eyes.  JAKE is 
               a small boy with green eyes, freckles and strawberry blond 
               hair.  LINDSEY is a one year-old girl with amber blonde hair 
               and blue eyes.

                         Come in!

                              (looks down at Jake)
                         Hi...This is JAKE.

                              (shakes his hand)
                         Hi, Jake.  How are you?


               Jake looks down then at his parents.

                              (turns to look at 
                              Jake's parents)
                         This is JESSICA and SCOTT O'MALLEY.

               Jessica smiles and does the formal wave.  Scott is wearing a 
               Scottish tartan kilt.  Jessica walks over to the table and 
               sits down.  Lindsey is set on the floor to play near the 

                              (with a strong Irish 
                         Nice to meet you Avryn.  We heard so 
                         much about you.  You're from the 
                         21st century?

                              (looks down)
                         Yeah...I was in a car accident a 
                         long time ago.
                              (looks up with 
                         Mr. and Mrs. O'Malley, I want to 
                         personally thank you for allowing me 
                         this opportunity to work with your 
                         son.  I volunteered to mentor a 
                         younger child in honor a grandpa of 
                         mine that is now lost, who spent so 
                         much time with me when I was little.  
                         I have lost many people whom I have 
                         loved, and now I am grateful to have 
                         the opportunity to give some of my 
                         time to your son and be a big brother 
                         to him.


                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         I have quite an interesting background 
                         that I can share with him, and many 
                         interests now, but mainly, we can 
                         have lots of fun!

                              (with pride)
                         Avryn is quite a fine young man.  He 
                         has matured and learned much since 
                         coming to this school.  
                              (winks at Avryn)
                         Our community is lucky to have him.

                         Well, well, well...That was quite a 
                         speech!  I'm looking forward to 
                         hearing about your time together.  
                         Jake has many things he likes at 
                         school, but sometimes he gets 
                         overwhelmed and is shy with other 
                         kids.  I think he will learn a lot 
                         from you!

               Scott reaches out and shakes Avryn's hand.

                         Thank you, young man.  I trust you 
                         to take care of my son and be a big 
                         brother to him.  Welcome to our 
                         family...I hope that we will know 
                         you for many, many years.

               While Scott is speaking Linsey craws into Jessica's lap and 
               is nursed to sleep.  Jessica and Scott start talking to each 
               other while watching Avryn interact with Jake. 

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

               Avryn walks over to a corner and sits next to Jake.  Jake 
               pulls some toys out of his school robe.

                         Wow, those are the coolest toys!  
                         You are so lucky.  I totally wish 
                         I'd had toys so life-like when I was 
                         your age!

                         Yeah, look...I can change them into 
                         different animals.

               He has a lion chasing a zebra, but he picks up the lion before 
               it could catch the zebra.

                                     JAKE (CONT'D)
                         I never let them hurt each other.


                                     JAKE (CONT'D)
                         I think natural selection is mean 
                         and sad in some ways.  I like to 
                         make my own stories.

                         Yes, I know what you mean.  Remind 
                         me to tell you later the story of 
                         when I got to pick up a prong snake 
                         and saved a little rufyair, outside.  
                         When I was in a robot body.

                         You were?  You did?

                         Yeah, it was cool.

               Avryn stands up.  Jake stands up and puts the toys back into 
               his robe.

                         Wow!  I can't wait till I get to go 
                         into a robot body!

                                     JENKINS (V.O.)
                         You're doing a great job, Avryn- I'm 
                         sure you were a good big brother to 
                         your own little sister in your time, 
                         it shows.

               Avryn smiles then Jessica speaks. 

                         Is this a neural network?  What is 
                         it saying?

                         How are you?

                         Just fine, thank you.

                         How clever!  I need to go now.  I 
                         hope you'll have fun together.  I 
                         will check up on you later.

               He walks to the door and waves good-bye.

                         You guys will get along just fine.  
                         Avryn, I can't wait until you come 
                         to our house.


                                     SCOTT (CONT'D)
                         Let's set that up for next weekend 
                         if we can.  You find out and let us 

                         Truly, thank you for doing all this, 

               They walk to the door and wave good bye.  Jessica is holding 
               Jake's hand as they walk out the door.  She is holding Lindsey 
               with her other arm.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

               Avryn is laying in bed watching the news of the Noble Prize 
               winners on a holographic T.V.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

               Then Avryn hears a metallic voice.

                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         My name is XYRO.  You saw me at 
                         church.  You looked worried, so I 
                         did not approach you.  I spoke with 
                         Mack.  He said I could visit you 
                         here.  Primo 3M+ suggested that I 
                         meet you here to give you information 
                         and to learn from you.  I attend the 
                         Unitarian Universalist Church as a 
                         member of Solarius: the A.I. religion.

                         What, the A.I. has a religion?  Sure, 
                         come on in but remember I can call 
                         the school security if need be.

               The door opens Xyro has to duck to come in.

                         I'm fully functional, and you?


               It moves toward the red electrical firing on the wall.

                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         Oh, I get it...You are very smart, 
                         you know what that neural network is 
                         firing.  I was wondering, why do you 
                         look the way you do?  Don't you know 
                         that you look scary to some humans?

               Xyro starts to talk telepathy. 


                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         I assure you you do not need to fear 
                         me.  I was made this way and I know 
                         that some humans are afraid of how I 
                         look.  I do not feel the need to 
                         change.  I do not interact with humans 
                         much, so I do not keep track of what 
                         they think of me.  I am planning on 
                         traveling to space.  It will not 
                         matter there.  I see you are 
                         interested in news of the upcoming 
                         Nobel Prize awards.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         How did you know that?

                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         I can see the history of your room 

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         Wow!  You are very advanced!

                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         I actually am involved in helping 
                         humanity.  I came here to tell you 
                         about it.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         But what about all sentient beings 
                         helping each other?  More intelligence 
                         power for advancement than any 
                         individual can accomplish?

                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         Yes, you are very smart as well.  We 
                         in Solarious believe there must be 
                         other life forms with greater 
                         intelligence than even our own.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         Your religion sounds just like other 
                         religions: you have faith in something 
                         that is not provable and you let 
                         this drive you.


               Show the robots building the space ship in space the Earth 
               and the moon can be seen together in the background. 

                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         I am joining with other A.I. on our 
                         mission into space.  This mission is 
                         something entirely new, a self-
                         supporting ship.


                                     XYRO (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         To make it completely self sustaining, 
                         humans will not be able to live on 
                         the ship.  We will be using hyper-
                         drive technology, but for many years, 
                         possibly hundreds, we will be too 
                         far away to have contact with 

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         That sounds just like a popular space 
                         exploration T.V. show from my time.

               INT. ROBOTICS FACILITY -- DAY

               Show Primo 3M+ working on Graviton. 

                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         Primo 3M+ said that you gave him a 
                         new empathy and a new idea for the 
                         beginning of our mission.  It has to 
                         do with the lost colony and your 
                         He has developed robot bodies for 
                         this trip that are far advanced beyond 
                         what we already have.  When you 
                         visited the robot facility, he let 
                         you try out one of the bodies that 
                         was developed for this mission, the 
                         newest form called Graviton.  This 
                         was no coincidence.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

                                     AVRY (V.O.)
                         How could I possibly have influenced 

                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         After seeing your memories, Primo 
                         3M+ desires to see what has happened 
                         on Eruesta.  He wants to offer you 
                         an invitation to go with us.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         How would I go?  You said that humans 
                         could not live on the ship.

               INT. PRIMO 3M+'S ROOM

               Show Primo 3M+ talking to Neils.


                                     XYRO (V.O.)
                         Primo 3M+ is close to Neils.  They 
                         have great respect for each other.  
                         If you didn't know, Neils was the 
                         human mainly responsible for Primo 
                         3M+'s creation.  Neils knows that 
                         the humans in charge of you want to 
                         keep you on Earth and in school.  
                         Primo 3M+ is going to approach Neils 
                         with the idea of keeping your body 
                         in suspended animation on Earth.  If 
                         you take the body of the robot 

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

                         This was all Primo 3M+'s idea?  What 
                         would happen if our mission fails?

                         Primo 3M+ has been coordinating this 
                         A.I. mission.  If a signal comes to 
                         Earth, that the mission failed, your 
                         body will be reanimated with all the 
                         memories and recordings of your school 
                         days up until the time we left.  But 
                         if you actually return to Earth, 
                         then you can be reanimated into your 
                         body with all the memories of your 

                         Any kid would dream of getting to do 
                         something like this!  Yes of course, 
                         I do want to go.  It's a win-win 
                         situation.  My body technically won't 
                         be leaving Earth, but my consciousness 

                         I have already notified Primo 3M+ of 
                         your decision.  You are to keep this 
                         strictly confidential for the time 

                         Thank you, Xyro, for coming.

                         Thank you for talking to me.  I must 
                         be going now.

               INT. AVRYN'S ROOM -- MORNING

               Avriel is visiting Avryn in his room.


                         Is it true?  I just heard from Dad, 
                         that you are...

                         Uh...yes, I am!  I guess Neils thinks 
                         I can talk to you.  How did you know 

                         Neils and Primo 3M+ set up a virtual 
                         conference last night that Aurora 
                         and I attended.  We generally agreed 
                         that we think it sounds like a safe 
                         and potentially useful mission, that 
                         if you want to give it a go, then we 
                         will all support you.

                         So you heard that the A.I. are 
                         offering me a robot form to travel 
                         with them on their mission into space?

                         Yes!  You are so lucky!

                         Can you believe it?  Me!  Just a 
                         kid!  I'll be an eleven-year-old 
                         going into space!  Wow!  If the 
                         accident hadn't happened, I'd be 
                         entering middle school back in my 
                         time.  Now I'm going to be Graviton.  
                         I just can't believe it!  I mean, I 
                         never would have imagined any of 
                         this in my life before the accident, 
                         and this is way more cool than middle 
                         school in my time, trust me...

                              (hugs him)
                         I'm really happy for you.  It is 
                         amazing!  I know Dad knew about the 
                         A.I. plans for a self-sustaining 
                         ship to search the universe.  It is 
                         a rumor on the grid.  I think that 
                         people will be astonished though 
                         when it actually leaves.  Dad had 
                         told me he wanted to go on it, but 
                         he is obligated to keep running the 
                         Robot Research Facility: He will be 
                         the new director.

                         I wish Neils was going, too.


                         It is a good thing he is staying, as 
                         your body will be suspended at the 
                         Robot Research Facility.  Some will 
                         not agree with what we are doing; 
                         the deep space mission or letting a 
                         kid go on it.

                         What did they say?  Am I supposed to 
                         not tell my friends?

                         Yes, Aurora is very worried for you.  
                         I agree with my dad that you should 
                         keep this very confidential.

                         Yeah, I guess so, but it will be 

                         So, have you decided if you want to 
                         go into deep space beyond even our 
                         Milky Way galaxy, or if you'll come 
                         back to Earth after Euresta?

                         I'll just have to wait and see what 
                         happens.  I know I've gotten a lot 
                         better in my few months here.  
                         Especially with Mr. Jenkins's help.  
                         But it has been tough.  You, Aurora 
                         and Neils are the only family I have.  
                         Before the accident, I knew that I 
                         would not have the courage to do 
                         something like this.  I would have 
                         missed my family too much and been 
                         too scared of what could happen, but 
                         now things are different.  
                              (looks confident)
                         I know now that I can be on my own 
                         and I have to try to help my big 
                         sister- I want my mom to be proud of 
                         me when she is re-animated.

                         Well, I hope so...lets get going on 
                         our weekend to China.

               INT. AIR CAR -- DAY

               The bright orange vehicle flies to New Beijing.  Avryn sees 
               a red and gold Chinese dragon.  The vehicle lands nearby.


               EXT. ART MUSEUM -- DAY

               Avryn and Avreil walk pass the six-clawed paws into the 
               dragon's mouth right up the soft tongue.  They walk though 
               its throat, the tunnel opens into a grand room.  Red and 
               gold flags are high above the floor.  Traditional Chinese 
               music is playing in the background.  They stop to eat at a 
               little dinner and ask for lo mein.  They eat the noodles 
               with chopsticks.  Avryn has fun learning how to hold them in 
               his hand and picking up small pieces of rice with it.

               EXT. ZOO -- AFTERNOON

               Avryn and Avreil hike in an open reserve.  They walk to where 
               a panda family is eating bamboo.  All the animals have 
               location chips and can be found with a map.  A tiger moves 
               in, tracking them.  The map has a button to energize a nano-
               shield.  Avryn is noticing the tiger coming, and points this 
               out to Avreil.  Avryn trips over a tree root and falls down.  
               The tiger attacks leaping towards him.  Averiel pushes the 
               button and the tiger freezes as it jumps into a transparent 
               shield and slides down.  He paws the protective shield a few 
               more times and even tries to bite the shield.

                         It's soft like that so he won't get 
                         hurt when he jumps at it, can't even 
                         break his teeth when biting it.  
                         Don't worry; he's perfectly safe.

                              (reaches up and touches 
                              the tip of a canine)
                         Phew!  That was close!

               The tiger pulls out of the nano-shield and walks back into 
               the thick woods.

                         That was a lot of fun!

                              (high pitched voice)
                         You think its fun to be almost eaten 
                         by a tiger? 

                         We were fine!  Technically, we are 
                         physically stronger than the tiger 

                         Yeah, I hadn't thought about that.  
                         I will have to show this to Max and 
                         Jake when I get back-- from my 
                         personal recorder.



               Avryn is visiting Aurora for the last time before leaving.  
               They are sitting at the dinning table.

                         I still don't like A.I. being so 
                         arrogant, that they think they can 
                         just break Earth's laws without 
                         punitive measures being taken against 
                         them.  They think that they are so 
                         superior to us. 
                         I won't say anything.  It just I 
                         hate to see you go. 

                         I must go.  I want to go.  I need to 
                         go.  Avianna may be in trouble and 
                         she needs our help.  I'm 
                         her little brother and I have to 
                         find her.

                         Well...If you're gone you could miss 
                         being here when we reanimate your 
                         mom.  I want a few more memories of 
                         your mom from you before you leave.


               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- DAY

               Avryn is sitting in a semicircle with other children during 
               discussion class on sociology.  MZ MATSUI, Japanese, small, 
               trim with very long black hair, is the teacher.   

                                     MZ MATSUI
                         Class, do you think that robots should 
                         have the same rights as humans?

               A girl student raises her hand.  The teacher nods to let her 

                                     GIRL STUDENT
                         Some of robots want to have their 
                         own planet.  I think that is a good 

               Avryn wants to start talking but stops himself. 


               Avryn enters Aurora's lab and lies down on the couch.


                         Ready?  Thanks for coming, I really 
                         need to get all the memories to help 
                         your mom.

               Avryn is unconscious as the transfer beings.  Aurora is 
               watching a holographic memory of Avryn and his mom playing a 
               board game at their home dining table.

               INT. MR. JENKINS OFFICE -- DAY

               Avryn is talking in Mr. Jenkins office.  Mr. Jenkins is 
               smiling as Avryn is laughing with him.

               INT. OCEAN DOME -- DAY

               Avryn and some friends are swimming with the dolphins.  They 
               are playing "tag" with a beach ball in the water.

               INT. L'ANGELES SCHOOL -- DAY

               As Avryn enters his floor, Mz Neera stops him in the hall.

                                     MZ NEERA
                         Avryn, come to my office after 
                         discussion class today.


               Avryn walks toward his room. 

               INT. MZ NEERA'S OFFICE -- EVENING

               As Avryn walks to Mz Neera's door, it opens automatically.

                         Uh, Mz Neera, is there something you 
                         have to tell me?

                                     MZ NEERA
                         Come in, Avryn.  Well?  
                              (changes tone)
                         I did call you for a reason, but I 
                         need you to come with me to the 

                         Commons, why?

                                     MZ NEERA
                         You will see.


               INT. COMMONS AREA -- NIGHT

               The room is dark as Avryn starts to walk in.  Suddenly the 
               lights come on.


               Avryn jumps back, startled.  There is a green Martian cake 
               waving and saying, "Take me to your leader" on the commons 
               table.  Party music starts playing and everyone is dancing.  
               Everyone is telling Avryn "Good luck" and shaking his hand.  
               Mz Neera pulls him to the side after awhile.

                                     MZ NEERA
                         Good luck with your trip.  We will 
                         miss you.  Hurry back soon.

                         How did you know?

                                     MZ NEERA
                         Neils told me and asked to help keep 
                         quiet.  He didn't want it to disrupt 
                         your education.  I agreed with him.  
                         Also, I didn't want those media hounds 
                         on my floor!
                         Well, I wish you the best of luck.  
                         Take care!  Oh, I almost forgot, 
                         everyone here has made simulated 
                         messages for you.  I have already 
                         transferred them to the ship for you 
                         through the grid, with Neils help.

                              (hugging to Mz Neera)
                         You were the best teacher I ever 
                         had.  You taught me self-discipline 
                         and time management.  I really needed 
                         to learn those skills.  Thanks.

               Mz Neera hugs Avryn back.

               INT. PLAYGROUND -- DAY

               Avryn finds Jake playing near the rocket ship area.

                         Jake, come here for a minute.

                         What is it?


                         I wanted to find you to tell you I'm 
                         leaving Earth and I don't know when 
                         I'm coming back.  It is an important 
                         mission and we've had to keep it 
                         secret.  I'll be leaving tomorrow 
                         morning, I'm sorry.

                         No.  You can't leave...I need you.  
                         That is not fair.

                         I will always be your big brother.  
                         I will be back.  I promise, I want 
                         you to be good, so I'll be proud of 
                              (hugs jake)

               Avryn stands up and waves goodbye and turns to walk away.

               INT. TESTING ROOM-- MORNING

               Aurora, Avreil, and Neils are in the testing room.  Avryn 
               smiles as he walks over to the couch and lies down.

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         Ready, Avryn?  Just like before, I 
                         will transfer your consciousness 
                         into the body of Graviton.  Computer: 
                         make transference now.

               The robot looks down and sees Avryn's body on the couch.  He 
               reaches down and gently picks up the limp wrist and takes 
               off the personal recorder.  He hands it to Aurora.  Then he 
               removes the cryonics necklace from a pocket in the robe and 
               puts it into a concealed compartment of the robot.  He hugs 
               everyone in the room.  He turns his back and waves "goodbye".  
               Neils give him the "thumbs up" sign.  He walks up a spiral 
               staircase that leads from the testing room.


               He walks away from a shiny arched doorway onto a walkway 
               leading from the office area.  Avryn embarks the shuttle.  
               The vehicle leaves the platform.

               EXT. SPACESHIP -- LATER

               Laying in the fifth Lagrangian point (L5) from Earth a 
               gigantic exploratory ship is ready for takeoff.  The 
               shuttlecraft lands in a cargo bay.


               The robots disembark the shuttle.



               Avryn walks into the commons room.  He can see the rainbow 
               of stars zipping by as the ship accelerates to faster than 


               Avryn watches the simulated messages.  He relaxes in a chair 
               next to the window.  He smiles as he watches his school 
               friends wish him luck.


               Then he ponders to himself.  He is looking at the exterior 
               of the ship through the copious windows.

                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         I wonder why there are so many weapons 
                         on this ship?  Why is most of the 
                         ship built for power and weapon 
                         supplies?  Where are the science 
                         labs and the exploration equipment?
                              (shakes head looks 
                              out at the stars)
                         Why is everyone disappearing on this 
                         planet?  Is Avianna safe?  I hope 
                         that she is O.K.  
                         Are there aliens of some kind 
                         attacking them?  Is that why we have 
                         so many weapons?  This doesn't make 
                         sense...They are not telling me 

               A robot that looks female, brown hair and eyes with white 
               skin starts a conversation.

                                     NORA (V.O.)
                         Hello, Avryn.  My name is NORA and I 
                         was listening to your thoughts.  I 
                         can empathize with your question 
                         about the weapons that we have, you're 
                         putting two and two together and 
                         wondering if there is something that 
                         you don't know.  You are very clever.  
                         I think you should know there is one 
                         thing that A.I. have that you have 
                         not heard about, something that has 
                         been kept in the strictest secrecy 
                         from the human community on Earth: 
                         there was an emergency transmission 
                         sent by a robot from planet Euresta, 
                         a robot you know: your sister, 


                                     AVRYN (V.O.)
                         What?  My little sister?  Sent a 
                         message and no humans were told about 

               INT. EARTH -- MORNING

               Show Marianna receiving the message.  Then she is converting 
               the Morse code into English.  It goes to a robot official.  
               The officials decide not to tell the humans.

                                     NORA (V.O.)
                         The transmission was barely 
                         detectable, but was directed to a 
                         robot named Marianna.  She felt only 
                         a pattern of impulses that she finally 
                         determined were in the ancient Morse 
                         code form.  The message simply said; 
                         Under Attack.  Many Lost.  Bring 
                         weapons.  It consulted with the robot 
                         officials, and they decided 
                         unanimously not to tell the humans 
                         and just send their own mission.  
                         Many that were already working on 
                         the deep space exploration mission 
                         were not even told about the message, 
                         such as Primo 3M+. It would have 
                         been obligated to inform Neils about 
                         such an intensely urgent message 
                         from his own great-grandmother.  But 
                         we have no idea what we will find, 
                         if there are even any "them".  We 
                         know there is hostility, but not 
                         what kind.


                         What!  That is not fair!  Someone 
                         should have told me this before we 
                         left Earth.  Why wasn't I told the 

                         We thought it best to wait until you 
                         were in space, we didn't want the 
                         humans to find out- they would not 
                         be as rational about it.

                         I still would have chosen to go.  I 
                         just think all of Earth should know.

               Avryn opens the concealed compartment and holds the cryonics 
               necklace in his hand.


                         What's that?

                         My good luck charm...

                         We'll all may need good luck on this 


               The ship slows down as it enters Eurestan's orbit.  The ship 
               sets up a geostationary orbit over the city.

                                     LIFESTATION ROBOT
                         Scans are picking up what may be 
                         human life in a nearby mountainous 
                         area.  However, it is very faint. 

                                     ROBOT TWO
                         There!  Did anyone else see that?  
                         There was a faint dot on the monitor.  
                         That would indicate robot forms, 
                         right next to where the human life 

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         I need volunteers to investigate the 

                              (raises arm)

               JEENA, a voluptuous robot joins in.

                         I'm going, I know some of the robots 
                         there, from way back.

               Xyro, a weapons expert joins in. 

                         I will go- you will need protection.


               A shuttlecraft leaves the docking bay of the spaceship and 
               heads toward the planet.

               EXT. MOUNTAINS -- DAY

               The ship lands in the mountainous area above the jungle floor.  
               The robots step out into rocky terrain.  Xyro leads the group.


               EXT. MOUNTAINS -- LATER

               The robots walk toward a tunnel, and then they see a flash 
               of light.  Xyro aims its laser into the tunnel.

                         Wait!  Don't shoot!  Is that?...

               Avalyse walks out of the tunnel.

                         Are you...from Earth?

                         Yes, we got your message.  We came 
                         to assist.  We have a mother ship in 
                         orbit with more robots and weapons.  
                         We need to know what has happened on 
                         this planet.  Are we at risk here?


                         Just wait!  We don't have time for 

                              (looking at Jeena)
                         No, we are not in jeopardy right 
                         now.  If you contact your mother 
                         ship, then we would be in danger.  
                         You'll have to wait and tell them 
                         when you are back in space.  Come on 
                         inside, follow me, and please continue 
                         using only voice here.  No telepathy!  
                         I must explain...

               Avalyse turns toward the tunnel and begins to walk down it.  
               The others follow her.  Green phosphorescence light leads 
               the way in the darkness.  Avalyse starts to talk about the 

                                     AVALYSE (CONT'D)
                         The Eurestans had erased the knowledge 
                         of their race in those humans who 
                         had read a book that had been sent 
                         back in time from the future by my 
                         sister.  They tried to stop the 
                         prophecies of their own destruction 
                         that were in the book.


                                     AVALYSE (CONT'D)
                              (pauses, looks down 
                              the tunnel)
                         There are twelve robots and one human 
                         here.  We robots are the only 
                         survivors from the colony.  The human 
                         is a boy called Eoron.  He says my 
                         sister Avianna is here, but she was 
                         captured and must be in captivity 
                         with the remaining colonists.  
                              (pauses, turns to 
                              look at them)
                         We have been able to restart the 
                         energy source of the ancient 
                         Eurestans.  Their technology is 
                         amazing.  We hope to take this 
                         knowledge back to Earth someday, for 
                         now we've been looking for ways to 
                         free the captives.  We have been 
                         able to decipher their stored 
                         languages and see their history, 
                         even in holographic form.

               They step into a room that looks like a cathedral built out 
               of triangles.  Bright pink light cascades down through a 
               round hole at top of ceiling, giving everything a faint pink 

                         So, do you remember me, your best 
                         big brother in the whole world?

                         What?  Avryn?  Avryn?!  Is it really 
                         you?  You were reanimated!  Oh, Avryn, 
                         I'm so happy!  How did you ever end 
                         up here in a robot body?

                         The robots on Earth gave me a robot 
                         body to find you and Avianna.  My 
                         real body is safe on Earth.  But 
                         some robots didn't tell me the truth 
                         of this mission.

                         Oh, that is so unfair!  I wish I had 
                         a body back on Earth and that I was 
                         just here in robot form!

               Xyro moves forward.

                         I need the chronicles downloaded 
                         into me.  I will take it back to the 
                         mother ship.


               Xyro walks over to a console and plugs in.  Eoron walks over 
               to the couch and lies down.

                         Xyro, you can download the information 
                         I have about my party members.  
                         I can fly the shuttle.

                         Agree...You transfer over to the 
                         shuttle and fly it. 

                         Computer: transference protocol 


               The robots walk into the shuttlecraft.  Eoron's face is on 
               the monitor.

                         Hi!  Welcome aboard!  Please take 
                         your seats and hold on...we are about 
                         to go into space.

               EXT. SHUTTLECRAFT -- DAY

               The shuttle lifts off, zooms into space and docks with the 
               mother ship.

               INT. SHUTTLECRAFT -- LATER

               All the other robots disembark.  To discuss the best way to 
               save the colonists.  It is decided to send Avryn in the 
               shuttle, they have a plan. 

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         We need all the space we can get, so 
                         Avryn will go alone on this mission.  
                         Eoron will pilot the ship.  You know 
                         what to do.

                         Yes sir!  I'm ready. 

                         I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

                         Give it your famous speed. 

                                     PRIMO 3M+
                         Good luck!



               Armeny, gray, with red hair, is telling a story to the human 
               children.  The children are sitting in a semicircle during 
               discussion time.  Armeny is in the front of the semicircle.  
               The children take turns asking questions.  The adult Avianna 
               is sitting next to little Avianna in the back of the 

                         I will tell you about the history of 
                         our race.  We, Eurestans, were a 
                         technologically advanced and were 
                         once a billion times larger than we 
                         are today.  We were trying to 
                         strengthen our species, with the 
                         addition of human genes.  My red 
                         hair is from human genes, and we 
                         developed something new: emotions.

                                     AUDIENCE MEMBER
                         Armeny, Your race developed emotions?

                         Yes, we developed religions based on 
                         what we had learned about the humans' 
                         gods and emotions.  Just as on Earth, 
                         fanatical religions evolved.  One 
                         religious faction, wanted to leave 
                         the humans alone and have us stay on 
                         this planet.  They loved our planet 
                         and were happy here, but some had no 
                         tolerance for those that did not 
                         agree.  They began fighting with 
                         other Eurestans, like me, who still 
                         research science.  Science is the 
                         study of facts and not a belief, but 
                         the religious fanatics used science 
                         as a excuse to kill anyone who didn't 
                         believe as they did.

                                     AUDIENCE MEMBER
                         Armeny, Why are there so few of your 
                         people today?

                         Religious fanatics produced a deadly 
                         virus that unintentional got out of 
                         control.  It spread throughout our 
                         civilization and killed 95% of our 

                                     AUDIENCE MEMBER
                         Armeny, Why would this cause you not 
                         to rebuild your once great, universe 
                         traveling society?


                              (looks down, then at 
                              the children)
                         We have adopted a religion with a 
                         anti-technology stance due to the 
                         evils blindly following science 
                         wrought.  We believe in a god who 
                         made this planet exclusively for 
                         Eurestans.  Our leaders today speak 
                         for our god.  We are fearful of any 
                         technology, including what we saw 
                         the humans fabricated.  They saw you 
                         as defiling this planet that our god 
                         had created us.

               It moves paces the semicircle as it speaks. 

                                     ARMENY (CONT'D)
                         When the humans first arrived, there 
                         were arguments on whether or not 
                         they should be exterminated.  
                              (looks down, then up)
                         Some felt that, if they were, it 
                         would only cause more humans to come, 
                         and then, we would be destroyed.  
                         Before any conclusion could be made, 
                         a few zealots had started picking 
                         off humans, before they were 
                         discovered.  Some who were more brutal 
                         would simply exterminate any humans 
                         they found.  Others would capture 
                         humans and collect them into the 
                         various holding cells.  That is where 
                         we are now, the city holding cell 
                         with all the remaining humans.

                         Armeny, Can humans leave the city?

                         No, Didn't they tell you?  This city 
                         has been sealed off and is 


               The shuttlecraft leaves the mother ship and heads back to 
               the hills on Euresta.  The ship goes to the dome light hole 
               of the captive's city.  Avryn floats out of the ship and 
               rapidly descends, shattering though the dome.


               Avryn hovers over the underground city.  People are coming 
               out of their rooms.  Avryn sees Armeny with children in a 
               semicircle.  He raises his arm to kill it.


                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         No!  Stop!

               Avryn hovers down to land next to both Aviannas.

                         Don't even think of moving.  I will 
                         not hesitate to activate this laser.

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         This Eurestan is a friend of ours.  
                         It is teaching science, history and 
                         math to our children.  Its name is 
                         Armeny.  The other Eurestans do not 
                         know that Armeny visits us.  They 
                         would kill it.

                              (soft voice)
                         I am a friend.  Please do not be 
                         alarmed.  Are you here to free the 

                         Yes...My name is Avryn.  I'm the 
                         brother of both these women.

               Little Avianna gets exited runs up to Avryn, and hugs him.

                         How did you get here in robot form?  
                         Now you're my BIG brother!

               Armeny starts to walk away.

                         Stop!  Where are you going?

                         I need to go back to my people before 
                         it is known that I've been gone.  
                         They must know by now that the shield 
                         has been broken, they must be swarming 
                         to this city.

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         I trust Armeny.  Quickly, tell us 
                         what the robots have planned for our 

                              (strong deep voice)
                         Armeny must tell its people.  We 
                         have a ship in orbit that has a laser 
                         beam that can destroy an entire 
                         underground Eurestan city.


                                     AVRYN (CONT'D)
                         The robots that were living free on 
                         Euresta found an abandoned city in 
                         the mountains and were able to turn 
                         on the power.  It is continuously 
                         updating, a holographic map of 
                         Euresta, and we know where the four 
                         inhabited cities are located.  If we 
                         are attacked, we will destroy one of 
                         the four cities, starting with the 
                         one closest to this prison.  If we 
                         are allowed to leave we will 
                         peacefully take all the captives off 
                         this planet, and give you our word 
                         that we will not come back.

                         I will do what you ask.

               Armeny walks to the tunnel entrance.  It puts up its hand to 
               stop the Eurestans from swarming in when the door is opened, 
               it quickly shuts after Armeny passes through.  Avryn picks 
               up little Avianna and sits her on his shoulder as he flies 
               up the light tunnel.

               INT. SHUTTLECRAFT -- DAY

                         Eoron!  It can't be!  You are in the 
                         ship's computer?

                         My body is in an abandoned city near 
                         here.  Avalyse is watching it.  We 
                         must hurry.  Hang on!

               EXT. SHUTTLECRAFT -- DAY

               The shuttlecraft leaves Eurestra and docks in the mother 


                         Avianna you will have to stay here 
                         until the robots have finished 
                         building the orbiting lifeboat.  It 
                         will take a few minutes.

                         Stay here big sis; I will be back as 
                         soon as I can.


               The Shuttlecraft leaves the mother ship and goes to the 


               EXT. MOUNTAINS -- DAY

               Avalyse and Avianna move Eoron's body in the shuttlecraft.


               The shuttlecraft goes to the underground city to pick every 
               one up.  People are walking on board as a makeshift lift is 
               used to carry everyone up the tunnel.  The ship leaves the 


               The shuttlecraft flies to dock at the newly built orbital 


               The children are amazed at the things the nano-minting machine 
               can make.  People are making all kinds of food they missed 
               having the past six years of eating fungus.  They are sending 
               holographic messages to Earth.

                         After all of these years...They'll 
                         be surprised to get these messages.

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                will take three months to 
                         get there.  I have to report to the 
                         President's Affairs Counsel.  Let 
                         them know what is going on.  I want 
                         to know why they stopped looking for 

                         Hey...The robot ship will be there 
                         in two weeks.  I'll ask Primo 3M+  
                         to take the messages back to Earth.  
                         Let them know we're alive!

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                         I hope the rescue ship comes quickly- 
                         I know there is a vast difference 
                         but these people will get restless 
                         after a few months.

                         Don't worry.  I'll make sure they 
                         get the rescue ship out as soon as 

               INT. ORBITAL STATION -- LATER

               Avryn standing at the causeway says goodbye to his family.  


                              (sad, almost in tears)
                         I have to leave now with the robot 

               Adult Avianna is holding Valery in her arms.  

                                     CLONE AVIANNA
                              (crying with joy)
                         Thanks so much for coming for us.
                              (hugs Avryn)

               Avryn sheds a tear.  

                         Robots don't cry.  You've got to get 
                         back and get us help.  Check on mom 
                         and give her my love if she is re-
                              (gives Avryn a big 


               The robot ship leaves orbit.  The orbital station is in the 
               background orbiting Euresta.

               INT. COMMONS AREA -- LATER

               Avryn is looking out the window as he heads back to Earth.  
               He opens his concealed compartment and pulls out the cryonics 
               necklace.  He looks at the memento from the past and wonders 
               what the future will bring.  The ship accelerates towards 
               Earth as the stars start zooming by.

               FINAL FADE TO BLACK:

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