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Greetings Scriptarians!

Today's SimplyScripts newsletter is sponsored by BlueCat Screenplay Competition. I very rarely give personal endorsements, however the one thing I like about the BlueCat competition is that you aren't dropping your money into a hole and waiting to hear if you win or not. Even if you don't win, you do get some feedback from Gordy and that is a real rarity these days. Read on for more info on Blue Cat's latest competition, as well as info on the scripts to The Number 23 and London Fields.

Please note, Voice Over Magazine, to which many of you subscribed, has gone on hiatus for an indetermined amount of time. I've combined the two newsletters into one and I think that you will find that there is something in here for everyone. Of course, unsubscription information is available at the bottom of the page.

BlueCat Screenplay Competition Deadline - March 1st, 2007

Grand Prize $10,000, Four Finalists $1500. Every entrant receives one page of written script analysis. One Finalist receives live, staged reading at acclaimed High Falls Film Festival. Loglines of semi-finalists, finalists and winner showcased on website. Our 2005 Winner, Gary the Tennis Coach, discovered by BlueCat, has wrapped production and will be released this fall starring Seann William Scott and Randy Quaid. Our 2006 Winner, Hyung's Overture, is nearing pre-production, with Young Kim, our winning writer, attached to direct.

Founded by Sundance winning writer-director Gordy Hoffman in 1998, BlueCat has become the screenwriter's screenplay contest, with unmatched and genuine support for all writers. More community than contest, BlueCat writers rally, stopping, listening and looking for their space to grow as screenwriters.

Entry Fee $45. Feature Length 80 - 145 pages. Any genre.

Visit for more information.

The Number 23

You might want to check out Horror Lair's latest script on the 'net - This would be none other than The Number 23 (in PDF format). This is purported to be a shooting draft of Fernley Phillips's script. There has been strong advertising for the movie, coming out February 23rd and it will be interesting to see Jim Carrey in this role. The plot of this movie is: "A man's life unravels after he comes into contact with an obscure book titled The Number 23. As he reads the book, he becomes increasingly convinced that it is based on his own life. His obsession with the number 23 starts to consume him, and he begins to realize the book forecasts far graver consequences for his life than he could have ever imagined."

London Fields

Thanks to "Alex" for this bit of news. Martin Amis has posted an October 4, 2001 draft of Roberta Hanley's script (word doc) of Martin Amis' book London Fields. For a bit, David Cronenberg who directed such classics as Scanners, Videodrome, The Fly (remake) and eXistenZ, had signed on to direct, however the project ran into funding and productin problems. If you go to Martin Amis' Filmography page and scroll down to the bottom you can read the back story on the film and script.

London Fields is a bizarre book. Samson Young, the narrator, follows the machinations of promiscuous Nicola Six, a psychic who senses that she is to be murdered by one of two men she meets in a London bar. She systematically humiliates both -- darts champ Keith and posh, ineffectual Guy -- only to discover that for once her powers have misled her. Set "at the end of the millennium" against the background of a vaguely defined political/ecological/cosmological crisis. You can also get more info on the book at Wikipedia.


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