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Greetings Scriptarians!

I hope that everyone had a great New Year. I wanted to update everyone on the goings-on of the site.

On the Movie Script front, finally, you can read the proper scripts to the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy thanks to The Fempiror Chronicles and The Weekly Script. There are a few new and upcoming releases on the site, too. Joe Carnahan's upcoming Smokin' Aces starting Jeremy Privin and Ben Affleck is there as well as two drafts of the recently release A Good Year which starred Russell Crowe. I'm a big fan of the Beowulf saga. I was disappointed that Andrew Rai Berzins' Beowulf & Grendal didn't do better at the box office. It was superbly done and I like their take on Grendal. You'll also find scripts of The Grudge, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, The Prestige, Deliverance and Will Farrell's Stranger than Fiction.

On the TV Scripts front there a quite a few pilot Teleplays to populer US television shows including Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Heroes, Ugly Betty, The Office, Dawson's Creek and Entourage. There are also Teleplays of Lost and one teleplay of FireFly.

On the Unproduced Scripts front, December was a banner month for script submissions with nearly a hundred postings of new scripts. There are a grand total of 2,890 unproduced scripts up. And, as always, the Discussion Board is the place to go to read and talk about them.

Keep an eye out mid January for the always interesting One Week Writing Challenge where everyone is encouraged to participate in writing a short (15 page) script in less than a week.

On the Foreign Language Scripts front - Thanks to Russell for the heads up on a ton of screenplays from Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf. He is an extraordinarily proflict writer/director with numerous film festival wins and a few films that are banned in his own county. I've set up a Mohsen Makhmalbaf script page on the site where you can find more info on Makhmalbaf as well as his scripts. For those who read Persian, there are a number of his scripts up on the Foreign Language scripts page. While still pretty thin, I'm always on the lookout for scripts in languages other than English be they translations into foreign languages of English language movies or just scripts to movies in a foreign language. Bollywood is, unfortunately, not represented, so any help anyone can render would be great.

Thanks to everyone who has helped support the site by way of donations to keep the costs of running the site down as well as the supportive Discussion Board moderators who help to keep things neat and tidy there and also all of you out there who let me know when something new in the script world has hit the 'net.

Good luck and best wishes for the New Year.


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