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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Great news for writer Rick Hansberry! (Last Dance and Alienate) - post author wonkavite

Please join STS in congratulating writer Rick Hansberry.  Not once, but several times…

1) His recently reviewed short, Last Dance, has been picked up for student production by Megan McPherson.

Other directors take note: Last Dance is still available for professional use, as are several more Rick-flavored scripts!

Cards (drama) –  A pair of copyrighters continue their career-long battle long after retirement.

Over the Lump (drama) – Objects in the mind’s mirror may appear larger than they are.

Freak (drama) – A simple wave and smile alters the life of a teenager.

By the Power Vested in Me (drama) – Will a power outage serve as a sign that a wedding shouldn’t happen?

Hello (drama) – Interesting what you can find in used bookstores – and often there’s a reason it’s there.

‘Til Death (Comedy) – A marital tiff erupts to epic proportions.

Burn the Ships (drama) – Life lessons alter the courses taken by a teacher and his student.

Taking the Reins (drama FEATURE) – A reckless equestrian struggles through personal and professional setbacks to try to make history as the youngest winner of the elite Rolex championship, but his destructive personality poses the biggest obstacle to claiming the title.

2) Rick’s SF feature length, Alienate, is now available for purchase!  Take a gander at the DVD review here!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Bowel Sounds – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - post author The Merrows

Bowel Sounds

A patient experiences malevolent gastric distress

Ever sit in a quiet classroom or church… and suddenly your stomach makes one of those really loud gurgly sounds? Whoa. How loud was it, you wonder? Did anyone else hear it? Are they staring at you? Grossed out or giggling? And then… it happens again. G-u-R-g-L-e. And again. Sheesh, what are those sounds, anyway? What’s going on inside you that’s making so much ruckus? Could something you ate really cause that much commotion?

Or perhaps something’s eating you!

That’s the premise of the riveting comedy-horror, Bowel Sounds, by Robert G. Newcomer. Sad sack Tucker thinks something’s eating him up – from the inside out. And admittedly, he don’t look good. Even his family physician’s taken aback by his haggard appearance. But after listening with his stethoscope, Dr. Morgan concludes it’s just normal bowel sounds. You know, an undigested bit of beef. Or something Lewis Carroll-ish…

But Tucker ain’t buying it. He can feel something in his innards. Rolling. Squirming. Biting. And when he listens through the stethoscope, he hears an evil voice. Taunting him!

Questioning his patient’s marbles, Dr. Morgan slips from the room to order a sedative. But while he’s gone, Tucker takes matters into his own hands. Literally.

What follows next solves poor Tucker’s problem. But it sure ain’t pretty.

Memo to any doctors who might read this: Don’t leave surgical tools lying around when there’s a crazy person in the room. And one more word of caution: if you see a bloody trail leading to a trash can, and the trash can moves – keep your distance.

Horror directors, take heed. If you remember Reanimator with fondness, Bowel Sounds is the perfect tale for you. Darkly comedic, and bloody fun!

About the writer:  Robert Newcomer recently received his first IMDB credit for another short, Them That’s Dead.  An intelligent writer, he has several other shorts and a horror feature length available for consideration. (IMDB credits listed here.) Other scripts by Robert (also horror) reviewed at STS include:

A Mighty Fire

Someplace Nice and Dark

Pages: 5

Budget: Low. Three actors, a “doctor’s room” and buckets of blood!

About the reviewers: Scott & Paula Merrow are a husband and wife screenwriting team. Since 2006, they’ve written over 50 short screenplays, several of which have been produced. They tend toward family-friendly scripts, but they’ve written a little bit of everything: horror, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy,… the whole nine yards. They’re reachable at scott-paula “AT”





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Les Garcons – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - post author Gary Rowlands


A notorious French thief breaks into a museum and gets an unexpected surprise.

Crime capers. We love them so! Nothing captures a viewer’s imagination more than a priceless artifact, ferreted away by a daring cat burglar. Hollywood feeds our fancy with this genre regularly, treating us with star-studded movies such as The Oceans Eleven series, To Catch a Thief, The Score, Entrapment and of course The Thomas Crown Affair – an art theft film so popular they made it twice!

What do each of these entertaining films have in common (besides the pilfering of objets d’art?) A charismatic anti-hero who relies on style and stealth over violence.

Talented writer Jean-Pierre Chapoteau continues this grand tradition in Les Garcons. His worthy protagonist? The masterful and dashing “Jean-Luc The Great.”

As debonair as they come, our suave “master of all thieves” is blessed with great cunning and flamboyant skill. His daring criminal exploits include pilfering jewels right off the Pope, and “lifting zee necklace off of zee Queen of Spain as she dined in a room of one-hundred friends.” Not bad for a career cad’s resume.

His current target? The valuable painting “The Tree and the Fly”, displayed at a local museum. Unfortunately for this Master of Shadows, his best laid plans quickly go awry.

Jean’s caught red-handed by Tye – a young star-struck security guard. Tye triggers the alarm… then asks if he can have his picture taken with the criminal mastermind.

Have his picture taken? Never! Jean-Luc denies his ardent fan’s request. In a cunning game of cat and mouse, he demands to be taken to the “closest room of rest.” Guided into the break-room, an increasingly concerned Jean-Luc bargains with his captor. Let him go free… and perhaps a picture’s not out of the question.

Footsteps approach. All seems lost. But a clever twist proves the old saying: “never, ever trust a thief!”

About the writer: Jean-Pierre Chapoteau started writing feature length scripts in 2005 then focused on shorts in 2009. Since then he’s had three scripts produced and two more optioned. He has won several awards for his shorts and has become a moderator at the site MoviePoet, who specialize in the craft of the short scripts.  Jean-Pierre was a finalist in the RAW TALENT Competition for his faith based feature length script: ‘Far From Perfect.’ And was also a semi-finalist in the SLAMDANCE teleplay competition and a finalist in the OBSWRITER teleplay contest for his adapted teleplay, Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Guardian.  You can contact Jean-Pierre Chapoteau at:  jeanpierre425 (a)

Pages: 6

Budget: Low. Two actors. A few cheap props. A school hall or all purpose room dressed to look like a museum.

About the reviewer: Gary “Rolo” Rowlands cut his teeth on sketch comedy and was a commissioned writer on Spitting Image, a hugely popular sketch show in the UK that regularly attracted audiences of 8-10 million a week. He has several features available and is currently rewriting his contained supernatural thriller Offline. He can be contacted at gazrow at hotmail dot com





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.




Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tim Westland’s For the Love of God – Optioned! - post author wonkavite

Hmmm… quite a double entendre there. Is it not?

For The Love of God: we urge all STS fans to read this post!

It is hereby announced that Tim Westland’s spectacular short For The Love of God has now been optioned. Just imagine – a writer capable of tackling a mix of sensitive subjects: with a splendid blend of style, humor and humanitarian sensibility as well.

That’s what we’d shoot for at STS, when in search of a stand-out script to film.

Sure enough – one lucky director did. We’ll keep you apprised as this one develops. All the way to the silver indie screen.

In the meantime, we highly suggest you look over Tim’s other work. The man writes in a variety of genres – each intelligently nuanced, and available for production as we speak:


Better Be Good – (Holiday Fantasy Short) – When a young boy finds Santa’s lost bag of toys in a nearby forest, his first thought is to return it. His big brother has other ideas though, which might prove life changing for both of them. NOTE: CHRISTMAS THEME – grab this before Santa (or Krampus) rips it away!

Balls Out (comedy) – Legendary Surfing Pioneer, Mick “Balls Out” Shelly, hasn’t hit the waves in five decades. But an opportunity to reclaim the spotlight takes Mick and people from his past on a trip down memory lane that none are likely to forget.

Careful What You Wish For (comedy/fantasy) – Magic genies and bottles. Such things never end well.  Or DO they?

A Line in the Sand (Hard Political SF/Drama) – Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.

TV Series

Loose Screws (TV Pilot/Drama/Thriller with writer John Robbins) – A successful psychiatrist finds himself losing his grip on reality – and turns to an old patient – a girl with a mysterious mathematical talent, that he used and betrayed years ago.

(in) Equality (SF – In development. Treatment available) – A collaboration with writer John Robbins and J.E. Clarke – a hard SF TV series in the speculative vein of Orphan Black.


Hunted/Stitched (Feature Horror with writer Rod Thompson) – After accidentally shooting a girl in the mysterious Ozark mountains, five hunting buddies must battle for their lives and their souls when a backwoods hillbilly taxidermist invokes ancient supernatural powers to bring his monstrous patchwork creations to life to exact his revenge.  Note to Directors who focus on contest winners… Stitched has been wowing the big ones.  Quite well!

About Tim himself: Tim Westland, co-writer of the acclaimed graphic novel Chasing the Dead, received first place for Balls Out in the NNYM 15 page contest. An outstanding writer with an eye for the details, his IMDB page can be found here. And he can be reached here (when not subsumed in writing throes): timwestland “AT” hotmail

Monday, September 7, 2015

Ouija – Short Script Review (Optioned!) - post author Steven Clark


A group of friends get more than they bargained for when they hook a Ouija board up to a 3D printer and encounter a presence from the other side.

You a ghost and horror fan? Then, let’s chat about a staple in the supernatural sub-genre… that well-known prop: Ouija boards!

Widely considered a tool to summon the dead, theories about Ouija boards abound. Some true believers consider these plywood concentrations of pressed evil to be an expressway to the very depths of hell. A gateway, in fact, for evil spirits – offering EZpass access to one’s soul. Other paranormal doubters consider the boards a harmless family game (and profit play by Hasbro Inc.) Needless to say, such contrasting views are polarizing: what are a Ouija Board’s true powers? Can they be used for Good? Evil? Or – perhaps – Comedy?

That’s the meta-answer provided by veteran writer Anthony Cawood, with his latest horror offering, Ouija. Peek, if you will, into its blood soaked pages. Beyond it, you’ll find a secluded cabin in the forest, populated by four close and fool-hearty friends: Kurt, Grace, Dean and Imogen. Yep, the candles are lit. And the patchouli incense a-burning. Toss in a copy of the titular game, and the potentially grisly scene is set. Evil Dead notwithstanding, the supernatural rendezvous date comes due…. save for one torn-from-the-script pages of The Big Bang– twist:

The gang’s Ouija board is rigged to a 3d printer, in the hopes of bringing the visions it invokes to life.

And boy, does it ever!

Shaking hands  grazing the planchette, the friends toss question after question into the whirling miasma of the spirit world. Do they get answers? No avail. But soon the printer ‘whirs’ to life, building an ominous model of their own cabin. Not to mention a premonition of the foursome’s looming deadly fate….

Will our best buds deny their fears and stick it out? Or flee the cabin, in mortal fear of their lives? Written with a dark humoristic streak, Ouija melds generic horror with quirky high-tech sensibility. Horror directors take note – this script fuses classic paranormal jump scares with fresh blood – ala Generation Y!

Pages: 8

Budget: Pretty low. A cabin, teens and Ouija board. (Well, plus a fake 3d Printer). That’s it!

About the writer, Anthony Cawood: I’m an award winning screenwriter from the UK with over 15 scripts produced, optioned and/or purchased. Outside of my screenwriting career, I’m also a published short story writer and movie reviewer. Links to my films and details of my scripts can be found at

About the reviewer: Based in upstate, NY, Steven Clark is the writer of over 30 short scripts, several of which are under option, in pre-production, or have already been made into films. On A Clear Night, a family Christmas feature aimed at a Hallmark Channel-type audience, is currently in the works. Steven can be reached at Steamroller138 (a) gmail.

Read Ouiji

Find more scripts available for production

This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

One True Love – Short Script Review (Optioned!) - post author KP Mackie

One True Love

” Two witches wonder if they will ever find the men who will fulfill their destinies and grant them eternal youth.”

Love stories – it’s a genre that’s surprisingly complex. Couples’ personalities vary, of course. Their psyches. Their circumstance. Then there’s the emotion of love itself – impossible to categorize. At times, love’s stormy, tragic or wistful. Other times – sweet and dreamy. But above all else, no matter the tale, Love is simply magic…

Especially in William Boehmer’s award-winning short, One True Love.

You see, Esther and Vivian are witches. Both in their seventies, the two have been Bosom Buddies for years. Through thick and thin, and far too many wrinkles. Recently the septugarians have been on a search for the final ingredient in a spell that will revive their long-lost youth: the kiss of “One True Love”.

Sadly, that’s easier said than done. Especially in these modern times.

The two go about their quest differently. Able to (temporarily) look young and beautiful, Vivian frequents bars – enjoying the company of multiple men. Esther combs the neighborhood one guy at a time. But neither crone has had success.

The men are dropping – literally passing out – at their feet!

Consoled by Vivian, a frustrated Esther hatches a plan. Maybe she’s been doing things wrong. Why hit on just young men? Perhaps maturity has it’s benefits…

Appearing for once as her true self, a seventy year old Esther targets old man Theo in the park. Bewitching him with her charms, she leans in for the kill (uh, we mean “kiss.”). But with this latest man be her Prince? Or just the last frog in a line of failures…?

Clever and comedic, OTL’s an easy story to film. A sweet script with an unexpected twist. A timeless tale of searching for love – that begins and ends with a kiss.

About the writer: Talented writer William Boehmer can be reached at list “AT”

Pages: 6

Budget: Simple. Some exterior shots with a park bench. A house with Victorian decorations. Four female characters required: Esther and Vivian (old and young.) And a few kissable guys of all ages.

About the Reviewer: California über reader/reviewer KP Mackie is working hard on her animated feature. KP’s work is available at!





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.




Thursday, September 11, 2014

Glued – Short Script Review (Optioned!) - post author The Merrows


A man awakes from a drunken binge to find his abused family has evened the odds

Written by Rustom Irani, Glued is a dark masterpiece!

A twisted story of domestic revenge, the script opens as Bubba (40s) awakes in his mobile home – hungover, naked, hairy and disheveled… to find he’s been glued to the floor.

His abused wife and son bustle around him. “Mama’s” sporting a huge shiner – a souvenir of her husband’s drunken, abusive behavior from the night before. As the gravity of the situation sinks in, Bubba’s insults turn to panic. It’s the weekend – no-one’ll miss him for several days. He threatens unspeakable violence when he breaks free – but his family continues about their business unphased. The Kid watches Saturday morning cartoons. Mama searches for cigarettes under the couch, and scrapes the waffle iron clear of gunk for breakfast.

As he bellows, Bubba slowly works himself loose; one painful patch of torn skin at a time. But everyone seems blissfully unconcerned. Dad’s gonna kill us? Oh well…

Why aren’t they worried? Well, that’s a zinger we ain’t gonna tell.

Domestic abuse and peeling skin: not your normal family fare. And yet – Glued is a screenplay gem. Filled with deliciously twisted dialogue, Glued sets up dark comedic scenes that are priceless. Let’s face it, revenge is sweet…

…and gluing Bubba to the floor was just the set-up. Grab this script before he (and it) breaks free!

About the writer: A film and video aficionado based in Mumbai, Rustom Irani works as a freelance editor and screenwriter for projects ranging from narratives, commercials, and documentaries to corporate and music videos. His website is available at, and he can be reached at rustyirani “AT”!

Pages: 5

Budget: Low. Find a mobile home, three great actors and you’re done!

About the reviewers: Scott & Paula Merrow are a husband and wife screenwriting team. Since 2006, they’ve written over 50 short screenplays, several of which have been produced. They tend toward family-friendly scripts, but they’ve written a little bit of everything: horror, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy,… the whole nine yards. They’re reachable at scott-paula “AT”


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