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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hunting Grounds – Indie Film Review - post author Anthony Cawood

Hunting GroundsOkay, I admit it, I’m fascinated by man-beasts, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yowie… whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods.

So I put this film to the top of my review pile and settled down for and action-packed scarefest… hmmm.

I understand, I really do, low budget and you have to convince an audience that the guy in the fur suit is a real, scary, wild animal. Many low budget films will take time with the reveal, keep the monster in the shadows until the last moment so that people can’t see the zip.

But not with Hunting Ground, here the reveal is early, and repeated… and it does detract from the scare aspect as the suit isn’t remotely convincing.

The other problem, inherent with Bigfoot films, is that stories of Bigfoot encounters don’t generally involve violence and attacks, they appear to be (assuming they exist for a moment) shy and reclusive animals. It’s like someone making a horror film with a Panda as the monster.

All bad then?

No, not entirely.

I realised about forty minutes in, despite the monster suits and dubious acting, that it was kinda fun. Silly for sure, but fun too.

When the sustained attack on the cabin happens and the set is wobbling, furry arms are poking through every hole and the gore effects are amped to the max… well it was difficult not to be impressed with the chutzpah on display.

A for effort and F for fun!


Well not entirely


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About the reviewer: Anthony Cawood is an award winning screenwriter from the UK with 4 short films produced and another 10 or so scripts optioned and/or purchased. Links to his films and details of his scripts can be found at

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