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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fangs – Short Script Review (Available for Production) - post author KP Mackie

Fangs (pdf format) by Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

A vampire offers his services to a slave for the exchange of food.

Adversaries. They’re the essential ingredient for conflict. Protagonist vs. Antagonist: equally strong and well defined. To create a compelling tale, one needs that Yin and Yang. Characters that need something from each other. Unwilling to stop until that urge is satisfied…

It’s a lust that works, every time. Especially in Jean-Pierre Chapoteau’s short script, Fangs.

As the story opens, slave fieldworker Mogey heads to a dark and dismal storm cellar. There he encounters Aldazo – an ancient vampire in extreme distress. Having lost his way while hunting at night, Aldazo’s been separated from his “minions”. With daylight beckoning, the creature’s taken shelter in the cellar. Vulnerable, and mortally weak from hunger, Aldazo’s in a terrible bind. He offers the human a deal he can’t refuse: bring him some needed “prey” – and Aldazo will grant Mogey his greatest wish.

At first, the skeptical slave resists. Why negotiate with a “rank, deadin’ bloodsucker.” Especially a creature as shifty and evil as Aldazo seems?

But Aldazo insists. Wielding a wiley persistence honed throughout the centuries, the vampire hammers out an agreement. Mogey will fetch Aldazo a young slave girl to feed on. In return, the vampire will call in a few favors. From creatures even more old and powerful than he.

Mogey takes down names and leaves, setting out to fulfill his end of the deal. But can the vampire be trusted? And are Mogey and Aldazo being kept in the dark… in far more ways than one? The two are headed for deadly conflict. From which only one can emerge victorious….

More than than your run-of-the-mill vampire tale, Fangs is filled with rich history and dialogue. It’s a smart story, awaiting a smart director. And so we ask: are you the chosen one?

Pages: 5

Budget: Manageable. Stairs and a basement could represent a cellar. Both the male protagonist and male antagonist are distinctive and deserve special attention. We’ll leave it up to the director to reveal which is which. 🙂

About the Writer: Jean-Pierre Chapoteau started writing feature-length scripts in 2005, then focused on shorts in 2009. Since then he’s had three scripts produced and two more optioned. He has won several awards for his shorts. Jean-Pierre was a finalist in the RAW TALENT Competition for his faith-based feature-length script: ‘Far From Perfect.’ And was also a semi-finalist in the SLAMDANCE teleplay competition and a finalist in the OBSWRITER teleplay contest for his adapted teleplay, Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Guardian. You can contact Jean-Pierre Chapoteau at: jeanpierre425 (a)

About the Reviewer: California über reader/reviewer KP Mackie is working hard on her animated feature.

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This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.

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KP Mackie
December 23rd, 2016 at 12:34 am

A terrific story! 🙂

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