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Thursday, December 15, 2016

What A Good Boy Does – Short script review, available for production - post author James Barron

What A Good Boy Does pdf format by Ben Clifford

A young boy feels like he needs to tell his parents about a horrifying thing that happened to him — only to find out that they might not want to know. Trigger warning.

Picture that classic 1950’s image of the perfect American family:

Mother in her apron, steam rising from a fresh batch of brownies.
Father with his dinner jacket and pipe, smiling like he just told a joke.
Son at the table, their pride and joy, what a good little boy.

Now take a match and light it on fire.

This is a story of the cracks and holes and twisted, burnt corners of the nuclear family dream. Mother is a strung-out mess, desperate to keep up appearances. Father is the buttoned-up breadwinner whose well-being trumps all else. And their son, Bobby, has a secret. Something that makes his mother very worried. Something that might just send the whole façade crumbling down. How far will mother go to plaster over the cracks? How deep can one family bury their skeletons?

If you want a safe, happy family drama, check the Hallmark channel. If you’re looking for a psychologically complex tale with the courage and conviction to face those very dark places, you owe it to yourself to check out Ben Clifford’s What A Good Boy Does.

Production: This ten page short is an actor’s film. Suburban neighborhood. Suburban house. Two couples and a child.

About the writer: Ben Clifford is an Australian screenwriter

About the reviewer: James Barron is a former law student turned screenwriter who loves to write comedy along with the occasional horror/thriller. Contact James at jbarron021 (a) gmail.

Read What A Good Boy Does (10 page short drama in pdf format)

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