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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Congratulations to Steve Clark – Silence, Eventually Optioned! - post author simplyscriptshorts

There are some scripts that linger in our hearts. Ones poetically written and polished – stabbing right to the heart of who we are. And that’s clearly the case with Steve Clark’s Silence, Eventually – a short based loosely on the tragedy of Orlando, Pulse; a script recently showcased on STS.

We’re thrilled to announce Silence has already been optioned by Sinister 7 productions. Remember the name, folks. Because this is a script that you’ll likely hear more of… quite soon.

In the meantime, here’s a rich treasure trove of other Steve Clark shorts available. We suggest you contact him now, before they’re all taken and gone!

Chef Musto (Comedy) – What’s for dinner? That’s always the question when guests arrive…

Fruitcake – (Drama) Through the years, a boy has trouble accepting the truth about his family.

The Combination – (Drama) Parents who lose their child must eventually find a way to let go.

Man’s Best Friend – (Drama/Thriller) Three days after a couple’s beloved dog goes missing, a phone call arrives that will change the game. Forever.

Solitaire – (Drama) A troubled loner is about to get a second chance. And maybe more…

Tempest Road – (Drama) Three years sober, a father must deal with the reality that his son is transgender.

The Bear – (Drama) An elderly woman faces torment and exploitation at her nursing home — until an unexpected friend comes to her aid.

Lady Eva – (Drama) – Part time reporter Tyler is about to have the interview of a lifetime.
Lady Eva’s life, that is…

Madison and Church (Drama/Fantasy) – A boy takes a trip to the past to save his father, but soon realizes he can’t change what happens next.

Balance (Drama) – A soldier’s homecoming surprise for his daughter’s birthday is ruined when the “gift” goes missing.

About Steve: A writer since the age of 12, the first book that Steve Clark ever read was Amityville Horror. The second was Cujo. He’s been writing ever since, and is currently hard at work on two features. He’s reachable at SAClark69 “AT” (or on Long Island, if you’re in the area!!)

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KP Mackie
September 25th, 2016 at 3:54 pm

Such an emotional story.
Congratulations, SC! 🙂

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