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Friday, July 8, 2016

Grammar Nazi Killer – Short Script Review (Available for Production!) - post author wonkavite

Grammar Nazi Killer
Your next grammatical error may be your last.

Okay, I’ll admit it. My high school grammar skills might be a little rusty. I may end a sentence with the occasional preposition. And I have been known to allow my participles to dangle in public. But, hey, no one’s perfect.

There is one place, it seems, the world’s worst grammatical offenders gather in droves – the internet. More specifically, social media.

Let’s face it. Most of the people on Facebook are not playing with an unabridged dictionary.

Grammar Nazi Killer, the new short script by James Barron, introduces a new villain to the slasher horror genre. A psychopath who kills in the name of proper sentence structure. A murderer who butchers those who butcher the English language. A monster who trolls the internet searching for his next illiterate victim.

True to the genre, our protagonists are a group of high school teens whose only crimes are stupidity and the overwhelming desire to investigate loud noises and dark rooms. And, of course, committing a grammatical error or two on-line.

Our first victim is Dwight, a normal, every-day kid who loves to watch porn in his basement. In his defense, I’m sure he’s limited to an hour, and only if his homework is finished. Imagine his surprise when a message flashes on his screen and it’s not an ad for horny housewives.

“Your writing is an affront to Grammar and the English language. Prepare to die!”

Spoiler alert, Dwight! Zip it up and get the hell out of there!

Amber Swift, a beautiful, blonde airhead Skypes with her hunky quarterback boyfriend Jason when she receives the same message on her computer after making the fatal flaw of being too cutesy with her word usage. After Amber’s error is “corrected,” Grammar Nazi Killer sets his sights on Jason. Will Jason be the next victim of bad grammar? Or can he somehow escape with his subject and predicate intact?

Grammar Nazi Killer is a horror script with its tongue firmly in cheek. Until it’s chopped off. Directors who are fans of the slasher genre should definitely take a stab at this one. This script is bloody good all the way to the last cut.

Pages: 14

Budget: Moderate. Not a big cast, but lots of gory FX. If you happen to have a couple barrels of blood in your basement, you’re half way there.

About the Reviewer: David M Troop has been writing since he could hold a No. 2 pencil. His short scripts have been featured on, Simplyscripts, and this here one. Currently, Dave is writing this review, but plans to write feature films in the near future and take Hollywood by storm. Well, not really storm – more like a sprinkle. He lives in the comatose town of Schuylkill Haven, PA where he is a proud grandfather, a father of two, and a husband of one.

About the Author: Newly discovered by STS (but already treasured), James can be reached at jbarron021 “AT” gmail





All screenplays are copyrighted to their respective authors. All rights reserved. The screenplays may not be used without the expressed written permission of the author.

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KP Mackie
July 10th, 2016 at 5:35 pm

Intriguing slasher film.
Particularly like the controlled number of characters. Makes it easy to keep track of everyone.
Definitely squirm-worthy. 🙂

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