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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time for Love – Short Script Review – Optioned! - post author Anthony Cawood

Time for Love

An elderly lady discovers an old flame in her shed

Sometimes, a script engages you from the first couple of sentences; usually for a combination of reasons. Its introduction piques your interest.. hinting at mysteries to come. Its story beats stimulate an easy empathy – compelling one to root for a character, even before you know their name. Such tales flow from simple beginnings, weaving a subtle narrative that never lets one disengage. Cracking stuff. When done just right.

Time for Love is such a script. A super-short four page piece, TFL follows Marjorie Flanagan (86), confronting an interloper in her shed. Armed with a stick, she prepares for battle – only to be hit with the shock of her life instead. Sitting in the middle of the barn is her husband, George; a time-traveling inventor who disappeared sixty years ago – vanishing into thin air, without a trace. But now he’s back. And he’s hasn’t aged. A twenty seven year old wanderer, tethered to a tempermental steam-punk time machine (a huge jerry-rigged kings wing chair). It’s a moment of sweet reconciliation for two long lost lovers. But with a caveat that threatens to ruin all. You see, George can’t stay in one place for very long. If he does, he ages. Badly. After decades of trying, he’s finally found Marjorie. And has only minutes to make up for a lifetime of lost memories.

Science fiction at it’s finest, Time for Love isn’t about gadgets or FX.   It’s a psalm to love, aging and loss, and the fragility of the human condition. Mixing in echoes of Dr. Who and classic literature, Bowcott infuses TFL with a real sense of poignancy… one that resonates on a universal level. A limited location classic, TFL has only one setting – a shed – two actors and a time machine. It’s sure to be a festival favorite – grab this one before the flow of time snatches it away!

Budget: Low. And designing that time machine is going to be fun in and of itself!

About the reviewer:  Anthony Cawood is an award winning screenwriter from the UK with a bunch of short scripts produced, optioned and/or purchased. He is currently trying to get someone to make one of his three feature scripts. Links to his films, scripts and other goodies can be found at

About the writer: Dustin Bowcott is a self employed microbe retailer and father of four boys. He has enjoyed writing since the day he read his first novel. For Dustin, writing is something he has to do, when not writing, he’s thinking about writing and will absorb himself into multiple projects at one time. When he gets tired of writing one thing he moves onto another and has been known to work on three different stories in one day, writing for sometimes 12 hours straight and, on occasion, even longer. Dustin can turn his hand to any genre and has just finished first draft of a new children’s novel. Dustin is a BBC Writer’s Room finalist and a Shore Scripts finalist both in 2014. He is a produced and optioned writer, and has recently turned his hand to production, having produced his first short film with another in the pipeline that should be completed this year. Want to see what else he has in store? Give him a shout-out at dustin7375 “AT” gmail.





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1 Comments so far


KP Mackie
July 23rd, 2015 at 1:28 pm

A terrific story. The visual aspects are wonderful.
Setting this time-travel reunion in a shed is original. A real attention-getter.
Well done. 🙂

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