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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Golden Age of Radio – Scripts and Transcripts - post author Don

Check out these and more on the Old Time Radio page.

– Don

Lux Radio Theatre: The Day the Earth Stood Still – transcript- from: Microphone Plays

A spaceship lands in Washington, D. C. bringing an alien who has a message for mankind. “Klaatu barada nikto,” says spaceman Klaatu to robot Gort in this faithful adaptation of the vintage film.



Murder Clinic: The Scrap of Lace – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

Madame Rosika Storey and her faithful sidekick Bella investigate a mysterious death in New York high society. A rare dramatization of Hulbert Footner’s largely forgotten fictional detective.


Front Page Drama: The Broken Coin – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

In a notorious Depression-era Parisian café, women use their wiles to squeeze money from wealthy drunks. Interesting combination of sensationalism and old-fashioned melodrama from the Hearst publishing empire.


The Hall of Fantasy: The Shadow People – transcript- from: The Generic Radio Workshop

When the “people of the darkness” threaten to “take” Elaine and her family, her fiance calls in Dr. Hesselius, expert on the occult. Creepy episode of the horror series.


Sherlock Holmes: The Problem of Thor Bridge – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

A wealthy American’s wife has apparently been murdered by his beautiful mistress. The great detective investigates. A relatively faithful adaptation of the original Arthur Conan Doyle story.


Mercury Theater on the Air: Sherlock Holmes – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

Sherlock Holmes versus Professor Moriarty. Orson Welles adapts and stars in this radio version of William Gillette’s classic stage play.


Romance: Two and One Is Awful – transcript – from: The Generic Radio Workshop

Two friends, vying for the same man, get a little help from swinging Aunt Martha. Funny romantic comedy.


Destination Freedom: The Rime of the Ancient Dodger – transcript – from: J. Fred MacDonald Presents

Jackie Robinson breaks baseball’s color line by joining the Brooklyn Dodgers, as told by Sammy the Whammy, a very Brooklynesque narrator. This surprisingly lighthearted script (partly a parody of Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”), by black author Richard Durham for his award-winning civil rights drama series, was broadcast the year after Robinson’s major league debut. “You look like the kind of player who could get a hit,” says a scout to Robinson, “Even if you do start out with two strikes on you.”


The Adventures of Sam Spade: The Dead Duck Caper  – transcript- from: Microphone Plays

Instead of a Maltese falcon, Dashiell Hammett’s private detective pursues a mysterious “duck” wanted by a gangster who’s holding his secretary’s mother hostage. Says Spade, “When a streetcar came along, I tossed a coin whether to get on it or lie down on the tracks and let it run over me.”


Lux Radio Theater: I’ll Be Seeing You – transcript- from: The Generic Radio Workshop

“The poignant story of two people who find themselves very much in love,” says Cecil B. DeMille, “but whose yuletide happiness is shadowed by a strange threat.” Adapted from the 1940s David O. Selznick film.


Lum and Abner: Christmas Eve in Pine Ridge – transcript- from: Microphone Plays

Customers visit the Jot ‘Em Down Store, but proprietors Lum and Abner, entranced by a “lecatric” train set, are too busy layin’ track ’round the pickle barrel to notice. Doggies, this is a mighty amusin’ Christmas episode of the noted rural comedy series.



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