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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off Topic – Not about Tony. About Aimee - post author Don

I know that “SimplyScripts” is suppose to be about “Scripts” and “Screenwriting” and I try to stick to that. But, this has been going through my head for quite some time. So, before I post up the scripts from the 1+6 Week Challenge, I thought I’d get this down on paper. I’ve tried several times before and haven’t been successful. I’m going to get this down on paper and push it out and walk away.

Last December, one of the members of the SimplyScripts discussion board took his own life. I never met Tony Gangemi face to face. I’ve read his work that he and his writing partner and wife Aimee put out. I thought they were a great team and wrote some great stuff. Tony is my contemporary. Old people die. People you don’t know die. When someone I know, particularly someone very much like me, dies, it bothers me, tho I don’t choose to admit it to anyone.

Oddly enough, or perhaps not so oddly, I have found comfort in Amiee’s blog, SixWordsBlog. Her inaugural essay The Still Point is a frank and honest recounting of the events of December 21st. Amiee is very open about her feelings on what was, ironically, the longest night of the year. She has been posting regularly for the past few months. I admire her courage to put herself emotionally out there in writing.

Just got word that an online friend recently lost his father. I wrote to him, what I hope were encouraging words. I told him to talk about his feelings and get them down on paper. And, get someone to read it. Don’t worry if you got it right or not. I’m taking my own advice. Good luck, Jack.

Thank you for indulging me.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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April 27th, 2013 at 1:55 pm

Don… how can I tell you how much this means to me? The blog has been such a healing thing for me, although at times incredibly difficult to write. I am sure that at some point I will go back to screenwriting — I love it too much not to — and what I know is that Simply Scripts is going to be a kind and welcoming place for me to be when I do decide I’m ready to screenwrite without Tony. We’ve never met, but you have been a true and compassionate friend during this sad time, and I am grateful to know you.


Norman Scribbler
April 27th, 2013 at 1:55 pm

Don, for what it’s worth. I’d like to offer you a virtual and very heartfelt handshake for all that you do for each and every one of us through your dedication to helping all of us to further our craft. I, for one, am forever and humbly indebted to you for your kindness. And I’m sure that hearing of a tragic loss, is for each of us, news that we all dread receiving. But, somehow, as displayed by Tony’s widow, we find a way to propel ourselves forward in anticipation of those better days that surely will follow; hopefully speaking, sooner rather than later. My prayers are with the bereaved, all included.

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