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Monday, March 15, 2010

Squirt! Episode 5ive ‘Publicity’ - post author Don

We have another in the web series Squirt!‘Publicity by Tyler Higgins (Higgonaitor) A newspaper article is printed about Squirt after Dan stops a purse-grabber. 10 pages pdf format

Squirt! 105 Publicity
Uploaded by higgonaitor. – Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms.

Discuss this script on the Discussion Board
Not familiar with Squirt!? Get caught up in the whole series here. – Don

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Original Scripts - post author Don

Over on the Unproduced Scripts page there are seventy-five original scripts from writers on the ‘net. Among them is Mike’s The Spirit of 1865 (100 pages in doc format)

In this action/adventure fantasy, Alison discovers that a ghost lives next door to her. She must help the spirit make the transition into the next life.

If this is not your bag, skip over to the unproduced scripts page and sample another. – Don

Saturday, March 13, 2010

SimplyScripts Radio – Ron Osborn Edition 3/12/10 - post author Don

Mike Shelton hosts the SimplyScripts Radio Ron Osborn Edition

Rated PG-13 for language and references to “The Jerk”.

The guest this episode is Emmy, Cable Aces and WGA nominated writer/producer Ron Osborn. Ron has writing credits from shows such as Mork & Mindy, Moonlighting and The West Wing with his writing partner Jeff Reno. His writing credits also include Meet Joe Black and Radioland Murders. He has recently optioned his screenplay, ECHO. He also teaches screenwriting at Art Center/College of Design.

In this episode Ron talks about his career, how he got into the biz, the value of the writing team and what happened with “Radioland Murders”.

Our panel consists of George Willson, Phil Clarke Jr, Jeff Bush and Pia.

SimplyScripts Radio is produced by Michael Cornetto and hosted by Mike Shelton.

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Interested in joining the panel? Send an email to radiosimply (at)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chaos and Timber Falls scripts - post author Don

Big thanks to Writer/Director Tony Giglio for these script donations.

We have the March 15, 2004 shooting script of Chaos (pdf format) which starred Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes and Ryan Phillippe.

Two cops, a rookie and a grizzled vet, pursue an accomplished bank robber..

Tony writes, “[The] Chaos [shooting script] is pretty close to the final product.”

We also have, the September 17, 2006 shooting script of Timber Falls (pdf format) by Daniel Kay (revised by Tony Giglio).

A weekend of camping in the mountains becomes an excursion into hell for a young couple, who become pawns in a grotesque plot hatched by deranged locals.

Of this, Tony writes, “TIMBER FALLS is too [pretty close to the final product] except the very last scene is completely different. We ran out of time in Romania to shoot the ending the way I wanted. The ending that made the film was shot in LA (and not very good). But now, if anyone cares, they can see what we were actually going for.”

There is a video of a Q&A from screamfest where Tony talks about Timber Falls.

Check out Tony’s IMDB creds and his website, The War Room.

You can find these and other movie scripts on the Movie Scripts page.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Adapted Screenplay – Precious - post author Don

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire – January 16, 2008 first revised (green) draft script by Geoffrey Fletcher Revisions by Lee Daniels (Based on the novel by Sapphire) – hosted by: Lionsgate – in pdf format

Claireece Precious Jones endures unimaginable hardships in her young life. Abused by her mother, raped by her father, she grows up poor, angry, illiterate, fat, unloved and generally unnoticed. So what better way to learn about her than through her own, halting dialect.

Information courtesy of

Best Original Screenplay – The Hurt Locker Screenplay - post author Don

Best Original Screenplay Winner is:
The Hurt Locker – June 7, 2007 shooting draft script by Mark Boal – hosted by: The Hurt Locker Official Site – in pdf format

An intense portrayal of elite soldiers who have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world: disarming bombs in the heat of combat. When a new sergeant, James, takes over a highly trained bomb disposal team amidst violent conflict, he surprises his two subordinates, Sanborn and Eldridge, by recklessly plunging them into a deadly game of urban combat. James behaves as if he’s indifferent to death. As the men struggle to control their wild new leader, the city explodes into chaos, and James’ true character reveals itself in a way that will change each man forever.

Information courtesy of

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super “Squirt” - post author Don

In January, we had Tyler Higgins on SimplyScripts Radio who talked about his web series Squirt. In the intervening time, he’s posted three more in the series. I completely missed the fact that they were on the web, so with that, I present a “Super Squirt” – All four episodes of Squirt with links to the scripts. Please note that the final filmed versions differ from the shooting scripts.

Squirt: ‘Too Much Citrus’ by Tyler Higgins (Higgonaitor) – Dan is quite abruptly endowed with the power to squirt a jet of water from his index finger. 7 pages (pdf format)

Squirt: ‘Fashion and Focus’ – Rufus and Dan get to down to business. 7 pages (pdf format)

Squirt: ‘The Auditions’ – Dan and Rufus hold Sidekick auditions with the help of Rufus’ little sister. (pdf format)

Squirt: ‘Over’ – The team has a day of reconnaissance, in which a clue is discovered and a sidekick gets a costume. 11 pages (pdf format)

You can talk about the scripts here. Comments on the webisodes can be made here. – Don

Friday, March 5, 2010

SimplyScripts Radio B-Side Edition 2/26/10 - post author Don

Mike Shelton hosts the SimplyScripts Radio B-Side Edition

Rated PG-13 for use of the “F” Bomb and talk of curling.

In this episode we speak with Alan Holman about Banana Chan, marketing via a website, and Anime. Pia gets bored and then we talk about curling.

Alan’s website is

SimplyScripts Radio is produced by Michael Cornetto and hosted by Mike Shelton.

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Interested in joining the panel? Send an email to radiosimply (at)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Messenger screenplay - post author Don

Thank Bart and Movie Cultists and “Chris Knight in the Comments” for the heads up on this Oscar nominated screenplay.

The Messenger – undated, unspecified draft script by Alessandro Camon & Oren Moverman – hosted by: The Messenger – in pdf format

An American soldier struggles with an ethical dilemma when he becomes involved with a widow of a fallen officer.

Information courtesy of

You can check out nearly all the Oscar nominated screenplays here. – Don

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