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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SimplyScripts Radio Inner Sanctum Edition 2/26/10 - post author Don

Mike Shelton hosts the SimplyScripts Radio Inner Sanctum Edition

On this episode we interview a studio reader who shall be known only as Johnny. Among other things we talk about are the misconceptions writers have about studio readers. As studio reader, just how important is page length, grammar, formatting and story when deciding to either pass or consider. Get your answers on the pod cast.

Johnny is also a co-host of Team X Cast a bi-weekly banter and wisecracking about video games, movies and whatever else comes to mind, with members from the forums.

The panel was Pia, Michael Cornetto and Phil Clarke Jr.

SimplyScripts Radio is produced by Michael Cornetto and hosted by Mike Shelton.

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Interested in joining the panel? Send an email to radiosimply (at)

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