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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clive Dawson’s The Bunker - post author Don

Thanks to Clive Dawson for the donation of his script The Bunker (pdf format).

Seven German soldiers are enclosed in one bunker during the Second World War. They soon feel surrounded by enemies. When they hear about the tunnel-system beneath the bunker and some mystic events that had occurred in this place, they soon begin to go mad…

You can also read some articles about the development of the film, The Bunker on Clive Dawson’s Web Site.

You can check it out on the Movie Scripts page. – Don

Friday, January 1, 2010

SimplyScripts Radio News Years Day edition - post author Don

Mike Shelton hosts the New Year’s Day edition of the SimplyScripts Radio podcast.

Rated R for language

James McClung is on to discuss the filming of his script Abattoir and his current project.

James also discusses some of his other work Black Market and Tis The Season and his foray into Romantic Comedy.

George Willson (author of the recently released novel The Fempiror Chronicles: The Initiation of David) talks basic scene construction.

Sean Elwood (Zombie Sean) talks about his favorite Zombie scripts, Robert Skotte’s unproduced The Bay and Phil Clarke’s Not Even Death which has recently been filmed, the trailer of which you can catch here.

Pia talks about writing under a deadline, à propos of the recent 7 Week Challenge.

SimplyScripts Radio is produced by Michael Cornetto and hosted by Mike Shelton.

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Interested in joining the panel? Send an email to radiosimply (at)

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