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Monday, April 13, 2009

NYC Midnight’s Screenwriter’s Challenge - post author Don

NYC Midnight’s sixth annual Screenwriter’s Challenge persuades creative types to write what they [don’t] know by asking them to compose short screenplays of surprise genre and topic in as little as 24 hours. The first round of the contest, which runs from April 17th – 25th, challenges all registered writers to come up with an original short screenplay in just 8 days. Up to 100 winners will be selected to advance on to the final round, taking place June 5th – 6th, where they will have a chance to compete for over $13,000 in cash and prizes by writing an original short screenplay in just 24 hours.

If you use “SIXTHTIME” promo code you can get $5.00 the entry fee.

A number of SimplyScripts regulars have participated in the past and enjoyed it. Also, the SimplyScripts One Week Challenge is patterned after the NYC Midnight’s Screenwriter’s Challenge. So, give it a good and let me know how it goes. – Don

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Controversy in the April One Week Challenge - post author Don

The One Week Challenge scripts are going up. You can start checking them out here.

Each time we do the OWC, there is always someone or several someones who take issue with the Genre and Theme. This go ’round is no exception. Rated R: for bad language. Thanks GM for your brilliance.

Script Girl script sales report for week ending April 10th - post author Don

Easter bunny decides to retire and become a pet, slacker runs over Easter bunny, wedding guest stuck at “singles table” and a movie about a mid western woman who carves butter sculptures.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Uproduced Scripts - post author Don

Over on the Unproduced Scripts page are 63 new or revised original scripts for your reading pleasure.

Among the fare, Howard’s Do You Have A Clubcard a short comedy about Thomas, a fed up, derisive store clerk who unwittingly possesses an irresistible “routine” to a certain kind of woman.

There is also Guy’s Hellview a full length horror piece about a young, beautiful actress that has been cast in a snuff film, only she doesn’t know it.

Remember, OWC scripts are due April 10th – Don

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April One Week Challenge announced! Do you accept the challenge? - post author Don

Submit your script to the one week challenge/excercise/thing…

You must write a script (properly formatted) 12 pages or less (courier 12 point font).

This month’s theme and genre:

Genre: Drama
Theme: A secret revealed at a family picnic

The scripts must be received by Friday, April 10 at 11:59 pm e.d.t.. Please do not put your real name on your script, however, please use your real name and real e-mail address on the submission form below. (After the exercise closes you can either have your script removed or resubmit the script with your name on it). Please put “(c) Copyright 2009” on your script.

No gambling!

No running with scissors.

This is completely Free to enter

This is only an exercise. There is no prize for winning (after all, we all win if we have fun). There will not be an official judging for the best script (after all, we all win if we have fun). All submitted scripts will be posted anonymously for a few weeks before the writers are revealed.

One script may be selected to be audio performed by The selection process is totally biased and completely unfair.

Click Here to submit your OWC script

Ginger Snaps script - post author Don

Thanks to an anonymous heads up (I shall call him, ‘Sophie’) we have another gift from This time, we have a July 15, 1996 draft of the movie Ginger Snaps. Basically, girl turns into a werewolf. It is on the Movie Scripts page. – Don

Friday, April 3, 2009

ScriptGirl script sales report for week ending April 3rd - post author Don

Catastrophic event wipes out all human life on earth and stuff breaks, humble inventor becomes megalomaniac, family on tough times forced to move back in with their parents and commentary on leaked Wolverine movie.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

February Movie Poet winners - post author Don

Steve Dexheimer’s The Last Few Minutes of Sunlight has been named the winner of the February, 2009 MoviePoet short script competition.

“The Last Few Minutes of Sunlight” by Steve Dexheimer – First Place
A terminally ill young woman escapes from a hospital to witness a solar eclipse – one of the last few items on her “To Do” list.

“Staring At The Sun” by Caroline Coxon – Second Place
An imminent total eclipse in Varanasi provides opportunity for commercial gain and exploitation, and when it happens, moments of profound beauty and self-realisation.

“The Deplorable Word” by Micah Ricke – Third Place
A young boy with incredible powers is kidnapped by a covert agency bent on recreating him as a weapon, but can they destroy his conscience?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SimplyScripts Super Screenwriting Contest Winners! - post author Don

Congratulations to the following winners of the first Biennial SimplyScripts Super Screenwriting Contest. For those who didn’t not win, I do want to thank you for entering the first SimplyScripts pay contest. The money brought in covered exactly the cost of the winning prizes.

As promised, included in your entry fee is complete script coverage of your screenplay. For those of you who have already received coverage, I do apologize. Due to a small glitch, the words “meet with” between “I will” and “you” were inadvertently replaced with the word “masturbate”. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused you. Additionally, if an image was included in your coverage from me, please delete the image and never speak of it again. Apparently, my identical cousin was messing about with the digital camera and my email.

And, the winners are…

3rd Place Winner of a $5.00 and a toaster is Slow Down, You’ll Hurt Yourself by Opal F. Loir – A heartwarming feel good story of John, who, despite suffering from global aphasia, continues to chase his dream of a singing career.

2nd Place Winner of $10.00 and a firm handshake is Untitled written by Flora Spoil A person does something that has some result that may or may not have some significant result. Or not.

1st Place Winner of $50,000 and a hand job is Space Stallion: The Adventures of Sophie, the Hybrid Gelding by Don – Semi-biopic of the first equine in space.

Again, thanks to all that entered. This has to be one of the most gratifying contests that I have ever both entered and been a judged of. The winning scripts should be live tomorrow unless I get an affirmative response from ScriptGirl, in which case, I will probably be found wandering somewhere along I-5 between Oceanside and Encinitas coked out of my mind. I hate when that happens. – Don

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