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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire Script - post author Don

Thanks to Jeff for the heads up on this. Fox has finally seen fit to post the Slumdog Millionaire script.

Slumdog Millionaire – August, 15, 2007 draft script by Simon Beaufoy (based on the novel by Vikas Swarup) – hosted by: Fox Searchlight – in pdf format

The story of how impoverished Indian teen Jamal Malik became a contestant on the Hindi version of “Who Wants to be A Millionaire?” — an endeavor made without prize money in mind, rather, an effort to prove his love for his friend Latika, who is an ardent fan of the show.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Original Scripts - post author Don

Original Scripts

On the Unproduced Scripts page there are twenty-five original works for your reading pleasure. There are two different takes on the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise as well as a take on Green Lantern.

Brea has a short dramatic piece, She Won’t Even Remember You about a woman who visits her ex huband’s mother.

And, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Michael has Valentines Day: Grateful Dead. – Don

ScriptGirl script sales report - post author Don

ScriptGirl script sales report for week ending February 13th

Four guys on an unbelievable global adventure, Chris Nolan script inception, down on his luck private dick and his dog, FBI agent entraps protege and WGA congrats to 2009 Writers Guild Award winners Dustin Lance Black for best Original Screenplay Milk and Simon Beaufoy for best Adapted Screenplay Slumdog Millionaire

Saturday, February 7, 2009

ScriptGirl sales report for week ending February 6th - post author Don

Insecure neurotic swaps swimmers, mental hospital horror movie, sports drama and boy turned to monster by teen aged witch.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Admit One (filmed as Poetry Man) - post author Don

Congratulations to Mike, his short script Admit One was filmed as Poetry Man.

A chance meeting between two people from different backgrounds and with little in common, proves that you can’t judge a book by its cover. (pdf)

Discuss this script on the Discussion Board

Monday, February 2, 2009

30 original scripts - post author Don

Over on the Unproduced Scripts page we have 30 original works up for your reading pleasure.

We have Phil’s contraversial short, spoof PC vs. Mac Commercial which has polarized the community.

Michael has his feature take on secret government killers with One Million Monsters.

And, Eric has taken some of the input from the discussion board to clean up and revise his College roadtrip comedy Pledge Trip.

As you may have noticed, the script search is returning an error. Script Search was a victim of its own success and search results were bringing down the server. The Advanced Script Search is still working for the time being, tho I suspect that I’ll have to turn that off, soon due to overuse. Using Google’s site search on the upper left may be your best bet for the time being until I can figure out how to reinstate script search without tanking the server. – Don

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Movie Poet contest winners announced - post author Don

A clean sweep of SimplyScripts regulars gardnering first, second and third places in December Movie Poet short contest. December was an open challenge. There was no theme requirement. However, to enter the December contest, Movie Poet participants must have given more reviews than they have received.

The winners were:

“Requiem” by Martin Lancaster ~ First Place
A mortician meets a ghost from his past, triggering memories of a tormented childhood.

A Doll’s Life (pdf format) by Michael Cornetto ~ Second Place
A family’s dysfunction shown through the eyes of a doll. discuss on discussion board

Friends For Life (pdf format) by Paul Williams ~ Third Place
A family’s move to a new neighborhood brings change they weren’t looking for. discuss on the discussion board

Each month, Movie Poet runs a free online five page screenplay contest. On the first of each month a new contest is announced. During that month, you can enter your script. During the next month, you can read, vote, and comment on all the entries. Finally, during the third month, the results are announced.

Head on over to Movie Poet and give it a go. – Don

Over the Beach: US Army Amphibious Operations in the Korean War - post author Don

over-the-beach_coverOver the Beach: US Army Amphibious Operations in the Korean War

Yes, you are right. This has nothing to do with scripts or screenwriting.

If you are a historian or fan of military history you might find this of interest.

My father, at the behest of the Combat Studies Institute, has written the definitive history of US Army amphibious operations during the Korean War. Chapter two has a great overview of Army amphibious warfare from pre-American Revolutionary war to the modern era. At over 500 pages it may be a little thick for most folks, tho toward page 435 there are some neat pictures of landing ships and craft used during the Korean War.

Over The Beach is a free PDF download available at the Combat Studies Institute. – Don

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