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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Script Girl report for week ending 9/26 and what is up with the lack of updates? - post author Don

The Fat Kid, the Skinny Kid and I just got back from a few days a lovely Cape May, New Jersey. We spent several overcast days building sandcastles, swimming in 68 degree water and eating.

The usual Sunday Unproduced Scripts update will come later in the week.

I forgot to give you all the heads up on last weeks unproduced scripts. Julio has his Dark Fantasy series Gharan in which people with unusual talents and abilities are drawn to inter-dimensional pathways called “Red Rooms”. If you are keen on the Heroes genre, you might want to give this a look. Also, Domenic has has American Whiskey about an ex-patriot teaching in China.

We also have Script Girls scripts sales for this week. Season of the Witch, three tragic stages of a young woman’s life unhinges her, cold war superspy comes out of retirement, two 20-something guys’ friendship is put to the test when one becomes engaged and finally, Moby Dick! Man, I’m glad they’ve gotten around to filming this book. This is just what is needed to throw some originality into the recent fare of remakes coming out. Spoiler alert! Ahab dies at the end. – Don

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