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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cliffhanger, The Egyption and a Superman III Treatment - post author Don

Thanks to Donovan and Daily Script read this early draft of Cliffhanger. Thanks to Will and Daily Script read Casey Robinson’s 1953 draft of The Egyptian. Lastly, thanks to Vern for the heads up on this treatment of what Superman III could have been thanks to the excellent and comprehensive Superman Cinema. Those scripts you can check out over on the Movie Scripts page.

I’ve updated both award sites with the latest findings on the ‘net. Note that while there is a link to Charlie Wilson’s War over on the Golden Globe nominated screenplays page, the pdf just reads, “This Screenplay Not Yet Available”. I’m sure the screenplay will appear on or shortly after December 26th when the nominations ballots for the Oscars and the final ballots for the Golden Globes are mailed out.

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from folks asking why the studios are putting scripts online? Why so many now? It’s about money – saving money and, of course making money. Instead of sending out bound copies of scripts to all the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Hollywood Foreign Press members, it is easier to just send a postcard with a link to the screenplay or a site that has the screenplay. Another side benefit to this is that not only do academy members have easy access to the scripts, so do you, the general public that blogs and comments online about the scripts you’ve read, generating the much needed buzz the studios need to have their work noticed and nominated. A nomination, or better yet, a win brings people to theatres and gets them to open their wallets to buy the dvds. – Don

Due to a coding error, I inadvertently considered the Movie Scripts as ‘excellent’ and ‘comprehensive’, however, I mean to indicate that Superman Cinema was an excellent and comprehensive Superman site. Apologies. – Don

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