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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Whiskey Loose Tongue - post author Don

The Whiskey Loose Tongue>The <a href=Whiskey Loose Tongue (What a great name for a web site), home of The Val Lewton screenplay collection has posted a new section of The Whiskey Loose Tongue called Ephemera – an eclectic collection of screenplays to movies I’ve never heard of, but upon further research, discovered that I should have heard of them. Find therein Dead of Night , The Enchanted Cottage (Herman “Citizen Kane” Mankiewicz penned script , The Innocents (based on Henry James’ “The Turn of the Screw), Portrait of Jennie and Torrid Zone.

You can find them all on the Movie Scripts page, but you really should start on the Whiskey Loose Tongue, click on Ephemera and explore each of these for yourself. (Note: The scripts in the Ephemera section are PDFs and quite large). – Don

WGA – Day 4

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Writer’s Strike – Why - post author Don

…what does the internet have to do with you watching so many damned re-runs.

With all that is floating about the internets about the writer’s strike, I thought that this succinctly addressed the writer’s perspective on why they are striking.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A word or two about the WGA Strike… - post author Don

You are probably wondering why Simply Scripts, a screenwriting site, doesn’t have a ton of strike news. Simply answer is password snafu on Sunday left me unable to access my own site. However, since I try to have updates scheduled a couple days in advance, the site, of its own accord, continued to spew out updates without human intervention. I am now back in control.

First, shoutouts to Jack (putting up the announcement you sent me now won’t work, tho if you have other words of encouragement, please send ’em over and I’ll get them up). And a shoutout to Sandy. Hope you can keep busy during this down time. I will have that most excellent update on the site shortly.

There is some excellent news and blogs from the front lines from folks like John August. Also, there is a page of multiple reports from the lines over at Deadline Hollywood Daily. The best information about the status of the strike (albeit one view of the status) can be found on the WGA (west) site. A lot of the big name writers are showing up in the papers and in the blogs talking about the strike. If any of the “Not so big” names want to send a report in, I’d be delighted to carry it on the site.

Lastly, while no one really knows how long this will last, one bit of ‘food for thought’ came to me from a couple of writers with regard to thinking that this is an opportunity to break into the biz. According to the WGA Strike Rules, “The Guild does not have the authority to discipline non members for strike breaking and/or scab writing. However, the Guild can and will bar that writer from future Guild membership.” (emphasis added) So, basically if you try to be opportunistic, you may very well screw yourself in the future. – Don

Update: This just in from Jack, “…I just talked to a few good people a WGA WEST and they say that any FILM STUDENT which means a person like myself who’s in college or some type of film school can participate. THE COLOR IS RED.”

LA Strike Locations and New York Strike Locations

Monday, November 5, 2007

Disturbing Behavior script - post author Don

Disturbing Behavior – August 7, 1997 unspecified draft script by Scott Rosenberg – hosted by: Horrorlair – in pdf format

A man moves to a new town and gets harassed by these annoyingly perfect “good kids”. He makes friends with the local rejects, one of which is a conspiracy theorist, another who is an albino, and a third who soon becomes a romantic interest. Together they discover that the jocks are actually lobotomized zombies and that they’re next in line.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Horror Lair and anonymous

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Debunking Zapruder and 30 more original scripts - post author Don

Over on the Unproduced Scripts page we have 31 scripts (each of which will be featured as an Unproduced Script of the Day over the next 31 days).

Our featured script is Debunking Zapruder by Steven J. Fauquier. After writing a book and giving lectures on what might be the hoax of the century, the Zapruder film, Max Francis is about to be confronted with the truth; and what he discovers will ultimately change America’s history and shape its future. This is a feature length script – while a work of fiction, it does draw upon authentic research that can be found at Assassination Research

Reading the script does require a commitment of time. The dialog is lengthy and at times I wondered if this would be better as a novel, rather than a screenplay. If this isn’t to you liking, there are thirty more scripts up for your reading pleasure at on the Unproduced Scripts page. – Don

Friday, November 2, 2007

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice! - post author Don

Thanks to Donovan and Daily Script read this June 1, 1985 second draft
script of Beetle Juice. Check it out over on the Movie Scripts page. – Don

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another Masters of Horror DVD giveaway - post author Don

Anchor bay has given SimplyScripts a DVD of Dario Argento’s directed Masters of Horror episode Pelts signed by the director Dario Argento. If you live in North America, you are eligible to win this signed dvd. Just put in your name and valid email address below and hit submit. Come back on November 13th to see if you’ve won. Note: one entry per person. All duplicate entries will be deleted.

The Giveaway is closed. Come back to SimplyScriptson November 13th to see if you are a winner!

Thank you for entering our “Masters of Horror” contest!!!

And make sure to return to our site to see if you were one of the randomly chosen winners

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