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Sunday, August 12, 2007

More unproduced scripts - post author Don

Hey Folks,

On the Unproduced Scripts page we have thirty new or revised scripts up.

You might be interested in following the adventures Chris who is a story board artist working on his first script.

Apparently, I’m a spammer. At least that is what my hosting provider thinks. E-mails sent out on my domain are kicked back to me as “UBE’s” Unsolicited Bulk Emails. Apparently, some spammer or other party wishing me ill-will has been using in their email address whilst sending out spam. The result. The legitimate me can’t get many emails out. So, for those of you who never received the SimplyScripts Newsletter or notification about your script being posted, you may want to check your Junk Mail folder and add ‘webmaster(at) to your ‘trusted’ list. I don’t send spam. I do, however, send crappy newsletters. You are always welcome to unsubscribe. Sigh. – Don

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