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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Unproduced Scripts, S.W.A.T., and Scrubs - post author Don

On the unproduced scripts page there are twenty-three new or revised scripts up for your reading pleasure.

Thanks to Dailyscript for a couple of neat items. On the TV scripts page we have a draft of the pilot Scrubs.

On the Movie Scripts page we have S.W.A.T.. I think just about every writer in Hollywood has touched the script. – Don

– Don

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Black Dahlia script and Identity script - post author Don

Thanks to “Anonymous”. On Daily Script there is The Black Dahlia. On Horror lair there is the script to Identity – a very excellent John Cusack thriller. Both of these can be found on the Movie Scripts page.

Also, voting for the Webby’s is open. Please, if you have a chance, register (it’s free!), log in and drop a vote for Verizon Dave Matthews Band page. That would be in the Connections -> Celebrity/Fan category.

Written in haste. – Don

Monday, April 9, 2007

Deadwood, The Faculty and Edward Sissorhands - post author Don

On the TV Scripts page, thanks to Weekly Script read this draft of of the pilot of the popular Deadwood.

Thanks to “anonymous” and Daily Script there is The Faculty and Edward Sissorhands for your reading pleasure on the Movie Scripts page.

And, on the Unproduced Scripts page we have half a dozen or so original scripts up for your reading pleasure.

Lastly, a screenplay site, has bitten the dust taking with it about a dozen movie scripts and teleplays. I think I’ve cleared out the dead links in Movie Scripts and TV Scripts. – Don

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Vampire Movie Scripts - post author Don

Thanks to Leila’s Vampire Movie Guide here are a couple more Vampire scripts to read. Slink on over to the movie scripts page to read Frost: Portrait of a Vampire and Sucker The Vampire. Leila’s Scripts page has a pretty good collection of just about any vampire movie script available on the ‘net. If it is just blood suckers of the Dracula variety you are interested in, skip over to the Dracula Scripts page and read scripts to dracula movies from 1922 to 1997.

Want to try your hand at a student film short screenwriting contest? If you have a script for a 20 minute (20 page) or less film, check out Captain Cutlazz. The due date is May 1, 2007. Winners get $100.00 and screen credit. – Don

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sad news about Bob Clark - post author Don

Bob Clark

Film director Robert Clark and his son Ariel were killed in an early morning collision along a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades, authorities said.

Clark directed the classic holiday film “A Christmas Story” in 1983 and was also the producer of the “Porkys” films, along with about two dozen other feature films.

Read the full article from the L. A. Times

Thanks to Jack for the heads up.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Unproduced scripts and Make a Gwen Stefani video - post author Don

Fifteen scripts up on the Unproduced Scripts page. Among the postings this week is Mike Shelton’s Saving the Blue Note the play I blogged about a bit ago. It was presented in March at St. Gabriel?s Auditorium. Also, you can read Adam’s Down on Cloud Nine about a wealthy ad executive brought down by a kidnapping and ransom. There is also a spec script for The Office. This is just a sample of the reads on the unproduced scripts page.

Here is an opportunity to film a short two minute piece and perhaps win a trip to see Gwen Stephani in concert. Gwen Stephani is holding a Wonderful Life contest. Create a two minute video of your interpretation of Wonderful Life. You can listen to the song here. Upload it to the contest site then let me know here. – Don

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hugo Nominated scripts - post author Don

hugo award
The Hugo and John W. Campbell Award finalists, 2007 were announced last week. Among the announcements were nominations for Dramatic Presentation, Long Form a.k.a. “Best Science Fiction screenplay”. I thought that “Children of Men” was on the ‘net, but apparently I was mistaken. I guess this is my own April Fools joke on myself. At least three of the five nominated screenplays are on the ‘net. So, for your reading pleasure, The Hugo and John W. Campbell Award finalists, 2007 for Dramatic Presentation, Long Form are:

Children of Men. Screenplay by Alfonso Cuaron and Timothy J. Sexton. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron. (Universal Pictures) not available on the ‘net, tho it is available through ScriptShack

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Screenplay by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. Directed by Gore Verbinski. (Disney) host: Word Player

The Prestige. Screenplay by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan. Directed by Christopher Nolan. (Warner Brothers / Touchstone Pictures) host: Daily Script

A Scanner Darkly. Screenplay by Richard Linklater. Directed by Richard Linklater. (Warner Independent Pictures)

V for Vendetta. Screenplay by Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski. Directed by James McTeigue. (Warner Brothers) host: Daily Script

note: (Note: The version of “A Scanner Darkly” available on the ‘net is not the Linklater version, but rather the Charlie Kaufman penned version available through the excellent Being Charlie Kaufman website.

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