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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Hardware 2: Ground Zero, other scripts and 40 unproduced scripts - post author Don

Four new scripts up on the Movie Scripts page.

Thanks to Laurie, who has the best Richard Stanley fan website on the ‘net with Between Death and the Devil, you can read Hardware 2: Ground Zero the unproduced sequel to Hardware. Richard Stanley wrote, among other things, Hardware and the screenplay adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau. Laurie was fortunate enough to get a copy of Richard Stanley’s sequel (courtesy of Richard Stanley himself, I believe) Hardware 2: Ground Zero. You can find the script to both Hardware and The Island of Dr. Moreauon Laurie’s site or head over to the ‘H’ scripts or ‘I’ scriptssection.

Russell, who previously gave us the heads up on two versions of Pan’s Labyrinth, points us to a cutting continuity script of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights courtesy of the British Film Institute. I strongly suspect that this was written up long after Chaplin’s 1931 movie came out. Nonetheless, an interesting read.

The consistently excellent Daily Script has two new scripts up. There is Anthony S. Cipriano’s Twelve and Holding which premired at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. This is a “Stand by Me” story of four twelve year old children who learn to deal with a personal tragic event. There is also Jeff and Tom Zuber’s Little Athens (The film starred, among others, Jorge Garcia of “Lost”.) Little Athens follows a whirlwind day in the hapless lives of small town youth caught in a dead-end post-high school void. The journeys of four groups of late teens/early twenty-somethings unfold through four different storylines, their separate trails converging at an explosive house party. You all have “Script Chick” to thank for their appearance on the ‘net.

On the Unproduced Scripts page there are nearly forty new and revised scripts up that run the gamut from shorts to full length scripts, from action to thriller. Can’t decide? Why not start with the Unproduced Script of the Day? Once a day a randomly selected script appears. I can not promise you anything about the daily selection – it could be good, bad or indifferent. When you are done reading, you can talk about it on the discussion board – Don

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