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This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. 
This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express 
written permission of the author.



						Can You Take It?
					A film script by Cody Perkins

			Shot Entirely in MiniDV film in Widescreen (1.78:1) 

                         			Final Revision:                         
                         			July 12, 2004                         

ACT I - Kyle Fisher and Francesca Righetti

Scene 1 - Logos/Dedication/Main Titles



A screen APPEARS. It has white letters on a black background. The words 
read: This film is dedicated to Italian Maestro Dario Argento. Who's 
past films have inspired me to make this film.  


MAIN TITLES.  Plain white letters appear on the screen and begin to 
approach the screen.  As they do, they change from white letters to 
blood-red dripping letters.  The TITLE appears on the screen in a mimic 
of the previous words.  It shoots toward the screen and then is pulled 
back into black.  The cast and crew is listed and all during these 
credits, creepy music is playing in the background.  The last screen of 
credits appears and disappears.  The music stops.  Along with the 
credits.  Last title dissolves into: 

Scene 2 - FYE

An E.C.U. of the FYE sign.

We then CUT to an E.C.U. of Marc, 17, looking across the aisle at a 
beautiful girl.

Marc - Hey, you guys see that?

The other three guys, Kyle, 15, Tyler, 17, and Pavlo, 15, turn their 
head to a hot girl right across the aisle in the soundtracks section.

Kyle & Tyler - Yeah. (whistles) What a hottie.

They all begin to walk towards her until they slowly stop in their 

Kyle - Come on, you wimps.

Marc & Tyler - Dude, I'm not that great with first impressions.  

Tyler - I crack up sometimes.

Marc - Even though I am one of the most popular people at school, I 
still get nervous when I ask a chick out.

Kyle - Fine.  Watch me.  (pauses for a second) Even though I am among 
the unpopular crowd.

Kyle walks out of frame from his friends to another frame with 

He approaches her just as she is picking up a CD - House of 1000 
Corpses. He walks toward her, hesitates, and speaks out.  

Francesca - Ew, how repulsive!

Kyle - Hey, that's my favorite movie.

Francesca snaps around in surprise.

Francesca [in surprise] - Huh?

Kyle - Oh, did I surprise you? If so, I'm sorry.

Francesca- Yeah, you did, but I'm alright.

Kyle - So, have you seen that movie yet?

Francesca [with a sour look] - Ew, no.  That's disgusting.  All that 
pointless blood and violence.  Whatever happened to the good old days?

Kyle - It's not so bad.  Hey, I've seen you at my school.  You're new, 

Francesca - Yeah.  Just moved here from Florida.

Kyle - Cool.  Never been.

Francesca - I've kinda had a crush on you for a while.

Kyle froze and got kinda hot in the face.  He is nervous as hell.

Kyle - So, uh, you've had a crush on me for a while?  That's very nice 
of you to come right out and say that.  I've been single for about 3 
years now.  

Francesca - That's hard to believe.  

Kyle - Yeah.  So, uh,… I'm never good at these things, but here goes.  
Do you wanna go to a movie this weekend?

Francesca [now with a grin from ear to ear] - I'd love to.

Kyle - Great.  What time shall I pick you up?

Francesca - I don't know.  Is 8 o'clock too late?  I was beginning to 
get afraid that it was.

Kyle - No, 8 sounds great.  I haven't got a car but I'm sure my mom 
will drop us off on her way to work.  That is if it doesn't cramp your 

Francesca - Not at all.  So, Saturday at 8:00, rite?

Kyle - Yeah.

Francesca turns to leave when she felt a small peck on her shoulder.  
She wheeled around and Kyle was the culprit.

Francesca - Yes?

Kyle - What movie do you wanna see?

Francesca [fumbling] - I know this is very new for me, but I'm gonna 
try and watch a scary movie.

Kyle - That's cool.  My friends are waiting for me over there.

Francesca - That's cool.  I got to be going anyway.  The mall closes in 
5 minutes.

Francesca waves good-bye to Kyle and she walks out of frame.

Kyle begins to walk towards Marc and Tyler when he realized how happy 
he was.  He had a huge ear-to-ear grin on his face.

Marc - So, how'd it go?

Kyle - Well, if this isn't any plainer than I don't know what is.  I'm 
busy this Saturday night.

Marc [with a big O-face] - Oh, my God, man.  You used to ask me for 
hookups, but now you did it on your own.  I'm happy for you, man.  Good 

Pavlo - Yeah.  Maybe you'll finally get some butt (ass).

Kyle - Nah.  This girl didn't seem like that type.

Pavlo - Well, sorry to break this to ya, boy, but girls aren't always 
as they appear.

Marc gives Kyle a high-five and watch as Francesca walks toward Kyle.

Francesca - Here, you might need this.

She hands him a tiny piece of square paper.  He opens it up, and his 
very breath was pulled out of him.  It had her 7 digits on it.  These 7 
digits were now scarred on Kyle's brain.

Kyle - Whoa, guys.  Check this out.

The guys' chins drop to the ground (not literally).

Kyle - Well, I'll ring you up tomorrow.  Maybe even tonight.

Francesca - Sounds cool.

One thing led to another.  First, a date.  Second, a number.  And, 

Francesca walks over to Kyle and wraps her arms around him.  He appears 
nervous and puts his arms around her, too.

Francesca - See ya…What's your name?

Kyle [red-faced] - Um, Kyle.  Kyle Fisher.

Francesca - Well, I'm Francesca Rhigetti.  See ya later.

Kyle - See ya.

Francesca - Bye.

She lets go and then:

She walks off a little and then turns back around and hugs him again.  
She lets go and then waves goodbye and then she is gone.

Kyle - That was weird. Well, dudes, I have got to go pay for this CD 
and I gotta head out.

Marc - Yeah, it was. Yeah, me too.  My mom's gonna freak as it is.

Tyler - Yeah.  My mom will kill me.  Literally.  I was supposed to be 
home at 10:30, and it's 3 minutes 'till 11!

Pavlo - Yeah, I got a football thing tomorrow.

All - Peace out, ya'll.

Tyler, Pavlo, and Marc all walk in the same direction and walk around 
outside the door.  

CAMERA cuts to a shot where he is walking over to the checkout counter.  
A beautiful woman approaches to check Kyle out.  

Lensey - Will that be all, Kyle.

Kyle - Yeah, that'll be all, Lensey.  

Lensey - OK.  That'll be 15.90.

Kyle pulls a 20 dollar bill out and hands it to Lensey. She hands him 
his change.

Kyle - OK.  Thanks.  See ya later.

Lensey - OK. Bye.

Kyle walks out the door.

Lensey - Hey, Darren, I'm gonna close everything up. 

Darren - OK! I'll be right out.

She walks over to the doorway and pulls the metal shades down.  CAMERA 
is positioned outside as she pulls it down right in front of the 

We SEE Kyle look back toward FYE and then walks out to his mom's car, 
climbs in, and she takes off.  


Scene 3 - Kyle's Apartment/Francesca's House

We OPEN from BLACK on a shot of Kyle talking to his mom about their 

Kyle - Hey, mom.  The movie starts at 9:30.  Let's go!

Mom - Well, I got to be at work at 9:00, so I'm hurrying as fast as I 

Kyle's mom is rushing frantically to get the dishes cleaned up.

Kyle walks into his bathroom and puts on his deodorant and sprays some 
BOD body spray on his chest and walks back into the living room.

Suddenly, the phone rings.  Kyle runs over to the phone and checks the 
caller I.D. display.  It's Francesca.  

Kyle - Hello?

Francesca - Are you almost ready?  We only have an hour until the movie 

Kyle - I've been ready for hours, but my mom is still washing the 
dishes.  She's dropping us off before she goes to work.

Francesca - That's cool.

B.G. Kyle's mom is screaming at the top of her lungs for Kyle to come 

Kyle - Dang.  Hey, we're leaving right now.  Be ready.

Francesca - OK.

Both - Bye.

Kyle frantically puts the phone back on the receiver and runs to grab 
his shoes and jacket.

He puts his shoes on quickly and runs and jumps into the car.

10 minutes later they arrive at Francesca's house.  It's a big house.  
It's hard to describe it in words.

Kyle jumps out of the car and walks up the porch to Francesca's house 
and rings the doorbell.

He hears heavy running inside.  

The door opens and an angel steps out.

Francesca - Bye, Dad.  Love ya.

Nobody replies.

Francesca closes the door and locks it with a key she had.

Kyle - Come on. Mom's running late.

Francesca runs to try to catch up with Kyle even though their hands are 
locked together.

Kyle opens the door for her and she climbs in and he climbs in after 

Francesca [to Kyle's mom] - Thanks, Mrs. Fisher.  

Mom - No problem.  Well, let's go.

Kyle's mom drives off from Francesca's giant house and 10 minutes later 
arrives at the movie theatre: Movie Palace.

Kyle - Well, here we are.  Hey, can I have some money?

Kyle's mom reaches into her purse and pulls out a 50 dollar bill.

Mom - Have a good time.  See ya'll later.

She waves goodbye and then drives off into the traffic.


Scene 4 - The Movies

Kyle approaches the ticket booth.

Kyle - 2 adult tickets for Jeepers Creepers 2 for the 9:30 showing, 

Ticketman - That'll be 14 dollars, please.

Kyle hands the 50 dollar bill to him.

Ticketman - Your change is 36 dollars.  Enjoy the movie.

Kyle & Francesca - Thank you.

The ticket man shakes his head.

Kyle opens the door for Francesca and walks over to the snack area.

Francesca - I've got to go to the bathroom for a minute.  Be right 

Kyle - OK, but please hurry back.

Francesca walks out of frame to the bathroom and the camera focuses 
back on Kyle.

He picks up 2 large popcorn bags and a large coke (with 2 straws).

Francesca walks towards Kyle.

Francesca - Hey, I'm gonna go on down to the theatre.  Which one are we 

Kyle - Theatre 3.  OK, hun.  I'm just gonna pay for this stuff and I'll 
be right there.

Francesca shakes her head and walks off.


CAMERA is positioned outside of the theatre Kyle and Francesca are in.

CAMERA is position outside of Theatre 3. We cut to a shot of Kyle 
walking to the door of theatre 3 and he is holding the 2 popcorn bags 
and soda that he had just bought.  He opens the door and walks down the 
long corridor to the doorway on the left side of the hallway.  He 
begins to crane his head to find Francesca.  After just a few seconds 
of looking, he finds her.  He walks over to the middle row of the upper 
half of the theatre and walks towards Francesca.  

Kyle - Whoo.  What a long line that was.

Francesca - Well, at least, you are here.  That's all that matters.

She leans her head over on his shoulder.  He pretends to yawn and puts 
his arm around her.  She smiles and they interlock hands.  Francesca 
squeezes Kyle's hand hard.  He flinches a bit and smiles at her.

Francesca - Kyle, I hope you know that I'm gonna scream at this movie 
before it's over.

The theatre suddenly goes dark and Francesca squeezes Kyle's hand 
harder than ever.

Kyle - Just hold onto me and there's nothing to worry about.


Kyle and Francesca, along with hundreds of other people, walk out of 
the theatre.  Kyle and Francesca's hands are still "glued" together.  
Francesca's eyes are bulging out of her head and she is shuddering with 

Francesca [Stuttering] - That was the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Kyle - It was kinda scary, but it wasn't that bad.  It did get me in 
some places.

Francesca - I hope I didn't embarrass you when I screamed.

Kyle - Nah.  Most girls get scared.  

Francesca - Not like me, though.

Kyle chuckles and they walk out of the theatre door and exit the place.  
Kyle gets out his cell phone and dials a cab place.

Kyle talks for about 5 minutes until he finally puts the phone down and 
tells Francesca that they'll be here shortly.

Kyle and Francesca wait and wait until suddenly, a yellow cab pulls up 
and they jump in.

They sit in the cab silently and she leans her head on his shoulder 
again and he leans his head on hers.


The cab pulls up at Kyle's house.  Kyle pays the 5 dollar bill and the 
cab drives off.


Scene 5 - Kyle's Apartment

CAMERA follows Kyle and Francesca as they walk down the lane to Kyle's 
second story apartment.  Kyle reaches into his pocket and pulls out the 
key and puts it in the lock and turns the knob and he and Francesca 
step into his apartment.  Kyle takes his jacket off and walks over to 

Kyle - This is my place.  I know it's not much but it's home.  My 
parents aren't home right now so we'll be here alone. Mom couldn't pick 
us up from the movies because she had to work.

Francesca - That's OK! I've never been in a cab before.  It was fun.

Kyle - I was afraid you would be disappointed.

Francesca - Nah.  My parents don't drive me around much so it's not 
that different.

Kyle - Want anything to drink?

Francesca - Yeah, sure.  Oh, God.  I have totally forgot to call my dad 
and tell him where I was.

Kyle - Yeah, you'd better call.  I don't want your parents to hate me.

Francesca - Me either.  Um, where's your phone?

Kyle [handing her a cordless phone] - Right here.

Francesca thanks Kyle and she walks into the other room.


Francesca - Sorry about that.

Kyle - No problem.

Francesca - My dad not to be long and to not dilly-dally.  He also said 
to remember to wear a condom.

Kyle gives her a weird look and she breaks out laughing.

Francesca - Ha ha. I'm just fuckin' with ya.  He just said not to 

Kyle - Oh. You want me to call you a cab?

They both begin to orbit the room pacefully.

Francesca - Yeah.  If it wasn't for my dad I wouldn't have to be 

Kyle - My parents can be like that, too.

Kyle picks up the phone and dials the same number he dialed for the cab 
that picked them up from the movies.

Kyle - Excuse me for a sec.

Francesca shakes her head.

A minute passes and then Kyle hangs up the phone.

Kyle - They're on their way.

Francesca - That's cool.  Wow, that's a new catch-phrase for me.

They sit on the couch and stare at each other with a lust in their 
eyes.  A minute later, a horn begins to honk loudly.

Francesca & Kyle - Crap.

Francesca - Be right back.

Francesca walks to the door and yells down to the cab driver:

Francesca - Give me 5 minutes.

The cab driver shakes his head at her.

Francesca walks over to Kyle and they sit back down on the couch.  They 
lean over to kiss each other and that's when it happened.  She pulled a 
large butcher knife out of her purse and shoves it into Kyle's stomach 
(E.C.U.). His eyes open quickly to see her pull the knife out.  She 
pulls it back out and sticks it into his back.  She pulls it back out 
and blood splatters on the wall.  She stabs him 5 more times until he 
was dead.  After that, she pulls it out of his chest and licks the 
blood off of the blade.  All this occurred within 1 minute.  She kisses 
him on the forehead and leaves a blood-red mark on his forehead (close-
up).  E.C.U. - She then begins to gently place her fingers inside of 
Kyle's skin and begins to slowly rip his face off.  She puts the skin 
in her bag and closes it up.

Francesca gets out her cell phone and dials a number.

Francesca - Hey, he's dead.  Do you want me to just leave him here?  
OK.  Bye.

She hung the phone back up and walked to the door and stared back at 
Kyle and laughs maniacally, flips out the lights and exits the room.  
As she walks down the stairs to the cab, she furnishes the blood-
stained knife in her purse. 

The CAMERA focuses on a shot of Francesca's evil smile on her maniacal 

Scene 6 - Kyle's Apartment

We OPEN from BLACK on a dark room.  Soon to be revealed as Kyle's 
apartment.  Not a sound is heard.  Suddenly, we hear a sound, as if a 
key being inserted into a door lock.  The door opens.  The figures in 
the doorway are Kyle's parents. They are holding bags in their hands.  
They are talking amongst themselves until they turn and see Kyle's dead 
body lying on the couch.  They begin to scream frantically.  


[End of Act I]

ACT II - Marc Daly and Olga Verdegast

Scene 7 - Marc's School

We OPEN from BLACK on a short of a packed hallway.  A figure begins to 
emerge into frame as the audience frantically screams in excitement.  
The figure is Marc.  Marc walks down the hall and everybody looks at 
him, shouting.

Boy #1 - Hey, Marc.  Do the V-Walk.

Marc's feet begin to do a dance sort of like the Moon Walk, but a 
little faster in motion.

The "audience" begins to scream and cheer even louder at Marc.

Suddenly, a girl walks towards Marc.  Her name is Olga, a foreign 
exchange student from Italy.

Olga [in Italian accent] - Marc, you're so cool.  I feel sorry for the 
people in California who lost a great guy.

Marc begins to talks at great length.

Marc - Well, girl, you know, California was cool, but there's no better 
thing than being in this school here with you.  

The girl reaches up to hug Marc.  Marc grins large and blushes.  He 
hugs her back.

Marc - Hey. Wanna go to a movie this weekend.

Olga blushes and takes a minute to answer.

Olga - I can't.  What's your last name anyway?

Marc's head drops.

Marc - Oh, Daly. Marcus Daly.

Olga - Oh, cool. Um, Do you wanna come to my house this weekend?

At this sentence, Marc's mouth dropped.  All these girls who liked him 
finally invited him over.  A pure angel this time (or pure demon?).

Marc - Yes, I do.  What day? What time?

Olga - About 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Marc - Sweet.  I wish Kyle was here to see this.  It's a shame he had 
to be savagely murdered by persons unknown.  Is Scott gonna be there?

Olga - Yeah, it's a shame he had to die.  Yeah, maybe.  He's probably 
gonna be with Jessie. 

Suddenly, the late bell rings.

Olga - Well, I got to go.  See ya Saturday.

Marc - Yeah.  Saturday at 7.

They wave goodbye and walk in opposite directions to their class.


Scene 8 - Marc's Class

We OPEN from BLACK on a shot of Marc entering his 5th period class.  He 
finds his seat and sits down.  Sitting right next to him is one of his 
friends, Pavlo.  They begin to talk about what had just happened.

Marc - Guess what just happened to me.

Pavlo - What?

Marc - I got asked to go a girl's house.  HER HOUSE, MAN!

Pavlo - Really?  I get invited to them all the time.  [Pavlo blinks at 
Marc with a smile on his face.]

Marc - Sick. I'm not like that, man.  I respect a girl.

Pavlo - That's cool.  I don't know why I do it all the time.  I respect 
a girl as much as anyone.  Especially about sex. 

Marc and Pavlo laugh at Pavlo's joke and watch as the teacher walks in.

The teacher sits his briefcase on the desk and checks the roll.


Marc and Pavlo, along with 30 other kids, walk out of the classroom and 
walk down the hall talking about Vic's luck.

Pavlo - She's pretty cool. 

Marc - She's an angel from on high.

They both laugh again and walk on.


Scene 9 - Marc's House

We OPEN back up from BLACK on a shot of Marc's living room.  Camera 
starts in dining room and DOLLY's on Marc's door.  We see a shadow on 
the door and two seconds later we see the door open and Marc step in.  
He sits his books on the couch and walks into the computer room.  He 
boots up the computer and grabs the phone.  Since Kyle no longer 
exists, he calls Tyler.  The phone rings and rings and rings.  He puts 
the phone down and calls Olga.


Suddenly, there's a click and a beautiful voice on the other line.

Olga - Hello.

Marc stalls for a second and then says:

Marc - Hello.

Olga - Hey.  What's up?

Marc - Not much.  Just got in.  I'm gonna work on my script.  You still 
wanna act in it?

Olga - Yeah, sure.  

Marc - Everyone I put down before is still on except for one.  And I 
Don't think I'll bring his name up.

Olga - Yeah, he was a very nice guy.  He hit on me a couple of times, 
and I would have said yes if I wasn't already taken.

Marc smiles.

Marc - He used to talk about that.  The crush thing I mean.  It sucks 
he's dead.  He was a really good friend and an actor.

Olga [changing the subject] - Yeah.  So, how was school today?

Marc - Same and boring as always.  You?

Olga - Let's not talk about school.  I don't know why I brought it up, 
but I did.  When I talk about Kyle, it gets me inside so I always 
change the subject.

Marc - Oh.  Me too sometimes.

Olga - I bet you can't wait for Saturday night.

Marc - No, I can't.

Olga - I hope you don't incinuate that it's gonna be anything 

Marc gets red -faced and says:

Marc - No.  I don't think like that.  [smiling and chuckling] Kyle 
would though.  He was a real perv.

Olga [chuckling]  - I don't really know if he was or not.

Marc -  Oh, he was.  Did he tell you that he got in trouble 3 times for 
sexual harassment?

Olga - No, he didn't.

Marc - Yep.  He got nothing for the first offense.  The second offense, 
he got ISS for 3 days.  And the third offense, he got suspended.  

Olga chuckles and says:

Olga - Pavlo was like that.  Pavlo was cool, but he always talked about 
all the chicks he had been with.

Marc - Oh.  He told everybody about that, I think.  Kyle used to run up 
to me and tell me about it.

Suddenly, Marc's call waiting sound occurred.

Marc - Hey, my call waiting thing is blinking.  Be right back.

Olga - Sure.



Marc clicks back into the conversation.

Marc - I'm back.  Sorry about that.

Olga [giggling] - It's fine.

Marc - That was Pavlo.  What a coincidence.

Olga - Yeah.  Spooky.

Marc [looking at the clock] - It's almost 5 o'clock.  Mommy's gonna be 
home and my daddy's supposed to call.

Olga - That's cool.  I'll see ya tomorrow.
Marc & Olga - Bye.

Camera shows a split screen of them both hanging up.  

Camera lingers on Olga's face as she smiles in a malicious way.  She 
gets up and walks off.


Scene 10 - Olga's House

We OPEN back up again from BLACK on a shot of Olga walking back and 
forth frantically across the room.  We have no idea what she is doing, 
but suddenly the phone rings.  She takes giant steps to get to the 
phone.  She reaches it and picks it up.  It's Marc.

Olga - Hello.

Marc - Olga, hey.  Sorry.  We're running a little bit late.  We're at 
the fruit stand and we'll be there as soon as possible.

Olga - Oh, good.  I've literally paced this room back and forth waiting 
for you.  Take your time, though.  I know the traffic is bad here.

Marc - Well, I got to go, but I'll be there in 5 minutes.  Bye.

Olga - Bye.

SPLIT SCREEN AGAIN as they both hang up the phone.

Olga hangs up and walks to the door and gets out and sits on the front 
porch.  She watches as not many cars pass by and then a white car pulls 
up in her driveway.  A figure gets out and she can't make out who it is 
because of the darkness.  He walks up to the porch and into the light.  
She makes it out immediately.

She runs up to him and jumps into his arms.  He carries her inside and 
sits her down.

Marc - Hey, girl. 

Olga - Hey, guy.  I've got everything set up.  What movie you wanna 

Marc - Doesn't matter to me.  I wanna watch a scary movie.

Olga - Ooh.  I only got one, and it's new.

She runs down into the T.V. room and picks up a DVD of House of 1000 

Marc - Sounds good to me.

Olga opens the DVD player and puts the disc on the DVD tray and closes 

By then, Marc is sitting on the couch.  She runs over to him and jumps 
in the seat beside him.  She lays her head on his shoulder and they 
hold hands.


Olga - That was scary.  I'm gonna have nightmares over this.

Marc - I didn't like the ending but that was OK.

Olga - Be right back.  Gotta go to the bathroom.

Marc - Cool.  I'll be sitting here watching the extras on this DVD, so 
I won't be bored.
Olga - Cool.

Olga runs out of the room and walks over to the knife drawer.  She 
opens it up and pulls a large butcher knife out.  She runs down the 
hall to the bathroom and comes back 5 minutes later.

Marc is sitting on the couch, still.  He sees her come in and walks 
over to her.  She hugs him and he closes his eyes as they hug.  She 
pulls the butcher knife out of her pants and pulls it up over his back 
and rams it in. E.C.U. - The CAMERA is fixed on Marc's face.  His eyes 
are now wide open.  He pulls himself back from her and turns around.  
She pulls the blade out and stabs him again.  She pulls it back out and 
he tries his best to grab her arm but fails.  She stabs him again in 
the head.  She pulls it back one final time.  The CAMERA follows the 
knife from up in the air and to it's destination.  The CAMERA is fixed 
on the rapidly flowing blood from his newly carved hole.  She licks the 
blade twice and gets up.  E.C.U. - She then does what the girl did to 
Kyle to Marc earlier.  She sticks her fingers in the skin next to 
Marc's cheekbones and pulls his face off and places it in her bag.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a cell phone.  She dials 7 
numbers and puts the phone to her ear.

Olga - Hey, he's dead.  Just two more until our work is complete.  
Yeah, she's in the bedroom.  OK, bye.  

Olga hangs up and walks out of the house and jumps into a red car.  The 
CAMERA gets a CLOSE-UP of her face, but it's not Olga's face anymore.  
It's a faceless creature.


[End of ACT II]

ACT III - Tyler Creed and Gianna Brezzi

Scene 11 - Tyler's House/Pavlo's House/The School Bus/School

We OPEN from BLACK on a shot of Tyler on the phone.  It is not known 
who he is talking to.  Until now.

Tyler - Hey, Pavlo, can you believe it.  Kyle and Marc are both dead 
within 1 week from each other.  The killer has yet to be caught or even 

Pavlo - Yeah, that's very weird.  That time at the mall was the last 
time we actually talked to him.  Wonder how his date went.  Wonder if 
he got any.

Tyler - Maybe.  Don't know.   not.

Pavlo laughs.

Pavlo - Well, hey, man. I gotta jet.  I got a friend on the line from 

Tyler - Peace.

Pavlo - See ya.

They both hang up and Tyler begins to lay on his bed staring at the 
ceiling.  In one shot, the camera is shown at the ceiling staring down 
at Tyler.  Then, it's shown in Tyler's vision staring at the ceiling.  
He gets off his bed and exits his room.  He walks over to the 
refrigerator and pulls out some lunch meat and some cheese.  He makes a 
sandwich.  He sits down at the table and eats it and then walks back to 
his room and goes to sleep.



We OPEN back up from BLACK on a shot of Tyler laying on his bed asleep.  
He is wearing his school clothes and no socks.  The alarm clock rings 
and he picks it up and slams it against the wall.  He gets up and 
stumbles around the room.  He even bumps into the wall a couple of 

He goes into the kitchen and gets a bowl and pours a bowl of cereal: 
Apple Jacks.  He eats his breakfast and runs into his room and grabs 
some clothes and runs into the bathroom.  5 minutes later he comes out 
dressed in his usual school attire.  He drinks a glass of orange juice 
and goes outside to meet the bus.

The bus pulls up and he climbs on.  He goes all the way to the back of 
the overcrowded bus and looks for his friend, Pavlo.  He finds him and 

Tyler - Hey, man.  

They give each other a high-five. 

Pavlo - Hey, man.  My night was amazing last night.  I don't have to go 
into any details.
Tyler - It'd be better if you didn't.  I  already know.

Pavlo - Yeah, you do.

Pavlo leans his head back on the seat and looks out the window.  He 
suddenly begins to think about death.  

Pavlo [thinking] - First, Kyle.  Then, Marc.  In just a week apart from 
each other.  I wish I knew who did it.  If I knew who did it, I would 
kill them personally myself.

The bus stops at the school.  A whole 10 or so people jump up from 
their seat and get off at the high school stop.  Pavlo and Tyler walk 
side-by-side to the door.  As soon, as they get in, Pavlo goes in the 
lunchroom and Tyler goes into the library.  He looks lonely.  He no 
longer has Marc or Kyle to talk to.  The bell rings for the students to 
be dismissed to their 1st period class.  He gets up and walks to his 
first period class.  He gets in and sits down.  CAMERA watches as the 
door is suddenly filled with about 20 or so kids fighting to get in.  
They all sit down and the teacher comes in.  


In the next shot, we see all the students crowding into the hallway as 
school is over.  Tyler walks his usual route to his house, looking 
still lonely.  Pavlo runs up [CAMERA acting as Pavlo runs up just as 
Pavlo does] and jumps in front of Tyler.  Tyler looks at him and starts 

Pavlo - Hey, man.  I just realized something today.

Tyler - What?

Pavlo - School sucks.

Tyler [sarcastically] - Naw, what took you so long to figure that out?

Pavlo [laughing] - A while.  I wanna go home and get drunk.

Tyler - Well, you go do that, man, while I walk to my house.

Pavlo - I wish I lived in Hodgenville so I wouldn't have to ride the 
stupid bus.

Tyler - I wish I lived some where's else.

Pavlo - Well, I got to go catch my bus.  Talk to you later.

Tyler - Peace.

CAMERA STANDS STILL as Tyler walks even further from the CAMERA.


Scene 12 - Tyler's House

We OPEN back up from BLACK as Tyler walks in the door of his house.  As 
soon as he gets in, the phone RINGS.  He picks it up.

Tyler - Hello.

A strange voice is on the other line.

Voice - Do you know who this is?

Tyler - No.

Voice - Do you wanna know?

Tyler - Yes, I do.

Gianna [normal voice] - It's me, Gianna, from school.

Tyler - Oh, hey.  Um, wha-what do ya want?

Gianna - I was wondering if you'd like to go with me to the movies this 
weekend.  My boyfriend just broke up with me and I have no date.  Would 
you like to be my date?

Tyler [speechless]  - Uh, um, y-y-yeah, s-sure.  When?

Gianna - Um, Saturday.  At 6.  Is that OK?

Tyler - I'll have to check with my mom.  She's the "boss" around here.

She laughs.

Gianna - Well, that's all I need to ask you.  You have caller I.D., 

Tyler - Yeah.

Gianna - You have my number, then.  Call me sometime.

Tyler - OK.  Well, it was nice talking to you.  See ya later.

Gianna - Yeah. You, too.

Both - Bye.

They both hang up on SPLIT-SCREEN.

Tyler's breath is taken away.  He begins to walk back and forth around 
the room trying to gain back his breath.  He had just been asked out by 
one of the hottest girls in school.  Was this a cruel joke or the real 
thing?  He'll find out this weekend on their date.

He walks back to his bedroom and lays down on the bed and closes his 


Scene 13 - Tyler's Dream

We see a SHOT of Tyler in the bathroom.  He is popping zits on his 
face.  His mom walks up beside him.  He turns around while popping this 
huge zit on his forehead.  Suddenly, he squeezes the zit and a 6 foot 
jet of blood shoots out of the zit onto his mom's face and all over the 
walls.  They both scream and we CUT TO A SHOT OF:

Tyler jumping up out of his bed reaching for his forehead and when he 
realizes nothing is there, he lays back down on his bed and goes back 
to sleep.


Scene 14 - Tyler's School

We OPEN from BLACK on a shot of Tyler walking to school on his street.  
He is walking next to his sister.  They both look tired as they walk 
the long mile to their school.  His sister is talking to her friends 
while Tyler looks bothered.  Several cars pass by until they finally 
reach the school.  He walks up the front doors, pulls them open, and 
steps in.  He walks past the cafeteria (which, surprisingly, not many 
people are in there yet) and walks past a large glass display and opens 
two huge doors and walks in and looks instantly at his friends and 
walks over to their table.  He lays his stuff down and pulls up a chair 
and lays his head down.  Normally at this time he would be talking to 
Kyle until Marc came in, but now neither one of those will happen ever 

We CUT to a SHOT of Pavlo walking down the hall into the library.  He 
does the same thing as Tyler and he walks up to him and lays his stuff 
down and begins to talk to Tyler. 

Pavlo - There isn't any gang anymore with Kyle or Marc around. 

Tyler - Nope.  It's peaceful.  It was never peaceful whenever me or 
Kyle were around, but for some reason, since Kyle's death, I've calmed 
down.  Has he really made that big an impact on my life?  I mean we 
were in one movie together and in the movie I died and he lived with a 
broken arm, but now it seems like the roles have been reversed.  He's 
the dead one.  And I'm the crippled one.

He sighs and lays his head back down.

Pavlo - Kyle was a great friend. Marc was too.  

Tyler - Kyle was weird and so was Vic, but I miss 'em.  Not the same 
around here without them.

A girl, Liz, walks up to Tyler and Pavlo and pulls a chair up and 
begins to talk.  She reaches into her bag and pulls out a stapler.  

Liz - Hey, Tyler.  Can you fix my stapler for me?

Tyler - Yeah, sure.

He squeezes the stapler and gasps and drops it instantly.  Liz is in an 
uproar and so is Pavlo.  Tyler begins to laugh himself later and they 
all cease laughing.  Liz picks the stapler up and puts it back in her 
bag just as the principal is walking by their table.  More people begin 
to crowd the table.  Main gang members, excluding Kyle and Marc.  They 
all pull up a chair and sit down and begin their usual talk amongst the 
group.  A table behind them is playing Yu-Gi-Oh and it has a huge 
amount of people around.

Tyler - Fuckin's 'lectric straplers. [sighs] Kyle hated Yu-Gi-Oh.  Used 
to drive him mad.

Pavlo - Yeah.  It stills drives me mad.

They laugh and continue to look at the Yu-Gi-Oh game in progress.

Suddenly, the bell rings indicating you to go to your first period 
class.  Everyone crams out of the library and walks down the hall 
walking through people trying to get to their class.  The hall is 
thinning with people.  The CAMERA goes through the hallway looking at 
people at their lockers, couples smooching in the hall, and people 
cramming through trying to get into their class.  The warning bell 
dings and finally the tardy bell rings.  Everyone runs to their classes 
and the doors to every classroom close in sync.

The CAMERA DOLLIES down to room 209 and since this was the only door 
still open the CAMERA DOLLIES in on the class fumbling for their stuff 
as their teacher waits.  We SEE a couple of people we know and a few 
people we don't.  The ones we do know are: Pavlo and Tyler.  They are 
sitting in desks side by side.  They are both eyeing the girl who asked 
Tyler out from across the room.  They have their tongues out and have a 
goofy look on their face.  CAMERA cuts to a close-up of Gianna looking 
at them, winking.  They both crack up hysterically…especially Pavlo.  
He puts his fingers over his nose, making it look like he's scratching 
his nose and sticks his tongue out pointing at Gianna.  Tyler sees this 
motion and dies out laughing.

Teacher - Mr. Creed (Tyler), what's so funny?  Is it something that can 
wait until after class?

Tyler [gasping for air] - Yes, ma'am.

Teacher [in a snobby tone] - Thank you, sir. If you continue to disrupt 
my class, I will send you out.

They continue to snigger amongst themselves but not loud enough to tick 
the teacher off again. The teacher begins to teach again whilst Tyler 
and Pavlo begin to tell more jokes.

Teacher - OK, class.  The bell is about to ring so we'll stop for 

The class fumbles to put their books away in their book bags and gather 
all their things and stand up and wait at the door.

The bell rings and the CAMERA follow Tyler and Pavlo upstairs as they 
walk up the stairs to room 210. They are the first people in the room, 
but then a whole crowd of people form in the door way.  

CAMERA DOLLIES over to the teacher's computer which has kind of a cool 
clock on the screen.  The numbers on the clock read: 02:30.  More 
people crowd into the room and then the clock on the computer has now 
changed to 45:00.

The teacher walks in with a video in his hand: SCHINDLER'S LIST.

Teacher (#2) - Ok, class, I hope you brought your signed permission 
slips to watch this movie today. If you have yours, please hand them to 
me and if you didn't have yours please go to the library until the bell 
rings, please.  Come up here and place your slips on the table here and 
for the ones who don't have theirs, please go on down to the library.  

A crowd of people walk up to the table while a few walk out the door.

Teacher (#2) - You can sit wherever you want, but make it quick.

The students get back up and move to different desks and sit next to 
their friends/

After this all has happened, the students sit back down and stare up at 
the screen as the teacher walks over to his computer, pops the disc 
into the DVD player on his computer.  


We CUT to a SHOT of the class staring up at the screen, watching with 

10 minutes later the bell rings and the class, all in unison, moan and 
groan as they teacher pushes the stop button on the DVD player on his 
computer and the class walks out of the room and tries to fight the 
traffic in the hall.

We CUT to a shot of Tyler walking to his 7th period class.  

Tyler - Thank God this is the last class of the day.

He looks up at the clock.  The CAMERA zooms in quickly and dramatically 
at the clock.

We CUT to a shot of Tyler's back as he is walking into the class.  We 
follow him until he sits down in his seat.  CAMERA DOLLIES back over to 
the door as more students come in and walk to their friends' desks and 
sit down and begin talking to them.

We CUT to a shot of the exterior of the classroom we were just in.  We 
hear a loud bell and we go through the same experience of the traffic.  
The CAMERA DOLLIES down the hall as we see hundreds of students coming 
down the stairs and down the hall.  We DOLLY until the CAMERA runs back 
into Tyler leaving the building.  

Tyler - Yeah, man.  I'll call you tonight sometime.  I gotta go to the 
library to do some research then I got my date tomorrow.  Stupid 
English class is killing me.  I gotta find a book to read for A.R. 

Pavlo - OK, man.  See ya later.  Have fun on your date tomorrow.

Tyler - I'll try.

CAMERA stands in the middle of the hall and we see Tyler open the 
double doors and exit the school.  We follow him to the parking lot and 
we see him get in his car.  He climbs in and turns his radio on.  He 
begins shaking his head to some rock music.  CAMERA stands in parking 
lot as we see Tyler's car speed off to the library.


Scene 15 - The Library

Tyler speeds into the parking lot, turns the ignition off, pulls his 
keys out and gets out of the car.  He walks up to the big white door of 
the library and walks in.  As he opens the door, we see a huge library 
with millions of books.  We see the library workers happily checking 
out books to customers and working on the computer.  We also find out 
that there are more computers right beside the door.  Tyler waves to 
the librarians and they say hello to him and CAMERA follows Tyler over 
to the Stephen King section.  He turns around and looks at some really 
ancient books and then finds the books he was looking for.  He picks up 
6 rubber-banded books (The Green Mile) and reads the back of each part.  
He gives an expression that says 'what the hey' and walks over to the 
check out counter.

Tyler - I'd like to check this out.

Library lady - Do you have your card?

Tyler - Oh, no.  My name's in the computer somewhere.

Library lady - OK, what's your name, sir?  

Tyler - Oh, Tyler Creed.

She looks through the database and then she finally lands on Tyler 

She picks each book up individually and scans the barcode and after all 
6 books she hands him a printed piece of paper with his due dates on 

Library lady - Due back in 2 weeks.  Have a good day.

Tyler - You, too.

Tyler walks over to the door and walks out.  He gets back in his car.


Scene 16 - Tyler's House

We OPEN from BLACK on a shot from Tyler combing his hair, slicking it 
back and spraying Desire cologne on his chest and replaces the cap. 

The phone RINGS and he rushes to pick it up.  

Tyler - Hello?

Gianna - Hey.  Aren't you gonna come pick me up?  I've been waiting for 

Tyler - I'm hurrying as fast as I can.  I'll be there with the hour.

Gianna - Cool.  So, what's up?

Tyler -  Nothing much.  Just getting ready.

Gianna - Well, I won't bother you.  I'll see you later.  'Bye.

Tyler - 'Bye.

He hangs up and rushes to get the deodorant.  It's the spray kind and 
he sprays it under his armpits and picks up his toothbrush and 
toothpaste and begins to brush his teeth.  He spits and rinses and gets 
his car keys and heads out the door.

We CUT to a SHOT of him exiting his house.  He climbs in his car and 
turns it on and speeds off.

We CUT again to a SHOT of him pulling up at his date's house.  He gets 
out and walks to the door.  He rings her doorbell twice until he hears 
a thump as it someone running and he hears and sees the door open.  
They standing in the doorway is an angel.

Tyler - Hey.

Gianna - Hey.  Come on in.  My parents aren't home so we'll be alone 
for a while.  What time does the pizza place close?

Tyler - I think about 11 or so.

Gianna - OK.  I'll call and order us some pizza while we think of 
something to do tonight on our date.

Tyler - Cool.  Do you wanna go to a movie tonight?

Gianna - No.  I can't.  I Gotta stay home.

Tyler - That's too bad.  We can just chill out here and watch a movie 
or something.

Gianna nods in agreement and dials the number to the pizza place.

Gianna - Yeah, hey.  I'd like to order a large, stuff crust pizza with… 
Hey, Tyler is pepperoni, olives and pepperonis sound OK?  

Tyler - Yeah.

Gianna - OK.  I'd like a large stuff crust with extra cheese, black 
olives, and pepperonis.  OK, my address is….

She trails off on her address. 

Tyler goes to the living room and takes a look at the wonders he sees.  

She walks into the room and goes BOO really loud and Tyler jumps a foot 
into the air.

Tyler - Jesus Christ, you scared the hell out of me. 

Gianna [giggling] - Sorry.  It was a guilty pleasure of mine.

Tyler - Cool.  Where's your bathroom at?

Gianna - Right down the hall on the right.

Tyler walks to the bathroom and closes the door.

We CUT to a SHOT of Gianna waiting anxiously in the living room.

Tyler comes out of the bathroom when he sees something suspicious 
looking on the floor.  Red, gooey liquid coming from the door across 
from the bathroom.  He opens the door and when he does everything 
happens so fast he doesn't know what happened.

Two bodies fall out of the closet.  We HEAR Tyler scream from Gianna's 

We get a CLOSE-UP  of Gianna with gritted teeth and a big knife in her 

She walks down the hall to where Tyler is.  She hides in the bathroom.  
He stands up straight and begins to walk down the hall.  Gianna walks 
up behind him.

She puts her hand on his shoulders and whispers so audible that Tyler 
jumps around.

Gianna - Did you like what you saw?  Those were the two you knew.   Now 
you will join them, too.  

With this, she pulls her hand up revealing a knife and puts it to 
Tyler's throat and slides it across.  We get an E.C.U. of Tyler's 
throat as the blade slides across as the skin pulls apart and blood 
begins to flow slowly out. He holds his throat with blood gushing 
between his fingers.  He turns around just as she stabs him twice in 
the chest.  He gasps and falls.  Blood begins to spill from his mouth 
as she looks at his lifeless face and she stabs him once in the 

She does what the other two things did to Kyle and Marc, pulls his face 
off  and pulls out a black bag and stows the freshly peeled skin in it.  
She reaches into her pocket and grabs a cell phone.

Gianna - Hey, it's me.  He's dead.  Just one more until our cycle is 
complete.  Yeah.  She'll be onto him next.  'Bye.

She puts the phone back up and walks out the door.  

The CAMERA DOLLIES over to Tyler's body and we dissolve into a close-up 
of Tyler's now-faceless abyss of a face.  The CAMERA zooms in on his 
face slowly and dramatically and FADES TO BLACK.


ACT IV - Pavlo Giordani and Helga Ulman 

Scene 17 - Pavlo's House/Bus/School

We OPEN from BLACK on a shot of Pavlo's alarm clock.

We ZOOM in on a ceiling shot of Pavlo sleeping.  He gets up and hit's 
the snooze button on the device.  He gets up and turns the shower on.  
We follow him to his closet and his picks out his clothes for that day.  

He walks over to the bathroom door and walks in and closes the door.


The bathroom door opens and Pavlo walks out with his new clothes on and 
he walks to the living room to grab his stuff for school.  He walks out 
the door to catch his bus.  Finally, we see his bus pull around the 
curb and finally at his house.  He walks on the bus, still asleep, and 
goes all the way to the back of the bus, throws his stuff down and lays 
down and starts sleeping.

He is awaken by a student who throws a pencil at him to wake him up.  

He gets up and walks to the front of the bus and exits the bus to the 
front doors of the school.  He walks to the lunchroom, finds a booth, 
sits his stuff down and lays his head down to go to sleep.  He is 
awaken again by the dismissal bell.  He walks to his 1st period class 
and sleeps again.

CAPTION: 3:00 P.M.

We HEAR the bells ring and a huge crowd of people flock to the doors 
and exit the school.

He gets on the bus, waits for the bus to take off and sleeps all the 
way home.

Half an hour later, he gets off the bus at his house and gets up to his 
front door and goes to his room and flops down on the bed and begins to 

He suddenly jumps up.

Pavlo - Oh, God.  I got a date with Helga tomorrow.  

He rushes over to pick up the phone and dials her number.

The phone rings and rings and nobody picks up.  He hangs the phone up 
and goes outside to ride his 4 wheeler.

He meets his friend, Antoine, outside before he gets on his 4 wheeler.  
They take turns riding and finally they go inside.  They each get on 
one of the two couches and take a nap.

Four hours pass before they even realize it.  The phone suddenly rings 
and Pavlo jumps up to get it.  It's his dad.

Pavlo's Dad - Hey, Pavlo.  I'm gonna be late home from work because I… 
got some work to do here at the office and it's gonna be a while so 
don't wait up.  I'll be home around the time you go to school.

Pavlo - OK, cool.  Antoine's over anyway.  He's staying over.

Pavlo's Dad - OK.  Well, bye.

Pavlo hung up the phone and went back over to the couch and picked up 
the phone.  He dialed everyone on his speed dial list and a few more.  

Pavlo - Hey, Mark.  Yeah.  My dad is gonna be gone until tomorrow 
morning.  Around 7.  Yeah.  Call everyone.  Call the chicks first.  
Yeah.  This is gonna be an awesome party.  Yeah, I got the drinks.  
Just ain't got no food.  Yeah.  Call them now and come as soon as you 
can.  Antoine's here with me.  We'll set everything up.  Yeah.  Bye.


We CUT to a shot of the exterior of Pavlo's house.  It has countless 
cars in the lawn.

We CUT to a shot of the interior of the house.  There are even more 
people inside.  They are drinking and dancing around.  Pavlo is walking 
around screaming and cheering.

We SEE Antoine being led up the stairs to a bedroom.  CLOSE-UP of the 
girl pushing Antoine onto a bed and the door slamming.


Pavlo - Hey, hey people.  

He looks over at the clock and sees it's 4 in the morning.  He sadly 
reports that it's time to go.

Pavlo - Hey, peeps.  I'm sorry to announce that this party is ova.

A bunch of drunken people moan and groan and subside what they are 
doing immediately.

CAMERA moves it's position from inside the house to outside the door.  
We see the people leaving and going to their car.

CUT to a shot of Antoine and the girl in the bedroom.  The girl is 
snapping her bra on and Antoine is putting his shirt back on.  Olga 
slips her shirt on and walks over to Antoine. They kiss briefly and 
walk out the door.  B.G.: the mirrors are all fogged up.

They walk down the stairs and look into each other's eyes again and 
kiss for what seems like forever.  

Amber - Thanks for the great night last night. I had fun.

Antoine - No problem. Anytime.

She opens up the door and walks out.

CUT to an exterior shot of the house where Olga is walking down the 
walkway and climbs into her car and drives away.

CUT to a shot of the interior of the house.  Pavlo lays back on the 
wall.  Antoine and Pavlo begin to quickly pick the cups and paper and 
stuff off the floor.

Pavlo - How was your night last night?

Pavlo [with a goofy look on his face] - Great. [giggles]  We better get 
this shit cleaned up before your parents get home.

They both begin to pick up trash off the floor and all over the house.

DISSOLVE into next scene where they are finally done cleaning up every 
single room in the house.  They go down to the bedroom and sleep until 
Pavlo's dad gets home.


Scene 18 - Pavlo's Date

We OPEN from BLACK on a SHOT of Pavlo getting ready for his date.  He 
is walking around the room and just as the camera pulls in he pulls a 
shirt on and sprays cologne on his chest and spikes up his hair.  As he 
is spiking his hair, his little brother, Oskar comes into the room. 

Oskar - Oooooh, you getting ready for your big date?

Pavlo - Yes, Oskar. Now could you please leave me alone?

Oskar - Why?

Pavlo - Because I said so. Go call one of your friends or something.

Oskar - Oh, yeah. That's right. I'm supposed to call Adam to see what 
assignments I missed in English today. Well, have fun on your date. 
Don't create any accidents, now.

Pavlo rolls his eyes and walks to the table where he grabs his wallet.  
His dad is waiting for him in the car. He runs and puts on his shoes, 
checks himself in the mirror one last time and walks out to where his 
dad is seated in the driver's side waiting for Pavlo to get in.

Pavlo's Dad - You ready?  Now, you remember you have got to show me 
where this girl lives? What's her last name again?

Pavlo nods and replies:

Pavlo - Yes, I'm ready. I checked my hair in the mirror a million 
times.  I am set. OK, dad. I'll show ya where she lives.  It's not too 
far. Her last name is Ulman, dad. Helga Ulman. 

Pavlo's dad nods, and replies:

Pavlo's dad - That's a very peculiar name, Ulman. 

Then, he drives off.

20 minutes later they pull into Helga's driveway and Pavlo gets out.  
He walks up to the door and knocks.  He hears rustling and loud 
whispering inside.

Helga [inside] - Mom, he's here.  We gotta go.  

The door opens and Helga, in all her beauty, steps out.  Words can't 
even describe her beauty. 

Pavlo puts his arm out and she sticks her arm inside his.  They walk to 
the car like this and he opens her door for her.  She climbs in and so 
does he.  They watch as Pavlo's dad drives down the road.  They stare 
at each other with mad lust in their eyes.  Suddenly, the car comes to 
a halt.  They are at the bowling alley.

Pavlo's Dad - Well, kids.  Here we are.  I'll be back here to pick you 
up in 2 hours.  Be ready.  Have fun, you guys.

Pavlo - OK, dad.  See ya later.

Pavlo closes the door and his dad drives off.  Pavlo opens the door for 
her and she steps in and waits inside for him.

They both go inside and Pavlo pays for two pairs of shoes and 3 games.

They walk over to Lane 13.  She sits down and pulls her other shoes off 
and puts her bowling shoes on.  She then goes over to the rack where 
bowling balls are sitting.  She sticks her fingers in the three holes 
until one fits and she goes over to the little monitor screen and types 
'Pavlo' into one space and 'Helga' in the other and then clicks start 
on the screen.  Pavlo steps up and preps his ball and slides it down 
the aisle and knocks down 4 pins.  He steps back and rolls it down the 
aisle again.  This time he knocks down the rest.  On the monitor a big 
/appears on the screen.  Pavlo screams 'YEAH!' out loud. Helga giggles.


Pavlo and Helga walk out of the doors.  They are laughing like they are 
drunk.  They walk over to Pavlo's dad's car and climb in.  

Pavlo's Dad - Are ya'll drunk?

Pavlo - No, no, dad.  It's just so funny.

Pavlo's Dad - What's funny?

Pavlo [cherry-faced] - Well, first off, this guy comes in.  He looks 
like a complete dork.  Then, he goes over to the coke machine and gets 
a coke and then drops it.  He then opens it and it sprays all over him 
and everyone in the bowling alley was rollin'.  That's not all.  He 
throws his can in the trashcan and then he slips on his coke.  That 
happened about half an hour ago.

This time him and Helga break down laughing and tears begin to stream 
down their eyes.  

Pavlo's Dad - Sounds pretty funny.

Pavlo - You didn't see it.  It would be funnier if you could have seen 

Pavlo's dad giggles and drives off.

Pavlo's Dad - Are you going to our house?  It's not quite time for me 
to take you home.

Helga - Yeah, sure.  I gotta be home by midnight.  Just remember that.

Pavlo's dad nods and drives on.

30 minutes later they pull up into Pavlo's driveway.  

They pull up to the house and get out.  He escorts her inside and they 
sit on the couch.  

Pavlo - So what do you wanna do?

Helga - Watch a movie.

Pavlo - Which one?

Helga eyes a DVD box of a cheap horror flick from called CABIN FEVER.

Helga - I wanna watch CABIN FEVER.

Pavlo gets up and walks over to the DVD rack and picks the DVD up and 
opens the box and puts the DVD in the disc tray.

Pavlo - Do you want surround sound or not?

Helga - Oh, yeah.

Pavlo - How high you want it?

Helga - All the way.

Pavlo smiles and rams the volume bar up.


When we next see our characters they are watching the end credits with 
blank expressions on their face.

They finally blink and stare at each other.


Helga jumps when he does this.

Helga [nervous giggle] - Uh, Yeah.  Well, I gotta go to the bathroom.  
Be right back.

Pavlo - Sure.

She walks out of the room.  As she is walking out the CAMERA can see 
her smiling maliciously at him but not directly at him.  She walks over 
to the knife drawer.  The CAMERA acts as her hand.  We see her hand 
reach for the knife and pull it out and then walk to the bathroom.

When she comes back Pavlo is sitting on the couch.  She walks over to 

Helga -  I think it's time your dad took me home.

Pavlo frowned in sadness.

Pavlo - OK, but I wish that you didn't have to leave.

Helga - Yeah, I know.  I had fun bowling tonight, even though I sucked.  
I liked the movie and I liked your surround sound system.

She leans over to kiss him and he pulls his head forward.

She grabbed the knife out, but this time Pavlo heard the knife scrape 
against her pants.  His eyes shot open as he sees the knife raise up.  
He grabs her hand and she screams in a demonic voice.

She cuts his arm and she proceeds to stabbing his once in the chest.  
He slaps her and she falls down.  He puts his foot down on her chest 

All of a sudden, the door to the den flew open.  Fog was coming into 
the room and following the fog was 4 bloody, faceless people and 7 
faceless creatures.  The faceless creatures had no face, just a black, 
bottomless abyss.  The faceless humans had a huge bloody spot where 
their face used to be.

Pavlo looked down and under his foot was a forth creature.  Her face 
was first normal, then it morphs until it's nothing but a black abyss.  
He grabbed the knife from her hand and put it up in the air.  The 
creatures backed up and he kept poking the air with it.  They each 
extended their arms out, as if ready to strike at him.

They each walked toward him ever closer.  He swings the knife at them.  
Slitting one of the faceless creatures.  Something came out.  Something 
black.  Not red blood.  Some kind of alien blood.

The creature that was under his foot was now behind the other 
creatures.  She began to speak.

Creature #4 - You are wondering why we have killed all of your friends 
and are after you now.

Pavlo nods, scared.

Creature #1 - I killed Kyle because he in the future (the year 2020) 
became the leader of one of the most well-known mass murdering groups, 
so I was sent up to destroy him.

Creature #2 - I killed Marc because he was one of the group members of 
Kyle's leadership.  He killed more than any serial killer known and 
Adolf Hitler combined.

Creature #3 - I killed Tyler because he was the recruiter to try and 
gain supporters for the mass-murdering groups.  He convinced 90,000 
people to join.

Creature #4 - I am here now to kill you because you defeat Kyle and 
plan to blow up the world.

Pavlo's mouth was now wide-open and his face was pale.

Pavlo - Why did you kill the girls? What did they do to deserve such a 

Creature #2 decided to answer this one.

Creature #2 - They did absolutely nothing to deserve their fates. But 
demons never pity a human. We killed them to take their faces.  All we 
needed was their faces to kind of mask this nothingness until we get 
our victims. Then, we take the faces of our victims we were sent to 
destroy to our master and he gets more evil power to help us become 
strong enough to rise up and destroy mankind. He's get your soul and 
power, we get your flesh.

Pavlo's jaw drops open and then he begins to run out of the room and as 
he does he runs into the 7 faceless dead people.

They hold him up as he drops his knife.  Creature #4 picks the knife up 
and is about to stick it in his stomach, he kicks her. He then manages 
to kick one of the things holding him back.  The rest let go.  As he 
tries to run outside, he hears a loud click.  All the doors in the 
house were being locked automatically.  He gasps and proceeds to bang 
on the windows.

He turns around and just as he does, he sees the fog advancing toward 
him.  He runs in the other direction away from them.  He then runs 
around a corner and is met by them.

Creature #4 [in an angry, hissy voice.] - No more games.  There are no 
more escapes, no more doors.  Now, take your pain like a gentleman.  
[now in a scary, hissy voice] Stay still!

All of a sudden, a loud HISS forms in the air.  The faceless creatures 
and dead people fall to the ground and disappear.  The fog fades and 

Pavlo grabs his chest and applies pressure to it.  Pavlo then begins to 
walk around the room trying to find the thing that saved him.  He 
rounds a corner and comes upon his four friends laying on the floor.  
Faces intact.  

Pavlo walks over to them and they go up in flame.  He stares and his 
mouth drops open. Was it just an illusion of his eye?

He walks over to the medicine cabinet, opens the door, and grabs a 
gauze and some medical tape.  He removes his shirt and puts the gauze 
on his chest wound.  He then applies the tape.  

He gets back up, closes the medicine cabinet, and staring in the mirror 
at him was one of the faceless creatures waiting in the doorway of the 
bathroom (LOUD MUSIC BEGINS TO PLAY).  His hands reaching out, claw-
like.  It then falls down on it's knees, blood dripping out of his 
mouth, and then falls down on it's stomach.  There is a large butcher 
knife resting in its back. 

Pavlo laughs and sits down on the floor.  CAMERA cranes up to the 
ceiling and:




Scene 19 - Pavlo's Future Life

WE OPEN from BLACK on a shot of older Pavlo walking around inside the 

He is walking around in the fiction area looking for a good book to 
read.  Suddenly, he is approached by two beautiful German ladies.  

Lady #1 [in German accent] - Hey.  My name's Suzy Banyon. And this is 
Sara Tanner. We attend a very prestigious ballet academy in Germany and 
we were just on our ways to visit our family. Would you like to go to 
my Damefreund's (lady friend) house? 

Pavlo was nervous.

Pavlo - Yeah, sure.  Where you live?

Lady #2 [in German accent] - Right down the street. Oh, and you could 
help us "practice our ballet." By the way, what's your name? I'm Sara 
Tanner, as Suzy pointed out to you just  a second ago.

Pavlo - OK! [clears his throat] Oh, I'm Pavlo Giordanni. I know I don't 
look at all like it, but I'm of German descent. That's why my name's 
Pavlo. [Then he starts kinda giggling and that gets the girls going.]

Lady #1 [giggling slightly] - Ooooh. I'm of Russian descent. Well, if 
we wanna get to our families in time, let's go on down to Sara's house.

Pavlo shakes his head in agreement and walks off with the two German 

They all three walk out of the library.  They walk out of the parking 
lot.  They walk behind a building that was right across from the 
library.  Where nobody could see, the two girls pushed him against the 
wall.  They turned their heads to see if there were any people around.  
When they saw no humans around, they turned back towards Pavlo.

Lady #1 [in faceless creatures' voice] - You didn't think you got rid 
of us forever, did you?

Pavlo [eyes bulging] - You! I KNOW I got rid of you!

Pavlo eyes bulged even bigger and he tried to scream, but Creature/Lady 
#1 covered her fake skin-covered hand over his mouth.  From behind the 
building, two creatures come out from around the corner of the wall.  
They have black cloaks and hooks that were raised high into the air.  
The other two creatures had backed up a bit and were now approaching 
Pavlo.  We see and hear the sound of skin being ripped.  We see blood 
gush out of Pavlo's mouth.  We then see him holding one of his 
intestines in his hand.  He turns around to scream, but they grab him 
back and resume stabbing him countless times in the back and stomach 
area.  We see them each taking a turn to hold Pavlo up to make him take 
his pain.  They stab him 10 more times and then drop him.  We see him 
on his side, holding his stomach and reaching for his back.  The 4th 
demon walks up to Pavlo and does this for the last remaining person.  
She sticks her fingers in his throat and pulls his face off and pulls 
out a black bag and we see the other 3 faces and she stuffs the last 
face in there.

We see the 4 creatures walking down the street,  brandishing their 
bloody hooks back in their cloaks. They all walk to the right of 
Pavlo's dead body.

CAMERA turns toward the 4th creature, who suddenly stops and walks over 
to Pavlo's dead, disemboweled corpse and stands and replies:

Creature #4 [to Pavlo's dead body] - Stupid human child. You thought 
you could get rid of a demon. Show's how fucking wrong you were.

She steps away from the body and joins the other 3 creatures as they 
each turn towards the 4th creature who is now joining them again, as 
they walk down the long road to their dark home.

We CUT to Pavlo's mangled body.  We ZOOM in on his blood-shot eyes and 
bloody mouth.  We ZOOM in until his one eye is the only thing on 
screen.  It's really grainy.



The caption fades and we stare at 10 seconds of darkness, and then loud 
suspenseful music begins to play suddenly.  The words are white on a 
black background.  The credits end and then CUT TO BLACK again.  

After the credits, we see a brief clip of an old woman carrying a bag 
of books to her car.  She is humming softly.  She looks across the 
driveway and sees something there.  She walks over and sees it is 
Pavlo's dead, mangled body.  She drops her books and screams really 
loud. Her screams echo as we:

CAPTION APPEARS: THE END and then slowly:

Dissolve into LOGOS and then slowly FADE TO BLACK.

Copyright © 2003-2005, Screwball Productions

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