Date: September 27th 2016


You have a script on and I'm going to delete it

This is a one-time message (Yes, I know you may be getting this a second time as I expended the search) to let you know that you have a screenplay on You may have even forgotten about it. I am cleaning up the database and I will be deleting your work. If you wish to keep your work on the site, you will need to resubmit it at Please note: now I'm only accepting scripts in PDF format and that have been formatted to industry standards.

If you want your work deleted, you do not have to do anything.

Hey, I want my work to stay on the site!

  1. To find your work, go to the Script Search on SimplyScripts and type in the first part of your email address, e.g., if you email address is, type in jon.doe or if that doesn't work, try typing in your name or the name of your script if you remember it.
  2. Download your script
  3. Format it in industry standards
  4. Save it in PDF format
  5. Submit it to

Check out one of many free and low priced options to help format your script.

And I highly recommend Anthony Cawood's very inexpensive book How to... Sell Your Screenplay which has a lot of information on free and cheap screenwriting software options as well as other information about getting your screenplay sold.


If you have any questions, let me know!

Don - webmaster -

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