Date: August 14th 2008

Hey Folks,

Been a crazy couple of three months with server failures, discussion board meltdowns and now my email client is giving me fits. I've lost a couple of months worth of emails, so if you've submitted a script in the last two months and you don't find it on the site, please do resubmit it.

Sneak Peek heads up on three (3) versions of Beetle Juice. Thanks to Will over at DailyScript and Donovan. There are three versions of the script. In addition to the Michael McDowell version that has been around a while, there are now two later drafts by Warren Skaaren. So,

June 1, 1985 second draft by Michael McDowell (based on a story by Michael McDowell & Larry Wilson)

August 4, 1986 second draft by Warren Skaaren (from an original screenplay by Michael McDowell, based on a story by Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson

February 3, 1987 revised second draft by Warren Skaaren (from an original screenplay by Michael McDowell, based on a story by Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson

Here is a heads up on another Screenplay Competition. Time to dust off that script and send it in to and use promo code SI8138 for an additional ten bucks off the submission fee.

Good Luck and let me know if you enter.

THE MOVIE DEAL! Screenplay Competition Deadline is TOMORROW!

August 15th is the deadline but you can still save $10.00 on your submission!

Use the PROMO code: SI8138 on the 'Enter Now' page at to save today!

New INDIE screenplay competition offers an exciting PRODUCTION DEAL to the grand prize winner.... The winning writer of The Movie Deal! Screenplay Contest will receive an honest-to-gosh PRODUCTION DEAL, plus airfare and accommodations to the set of their own film.

Independent filmmakers Craig James Pietrowiak & Scott Prestin, currently in pre-production on the $4 million feature starring Ving Rhames, William Forsythe, Armand Assante and John Gries, have launched The MovieDeal! Screenplay Contest to find their next INDIE script! The goal is to produce a hit bigger than 'Project Greenlight' ever dreamed of. We're looking for an original, innovative, yet marketable idea that could garner the success of the hits 'Napoleon Dynamite,' 'The Blair Witch Project,' or 'Open Water.' It doesn't matter what genre, it just has to be INDIE and INTERESTING!

You don't need AGENCY representation to enter. We want the best scripts in the market, which as independent filmmakers we know usually comes from up-and-coming talent, just like you!

Entries to The Movie Deal! are invited in 10 categories for feature length genres, as well as TV pilots, and short films. For submission details and other information, please visit:


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