Date: July 18th 2008

This newsletter sponsored by BlueCat Screenplay. See below for more info on upcoming BlueCat workshops

The July, 2008 One Week Challenge is on!

What is the challenge? You have to write a script based on the genre and theme of the OWC. The script must be in a generally accepted screenplay format.

The script should be no more than fifteen pages. You have seven days (count the hours) to submit it to the One Week Challenge link. All scripts must be submitted by 11:58 pm eastern daylight time on July 25th. This link will help you determine what time it is eastern daylight time. The authors' name will be removed from the scripts for the first week (or so), and then will magically appear on if by magic. Don't say if you've entered.

Don't start guessing who wrote what for at least a week.

No betting! This is a Challenge, not a contest. There are no winners (though, if you take the challenge, you are, in effect, a winner).

Don't enter unless you intend to read some of these scripts.

And now for the theme and genre:

genre: drama
theme: "The guys at the post office are never gonna believe this."

The quote should be in the script and it should bear significance to the story. Don't just toss it in there.

Check out the Discussion Board for more information.


UPCOMING BLUECAT WORKSHOPS London, NYC, Chicago, Rochester, Toronto


The TEN PAGE WORKSHOP will consist of 10 writers each submitting ten pages of a work in progress in advance. We will go over each work individually, discussing the specific, unique challenges each writer is facing on the page. This discussion will include the technical aspects of description and dialogue, the depth and reality of the characters, and how the ten pages reflect where the entire story goes.

The intimate, focused interaction with fellow writers in the workshop will provide all with a greater understanding of the work that lies ahead on their screenplay, and more importantly, a detailed sense of how they might develop as writers themselves.


Writers will engage in writing and pitching exercises designed to flesh out new ideas or rework existing scripts. Please bring your laptops and/or paper and pen.

If each person is indeed unique, it follows simply that each writer is unlike any other, and can write a story no one else on Earth can. This purpose is the mission of this workshop.


BlueCat Screenplay Competition
Hollywood, CA 90028


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