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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yes, I haven’t updated in a while… - post author Don

…Day job’s a hassle and the kids have the flu.

I’m a week and a half behind in updates. Hope to spend the weekend getting my chakra aligned and my karma balanced so I can get a week and a half worth of updates out into the internets.

In the mean time, you have to watch “The Guild”.

Cyd Sherman’s online gaming addiction brings more than she bargains for…

Written in haste. – Don

P.S., Yes, I know it isn’t a script.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Discussion Board Back Up, but… - post author Don

The Discussion Board is back up, however all postings since late March 22nd have been lost – about 12 days worth of postings. I will be reposting the script threads since the 22nd as quickly as I can. Also, anyone who registered since the 22nd will have to re-register.



Friday, March 7, 2008

So, what is up with the OWC? - post author Don

hear your script Writers revealed. Head over to the One Week Challenge page and see who wrote what. You can also check out and comment on who wrote what scripts on the Discussion Board.

Next week, I’ll shoot over to three scripts of which they will choose one to be audio performed.

Additionally, one participant in the OWC will be selected to have a feature length script they have written covered by the excellent Sandy Gunter of Whiskey Loose Tongue. Sandy has read for several major studios like Imagine, Buena Vista, New Line and Fox. In addition, he is a past reader for the Nicholl Fellowship and IFP.

Lastly, I’ve run the Musicals database through the link checker and updated the links, so past broken links should work. – Don

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We’re back, One Week Challenge and an Apology - post author Don

The site has been down most of the day. In fact, any site hosted by has been down for most of the day. If your site is hosted by Globat, it should be up soon.

Tick, tock. The submission deadline for the One Week Challenge is fast approaching. I’ve already had a goodly number of submissions and in a couple of cases received scripts about ten hours after the topic was announced. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out this post about the challenge.

Also, an apology to the newsletter subscribers. On Friday night last I kicked off the newsletter about the challenge to the subscriber base thinking that they’d all be in your inbox by Saturday night at the latest. I forgot, however that I had to set the mail server to send out 150 at a time rather than 750 at a time (this so my webhosting provider doesn’t think I’m sending out spam). The result was that some of you didn’t receive the notification about the challenge until as late as yesterday. For this I apologize and will get the notification out to newsletter subscribers earlier.

By the way,, this month’s sponsor of the One Week Challenge, is now offering iScript Previews of your script for only $9.99. And, better yet, if you like the preview and want to have the full script audio performed, the cost of the iScript Preview is credited to your next full iScript order. Click here to check it out. (tell ’em SimplyScripts sent you). – Don

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Strike is Over - post author Don

Thanks to Jack for the heads up (actually, he sent me some stuff last week, but I can’t find it). More info on the end of the strike at Deadline Hollywood and, of course my favorite insider John – Don

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Simplyscripts meet up-ish - post author Don

If you live in the Northern Virginia area, swing on by JV’s on Saturday, February 16th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm to listen to the Rice Brother Band bring you some country favorites. Great Fiddle player. Come in early for some dinner and enjoy the show.. no cover. Kids welcome. I’ll be the dorky looking guy with no rhythm sitting next to a short Chinese woman surrounded by two hyper-active little boys. – Don

Monday, January 21, 2008

Pink Flyod The Wall script, Another Cliffhanger and Conspiracy Theory script - post author Don

Welcome Guardian readers. And if you are not a Guardian reader, check out the excellent article by Stuart McGurk about Script Collecting.

Speaking of which, there are three more scripts on the ‘net. Thanks to Vern for the heads up on this draft of Roger Waters Pink Floyd The Wall brought to you by A Fleeting Glimpse the most amazing Pink Floyd website on the ‘net. Note, the script is a huge 20 MB PDF file, so downloading patience is required.

Thanks to Donovan and Daily Script we have yet another draft of Cliffhanger. This is the final shooting draft with revisions by Sly Stallone. In total, thanks to Donovan, there are three drafts of Cliffhanger to compare and contrast over on the Movie Scripts page.

And lastly, again thanks to Donovan, there is a September 12, 1996 draft of Conspiracy Theory. Those and more on the Movie Scripts page.

Now, for those who read the Spoil Sport article and were confused by my “Stepmom was one of those…” comment. The question, as I recall, was something to the effect of have you decided not to see a movie you wanted to see based upon reading the script. My answer was to the contrary to the effect that if I was intrigued by an upcoming movie, reading the script would not change my mind about seeing a movie. On the other hand, there have been cases where I was not interested in seeing a particular movie, though I later changed my mind after reading the script and later decided to go see the movie. Step Mom was one of those cases where, based upon the trailer and the buzz, I had absolutely no interest in seeing the movie. However, after reading the script, I was intrigued enough to go see the movie. – Don

Sunday, December 23, 2007

SimplyScripts Solstice Soliloquy - post author Don

Actually, it is the SimplyScripts mid-winter message, but I’ve got this thing for alliteration.

First off, I’d like to thanks those anonymous individuals for their very generous donations to the site over the last couple of months. I do wish you would identify yourselves when you donate so that I can send a personal email thanking you. I hate those, “thanks everybody” messages that come out periodically (like this one). This site is a labor of love and those donations really help to offset the bandwidth and hosting costs associated with running this site.

I’d also very much like to thank those of you who pass on links to scripts on the ‘net. Recently, there have been a whole slew of new scripts up, posted by the studios. While several studios have contacted me directly, many haven’t and it is those ‘heads up’ from you folks out there in the ether that allows everyone to enjoy scripts on the ‘net.

At the risk of offending someone for being left out, I’d like to thank Jack for alerting me to my numerous typographical and grammatical errors that creep onto the site. Thanks to Sandy for the moral support and running a really cool site. Thanks to Berge and Mike Sampson at for continuing to allow me to ride their coat tails.

Thanks to the SimplyScripts Discussion Board moderators: Wesley, Mike, Nixon (aka “Z”), George and especially the esteemed Dr. Newcomer aka “bert”. Not only do I benefit from their sage advice on how to run things, they also keep the boards civil and tidy.

Thanks to the discussion board members who keep the discussion lively and interesting, particularly Pia, Greg, Tyler (soon to be an Eagle Scout), Helio (published author), Flyboy, Andy, Hertic, Cindy, Zombie Sean, Phil and the list literally goes on and on and on (apologies if I’ve left you out).

Another big thanks goes out to the folks who submit their scripts to the unproduced scripts page. Thank you for the uncountable hours of enjoyment I’ve gotten from reading your work. Thank you for your bravery to display your work for all to read and comment on. I hope you find use of the constructive criticism you get and can blow off the nonconstructive criticism.

Lastly, this holiday season, rather than encourage you, dear readers, to donate money to the large number of worthy causes, I’m asking each and every one of you to read to a child. That’s it. Read to a child. Find a book and a small child and read. Extra points if you use funny voices. Read it to them. Read it with them. Have them read to you. If they can’t stay still, read it at them (and stop at the best part and watch them beg you to continue). Thanks!

Merry Christmas. – Don

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is why I “flicks” it… - post author Don

Not only am I a loyal, and for the most part, pretty happy NetFlicks user, I also advertise NetFlicks on the site (in the interest of full disclosure). I’ve used Blockbuster in the past, but when I couldn’t get Battle Royale at Blockbuster, I switched to Netflicks. A dear friend just received the following missive from Blockbuster which I transmit in part, “…your monthly subscription fee [3 DVDs at-a-time] will change slightly from $17.99 to $19.99. This adjustment? will go into effect on your next billing cycle on or after December 27, 2007.” {emphasis added} Not sure why the corporate drones at blockbuster want to do this since you can get the same 3-at-a-time DVD deal at NetFlicks for $16.99. Granted the diff is that you can do up to five instore rentals, free but unless you live near a blockbuster, why do it?

Netflix, Inc.

3 DVDs at-a-time $16.99 2 week
Free Trial!

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