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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fight Belle by Aimee Parrott & Antonio Gangemi filmed as Fighting Belle - posted by Don

When a sassy Southern belle is stood up at the altar by her boxer fiancé, she dons the gloves hoping to salvage her pride by hooking up with her ex one last time – in the ring. 108 pages

Almost ten years ago Aimee Parrott & Antonio Gangemi submitted Fight Belle to the Unproduced Scripts page. About five years ago, Aimee told me that it has been discovered on SimplyScripts* and was in pre-production with Integral Pictures. Last night I reached out to Aimee to get her contact information updated and she informed me that Fighting Belle would premiere on Saturday, March 18th 2017! I think this is the first feature to get picked up from the site.

If you live near Ocean Springs, Mississippi, you can attend the Theatrical Premiere of Fighting Belle. Please check out the Fighting Belle Facebook page and get more information about the movie on the Fighting Belle IMDB page.

Discuss this on the Discussion Board.

*These results using SimplyScripts are not typical.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Upcoming Changes to SimplyScripts - posted by Don


There will be some changes coming to SimplyScripts in the upcoming days and weeks. These changes are based on natural realities of the site as well as suggestions from many of you.

1. SimplyScripts will no longer be syndicating Shooting the Shorts (STS).

Because I have allowed egregious, violent, and misogynistic actions to take place unchecked and can not provide a safe and nurturing environment to writers on the discussion board, STS has decided to no longer allow syndication of reviews of unproduced scripts on the blog. I respect the decision and encourage you to go to STS for more information and, of course, to submit your quality short screenplays for review consideration.

2. SimplyScripts will still have script reviews of quality scripts
However those reviews will be at pre-STS levels (not be as frequent).

3. Format ratings are going away!
The format 8) , format 🙂 and format :B) are going away as will the , , format ratings.

You may have noticed that recently the quality of the formatting of scripts has improved. Not perfect, but much better than in the past. Since the barrier to properly formatting ones script has dropped to essentially free (for a beginner), I have been directing new writers to various free script formatting solutions as well as Anthony’s Excellent Article on Screenwriting Software which can be found in his excellent book How to… Sell your screenplay.

4. There will be a great purge of scripts.*
Any script on the discussion board with a one or two star rating will be removed. I will first notify the writers that his/her script will be removed and encourage them to reformat his/her script using Anthony’s E. A. on S. S as a guide for the best software solution.

*Plays will be exempted.

5. “My Script is Awesome, I’m not looking for feedback, I’m only looking to make a million dollars”
The Submit Your Script page will be updated so you can choose whether or not you are looking for feedback on your work. For the near future, I will probably continue to create a discussion board topic regardless of feedback status. That will help to ensure that any critique of a script isn’t falling on deaf ears.

6. pdf only and mandatory disclaimer
I will only accept scripts in pdf format. I may also require title pages that include the warning, “Copyright (c) 2016 This screenplay may not be used or reproduced for any purpose including educational purposes without the expressed written permission of the author.”

These changes will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks.

– Don

Monday, September 5, 2016

Got a one-location script? Wanna see it produced? Well then…step this way! - posted by simplyscriptshorts

Here ye, here ye – STS is happy to broadcast a new golden opportunity for writers to see their one-location gems brought to the silver screen.

Gato Loco Films may have just what you’re looking for. Entitled the One Location Screenplay Festival, the genres are open – with a one to five page limitation.

The Grand Prize Winner will get their script produced… and submission fees are reasonably low (hey, us writers should be able to afford to eat and enter contests – right?!? )

Take a gander over at

Another plus –discerning volunteer judges are welcome as well! Contact them at gatolocofilms “AT” gmail if that’s your literary cup of tea!

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