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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sony Hack Scripts on Wikileaks – Script Dump - posted by Don

Thanks to “John” for the heads up on this. I know the Wikileaks posted Sony docs isn’t new and these can all be found in an internet search, but I thought it was worth posting these links. These are screenplays and, for the most part, not shooting scripts. This is my preferred form of screenplay as they are usually devoid of camera angles and such that take the reader out of the story. Yes, you will see the use of “We see…”. It happens. And a camera angle or two. And some things that are unfilmable, “Her heart is racing…”

Market Research / Scripts is the main category that houses a mixture of scripts from released and unreleased films.

Market Research / Scripts / Released is the sub cat containing scripts from released films. There are some multiple drafts which I find useful for seeing how ideas change over time.

Market Research / Scripts / Misc

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