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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Original Scripts - posted by Don

Unproduced Scripts for Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dark Reaches by Peter Fedorenko
(Horror, Thriller) – A late nineteenth century Chicago detective attempts to reunite with his estranged daughter, unaware that she is involved with psychopathic killer H.H. Holmes. 134 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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Locust by Collins Okoye
(Drama) РFrom the outside Richard, Caroline, and their two children Emma and Andrew are the typical upper middle-class family living in the English countryside, but when a series of unnerving and shocking events befall them in quick succession; Richard begins to suspect it is the handiwork of a mysterious woman who claims to be the victim of a past wrongdoing by him. As his family’s social fabric unravels, the line between delusions and repressed truths become increasingly blurred. 106 pages (pdf Рformatting: )
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The Hobbyist by Andre M. Mahdi
(Drama) – A son tries to to build his dead father’s dream. 102 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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Hughes and Bryant Plumbing by Jerry Atkin
(Short) – {no logline} 12 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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Infiltration by Matt R McClintock
(Drama, Crime, Romance) – A young teen struggles to survive and provide for his younger brother amidst chaos in Central America as two rival cartels, and their respective paramilitary columns, battle for control of North America’s ‘drug corridor’. 123 pages (pdf – formatting: )
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