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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday, SimplyScripts – Original Scripts for Tuesday, September 6th - posted by Don

Read these original scripts and more on the Unproduced Scripts page.

TR3N: Grid Locked by Nicolas Potvin (nic)

(Sci Fi) – Following the events of Tron: Legacy, Sam Flynn and Quorra have grown closer together as she continues to adapt and explore her new reality and Sam learns to manage his new responsibilities at Encom. All seems well until a fallout with Edward Dillinger Jr will lead to betrail, sabotage and take them all down a path of chaos that will be felt across our world and the Grid. 149 pages (pdf – formatting: )

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Black Rose by Shawn D. Kelley (shawnkjr)

(Short, Horror) – A sudden break-up and betrayal has some dire consequences late at night on a college campus. 10 pages (pdf – formatting: )

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The Nursery by Stephen Cottage (skcottage)

(Short, Comedy) – The strange lives of the characters surrounding the running of a seemingly ordinary wholesale garden nursery. 42 pages (pdf – formatting: )

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APU by Jackx

(Sci Fi) – In a city where heroes are murderers and villains walk through walls, the Anti Power Unit is assigned to take down those who have special powers. However the secret of the Powereds runs deeper than anyone expects… 80 pages (pdf – formatting: )

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Babz, Agent, Host of Babzbuzz
September 6th, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Happy anniversary and thank you for being here! You and your sponsors, rock! bb

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