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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Star Trek: TOS Spec Challenge - posted by Don

A few weeks ago, over on the Discussion Forum a few writers took a fun challenge – write a spec script for Star Trek: The Original Series. This was purely for fun since, to the best of my knowledge, there really isn’t a market for a Star Trek: TOS script.

Star Trek: Children of Men by Michael Cornetto

(Series, Sci Fi) – The Enterprise is ripped from middle of a battle and thrown into an unknown sector of space. A heavily shielded type M planet is found nearby. What could the technologically advanced inhabitants of that planet be hiding? (pdf – formatting: )
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Star Trek: Provision Consideration by Ray

(Series, Sci Fi) – As Spock and McCoy fight for their lives onboard an alien spacecraft seeking asylum, Captain Kirk must create on the fly an unconventional confrontation strategy with bloodsport hunters when they come looking for their escaped property . (pdf – formatting: )
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Star Trek: Bearer of Burdens by Gary Rademan

(Series, Sci Fi) – The Enterprise investigates raider activity near a planet which has declined Federation membership. Kirk is offered a promotion at Starfleet. Introducing Neeyun, a female Klingon. (pdf – formatting: )
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Star Trek: As Above, So Below by Catherine Hall

(Series, Sci Fi) – The crew of the Enterprise explore an unknown galaxy in which brand new laws of physics are set in stone. (pdf – formatting: )
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