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Thursday, April 2, 2009

February Movie Poet winners - posted by Don

Steve Dexheimer’s The Last Few Minutes of Sunlight has been named the winner of the February, 2009 MoviePoet short script competition.

“The Last Few Minutes of Sunlight” by Steve Dexheimer – First Place
A terminally ill young woman escapes from a hospital to witness a solar eclipse – one of the last few items on her “To Do” list.

“Staring At The Sun” by Caroline Coxon – Second Place
An imminent total eclipse in Varanasi provides opportunity for commercial gain and exploitation, and when it happens, moments of profound beauty and self-realisation.

“The Deplorable Word” by Micah Ricke – Third Place
A young boy with incredible powers is kidnapped by a covert agency bent on recreating him as a weapon, but can they destroy his conscience?

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