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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fifth and final batch of OWC scripts are up. - post author Don

hear your scriptThe fifth and final batch of scripts in the One Week Challenge is up. Discussion Board folks (and everyone else, for that matter) can go here to view the last batch, also.

The OWC is a challenge where participants had a week to write a 12 page dramatic script on the theme of Prison Cell. The scripts were posted in groups of six or seven. Some of the scripts have a “Thumbs Up”. This is not an indication of the quality of the script. It just means that the participant, in the true spirit of the OWC has read at least 10 of his/her co-participants scripts.

Please note, when you click on the title of the script, it will take you to the discussion board thread for that script.

The names assigned to the participants were taken from the phoenician alphabet with a few greek letters thrown in to make up the difference. The names were randomly asigned, so don’t read anything into it. The ‘fake’ names will stand until the end of next week, afterwhich the real names will be revealed. – Don

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