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Friday, September 28, 2007

Simplyscripts on iTunes - post author Don

Some of the more clever of you (or discussion board regulars) are already aware of this, but Simplyscripts has a podcast feed. currently the feed is limited to just audio performances of scripts found on the site.

We can be found on Podcast Alley and Podcast Ready and iTunes. You can also use iTunes Oneclick to subscribe or you can subscribe to our main feed here.

What is holding this feed up is folks like Pia and Wesley and Spencer who have graciously allowed me to put their iScripts into the SimplyScripts podcast feed.

I have also gotten permission from several other writers to showcase their work on SimplyScripts to have their work turned into an audio presentation. I’ve been sending out queries to my favoriate podcasters in the podcasting community to see if anyone is interested in performing a short script in exchange for advertising. I shoot out about one every three or four days. Thus far, not a lot of responses which means that either my email has gone into their spam folder or they think I’m completely insane. However, it is still early and my list of favorite podcasters is long. I’ll keep you all uptodate on the progress. – Don

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